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Found 1 result

  1. In light of the new change making it so Jason cannot stack traps close to each other, I've been wondering for some time now about how this shakes up the meta regarding Jason's traps. As it currently stands, the objectives can be taken down quicker when groups of counselors can coordinate with each other; this has fired up a storm of confusion as well as protests. What I believe is the developers wanted Jason players to become more creative with ensnaring their prey rather than stacking them to prevent certain objectives from never seeing completion. I also believe this game can very well be made so Jason can use his traps sparingly to watch over objectives, yet at the same time have enough to play mind games with the counselors like the traps were likely intended for. The trick is I have several different proposals, so I decided to create for myself a thread that combines the different ideas I've come up with rather than spread them across multiple threads. My proposals will follow this guideline I've set for myself: Try to minimalize the content that would need to be added. Clear counterplay for both sides of the coin (Jason and the counselors). Encourage teamwork from all aspects. So...I'll have my first proposal up in a bit. For those who care to read this far, I thank you for your time, and I hope my ideas can somehow make an impact on the game for the better. Edit: For future references, I'll post a list in order of what the proposals are: Additional security to the phone box that utilizes a pocket knife as well as a Strength QTE. Filling Gas uses strength for its QTE, not repair. Rework involving fill gas cans at a gas station. Varying changes to cars. Rework of the police objective. Phone location is no longer near another objective. Location is still random other than a car/boat will not be nearby.