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Found 4 results

  1. A few days ago, a friend and I we're discussing about future possibilities for the vehicles. At one point, we've noticed in our matches that alot of vehicles were leaving with just the driver. Thus, the idea came up about giving bonus points for each passenger that drivers pick up and escape with. So, I'm tossing this idea out and see what kind of traction it gets. Feel free to post below your thoughts and I'll be looking forward to seeing what pops up ?
  2. I came up with a new idea for a vehicle on a different map or game mode that would be pretty cool. I was think there could be a truck implemented into the game somehow, as I mention before in a new map or game mode. It could hold 4 people like the 4 cheater car found on all current maps. 2 people could sit in the front seats on the inside of the truck, and the other two can take a risky seat in the back of the truck on the bed. The truck can be stopped like any normal truck by Jason of course. However though, he two people in the back seat can easily be snatched off and killed by Jason when he uses his shift ability, just like the boat. What do you think? Vote in the poll. Sorry for the confusion everyone, when Jason uses his shift ability if he gets close enough to the back of the truck and presses whatever button it is to grab the person, then he will then grab the selected victim off of the truck while the rest continue driving away.
  3. Hi, so this Isn't something I'm begging for, it's just an idea. What if in different game matches, there were different vehicles? They could hold more people but the parts are harder to find or add more parts. For instance. A truck could hold three people in the front, and hold 4 in the back. Or a van could hold 2 in the front and 6 in the back. The new parts could include tires, sparks plug, or the parts in the game already, just make them harder to find. You could also make it so that the more people in the vehicle, the slower it goes or the harder it is to steer. I like the truck from f13 part 2.
  4. An idea struck me to allow passengers in vehicles to provide some help to the driver. Think of this: If the character has a shotgun or flare gun, when they hold the "aim" button(LMB on PC), their character sticks a portion of themselves out of the car window and aims their gun, or aims their gun normally if they are on the boat. This could potentially include melee weapons to get a drive-by hit on Jason. Of course counselors are vulnerable during this animation. They could also throw firecrackers out of a car window or drop items out of the car window for remaining counselors to use so that they don't have to get out and drop them. Now this would require new animations so I would not expect it soon, but if it were included I could imagine it taking a few months to be added. What do you think of this idea?