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Found 48 results

  1. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on Steam. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Hi, my name is Clain. I was wondering is there a possibility to get the game on steam? Since i already purchased it on ps4? I wanted to switch, due to the fact the updates were much quicker, and the community seemed much better. I really enjoy this wonderful and well thought out game.. and wanted to continue loving it for a long time. I have never been banned and i was a high level, around 75? I believe. Thank you, your feed back is much appreciated.
  3. I wish when i play killer more players would atleast to 1v1 me i can grab kill and run u down but sometimes i just want to tryout my 1v1 skills
  4. Microsoft is really pushing for cross-play between both consoles and PC. If Crossplay became a thing, would it work for F13? How could it help and how could it hinder the experience?
  5. I just got f13 and i pretty much cant do shit because quick play wont load so i decided to play private but i need more friends so here's my steam pls send a friend reques and i'll invite you to the lobby:
  6. I just got f13 and i pretty much cant do shit because quick play wont load so i decided to play private but i need more friends so here's my steam pls send a friend reques and i'll invite you to the lobby:
  7. Hello! Just an 80s child, grew up on this stuff - thanks to great older brothers who let/made me watch... I must be living under a rock, had no idea this was being made or existed - glad I found it!
  8. Nice to meet you campers. I'm new to the forums but I've been playing some time. Casual player here on steam. Sometimes a snitch since I hate glitchers. I'm in Europe and I like making gaming vids... and failing at it. Take care of me
  9. Sup yo's nice to make ur accuantance The names K rock long time horror and game fan. Got the game day one been wishing for a game like this for a long time and I'm not disappointed I love horror and have a basement full of memorbilia . Favorite franchises are 1.Friday the 13th 2. Texas chainsaw 3. Halloween 4. Nightmare on elm I'm Canadian and I play on steam 420 Look forward to shootin the shit with y'all
  10. I don't know if this has been resolved, or even suggested before on this board, (if so I am sorry) but I do have to ask: Can the voice chat be worked on for this game on PC? What I mean is that when I have my mic headset on, and my audio settings for Mic Headset as 'Default Communication Device' and my stereo as 'Default Device', all the voice chat goes into the stereo (instead of the headset I mentioned). The only way I resolved this myself is by having my mic headset set as 'Default Device' and lower the music and sounds from the in-game audio, and turn up the voice chat all the way to 100%. I wish I don't have to do this, only because I am more used to voice chat being heard in a headset, instead of the stereo of the computer or from my TV. It's what I'm more used to, and I'm sure there are many others who can agree to this. It would be better for this to be fixed, because I would love to listen to the sound effects and music game without it being muffled by voice chat, alas where the headset comes in. If it's possible to fix this, please do so. I would really appreciate it, thank you. If there are any other solutions to this issue, please let me know, because I don't know what to do at this point. Thank you!
  11. So I played with these guys a second time, only this time I became Jason. Had a good fair run with 5 kills and then these 4 decide to mess with me. They take the 4-door and ram it into a 1 door cabin. The cabin in the backside does not have open windows. They decide to sarcastically taunt me and such. This really has put me off the tipping point. I hope these four in the future get punished for this kind of behavior. I didn't record our first game together because I thought these guys were having "light" fun, until they dropped n-bombs over and over again. I decided to stay for the second game with them and of course you know now what happened. To be honest if nothing happens to these four, this is for all the other players on here for PC; AVOID PLAYING WITH THEM. Here is a video of the last few minutes of the game. *NOTE* - This is the second time during the round they did this. THEIR STEAM LINKS: VIDEO -
  12. When I play as Jason and I turn on stalk, it's my sound that gets silenced. Not only that, I can't hear hardly anything the next rounds I play, unless I shut down and restart steam. Anyone else have this bug or glitch?
  13. So I was Jason (Part 8) and there were 4 players surrounding the phone fuse (2 traps on it). I get stunned, one goes in, one decides to crouch and block the fuse box when the police call was halfway done. This was demoralizing, and really they taunted me after game not calling it an exploit as well. If you guys confirmed it isn't, then it is for sure the cheapest, cheating tactic I have ever seen. Video:
  14. Some bugs report: - I have experienced various freezing/crashes just after Jason´s Morph. One time per day, at least. - Sometimes I start the game as a counselor and try to open the map (I have map perk) and the game freezes / crash. - When I am starting the car, if I hit the map button, sometimes the map stay fixed on the screen and I cant drive. - When I was Jason, I grabed a guy and all my executions was blocked... I was walking with the guy for about a minute until the executions turned on again. - There are various problems with turning on and turning off Jason´s skills and Jason´s map in sequence... This actions seems to be triggering bugs. One time my Shift becomes blocked half of the match. PC - Windows - Steam
  15. So I have a curious issue. While I'm getting badges, I'm not getting any of the stand alone achievements. I can get the accumulative achievements ("Do x 13 times") and it will keep tally and unlock, but the achievements that require a single action refuse t pop for me. IE: Be a counselor for a match, be jason for a match, get 1 kill, get killed, use the fireplace kill, use the door slam kill, finding the teddy bear, and so on. I'd really like this fixed so that when I perform the much more complex kills/activities, I can actually get them to pop up.
  16. Just a friendly reminder that we have an established Steam community if you're looking for fellow legitimate players. It currently sits at 51 members. Standard etiquette is basically just invite people you see playing if you want to start a lobby, or send out some messages and see if there is any room in a current one. People may be in the middle of a match or AFK, so don't get frustrated or take it personally if you don't get a response right away
  17. Thank you for the security patch that helped with a lot of issues. However, your 40 dollar game still hasn't registered that I've ever been killed by Jason! (The achievement hasn't been earned). I haven't been recognized for killing a counselor. I haven't been recognized for playing as Jason in a multiplayer match. I haven't been recognized for getting the sleeping bag kill. Why are achievements of all things so broken? Please fix. Thanks.
  18. I am trying to figure out how to do something with Steam's In-Home Streaming. I have Friday installed on my desktop PC. I stream it to my laptop. Push to talk does not work using this method, so I'm trying to figure out a way to make it work. I thought maybe I could set up Discord on my laptop with the "T" push to talk hotkey and then have Discord running on my desktop as another user in the same channel. My voice does output in Discord on my desktop doing it this way. I have it set up so that my speaker output feeds directly to the line in input on the sound card. This does work - I've recorded some stuff this way. The trick is how to get it to pipe into the Friday game when I hit "T". It doesn't seem to work and I can't figure out why. Does anybody have any ideas -- or other suggestions to make this work?? Thanks
  19. Steam User: juan0tron On the latest patch as of 6/1, 6:45PM EST. Achievements: I've been having trouble unlocking most Steam achievements in the game since launch. My only achievements are: - Super Fan (I still don't have all counselors unlocked) - My Lucky Number At this point, I'm assuming I'm unable to meet the requirements for achievements like "Play as X character once" and "Get one kill" because I have already done these things more than once. I've also met the requirement for the "Teddy Protector" achievement multiple times now with no luck. Badges: - Badges like "barricade a door" seem to be only counting once per match, instead of per door (possibly by design). - Regardless of progress, some incomplete badges appear colored in while some do not.
  20. Hello Gun. I thoroughly enjoy your game, however basic achievements like: - Killing a Counselor - Playing a Multiplayer Match as a Counselor - Playing a Multiplayer Match as Jason - Play as all 10 counselors - Play as all 6 Jasons These achievements are not registering after completing them on Steam. Please fix this. Thanks.
  21. So at first the steam achievements weren't working at all on launch, badges as well. But now I'm starting to get them. Problem is, I have a few achievements except for the easiest ones, which are play as a counselor and Jason. Which I've obviously done since I have other achievements that require me to play multiple times. Anybody else have a similar problem?
  22. When ever i try to launch the game on steam, the window with the green bar pops up and finishes but, after the game syncs and just ends. I have tried validating the files and it says that one file is missing and is re-added however the game is still not launching, only the green bar menu and after that nothing happens. I uninstalled then reinstalled the game but again it remains to do the exact same thing. I have tried downloading files again and nothing has worked thus far. No error message or anything, not even the file that apparently is missing doesn't show itself. I posted on the steam page and apparently others are suffering this issue as well. I have run out of ideas at this point and just simply want to play the game. I hope there is some sort of fix to this problem. Anyways great game from what I've played so far just wanting to re-join the action. Kind regards, Nun
  23. This game was gifted to me on steam, When I try to launch it just takes me to the steam store. I have verified cache files as well. Reinstalled and restarted, checked for updates e.t.c. Please help. Thank you!
  24. I let a bunch of poor souls perish because I wanted the "Chad is a Dick" achievement, so I left in the 4 seater without them. Also, I have achievements I didn't really earn, and don't have some I should have got at the start like "First Blood".
  25. I'm playing the game on Steam (username SPKx) and I noticed that there are some bugs involving the awarding of achievements. Achievements I Did Not Get (But Should Have) It's Friday the 13th First Blood He's Back Achievements That Were Awarded Too Soon Super Fan The general pattern here is that I am not getting achievements for the first time something happens. However, the game still keeps track of the progress of the other achievements. Here is a link to my achievement page: