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Found 2 results

  1. Team killing.... , its just like in horror movies.... there always that dic that trys to escape by sacrificing other people, that that'll kill others when they are no longer needed, that'll cripple a friendly to get away, that trys to steal the glory, thats what this game tried to bring to the table, the game needs this dic, he/she adds suspense, he/she adds thrill...... problem was theres to many dics, it should brought it back but with penalties such as if you kill someone you should be marked as a team killer on the mini map so other players can see you, lower chance of being jason, lose your skill points for that character next match that way we still have that character betrayal, but if you team kill you basically alerting the other characters giving them a chance to strike back i know alot of people will be like but if someones helping jason and i kill them why am i punished....,why am i marked.... and id say well them you faced with the same circumstances and choices as a character in a horror movie, you run and try and warn the others leaving the betrayer/traitor alive or you kill them become marked and try to explain what happened to the remaining survivors i think team killing needs to be put back in not for trolling but to help complete the experience, thankyou to those that read this, and thank you to those that play the game and dont glitch, that dont help jason, and dont rage quit, you guys are keeping this game alive and awesome
  2. http://kotaku.com/in-friday-the-13th-the-real-killer-isn-t-jason-it-s-yo-1797603404 "Solid_Snake7 was not cowed, instead putting forth a bleak picture of days to come for the unlucky ones who end up in a lobby with him: “You’re just mad because the team killing will never stop. We own this game.”" first off, fuck that guy. the articles worth the read.