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Found 147 results

  1. playstation 4

    Sup Campers!!! Im basically looking for more friends in the forums community here who want to friend an lobby up from time to time. Im a pretty decent Jason. I can grab on the fly! I'm an amazing counsellor that's usually pretty tricky and hard to catch unless your good like this guy I will add you, you add me and everyone is happy happy happy!
  2. Hello all. Been coming here for a while before release, but only recently attempted to join (just couldn't register.) Hope to see some of you guys & gals online or around these parts. If you'd like to add me on PS4 send a FR to RustInPeace13. (Just let me know you are from the forums. I tend to not add random requests if I don't recognize the name.)
  3. How cool is this? I'm on PS4 sadly- if you're on Xbox you need to add him and get in a round with him. If you do, let us know how it went.
  4. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on PlayStation 4. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  5. My patience is at an end. Beyond the fact that the majority of matchmaking ends with "Connection to host lost!" more than half of all games I get to play as Jason end in the host rage-quitting and about the same for counselor matches, as soon as the host dies, they rage-quit. And this has become even worse with the influx of new players. If Gun or Illfonics is unwilling or unable to rectify this in an upcoming patch I plan on filing a dispute with my credit card company, and not just for the game, but the $220 worth I spent on Backerkit for items I've yet to receive, and I would suggest others do the same. The game is broken. If it can't be fixed, I'm not paying for it. And I don't want to hear "Host your own lobby, then!", that is NOT the answer. If a person wants to play a round as Jason in their OWN LOBBY you're waiting a dozen matches minimum, considering the "random" choosing of Jason favors only those joining the lobby LAST.
  6. So, I've been playing F13 for a few months now and this is starting to annoy me. It takes me around 30 seconds to get into a lobby but then I get an error message saying 'Connection to host lost!'. It really annoys me as I was just playing as Jason, I got disconnected when I was about to kill the final person. It's been going on for a while but I thought it would stop and it really bugs me. I'm playing this on a PS4 just to let you know. Have you experienced this bug as well?
  7. I've been watching some streams of F13 on PC, and the 60fps really makes the game look much better. It's shame we only see half that for consoles. I understand it's for performance reasons, but I honestly would've preferred the 60fps with lower resolution if necessary to balance it out. Smooth, full motion makes the game a lot more immersive and is more important IMO. Anyway my question is - do you guys think this is something we can expect an update for in the future, and more importantly, is it even possible at this stage? I'd really like to think so.
  8. Hey Guys. My game is crashing after im hosting. Everything is fine in the party but after starting the quick match it crashes. It happens also when im creating a private match. 100mbps downl/100mbps upl Is it something that nees to be fixed ingame or does it have another reason? Greets^^
  9. Hey Guys. My game is crashing after im hosting. Everything is fine in the party but after starting the quick match it crashes. It happens also when im creating a private match. 100mbps downl/100mbps upl Is it something that nees to be fixed ingame or does it have another reason? Greets^^
  10. Since the last patch I've been getting a lot of crashes joining games... PS4 Pro here. Specifically, when joining a friend's game session or accepting an invite I'll get a hard crash. It usually happens if I'm in a current game session. I've been submitting reports when it happens, but just thought I'd add it here in case it's happening to anyone else.
  11. So there's this thing with Jason's actions called Stalk. What does it do? All it seems to do is brighten up the screen for a limited amount of time.
  12. i'm going to be running private matches fairly often in the coming weeks which i'll also be streaming for everyone's entertainment. If you are interested in participating in matches where the host doesn't rage quit when they aren't Jason, this is the place. In all the games i've played i've actually only got him once thus far and i've found life still goes on. Hit me up on twitch (follow button optional but always appreciated) and message me in the chat. I'll just keep pulling in whoever wants to join every few matches. I'll try and post a schedule on there as well to help people plan for when i'm online. The goal here is just to have fun and meet some folks to have on my stream for F13 fairly often. Oh and screamers are preferred but all are welcome link is below. look forward to seeing you guys Twitch - TheDonomi
  13. Sorry if this is a repost. Did a search and found nothing about this. The past 2 nights, have been playing on pS4 and have not gained any XP. Had players in the lobby saying the same. Getting CP though.
  14. What the title says. Got into a few matches so far with players joining as a group in public lobby and either helping jason physically (pointing locations out) or jason just outright killing everyone but their friends and letting them escape in car. Below is a list of the players involved, NERF being the jason and the rest counselors. They started the match sitting in a cabin in a group of three an proceeded to wait until jason killed the other 3 counselors (probably by pointing them on the map.) They then built the car, jason stopped it, stood and waiting until tommy (one of the players that died and was not their friend,) jumped out of the car, he slowly walked over and killed him, ignoring the car and letting them escape. Keep in mind, the counselors weren't in a rush, they were sitting there not even restarting the car. This is on PS4 and these are their usernames; [Omitted by Kodiak]
  15. been gaming on ps4 and i have to say i've been having a blast with a bunch of great players (some from these very forums). thanks gun and ill for the recent patches and fixes. i hope to see more optimization and dlc in the near future. i find the community i built for myself out of people i rescued from quickmatches, people i met here and other resources (groups) i used to build an amazing friend list of great players helped me have so much more fun in an already fun game. i have yet to get burnt out yet even with just 3 maps. the skill level of those around me range from good to god tier and keeps me on my toes, amazing teamwork, luck and skill makes playing with these folks a delightful treat. i understand some people here have gripes and woes but i am happy and felt like sharing since there has been nothing but negative posts on here of late. TL;DR i'm having fun playing with fun people.
  16. Hello! As you may know I am Beastmode259 from PS4 I have a few questions that you may be able to answer * Do you regenerate stamina faster standing or crouching? * On weapons what does the attack stat do? * On Jason Part 9, What does "Less Hit Points" mean? * On Jason Part 6 and Part 2 (Besides Block Chance) what does "Defense" do? * Is Tommy Jarvis selected once the game starts or once he is called in? * Is Tommy Jarvis and Jason chosen more towards level instead of full randomization? * Does Tommy Jarvis actually have a 10 or 9 in every area? * The "Luck" stat says it increases weapon durability and minor increases to other stats. What does it really do to other stats? * Do you plan on nerfing any of the Perks, Counselors, or Jason himself? Thanks for your help appreciate it (Also message Beastmode259 to play)
  17. So I've noticed that despite this games faults the biggest thing that ruins the game is trolls and cheaters. I apreciate all the work that has been put into this game and honest even with the goofy glitchest this game is original and awesome.....atleast until people come and ruin it....but I have a solution....Vote kick and or public rooms. Now i realize that this is mainly a console issue as im sure pc has this already via steam. This really doesn't take much explanation if you added a vote kick we could systematic remove these people ruining the game. Also I don't know why games all of a sudden rely on match making...what ever happen to public hosting? Then you could just give the host the power to kick and it's done. This is the most simple and easy way to eliminate these issues with exploiting and people who just want to troll people or team up. Thank you for your hard work.
  18. So, I don't own a Playstation 4 yet, so the only way I can play on the game is at my cousin's house. He's a well known member on here wildthing73 and I was at his house yesterday to play the game. At first I was just connecting to Quick Play matches, which I had no issues connecting to on the newest version of the game... and for the first few games on there I had fun playing with some fairly legit players. But then some of them left and a few more players joined, it turned out they were team killers, so after a couple of games suffering with playing with them... I dropped out and tried to connect with a different group in Quick Play. I found a group of very young kids playing the game and after playing two games with them (one as a counselor and one as Jason), my cousin decided to try and get a private match going. This was where the real fun of the night began, as he connected with a player who is a friend on both of our accounts CowardlyBadger and then he in turn invited a few of his friends and pretty soon we had an almost full group and were playing a few games. During this time I leveled up to 13 and equipped part 2 Jason because I wanted to play with him, and that's when the group asked if we wanted to try a legit Jason kill, everyone agreed and in the first attempt I was Jason. I'm not as good playing this game as my cousin, but I was aware of what the rest were planning with killing me, my cousin warned me not to try grabbing anyone unless they are solo away from the others. I didn't listen the first 2 encounters and tried grabbing and the rest of the group let me have it. So I finally just started swinging my pick axe and killed one of them, but soon after they knocked my mask off. But I was still sure I had a strategy to not allow them to kill me, I ending killing a member of the group that I was able to grab before the rest could save him. Then not long after I killed a third member, I came upon the rest of the group and went to try slash them all. I'm still not very good at following my character with the camera, so I was completely unaware that the girl with the sweater and Tommy were there and didn't even see the girl use the sweater. So, I was hit and fell to my knees and Tommy killed me. Even though I died, it was a thrill playing it and I wasn't even upset and congratulated the group on a job well done. Then we played a few more times trying to kill Jason and me and my cousin were pretty much alternating playing on my account with the group. My cousin changed Jason to part 6, because that is his favorite and we agreed if it was a counselor I'd be playing, if it was Jason he'd play. The group then decided to go for another legit Jason kill attempt, but this time it was my cousin playing as part 6. I'm still amazed at how good he is at this game now, the group gave him some good shots, but they were never able to get his mask off. He ended up thwarting their attempts to kill him and killed all 6 of them. The 2 kills that impressed me most watching him was his first kill, in which he used his sense then shifted into and back member of the group and grabbed him and killed him before the rest of the group even knew he was there. The victim yelled, "Oh man, you and your damned stalk"... but he didn't have stalk activated yet. Then later in the game he did enable stalk after using sense to figure out that everybody was in the main Higgin's Haven house, the back door by where the car was was already broken down, and he walked into the house then enabled stalk and waited in the kitchen watching through the doorway with the fireplace visible. Soon a member of the group went over to the fireplace to pick up a poker to defend himself with, and that's when my cousin shifted right into him and did the fireplace kill on him before anyone even knew he was there. It was awe inspiring and I can't wait to be able to play the game more to get as good as he is as Jason!
  19. For a week now, every time I get to be the host of the game no players are added to the lobby, just my own user profile. I wait a long time and nothing happens, if i quit and start quick play again i can join another users game. This happens every time now.. bit of a drag when you get kicked playing jason and never get to host a game. I am in europe and not sure if other players are experiencing this. Please help Illfonic.
  20. While what gun is doing is a mix bag to people I bring forth the issue that people should know. On PS4 you can make accounts onto your PS4. If someone has a copy of Friday the 13th they can play on that account. So if that account is banned they can always make another and another, this doesn't really stop glitchers on the PS4. This will just continue. I do not know about how Xbox and PC work but I know that the PS4 has this feature. What should be done is a vote to kick option or allow the host to be able to kick these players.
  21. I am sorry but, my friends and I have had enough. We get a group going and want to get a full lobby, if other friends are not available. We play the way the game SHOULD be played, unless we encounter someone glitching. We make it known that anyone glitching, will be dealt with. It's a 50/50 chance. Some are great players wanting to have fun, like us. Then the others want Packanack to show up and there they are...up on the roof. We go after that person. We stop and make sure this person knows not to do it again. Will we get banned for this? We don't care, if you join our group. Play right or get out. We have never had a glitcher come back for another game. They call us all sorts of vulgar names, then leave.
  22. What happened to the Credits page on the Playstation 4? When I chose Credits, all I see is a white page. What is up with that? And there is no music either.
  23. After the NES Jason update on PS4 I've notiticed that I can't watch the credits and listen to "He's Back". The Credits screen is just white with the word Credits at the top left and a Back button and it just continues the regular menu audio. It also looks strange that Tiffany Cox's legs have such dark baked in shading down the insides like she's been riding a horse coated in charcoal dust, unless she has been.
  24. Let me start off by saying I do not work for gun media or any official company dealing with the game Since there has been a new update to the ban of the game reasons I have been in contact with the people behind Friday the 13th and have taken the opportunity to be a reporter of hackers/glitchers I cannot stand more than when I want to enjoy a game and have it ruined by someone who wants to hide under the map. So if anyone reading this is one of those glitchers then be warned. I'd be happy to have games with new players for my ps4 account so if you are interested then post your ps4 name below and I will accept to enjoy a good glitch free game. You glitchers have been warned!
  25. I'd really like either an answer from the Devs or a link to where they may have addressed this directly. A LOT of people talking about this one but so far all I've found is conjecture. So far there have been many throwing in their two cents on why this trophy is (thus far) unobtainable, and I'd really like an answer from the Devs because there's too much misinformation out there. Some say there's an obscure Environmental/Context kill that hasn't been discovered yet, or that there's one that's glitched and yet to be patched. Some say it's related/required as part of the "Torpedo" badge that was fixed in a previous patch. Some people also ran around telling everyone how to get the "Teddy Protector" trophy that was never even achievable on the PS4, many people have been spreading misinformation regarding Pamela Voorhees tapes and many were spreading rumors that Pamela Voorhees was to be a playable character after a recent patch. Like I said, too much conjecture or plain old misinformation out there, I'd like to hear from the Devs themselves about this trophy. I've maxed out almost all my badges and this is one of the last trophies I need to platinum the game.