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Found 5 results

  1. What do you guys think of a game mechanic whereby if a counselor is idling near a downed Jason's upper half, he could reach out and grab their leg, breaking it in the process and knocking them over. At this point he would rise to his feet (like a fast recovery), and the unfortunate counselor would be in limping mode. I think this would make trolling counselors pay dearly for teabagging / dancing over a stunned Jason. All opinions appreciated!
  2. So this just happened. None of us could get the other side to the police. The car blocks it completely and makes it impossible. Luckily (though it sucks too) the Jason wasn't active and we ended up surviving until the end. But can we get a fix for this? Or is there one in the works? Maybe allowing passengers being able to slide over to the driver's seat when the driver's seat is empty? (I think that might have been brought up before, but this is a good reason for it)
  3. So with the removal of friendly fire and teamkilling ,a new breed of troll has shown up that s vastly much worse. The item hog. Several survivor games have been rendered unwinable by some jackass finding the fuse and one or more sets of keys and just keeping them. They don't go to a car, they don't go to the fuse box, and in some cases, they find a way to drop the items off the map or into some obscure location. The best instances are when said item hog ends up in a car as a passenger and escape with the second set of keys AND the fuse, leaving the map just dead until the time limit runs out. This is compounded on top of the inability of Jason to chase people to windows since the counselor is 100% invincible during the climb animation, making followup attacks impossible. Even throwing knives are rendered useless in this situation. Counselor got by a window? Just go somewhere else, it's impossible to hurt them or catch them.
  4. 8 Kills

    Yeah, so i dont think anyone can beat my 8 kills in a single match. If anyone can kill more than 8 counselours in a single match, then prove it. Hell, if anyone kills 9 counselours (or more) in a single match and sends legit proof you deserve to be banned. That was all folks. And yes, this is a troll thread.
  5. Nobody cares if a guy gets banned if the problem/glitch is still there the best way to deal with cheaters/trolls/glitchers is to give players the power to deal with them Jason should be able to fly upwards/through things with shifting power to get on roofs or through the car but make shifting harder to control and slow turning Car animations/controls need to be reworked starting the car should be Square/X instead of the same button to get out of the car and we should be able to switch seats with Circle/B because some guy stopped the car at the exit and waited for Jason there High fear players should have lower health and no stamina regeneration outside so they can't lead Jason around the car/rock/to other players and should be easier to kill by other counselors(incase they are working with Jason There should be a way to tell if a player has keys on them and have more escape items like keys throughout the map because a player can grab a item get chased and killed by Jason and players will have no idea where the item is