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Found 38 results

  1. Suggestions for Additional "Heroes": Tina Shepard, Creighton Duke, Kay-Em 14 Here are a few ideas for additional heroes in addition to Tommy Jarvis. Some of them have not been fully fleshed out yet but I'll leave the rest of that to you all. All of my suggestions here would always yield to game balance, all in presence, power, and duration. I think all of these characters should have the same stats as Tommy Jarvis, minus any adjustments that may need to be made for game balance. These are only ideas that are in scratch but have the potential to be implemented into full plans with enough imagination, ambition, and balancing of abilities, .... and whether or not you can get the original actors to come back or not. Here goes: 1. Tina Shepard - (The telekinetic girl from Part 7) I think this character would be the easiest of the 3 to put in the game. She comes from a time when Jason was still hanging out around/near crystal lake, and is the least out of place of the three, unless you found her telekinetic powers to be super out-of-place, in which case, I can't help you. Here could be some of her abilities/attributes. She may need an ability box like Jason's: -When she spawns in, she gets different music than Tommy Jarvis. She gets a jingle made from the song that plays all throughout Part 7 that can be heard in the background of this clip here: -Inverted Fear Mechanic: Trust me on this, you'll see where it comes into play later. This characters powers were only available to her when her emotions ran high. When she first spawns in and her fear is low, her abilities aren't as powerful as they are when her fear/emotions climb up. Yes, she will stumble more, but her abilities below have greater range, longer stun time, and include more items than available otherwise. Yes, give her a flashlight, but it's up to the player to know to NOT use it except to keep other counselors fear-level low, or just to see in the dark. As her fear goes up, her abilities can be triggered from further distances, include more items (to levitate and hit Jason with) and have longer stun time. -Context/Environmental stuns for Jason: A. If Jason is standing on any porch with a roof, she can press a button and bring the awning down stunning him, just like in the movie. Any counselors under said roof would be severely injured or killed. Jason's presence under any awning would be required for this to be triggered so that players can't team kill counselors by bringing down awnings with only counselors under them. B. If Jason is standing within a variable (depending on her fear) number of feet of any power box, she can press a button and telekinetically shove Jason into the box, shocking him and stunning him for a balanced time. This permanently disables the power box however, making it irreparable by any of the characters. You have to weigh whether or not this is worth it since the affected cabins will drive up fear which is bad for counselors, but great for Tina as she becomes more powerful hanging around in dark cabins, even if terrified. I thought of this when trying to think of a way to shock Jason using a power line in water, which there are no power lines in the game that I'm aware of. C: If Jason is near a campfire or fireplace, and a gas container is nearby, whether in someone's hands or not, she can press a button and use the gas to soak him in the face and body, causing him to fall back into the fire, both stunning him for a balanced period of time, and dealing enough damage to his HP pool, getting him close enough to damasking that it will be worth consuming the gas container for it which will naturally eliminate the possibility ONE escape method, either the two-seater, the boat, or the four-seater. This will generally be for if you're going to seriously kill Jason, but if the gas is consumed and the "Kill Jason" attempt fails, knows that 2-4 players may end up stuck on the map with their only other possibilities being calling the cops or waiting out the timer. More on killing Jason later: D: If Jason is near an otherwise moveable object including but not limited to Gas, Battery, Keys, Weapons, Propeller, Counselor Traps, Dead Bodies, Decapitated Heads, Tina can push a button and telekinetically throw it at Jason for a knock back or stun depending upon how heavy the object is, and how high Tina's fear is. The higher the fear, the more likely the stun. Once an object has been telekinetically thrown at Jason, it cannot be thrown at him again. When Tina's fear is low, she will only be able to throw lighter objects like the propeller, weapons and heads, while heavier objects like the gas, the battery and dead bodies will require higher fear and won't have a prompt until her fear is high enough. While the keys can be thrown at Jason, they only ever bounce off having no effect. It will be up to the player to know this and not make a mistake. Throwing objects at Jason while he is raising a counselor up for a grab-kill will stun Jason and free the counselor just as if he were stunned otherwise. -Killing Jason with Tina: Same procedure as with Jarvis EXCEPT... there is a trade-off... When Jason has been hit and is on his knees ready to die, Tina will NOT need an Axe or a Machete to kill him, BUT, Jason will need to be ON one of the two docks on the map... AND her fear will need to be at or close to 100 in order for the icon to pop up for her to summon her father from under the dock to jump up and pull Jason into the water. The End. I know, I know, her Dad coming up and getting Jason in the movie was so dumb, but if you're going to kill Jason they way she killed Jason,... you have to kill Jason the way she killed Jason. 2. Creighton Duke & Jessica Kimble - (The Bounty Hunter & Niece of Jason from Part 9) This one's a two-fer, because it has to be, in order to kill Jason. Duke is a tougher one because we didn't get to see him do too much in the movie, although this can be a strength since it allows creativity with respect to what his abilities/attributes could be. First I'll discuss Jessica Kimble then Duke: -Jessica Kimble: When Duke spawns in, so does another dead/escaped character as Jessica Kimble, at the other spawn point, who has no special abilities, and functions just as another counselor with a 5 in all categories, just like Kenny Reidell. She is only useful as an additional counselor, and as a required component to kill Jason if that's what people decide they want to do. The reason she's so mediocre outside of her necessity to kill Jason is to balance the fact that you're bringing back 2 people instead of one, giving Jason as many as 9 people to kill. If Jason kills Jessica Kimble, any chance of chance of killing Jason gone. Once Jessica Kimble is on the scene, Jason gains the ability to grab a counselor and instead of performing a kill, can instead transfer himself to the counselors body which means the following; Jasons initial body will lay on the map, unresponsive. If other counselors see this, they know something is wrong and that they cannot just trust every counselor they see. The Jason player will be playing as Jason, in "Infected" counselors skin, while the counselor who was "infected" will have been killed. The original players name will still appear above the Jason/counselor so as to help further mislead other counselors upon approach. "Hey Bob1234!" *Shift Grab* "Oh Crap!". The Jason player in the counselors body will still be "Jason" with all of his old abilities except stalk which will now be permanently active with no cool down or limit. This means that if Jason kills and transfers to a counselor while no one else is present to see it, Jason will be able to morph, and shift to players without them getting the VHS tape effect on their screen, and will also not hear his music unless and until he begins attacking counselors in the presence of other counselors, and only at that time. In other words, if Jason/counselor attacks a friend, the music begins, you run away, you don't get music as he approaches our chases you seconds later. The idea is that it's hard to tell who Jason is because is his now "in disguise" although, once you're onto who it is, it becomes easier. However, there is another catch: Jason can still transfer from counselor to counselor so long as he is grab-killing to make this feature available each time, so just because you know that "Bob1234" as Buggzy is now Jason, you can still get nabbed by "Suzie5678" as Deb Kim if you're not being vigilant and/or communicating. If Jason transfers to Jessica Kimble, he retains his original appearance as he did when he transferred to his half-sister in the movie, loses all prior damage taken, regains his mask, but his old corpse still lays on the ground to be discovered, and yes it stuns counselors. -Creighton Duke: The only ability I can see giving him from the movies is "Finger Snap/Info for Health". Other counselors can walk up to Duke and let him snap their finger for and for 1/3rd of their current health, duke will give them a vital piece of information to help them in the game. This can only be done for a maximum of three times whether it's done by one player or three. The reason it's 1/3rd of your current health is so that you ARE suffering some kind of penalty, but it shouldn't be enough to kill you. The piece of information given should be randomly selected, can be crummy or useful, and can include but not be limited to: -A map if you don't have one (crummy since you can get those anywhere) -Location of 4-seater (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of 2-seater (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of Boat (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of Phone box (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one battery (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one gas (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one set of keys (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of which end cops will spawn on if called (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with firecrackers (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with pocket knife (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of objective item if dropped more than 20 feet from objective (arrow placed on minimap/map) Killing Jason with Creighton Duke & Jessica Kimble: Same procedure as with Jarvis EXCEPT... when Duke spawns in, he spawns with a short sword that functions like the machete except it has higher durability, maybe more like the wrench. It can be used to remove Jasons mask, but of you break it, you cannot kill Jason. Once Jason is stunned and on the ground ready to be killed, Duke must give the short sword to Jessica Kimble (Duke cannot drop it until then) who must be present, pick it up (It will turn into that fancy dagger from Part 9) and Jessica must use it to kill Jason. The animation should show him being stabbed right in the heart, and an animation of what we saw at the end of Part 9 where those lights shoot out of his chest and giant arms rise from the ground to drag him to hell. At this time, anyone close to Jason needs to use the animation time to BACK UP and get away from Jason or else they will get grabbed by one of the arms and will need to be grabbed and pulled out by other counselors that are out of the way, and will need to mash "E" like crazy to pull you free. Duke and Jessica will move out of the way automatically and will be available to save others no matter what once the arms have grabbed everyone within range. (No tea-bagging this dead Jason!) 3. Kay-Em 14 - (The Robot Girl from Jason X) This one is trickier and I just don't feel like writing for her the same way I do the other people. I think her presence in the 1980's maps will be a weird mix, and I think she needs to stay limited to the Jason X map if and when we do get them. Having Jason X at crystal lake is going to be weird enough. In addition, I'm not sure how to balance this character since she basically shot Jason to death, including his head. It's hard to imagine her as a "stunner" only character with infinite ammo when we know she does so much more. Maybe she will but it's just that she will also be very vulnerable to Jason's attacks, requiring only one hit to die, and every death is a decapitation. Other factors may include: -While she has infinite ammo and can stun Jason with every shot, there is a cool down for her shots. -While she requires only one hit to die, and can only die via a decapitation, she can still communicate with players in game as her head lies on the ground, although, Jason can kick it out of range to some spot where no one can hear her. -10 repair for sure since she is a machine. Other than that, I'm not sure, you guys think about it.
  2. Just wanna say I love this game so far and I feel it has so much potential to become the best in it's genre. With updates and support I don't think this game will go any where. Here are some ideas of what I would love to happen in the future for this game: NEW ITEMS: Soda Can that replenishes 25% of your current stamina, and gives you a 25% overall stamina pool increase. Effect lasts for a couple of minutes. Relaxing Pills that make holding your breath last twice as long and lower down your overall fear meter. Effects last for a couple minutes. Beer that lowers the amount of damage you endure but increases stumbling chance. Will also delay being put into "crippling" movement state for 45 seconds when your health drops low enough. Effect lasts for a couple of minutes. Wooden Barrel Shield - Can be used to shield an ally from attacks or defend yourself from blows and can absorb up to three melee attacks from Jason. (two attacks if he is empowered in melee). Shield is immune to grabs from the front. Enter combat stance to use. (max of 1 per map) Backpack - When picked up, the counselor will wear it on their back and it will give you two extra item carrying slots. Sprint speed and stamina recharge speed will be reduced by 20%. (max of 1 per map) Bicycle - Cannot carry a Large Item while using. Speed is faster than the fastest Counselor. If Jason hits you or you get hit by a throwing knife while riding on bike, you will fall off and be instantly put in "crippled" movement state. Stamina does not recharge unless you sit still with bike. (max of 1 per map) Canoe - New way to escape via water but very slow. Will have to find an "Oar" on the map to use the canoe. Will not alert Jason if you board the canoe. Small Canoe icon can be seen by Jason on map. One counselor with one oar will have lower top end speed and harder traction. Two counselors with two oars will have increased top end speed and improved traction. Jason can tip over the canoe just like the boat. (max of 1 per map) TV that can be turned on to make some noise in some cabin's. Essentially new variety item skin for the radio. (max of 1 per map) NEW WEAPONS: Spear - Slow attack start but good range making it ideal for poking near windows or a door being broken down. Hammer - Slightly slower, smaller range but high stun chance. Oar - Decent range but very high break rate. (max of 2 per map) Taser - Similar to pocket knife but less stun on Jason and will not work on traps. Screw Driver - New variety item skin for the pocket knife. Ice Pick - New variety item skin for the pocket knife. Bow & Arrow - Large carrying item similar to beartrap. Must set arrow and then single shot use. Cricket Bat - Similar to baseball bat but less stun chance. Army Knife - Best durability weapon but shortest range. Can also be sacrificed to let one of Jason's traps go off. Nail Gun - Can be used to further upgrade a barricade to make it more sturdy or as a weak ranged weapon against Jason with limited ammo. New Game Lobby Customization Options: Game can now be set to 20 minutes, 25 minutes, or 30 minutes. Friendly Fire can now be turned off or on. Counselor Duplicates can be set to off or on. If set to off, duplicates of the same Counselor cannot be picked. Jason voice communication with counselor's can now be turned off or on. Counselor damage intake can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Jason damage intake can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Item Spawn for the map can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Door Durability and Barricade can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Weapon Durability can now be set to Reduced, Normal, or Increased. Perks can now be set to disabled or enabled. New Realism / Hardcore Mode: Minimap for players on the bottom right is disabled You will not be able to tell who is dead or not when pulling up the player scoreboard Pulling up the map will not update what objectives have been complete or are currently in progress. Music for Jason is disabled until you spot him or see him in your sights / screen visual radius Fog will shift in and out during certain areas making surroundings slightly more ambiguous. The closest power generator to the phone now needs to be on or repaired in addition to the phone box in order to call the police. NEW Counselor Changes: Counselors Can now "Whisper" by pressing the Mouse Scroll Key button (or a separated key bind) ONLY during crouch. Whispering causes Jason to have to be a lot closer to hear Counselors talking. Whispering will not be picked up through radios and cannot be used to communicate with other counselors far on the map. Counselors can now hide in Bath Tubs or Close Shower Curtains in bathrooms. Showers can now be turned on inside in some Cabin's and this will create some noise similar to a radio, BUT with much less radius. It will simply light the cabin red if Jason is close enough. Counselors must now execute the prompted button key required if they are wielding a pocket knife and Jason grabs them to use it. Firecrackers now cause counselors to stumble and take a small bit of damage if they get too near. Firecrackers and Flare Guns are now friendly fire prone. Counselors can now disable "lock-on" on towards other counselors by pressing a specific key bind. Stumbling now causes counselors to lose 10% of their stamina. Shotgun blasts can now break windows. Shotgun blasts can now damage Jason or counselors if shot through windows. DOORS: Locked doors now take two hits to break for Jason instead of one hit. Locked doors can still be broken in one hit only if the Jason is empowered in "Destruction". NEW JASON CHANGES: Jason is now vulnerable to attacks while attacking a door. Jason is no longer completely immune to bear traps when blocking. Jason can no longer block firecrackers or flare guns. Jason now has one second and a half of charge time on his kill moves if he connects a grab on a counselor five seconds after using the "Shift" ability. Environmental kill moves are not affected by this charge time and can be done instantaneous if in proximity. Breaking 'opened' windows hit detection slightly improved to prevent some weapon swings to miss frequently. Extra furniture props can now be broken by entering a small cinematic sequence once performing the action button such as; big couches, giant bookshelves, giant tables, etc. (none of these are furniture that have items in them) Knocking on a locked door will now slightly increase fear of counselor's that are in the cabin. MELEE: Jason can now perform a swift attack with his weapon while he is "running" or speed walking by holding down the attack button for one second and then releasing. This attack recovers a few frames faster than the grab attack and has more range. (Jason will not come to a stop when using this attack and can continue to run or speed walk) THROWING KNIVES: Picking up throwing knives from the environment is now a bit faster and more efficient. (DEVS ADDED) Throwing knives can now be thrown at a window to break the glass. (DEVS ADDED) Throwing knives can no longer be blocked by counselors. Throwing knives can now headshot counselors. If at full health, a counselor will instantly become crippled. If less than full health, and counselor will be instantly killed by a headshot. Throwing knives aimed and thrown at a counselor's leg will drain 20% of their stamina upon impact. Throwing knives can now be thrown at a bear trap placed by a Counselor to set the trap off. TRAPS: Traps can no longer be stacked on top with each other. Traps can now be recovered or picked up on the map with a total of three extra to find. One of them will be in Jason's cabin to collect. New ability to place down a "fake" bait trap with just leaves. Jason will enter his usual "placing trap" animation but just put leaves instead but the sound effect will trick counselors. These fake leaf traps expire after 30 or 60 seconds and only two fake traps can be set out at the same time. Traps can now be set on boat docks. Traps can now be set in cabins. Traps that were not "triggered" can now be repicked up by Jason to place in a new position. SHIFT: Jason can now be hit out of or during Shift active frames. (this includes bear traps, shotgun, firecrackers, etc.) When Jason enters Shift, it now activates a brief distinct sound queue to alert nearby counselors. (this does not happen if Jason has Stalk active) MORPH: The selection point on the map where you choose to Morph is now more accurate when you teleport there as Jason. (DEVS ADDED) RAGE: Once Rage becomes active, all stun time on Jason is now reduced by half. Once Rage becomes active, Jason becomes invulnerable during Shift and it's active frames. Once Rage becomes active, Jason gets a slight movement speed increase when he enters Combat Stance. Once Rage becomes active, Jason's melee attacks recover faster when he is in Combat Stance. Once Rage becomes active, Jason can now walk while holding and aiming a throwing knife. CAR: Throwing knives can now be thrown at car tires to make them slightly increasingly difficult to drive. Car windows can now be broken and this will just allow throwing knives to be able to connect on a player in the corresponding seat. Jason can now manually hit and stop a car going in reverse by getting behind it and performing an "E" key action command when prompted as the icon appears. Counselors can no longer escape the main road exits with the car when driving in reverse, and must be going forward with the car to escape. JASON PART 7: "Grip Strength" ability in Strengths now removed. New strength ability now added called "Bleeding Lacerations". Bleeding Lacerations - Jason's melee weapon strikes with his machete now cause a "bleeding" effect on a successful non-blocked strike to a counselor. Bleeding effect causes a counselor's health to drain very slightly over time and immediately enter a "cripple" movement state for ten seconds. "Water Speed" ability in Strengths now removed. New strength ability now added called "Compact Flesh". Compact Flesh - All weapons that hit or are blocked by Jason have double break rate, effectively halving their overall durability. NEW PERK IMPLEMENTATION FOR JASON Perk abilities and unlockables now added to Jason. Jason can have a max of one perk equipped to each load out. New Perk - Hunter - Traps capture Counselors for twice as long. New Perk - Sharpshooter - Throwing knives now deal double damage. New Perk - Collector - No cinema action required for picking up a Throwing Knife. Just go near and tap action button to pick up instantly. New Perk - Unstoppable - Pocket knives will not stun Jason after he drops the Counselor. (they will just disable his special abilities and attacks for five seconds) New Perk - Untamable - Negates and bypasses any tasers. New Perk - Fireproof - Stuns from Flare Guns and Firecrackers dramatically reduced. New Perk - Nightmare - Amplify Counselor's fear and cause their fear meters to shoot up more rapidly. New Perk - Silent but Deadly - Further increase the effectiveness and duration of Stalk. New Perk - For Mother - Rage meter increases quicker over time. New Perk - Unforgiving - Shift is learned first instead of Sense during the beginning of the game. New Perk - Cloudy Weather - Cause a heavy thunderstorm to plague the map slightly obstructing counselor's vision once Rage becomes active. New Perk - Tyrant - Maximum health, damage sustainability increased, and mask is harder to knock off. New Perk - Enraged - Melee weapon attacks now drain 20% of stamina from counselor's per hit. New Perk - Speed Demon - Overall move and top end speed slightly increased. New Perk - Terrifying - Increase counselor's overall chance to stumble by 10% when around you. New Perk - Stalker - Stalk is learned first instead of Sense during the beginning of the game. New Perk - Constructor - Placing a trap efficiency and speed increased by 50%. MATCH MAKING You can now select language preference when searching for public games. New key bind and option for "mute all" button added. New option to "report player" after a game has finished. Max of three reports per day allowed. Once a player receives enough negative reports, they will be placed in "low priority" match making system which will make them more likely to match with other users in "low priority". Players placed in low priority state receive half XP and CP until they complete a set number of games. TOMMY JARVIS: Tommy Jarvis does not pre-spawn on the map during the "intro movie" scene for the player until AFTER it is fully completed. The player who has been chosen to be Tommy Jarvis now receives a message: "You have been chosen to come back as Tommy. Press A to come back" with a 15 second timer attached. If the timer runs out, it will pass on to the next player. Tommy Jarvis can no longer reach "level 4 fear" where his screen becomes dark and he loses vision of the mini-map. If you are the last person to survive as Tommy Jarvis, you receive bonus XP. If you survive simultaneously with another final remaining counselor(s) via boat or car, you receive bonus XP. Each time you successfully help a survivor break free from Jason's grab, you receive small amount of bonus XP. Each time you heal a counselor, you receive an additional small amount of bonus XP. Killing or "betraying" a counselor is now -1000 points as Tommy Jarvis. JASON'S MASK: If a counselor escapes or survives the match with Jason's Mask in their inventory, all players receive bonus XP and CP. MINI INTRO CINEMA When the game starts, the player who has been selected to be Jason will have their Counselor selection "killed" by their Jason in the intro instead of it being the same guy 24/7. MOVIE SPECTATOR CINEMA MODE: When a player is dead or they survive, they can choose to enter movie cinema mode which will automatically follow the counselor(s) being chased by Jason. The camera will also shift between players and prioritize to those doing action themed events such as filling up cars with gas, installing batteries, propellers, repairing electricity, fighting Jason, etc. New camera angles that cover more space, screen size, and combination of camp camera when needed will also ensue and happen as fights and dramatic chase sequences occur. Just sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the action ensue as your team tries to survive the rest of the round. AFTER DYING OR SURVIVING A ROUND: Ability to roll perks, customize character clothes appearance, or equip / change load outs is also available to spectators that have survived or died while they wait for the remainder of the round. You now receive bonus 20 XP and 10 CP for each remaining minute you spectate until the match is complete. New camp cameras have been added increasing the total numbers of them on each map. Players can now type to each other with a text box while spectating. (only players who survived or died can see texts) The progression tab and badges can now be viewed while in spectating mode. QUITTING GAME / PENALTIES: If someone playing as a counselor leaves the game, their character will immediately drop all of their inventory and remain alive (idle) and available for Jason for scoring a kill if found. When someone leaves a game before dying or surviving, they will be rewarded with only half of the XP or CP that they accumulated for that game. Players now have the option to reconnect to a game that they left if it is still running. "Mother's Disappointed" -1000 points penalty and loss if leaving a game as Jason. Penalty for betraying and killing a team mate as a counselor has now been increased to 500 points. (DEVS ADDED) Multiplier of 2x penalty deduction added for consecutive team kills and betrayals by the same counselor. Total amount of times a player has performed a "Betrayal" is now added to their profile. Killing blows from bear traps for counselor's do not add to the "Betrayal" number on a player's profile. "Completionist" Total amount of times a player has stayed in a game all the way until the game was completed is now added to their profile. Thoughts? Post here and feel free to share.
  3. Hello, I know that there are many posts suggesting what to add to the game in future content patches. I have a few suggestions based on things I have thought about and things I have experienced while playing the game. 1. Weather Effects I feel like a thunderstorm with rain should happen sometimes, or maybe even brisk wind rustling the trees. There should be an option in settings to adjust the weather intensity for performance purposes. 2. Single Player Campaign A campaign as both Jason and the counselors would be fun and could be used to unlock more counselors or types of Jason. Adding AI to play with ranging from easy to extremely difficult would be a nice addition as well, but should not count toward achievements. 3. More Counselors / Jasons I know in due time there will be an expansion of characters to choose from, but I want to make sure the game is diverse and allows people to play a character that fits their playstyle or their role in a team setting. With this, I will add I would like developers to crush some of the bugs that give counselors an unfair disadvantage, like glitched items and jason being able to grab through doors. Also, sometimes Jason bugs and he can't use any abilities. 4. Localized Servers I have noticed a lot of players I end up in a lobby with are from different countries and do not speak English. There's no real problem with that except that it cripples the ability for our team to effectively communicate, and communication is key in an asymmetrical survival horror game. If the devs would make separate servers for different regions, that would help immensely. 5. Report System / Vote-to-Kick There needs to be an in-game report system where you can simply click a player's name in game and send a report for the reasons Gun Media as listed as ban-worthy, and Gun should be able to look through the game and see what happened. I know this is a stretch to ask for, but there has to be some way to implement it, because other games have something similar to this. If not able to report a player to get banned, at least a vote to kick of at least 4 people in a team of 7 should suffice to remove the player from the game. This would hurt the game, as there would be one less counselor, but they should scale Jason's cooldowns accordingly or something to compensate. I'm getting all types of creative here. Anyway, if anyone has another further suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Good luck on Crystal Lake, nubcakes
  4. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  5. Hello, I'm back again with another suggestion. If you play on Xbox one and see housearrest3241 leave. He killed me for no reason (literally) by shooting me and after he shot me, he is currently saying "you Lil bitch" and etc. I take this part funny but still should not be doing this. The reason I brought this story up is to say if u shoot someone, you should take the hit and die or get hurt, not just lose xp. Unless jason grabbed them and you shoot them, I think you should take the hit and die. Thanks for reading. I have the video of him killing me if anyone wants to see.
  6. "You all start as teens. Then one [player] gets a "cutscene Jason," who spawns behind you, eviscerates you, and you scream, then everyone else hears the first kill, and that [player] is Jason for the round. The game picks one random [player] who gets drilled through their chest and looks down at a gross first-person death, and then they're Jason. And [the other players] hear that echo across the [map], and it goes like, 'First Blood!' or something." - Jake Rodkin, Idle Thumbs Podcast 309 "I guess for each map what you'd ideally do is have a cutscene for any given different [player character]." - Chris Remo, As Above I know you developers have balance issues and bugs to work on already done an awesome job but please take these suggestions into consideration. I haven't played the game but [I plan on buying so] I follow and watch it online, and I think these offhand ideas have the potential to expand on what you've created exponentially. Imagine the ultimate slasher flick simulator. Since players know one of them will become the killer they would want to stay away from each other and make some kind of preparations (escapes, traps, etc.), but if you double down on the fact players are playing as teenagers and introduce a few mechanics* that either encourage or force them to interact with each other for some period of time, then you can keep the core gameplay you've created, which people love, and also add another element to keep it fresh. You devs brought the Friday the 13th franchise to life and people like me (who love F13, grew up with video games, and needed a successor to the '89 Atlus game) appreciate what you've done, but please don't ever feel like you have to toe the line with this game. What we think of as multiplayer asymmetrical games right now do not have a true boundary†. * E.g. Maybe compatible characters can get intimate in degrees (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Base) and the farther they go the higher the chance one of them becomes Jason but if they don't get the roll then they gain some kind of buff like higher stamina or stun chance, etc. Maybe characters can get drunk or high together and one of them has a chance of getting so wasted they walk off and pass out somewhere then Jason can't find them during the round until a certain amount of time, or random number of other characters get killed. † Eventually, with sufficient technology, we could end up playing a giant monster movie simulator (Godzilla/King Kong) with dozens of players scrambling to survive and attempting to coordinate an attack in a sprawling map that can become a destroyed wasteland. /dreams
  7. Before I give out my suggestions for ONLY Single Player......I already searched the forum and there is no real discussion about this other than "Updates" for/about so here is my suggestions...... Weapon Switchability: We know for Online its not possible but why not for Single player only? something unique to one mode but not the other? Part 9 Body Switch: We know in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday we know jason has this power so why not in the game? Trap Selections: Giving jason the ability to switch up his traps? like snares? nooses? and other such traps to give us more feel for jason as a killer who knows the woods. Is anyone has any suggestions for single player?
  8. There have been a lot of people discussing Part VII Jason because he does tend to stand out as lackluster in terms of performance compared to other Jason's presented. As a very iconic looking Jason and the only current option using the sacred machete, I decided to pitch some ideas to improve this option and hear feedback from the community. Also, hopefully the Devs will notice and consider some minor changes to make Part VII less of a throwaway. Current Strengths: +Water Speed + Sense + Grip Strength Current Weaknesses: - Can't run - Shift - Traps Proposed alterations: + Sense (This is a good positive and I think it should remain.) + Rage (Drop water speed and give this Jason a unique bonus - Rage. Part VII's Rage will charge faster, getting it soon after Stalk) + Stalk (Part VII could very well be tailor as a "late game" Jason. Not so great at the start, but gets absolutely deadly in the later stages of the match. The bonus to Rage would emphasize this) - Can't run - Traps - Morph ( I can see taking a penalty to morph, but I think this Jason should at least have normal Shift. He needs something to allow him to hold out until mid-game when he starts to excel. Thoughts?
  9. I would like to have something else to do after you die and are waiting for the game to end. I love watching the rest of the game progress but it would be nice if I could roll perks or check on badge progress while I'm waiting.
  10. I love this game, and i dont mind waiting for the next round to collect my experience. So here is a list of things that would be great to let players do when they are in the death lobby. 1. Allow players to play with their customizations, roll perks, assign perks and just do general management. 2. Allow players to set their character choice for the next round. 3.Allow players to rotate camp camera, and or see a mini map to not just know where the cameras are but the action. 4.Allow players to see the progress of the objectives. 5.Allow players to see a map even with all active players including jason. 6.have a dynamic camera that passively switches to action. Repairs, calls, chases and it will rotate toward the jason. And make a show of the tension in the match. And not just see a 1st person mode of the inside of the commode 7.hell, let players spectate jason. With the chances being rare to be chosen to be jason, understanding his mechanics and spectating his view lets players passively learn mechanics. 8.have a glossary of in game items, stats, or functions. Sort of likethe how to play but a bit morein depth. I swear most people dont know you can use a flare gun for somethin other than shooting jason. note. Any functions that could be abused by a jason in a party with other players could be disabled if the game detects the player in a party.
  11. Can we have walking not be pointless? It's the same speed as crouching and it makes more noise than crouching. It would be nice if walking isn't painful to do so that we can utilize it in buildings without having to spend 5 minutes walking in the house. Please make walking faster. Second, the sound effect for closets are too loud when entering them. They need to be quieter so they can be entered reactivilely and not ONLY proactively.
  12. So i have played this alot the last weeks and have discussed with some friends about content that we want for this game so i will make a list of what we have talked about. 1. Some coffee thermos or an energy drink or something that you could drink to regain some stamina like the health spray works to heal youself. 2. A joint or something that you could smoke to make the fear go away or maybe some pills or something. 3. More melee weapons like hatchet, golf club, kitchen knife and shovel. 4. A harpoon gun that should work like the shotgun. 5. More counselors like Cort from part 6 and the stoners from part 3. We really need a stoner character! 6. If there will be a new map i want an RV like the one Cort is driving in part 6 instead of two cars or one car and a boat and i want the RV to work as a small cabin so everyone can get inside instead of seats but it should be harder to start the RV like for example you should need 1 battery, 1 gas, 2 tires and a key. If Jason stops the RV he can just break the door and go inside it and start slashing! Or a school bus with more seats. 7. There is alot of people whining over that they can't get Savini Jason and won't accept that it's an exclusive skin for the backers. I did not back the project and i like that it's exclusive for the backers because they earned it. My suggestion to at least try to stop people from whining so much would be to make a 2009 reboot Jason for everyone and he should have a regular pitchfork as a weapon so you can use the same motion capture, executions and abilities as the Savini Jason. 8. When the Police arrives one dead or escaped player should return as Sheriff Michael Garris from part 6 with a shotgun aswell but he shouldn't be able to escape to the police unless everyone else has escaped before him or died.
  13. I absolutely love friday the 13th and enjoy playing as the counselors and Jason, but there's one problem, the hosts. When I'm playing as a counselor and fight Jason, call the cops, and call tommy Jarvis, I don't want the host to rage quit before I get my xp. I would have done all of that for nothing. That's why I think we need host migration so the host doesn't ruin the game for the rest of the players just because Jason killed him. Thank you for reading this, I really hope you guys add this into our game. Goodbye.
  14. hello i want to start by saying well done on a great game big fan of friday the 13th movies and a big fan of the game, i was thinking of way to make the game better and here are some of my ideas: more way to kill jason you could do part 6 way to kill jason by using the boat with Tommy and finding a chain somewhere on the map and a rock could be near the boat and that could have it in a way of jason grab escape thing if jason wins he get a one hit kill but if Tommy wins then he put jason to the bottom on the lake, next can use the part 9 movie way to send jason back to hell could have it that only a female character can use the dagger that can be found somewhere on the map and have the same set up as using jason mother sweater where it stun jason then use the dagger on him. next could do part 8 way to kill jason if you do a map for Manhattan sewers could kill jason by first throwing toxic waste at jason and then like calling the police you use a control panel with a count down till the sewers get flooded with toxic waste. for the jason kills i would say use a random feature so you can't kill jason all the time. next here a idea some player use the psn party group to find player and kill them faster way not have it that if your using the psn party chat you only can do a private match as then if they try to cheat they can only do it to them self. i would like to see for dlc maybe jason skins i.e: jason x skins both human and his machine look, more maps would be nice maybe the manhattan sewer and more kills for jason to do, i hope you find this helpful and i am always happy to give any help and ideas your big fan brian ribbon
  15. Rage quitting as host should be met with a match making ban of at least 15 mins. This game asks people to stay through matches after dying. No problem with that but if a host gets impatient the entire room shouldn't lose all their xp. Sorry but having a great run and dying then waiting 10 mins for the game to end only to lose my xp because a host rudely leaves is extremely frustrating.
  16. So, how to fix councilors that hide for the whole game like chicken cheaters, LOL. How about having a “Panic” meter that counts down while hiding. The longer you hide the more panicked you get until your “flight” response kicks in and you jump out of hiding and you can’t hide again until the meter fills up. just my $.02 ...
  17. Hey guiss just a fast idea for the counselors maby ther can be a buton to wisper and you have less chance that jason hears you but other counselors cant hear you from a far distance
  18. Hey there everyone, been on the steam discussions and came up with two ideas that might help improve the game. They are pretty raw and perhaps not that well thought out but still here we go... 1 - Usable canoes and oars that can be used on the canoes or weapons. Have usable canoes spawnable in matches. with the oars have them needed to use the canoes but also can be used as a weapon against Jason. I am thinking of them having good range with okay stun power but they break in like one hit thus making them useless for escape so that gives the players a dilemma, either use the oar to fight off a chasing Jason or protect it to use on the canoe. The canoes can be used by one person or two people. if one person is in the boat the speed of said boat is super slow but if two people are in it then the speed is double that. Also the speed could be variable like walking/jogging vs running but just like with running rowing quickly speeds you up but also drains stamina. Even if there are two people in the canoe rowing quickly though they are still considerably slower than the motor boat. True adding canoes would add more opportunities to escape but even if multiple canoes were in the water going for an escape but with their decreased speed and an attentive Jason with his increased speed could easily catch them. So how would Jason know that people are escaping via canoe? well having an moving icon on the map would be too easy for Jason so I am thinking while they are on the shore they show up on his map but once they are on the water those icons disappear. That will clue him in on it while not spoiling their exact location. Once he is in the water though his ability to sense them is tied to the speed they are rowing and their fear level. If they are rowing slow and Jason is outside their area then they can be invisible to him but if he gets close enough to raise their fear or if they are rowing fast (making louder splashing noises) then that will let him find them easier. 2 - An honors system and lobby kick function for hardcore teamkillers Now this one might be pretty controversial. To me there is a difference between normal game friendly (and lore friendly) griefing and straight up trolls. Like take for instance if two players are being chased by Jason and knowing that one or the other he will catch one player hits and wounds the other, thus ensuring the slower person will probably be the victim while he hopefully escapes. Another one is the sort of player that will take a newly fixed car and just drives off leaving everyone else in the dust. Both of these leaves a chance of survival, the injured player could get mercy from Jason or use a knife or fireworks to elude him long enough to heal, if the griefer takes the car then there is still a chance to escape via other means. In both cases that players behavior is lore friendly cause in 80s slashers there is always that slimy character who would push his mother out in front of Jason if that gives him a chance to escape. Then there are sadly those that either with Jason or with another counselor kills every other counselor in the match before leaving the map themselves. While the former can happen in game and not necessarily ruin the game for everyone else this group can and does ruin the enjoyment of the match for the rest of the group. its the idea of the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, the larger group wanting a fun match is more important than the one or two people that are in it "for the lulz". While the former group still allows for enjoyment of most of the others in the match this group sacrifices the enjoyment of everyone for their singular enjoyment. So how could this be curbed? I think that if there is a way for them to track stats then have a system in place to track the amount of team kills in a match, if player X reaches a certain amount of team kills in proportion to the matches they have been in in lets just say one week he or she is temporarily labeled a potential troll. The level should be high enough to excuse those who accidentally team kill or those who occasionally do it but low enough that habitual trolls are flagged. once a player is flagged his or her name will have a notation next to it for that period that says "USERNAME (is a dead f***)", a nice little nod to crispen glover in F13th Part 4. Then when a user like that enters a lobby for a match others in the lobby can vote to kick the user from the lobby or not, if a certain percentage of players don't want a big time troll in their match then out he or she goes from that match. Heck I wouldn't even mind that there be an option for those trolls to be able to choose an option to where if they are having a hard time getting into a match while flagged he or she can choose to go to a flagged lobby just for the trolls so they can play with other players like them. That way they still will be able to play and have their fun but also ensures that the worst of them don't have a chance to make matches for normal users miserable. As I said this could be temporary though so that if the player decides to get some more matches under his or her belt to lower that match to team kill ratio below the limit he or she is no longer flagged and can then go back into normal matches without the others having the option to kick him or her. Thanks for reading and feel free to point out where you might agree or disagree with my ideas.
  19. Just a few opinions from my time in the game. It may sound like a Jason love fest, but some of these address counselors able to fearlessly walk around Jason. - Have counselors perform a simple action correctly for a pocket knife to work. Insta activation seems a bit odd - Have a Jason counter to firecrackers and/or have it effect counselors as well - Throwing knives to the legs instantly wound/slow - Improve lock-on. It's difficult when there are multiple people in the same area - Remove counselor lock-on to other counselors - Add vote kick - Ability to break in-game props, such as tables
  20. Friday the 13th the Game, letter to the makers. I will simply skip the part about the problems of the game, you guys know them, it’s all over the place, but I believe that in due time everything is going to get sorted out and the game is going to grow better from all this. Why do I believe it? Because you guys must be the biggest fans of your game, and it shows. After playing “a lot” to be honest, yes… I’m amongst the lucky ones with enough friends that bought the game to play full privates without looking around too much… You know… as an 80’s kid, it also helped having friends with the same “hype” for the franchise. After playing so much, I was compelled to re-watch the movies, something I haven’t done in about 20 years. After watching Part 3, I just couldn’t believe how much of the essence of the original products you guys could replicate in this game and this is no small feat… It made playing the game even better since now all I’m looking for, is how much of the movies was put into the game. Compare about ANY games ever made based on Movies or hell… any game based of something else that isn’t an “Original” product of its own, they almost always fail to capture the essence of what they’re based upon. And most of the time they just want to ride on the money the “franchise” will bring them, I never felt that way with this game and it makes dealing with the problems more “reasonable” I guess… I would also like to say, I was not a backer for this game and to be 100% honest I didn’t even know it was a “thing” before it showed up on the PS store, I bought the game, I couldn’t get into a Quick Match, I did some research online, my friends did some too, we tried private match, we were sold to the concept, but not blinded by it. This game has the potential to become the best “Friday the 13th experience” but its not quite there yet, and I think this is why there is so much of an uproar about the game at the moment. All-in-All, my friends and I, are really enjoying the game, and all we wish is that everything gets fixed and sorted out to the point that finally more can be added and built upon so the game can live on for as long as the franchise… While playing, of course we are coming up with ideas like: “What would be good additions to the game?” “What would we like to see added to the game?” “What would respect the essence of the franchise?” “What would really make for better game play mechanics?” We have no pretension in thinking that our ideas would make things better or that they are better than others, we are just big fans of the franchise & love the game, so we thought that sharing some ideas and maybe a little constructive criticism could be nice. Suggestions: Jason could pick up corpses & do various stuff with it. He could drop them where he wants to induce fear. He could throw them inside windows to break them & induce fear. He could throw them at other counselors “over a short distance” to make them trip. Nail corpses to window & Door frames to stall/trap counselors & Raise fear levels. Context Kill Re-Work/Additions. The window context kill is a bit lame and not gory enough, I would rework the whole mechanics of the windows context kill on Jason’s side. As stated above, windows could be broken by throwing corpse through them. If window is Broken, Head could be smashed in broken window borders. If window is on Second Floor, Counselor dies from floor impact, but add flare to the landing, something like the counselor body crashing head first and bending legs over head snapping the spine. If window is not broken Jason simply throws the counselor through it Dealing damages to the counselor, if that damage would kill a counselor so be it if not let him run. To make Jason’s Grasp less of a sure shot, make the Composure stat more relevant and give a better window for Context kills: Make it a power struggle between Jason & the Counselor instead of Jason having to press 1 button to enter the kill animation. Example: Once Jason Grabs a counselor they each get to spam “X” Button to win the struggle. If the counselor wins he escape, if Jason wins he gets “X seconds… let’s say 5” window to do whatever he please with the Counselor. Trap Mechanics Re-Work/Additions. Jason could “re-arm” traps but not pick them back. Jason could pick up traps that haven’t been “triggered” or “re-armed”. Sometimes misplacing traps sucks since you only have 5 and once used they are wasted. Lose your virginity to taunt Jason. If 2 players enter the same bed or same tent, “they lose their virginity” we all know that means certain death. Both players are always shown on the map for Jason, this would introduce a new mechanic, will Jason Kill them right away, or keep them for last since they can’t hide? Taunt/Bait. Only 2 player can do this once per match, giving them some XP 50-100, for their sacrifice. I'll admit this one is funnier than good, but could still find its place some how, if more ideas are put into it. Bath Tubs. Hide inside bath tubs &/or close the Shower Curtain, it would make for another place to hide &/or another place to fool Jason into looking for hidden counselors. Add a “context kill” for catching a counselor hiding inside it. Turn the shower on to make some noise, but covering less distance than a radio. Or simply show the Cabin in Red like there was someone inside. Medium. A Character or Point of interest in each map, where we could hear the dead speaking. Could help locate items lost by the dead, and make the game less dull for them. It could also help having "something" to do while dead. Maybe hear the dead while in the cemetery Or when inside Jason's Shack, The shrine to his mother looks like a decent place for seance with the spirits of the dead. For the dead. Able to see the map, objective list, and corpses with names on the map. Something to do. Movable Camp Site cameras even if only by a few degree. Better Barricades. Have some furniture movable in front of some doors. Small Item -> Nail Gun, could be used like the pocket knife to escape Jason once &/or upgrade barricades if you have a plank in hand. Giving 1 or 2 more hits to a barricaded door &/or making the “Rage mode” Animation different &/or Longer even if only by 0.25 - 0.5 Seconds. More freedom of action with some game items. For more randomness and creativity. One of the first thing we tried with the gas for the car? Shoot a flare at it… Shot a throwing knife at a Counselor trap to disarm it... Shot a throwing knife at the tires to make the car harder to drive… Shot a throwing knife at the Counselor inside a fleeing car… More Item Variation. I don’t mean finding more, just “not always the same item” with the same effect. Pocket knife -> Ice pick -> Screw Driver -> Bowie Knife -> Kitchen Knife. Shotgun -> Bow & Arrow -> Crossbow -> Magnum. This would allow different Item spawn location like: Can’t find a pocket knife, go look in a kitchen or in the barn for a Knife or a screwdriver maybe you’ll have more luck. Can’t find a shotgun? Keep looking maybe there is a magnum in a drawer. Or a bow/Crossbow at the shooting range. Flare Guns could be able to spawn inside drawers, instead of all over the place, Would make for less empty drawer. Car keys, am I the only one wondering why they are in drawers when Key holders are near almost every door in almost every cabins? TL;DR: Keep up the good work and add more good stuff in the long run. Update:(07/06/2017, matchmaking problems has been solved for me with the PS4 1.04 patch, matchmaking are now less than 1 minute for me since then.)
  21. Despite the server issues, I'm been having a good time with the game. While the game is fun to play, here are a few observations on my part that I feel could make the game better: 1) Morph feels overpowered. Being able to instantly teleport literally anywhere in the game, anytime you want, is a little immersion breaking. It seems like Morph and Shift are practically interchangeable, when they should serve two similar, but distinctive purposes. Two examples: I'm running away from Jason, and he suddenly appears right in front of me, grabs me and kills me. No chance for me to react. The other instance when I'm actually trying to fight Jason, and he just disappears right when I'm in mid swing. Sorry, but to me that feels cheap. Morph should be used to rapidly cover large areas of map or to strategically place yourself to execute an ambush, not to actively peruse councilors. That should be what Shift is for. In my opinion, Morph should be one of those mysterious powers that Jason has that shouldn't be directly observed by anyone. Too many times I've seen Jason vanish into thin air; the way it's implemented in the game makes it look like some kind of glitch. My suggestions to balance out (or "nerf", depending on your viewpoint) are as follows: a ) Only allow Morph to be used when Jason is not in the direct line of sight of councilors. This applies for both initiating the power, as well as where you want to end up. b ) Create some kind of "mist" or "fog" around Jason when he uses the Morph power, so it appears like he's walking in/out of some mysterious fog when he uses the power. It would certainly look better than just blipping in/out of existence. c) Increase the cooldown period between uses. Also, make Jason take second to walk into the fog, and one second to walk out of it on the other end. This would give councilors just enough reaction time to make a split second decision on what to do next. 2) Allow players to attack Jason when he has a chokehold on other players. Other councilors should be able to disrupt Jason's chokehold if they attack him from behind. I think this would actually encourage players to stick together and work as a team. As it stands right now, if Jason grabs one of your friends, there is literally nothing you can do about it. At least give us the option to gang up on Jason if we want to. 3) Allow moveable furniture. It's easy to just run around a table or other object to escape Jason. Not only is it annoying, but it's just silly looking. Jason should be able to either break furniture, or toss it aside. Councilors should be able to drag furniture around, so they can barricade cabin doors or create additional layers of protection in case a door is already broken down. The effectiveness of the drag mechanic can be based on the strength of the councilor, so a weak councilor may not be able to move a heavy dresser, but a stronger one can. 4) Tommy Jarvis should have more ammo. Tommy should be a special character, with at least some minor, enhanced abilities. He's faced Jason before, so why wouldn't he be more prepared when called upon to fight? Give him at least a handful of shotgun shells, at least. Make it feel like he is a unique character, instead of just a second chance.
  22. I've been playing on and off when I can, and also checked on the forums, and haven't seen these things suggested, so apologies if they're already here somewhere. I had a few suggestions regarding spectating. 1. Still be able to view the map/status menu while spectating. 2. Be able to cycle through other players dead bodies, not just your own. 3. Be able to pan the fixed camp cameras 90° or so. Also, not related to spectating, it would be good to have fear and health meters, because I like meters.
  23. -jason should be able to stop the car if it's going backwards since he's able to do it when its moving forward, he should be able to do it when the car moves backwards as well. I've seen this abused plenty of times in game where players drive backwards while jason is after them and he isn't able to do anything to stop them. -still gain exp after leaving game early some people will disagree with me, but I think we should be able to get exp for leaving the game early. Spectating the game after dying isn't very fun a lot of the time. Plus if you die early on sitting through the game to get exp isn't really worth it. I've noticed in the steam reviews a lot of people dislike being forced to watch the whole game as well. a penalty for leaving would be fine with me (half the exp you would get if you stayed or something like that), i just really would like not being forced to stay in the game doing nothing for 15 minutes. -spectating jason I can understand why not being able to spectate him is a good thing and how it could be abused, but I'd still like to be able to spectate jason after death because watching the counselors is really boring unless jason is chasing them.
  24. I figure it's best suited for them to be able to see a compiled list of everyone's suggestions, including my own and friends from 10 or so hours of play. So if you want to add your suggestion, and it's not already in the OP, just put it in this thread and I'll add it. Suggestions from the Community: 1. Private Game options/settings customization. Include adjustable stats for Jason and the players, abilities on or off, match time limits, victory conditions on or off, perks on or off, adjustable handicaps, so on and so forth. Let us create our own custom experience in Private matches. 2. Improve hiding/stealth, and enable more ways to avoid "Sense", such as crouching and stealth being overall more useful, therefor allowing the player to avoid continuous encounters with Jason if you manage to get away. 3. Camera work needs improving, too wonky/finicky, indoors especially. 4. Too easy for Jason to catch up to you using Teleport and Shift, perhaps increase cool down, and with the right hide mechanics could help balance it. 5. Jason's kill prompts come up too quickly/easily, perhaps a quicktime prompt battle between Jason and the Counselor trying to break free to decide if the Counselor gets free or if Jason kills them? 6. Visual indicator on who is talking. 7. Stamina is currently the most useful skill in the game by far, it's essentially your life meter, so perhaps a retooling of character speeds and making the other skills more prominent? 8. Avoid possible scenarios where a Counselor can simply circle a car to avoid Jason. 9. Calling the Police is arguably easier than getting the car parts, so perhaps some retooling and balancing on victory conditions and how they are obtained? Have the Police as NPCs at the exit, where Jason can take the time to kill them, thus making it a gamble of time spent for both sides? 10. Vote to kick feature(excluding Jason), to eliminate potential trolling and griefing. 11. Add Tutorials for different aspects of the game that aren't as obvious. 12. Remove or change the VHS static/distortion effect from Shift to something that doesn't hinder the Counselor's as much, when they are already greatly struggling. 13. Bots fill empty slots, at least in Private Games with friends. This will enable a more balanced play where you don't need 8 people to truly stand a chance. 14. Possible alternative win condition option for the last Counselor alive, a boat escape, taking down Jason, have this be where the Police come in, or something else entirely? 15. No friendly fire option, at least in Private Games. 16. Each Counselor can only be selected by 1 person (possible alternate mode). 17. Add text chat to the game, as not everyone has a mic, and a good chunk who do will likely use other programs to speak outside of the game with friends. 18. Allow the map to be opened while moving, or possibly implement a double tap of a button to enlarge the mini-map for better mobility and navigation while on the run.