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Found 21 results

  1. is sacrificing a pocket knife the only way to deactivate a trap? I feel like they should make it so you don't need a pocket knife to deactivate a trap especially when you have those jason's who put 2 traps at the phone fuse, and a trap at each of the cars making it almost impossible to escape.
  2. I get Jason has to plant them and they are 'hidden' but surely if you notice them you should be able to throw a stick into them or set them off without getting caught. For me, I have the med spray and use a med spray twice perks so I don't normally mind but it's always so annoying seeing apart 2 Jason picked knowing the fuse box is gonna have up to four traps placed at it. When I say annoying, I'm going off my partner, friends, and not so much myself because of my perks. It's hardly game breaking and not a major issue compare to others but thoughts?
  3. When the Jasons were first shown off Jason 7 was the one I wanted to use most. Awesome look, uses the machete, lumbering part skeleton man going around chasing counselors. Sounds great, right? Sadly in game his stats just do not allow him to do enough. Oh his hidden hearing and boosted sense let him see everyone. I guess that's ok? When you can't catch up to people because you're a zombie Jason and the main mode of transportation for said zombie Jasons has a longer cool down, slower speed, shorter distance traveled, and shorter duration, you're screwed. The car is impossible to catch. It's also impossible to deal with the car before it gets started because you only have 3 traps. I really hope you guys are looking in to completely reworking his stats. I don't mind if he's a slow Jason. You could ditch grip strength and sense (both are useless because you can instantly kill counselors when you grab them and sense can be turned off early to cooldown when turned off), and replaced with boosted traps and stalk. Then you remove his trap and shift weaknesses, swap them with defense or stun resistance, and he'd be viable. Perhaps a strength that makes him get Rage really fast, called Enrage? That's just me brain storming and not in any way something to take consider as a fix. I'm just a guy who wants Jason 7 to be on par with the other Jasons but his tools just do not allow it. I don't feel like a menacing threat as Jason 7, I feel like Jason from the first movie drowning while the counselors stand on the dock and laugh. Whatever you do, please please please rework his stats. At the very least get rid of the penalty to shift. No Zombie Jason should have a weakness to shift. You guys are working hard to fix various bugs, make new content, but you've never once mentioned tweaking the Jasons stats. Everyone feels 7 is by far the worst due to no movement options, strengths that really don't benefit his lack of movement options, and weaknesses that just hinder him further with his lack of movement options. Yes I know some people can kill 12 out of 8 counselors with Jason 7 because they're just that badass, but the simple fact is he is undoubtedly the weakest Jason and the hardest to catch people as. Not asking that he be the best, just on par with the others. As is Jason 7 is a sad boy. You don't want poor ol' Jason 7 to be a sad boy, do ya?
  4. I'm certain these have all been mentioned in other threads and I apologize in advance if I've missed these threads as I didn't feel like checking through each and every one posted. But these are my personal suggestions for changes: 1. A reporting system for players on console that could include a "create a clip" option if you're in spectator mode. There have been so many instances where I've wanted to report people attempting to or successfully exploiting map glitches or someone purposefully leading Jason directly to other counselors. Obviously, this won't stop someone that could be in party chat calling out locations of counselors if they're dead and spectating as well or not walking Jason directly towards a counselor, but there have been many times I've encountered a counselor sticking by Jason's side as they lead them to others. 2. A reporting system on consoles in general that might have safety measures implemented so it cannot be abused.. such as not allowing a single account to report another more than once. 3. I have seen this mentioned and commented on other threads suggesting a "vote to kick" feature. This would be very handy, especially if made so the vote cannot occur until after the round is over so it wouldn't be abused to just kick Jason and receive free survival XP. 4. Something i haven't seen suggested yet- I have pretty trashy internet. Not bad enough that it affects me playing in other lobbies where the host has more adequate internet, but bad enough that I'd rather NOT be made a host of a lobby when I'm trying to find a match to play in. I'd love the option to opt out of hosting a lobby. I feel like this could make it easier to find lobbies with open spaces rather than being put in a lobby alone where I am host... 5 times in a row. I understand it could make my matchmaking experience take longer, but I'd be willing for that wait in order to avoid having to re-queue every time I need to close a lobby where I am made host.
  5. I've heard before that when you set traps as Jason that if they go off and get stepped on the little red icon on the map will dissappear is this false? I've played tons of matches and have yet to figure out where the trap went off at and ended up at the wrong area because the icon didn't go off and I had to guess where it came off at? I've heard Youtubers that say it will show where ect but maybe I'm doing something wrong here.
  6. Hey everyone, so it just popped into my head and I think this would be a great element to place into the game. I think that there should be some traps that are fatal traps (traps that kill the counselors) that Jason can place besides the bear traps which injure and stun. Some examples could be like hidden death pit, a spiked road barrier that can destroy the car, hidden poison gas. I think this would add some variety into the game and also make Jason have some more deadly threats besides his weapon, bear traps and throwing knives.
  7. Disclaimer: I am excited about the new emotes, and smaller speed maps. I am excited and proud that the devs have and continue to add more content. I cannot wait for single player. I have 200+ Hrs in this game, am level 101, and have been passionate about it since I learned about it. That being said, dear developers, please, please, please, focus on fixing any/all bugs glitches and exploits before adding any new content. While the new content is appreciated, it's like adding new rooms to a house with a leaky roof. We have to prioritize. While there are more bugs than this, these are the ones I see the most: 1. Counselors making Jasons Traps useless by body blocking them. This is an exploit that needs fixing. 2. Perks that do not work when equipped. 3. Having the option of looting a map from a drawer even if you have one equipped as a perk. There are more, but fundamentally, I think the bugs need to be ironed out before further content is added.
  8. On multiple occasions, I have trapped the phone box and 4 seater, only to have the cops called on me or the car fixed. I check the minimap, and my traps haven't went off. Are counselors able to do the combat stance through traps exploit or were my traps disarmed and the map just doesn't show it?
  9. i give up, ill just wait till the next balance update
  10. So this is a mode where they add a bunch of trap options for jason. Such as snares, dead falls, pungi sticks, trip wires, etc. OFFLINE MODE(SET UP) Everybody can go through each map and set traps as Jason in an offline mode and then save the map. Number of traps and trap types can be purchased with cp. (should probably have some limit) Placing of jump scares can be purchased with cp. (bodies, random NPC popping up, etc) ONLINE MODE(PLAY) Then in the online mode it's just like normal play except if you are Jason your traps and whatever else load into the map you are playing on. Also, there would be increased ways to disarm traps, but I haven't thought about that yet This would be a cool way to keep you on your toes, because after a few games you basically know what to expect an it is right now. It would be like a creative hard mode. There would obviously be some restrictions. Probably no traps in randomly spawned buildings or camp grounds, places like the barn and static houses would be ok. Trees don't move, atleast I don't think they do so trapping trees and paths should be alright. Obviously there are things that would have to be worked out but I think you get the idea.
  11. It is very difficult to identify the triggered traps on Jason's map. Especially when the trap icon is over another icon on the map. Please, Devs, do something to better highlight which trap was triggered. Maybe changing its color.
  12. When I place a bear trap on the PS4 game, the trap floats in the air. Video of the bug
  13. My favourite play style is to waste Jason's time while other counselors escape. I love to have fun and play around with survivability set ups in particular. Here are a couple of screens where I've been stockpiling, setting up a defence and preparing to waste Jason's time. I managed to grab four flare guns in one game and five bear traps in another! So much fun! What are some of your favourite survivability set ups? How do you hold off Jason for longer periods of time? It'd be awesome to see some of your screen shots!
  14. Been reading a few posts about Jason's and people saying they are over or underpowered etc and can't catch Vanessa's. So I thought I would ask the question; do you use traps and how do you use them? i see a lot of people playing as Jason who don't use a single trap in the entire game and if they do, it's just one trap in front of the car. LEARN to use your traps properly and listen to noises made and you can demolish counsellors. My first tip would be to always trap the police phone. Straight away you know they are gonna get seriously hurt when trying to phone police and when you hear that trap click, go there and defeat your first counsellor. If you play as a trapper Jason Remember to put another trap in its place ready for the next counsellor. Trapping the car is extremely effective also. If you have enough traps be sure to trap the gas fill part of the car AND the bonnet. Useless to trap the driver door because if someone does get in, you'll hear the car starting as Jason anyway. If there is a boat on the map be sure to trap the pier if your a trapper Jason. Dont bother trapping your shack, if someone enters Pamela will alert you anyway. just trap key areas used to escape but my most important tip is definately trap that phone! what I do: SAVINI Jason police phone: 2 traps straight away car: 1 at bonnet 1 at fuel fill boat: 1 at start of pier. you now have your key areas covered just be sure to listen very carefully and remember your map as to where they were so when the trap is set off, the trap icon will disappear so you know exactly where to go! hope this helps
  15. I think it'd be great if on the Large Map, after the audio cue that one of Jason's traps has been sprung, there was some sort of visual indication as to which trap has been set off (flashing trap indicator?)
  16. As it stands right now the traps need looking into because you can stack 2-3 traps in a single leaf pile so when you escape one trap it auto puts you into the 2nd one and kills you. I think we really need traps to be unstackable so you can't just put them all in one spot which auto kills someone after they step in one. Also just on a realism note how would you stack 3 bear traps on top of each other anyway?
  17. PS4 Part 2 Jason only starts with 5 traps where PC version starts with 7. Is there a reason for this or it's just a bug you guys are aware of? I love playing Potato Sack Jason and I hope you fix this problem.
  18. So I've been thinking about ways to make traps and knives more interesting for each Jason. My idea is to give throwing knives and traps unique properties rather than just limitations on equipping them. Part 2 Tracking darts - Darts that hit counselors will allow Jason to track them for a short amount of time, regardless of their fear level. They do significantly less damage. Part 3 Vengeful darts - When Jason is stabbed with a pocket knife, a throwing knife is put into his inventory. Terrifying contraption - Traps raise fear significantly, but do less damage and are easy to escape. Part 6 Deceitful Traps - Jason can create a limited number of fake traps alongside his regular traps that do nothing upon walking over them, but it will be up to counselors to take the risk of finding out whether or not they are real or fake. Part 7 Throwing Axe - Jason throws an axe rather than a knife, but while it's damage is higher, it's range is much lower. Natural trap - Jason can project a trap anywhere within a limited range in his line of sight rather than directly by his feet, but rather than damage this trap is very hard to escape and is intended to halt fleeing counselors. Part 8 Manhattan Biohazard - Jason's throwing knives are coated in a potent drug that when hit, counselors vision will begin to become distorted for a short period. The damage is low, but the impairment it causes will make counselors out in the woods easier targets. Manhattan Waste Trap - A trap saturated in Manhattan's toxic waste, which deals higher damage and makes a counselors footsteps much louder. Part 9 Shattering throw - Jason throwing knives can shatter a counselors weapon if they have one equipped, negating any damage but destroying their weapon. If a counselor doesn't have a weapon they take a lot of damage. See no Evil, Hear no Evil - Any counselor trapped by Jason will have their voice communications heard by Jason anywhere across the map for a significant amount of time. Savini Devil's Daggers - Jason's knives burn with the fires of hell, causing any counselor hit by them to take some damage every second for a short amount of time. Hellish Contraption - This trap deals a high amount of damage and burns counselors the longer they remain in it.
  19. Is there any sort of way you can force a trap placed by Jason to be triggered? Because when he puts it on the Fuse box it's pretty obviously there, and you know it's there....but then you're stuck having to walk on it no matter what? I just think it'd be nice if there was a way to break/trigger a trap he's placed(obviously via sacrificing an item or some such).
  20. I came across this issue on Xbox One with a few prompts. Last night on Crystal Lake, I was playing as Deborah Kim trying to assemble the parts to the boat. Jason had placed traps on the boat to prevent us from assembling pieces successfully. My first time through, I avoided stepping in the trap when I had put the propeller on, but when I put the gasoline in, my counselor moved right into the trap while I was pouring gasoline in and it forever trapped me in that spot after button mashing to release. The prompt for pouring gasoline was still on the screen. I could not move after that until Jason came over to grab me. Eventually, when I attempted to escape, the game crashed. Steps to reproduce: 1. (If it is character specific) Select Deborah Kim on Crystal Lake. 2. Grab the pieces for the boat escape (propeller & gasoline). 3. Place the propeller on successfully. 4. Have Jason place traps on the boat. 5. Continue placing thr gasoline into the boat (character should move themself to complete the prompt). 6. Character adjusts for the animation and steps on trap. 7. Counselor should be frozen with gas prompt stuck on the screen. To continue to the game crash: 8. Have Jason come over to grab you. 9. Button mash to escape grab. 10. Voila! Game crash.
  21. I would like to suggest that traps be made a skill check - perhaps a difficult one - instead of requiring a knife to disarm. As it is now, a good Jason can effectively completely remove certain objectives from the game with careful trap placement. With the way things spawn, this doesn't make it COMPLETELY impossible to win, just really unlikely. I don't think taking an objective out should be as easy as holding 'R' for a few seconds. Making it a long or difficult skill check still creates a delay the character must over come before getting to the objective. You could even maybe make the traps screech and squeel so it generates noise. Instead of, or in addition to that, the trap could snap on them if they fail the check. I believe this would retain most of the purpose of the trap, while removing the "op" possibilities.