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Found 4 results

  1. So Cinemasins finally started to make Everything wrongs videos on the F13 franchise.
  2. In this thread I will be giving my thoughts on every F13 starting at Part 2 as I watch them. (Might go back to the original 1980 version). So far only planning on reviewing 1-8, but if people like these reviews I will consider JGTH,X,JVF, and the Reboot I will not give a numbered rating such as scale from 1 to 10 as I personally believe that is a highly inaccurate way of rating and reviewing a film. I will give my thought on how much I like the Jason, the characters, the final girl, and of course the movie as a whole. So if you want to follow my journey watching and reviewing each movie follow this thread. At the end I will rank the movies from what worst to best imo and rank the final girls the same way Feel free to comment on my "reviews" or ask any questions
  3. Okay. So i'm gonna address the elephant in the room. Reviewers hate this game apparently. And i'm not gonna knock and talk down on them, but from the reviews i've read they seem to have no idea what they're talking about. Most are complaining about Jason being OP and how we should be able to kill him easier. Or how easy it is for Jason to kill you if he gets his hands on you. And i mean thats kinda the point, right? Chad face proved to be very damaging for reviews as well. Although i think people were a little too hard on it. I mean its a fucking face. Plenty of bugs, glitches and server issues (server probably being the worst on reviews). But are we and the reviewers even playing the same game? They seemed to have skipped over all the fun bits or intentionally only saw the bad. Sure you can nit pick like me. I'd like to see a lot of shit fixed, and it needs to be. But it seems they've never been in a good game. Additional note: I don't know how people say its not scary. Every time Jason walks through a door or wall i shit my pants.
  4. Yes! I'm not sure how many people here know Angryjoe but he is by far my most favorite video game reviewer out there. He's super realistic, he's fair, and credible. He said he will be reviewing F13 and I am so hype. He has a big following and man, if he reviews this game well it's going to help it even more. It's an accomplishment for this game to be reviewed by him, imo. I'm excited to see what he says.