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Found 179 results

  1. Three times in less an hour, while hosting, blue-screened with error CE-34878-0. This only happens with this fucking game. Game is updated, my system software is updated, and I'm not re-initializing my PS4 for this fucking game. Fix the FUCKING GAME Gun, or Illfonic, or whoever, I'm an RCH away from contacting my credit card company and disputing the entire $220 charge I paid on Backerkit last year.
  2. I love playing Jason and would like to play against an experienced group of counselors. I am pretty good, but i'm looking to up my game. PSN is WoundCowboy
  3. Been trying to join a lobby and last 20 attempts failed
  4. I have just joined a community for the f13 game and when i try to join a player from the community it redirects me to the page to buy the digital version of the game. (I have the physical) Do I have to have the digital version to play with digital players for this game?
  5. Newbie here

    Hello! Love the game! Especially when im in a lobby of other people who love the game and love to have fun! My psn is Cutemisfit. This is also the first forums that I've ever joined.
  6. So I’ve been playing not since day one but through most of the calamities that have plagued this game but have had the time of my gamer life with it all the while. My favorite take away is that this is a game full of tense moments and players that can truly set up a jump scare that brings the game to life
  7. I'm wondering if any backers out there on PS4 have received their copies yet? I'm still waiting on mine and just curious. Also, is there any plans in the works to merge the physical and digital copies for PS4? A friend of mine has a physical copy but cannot play as the bloody versions of Jason on his digital.
  8. I just played one game and after another (5 minutes ago), didn't give me the double XP.
  9. We FINALLY got in to play after the fiasco on PS4 tonight. We got about 10-12 matches in. My wife plays on one PS4 on her own account and I play on mine with my own account. My wife started as level 27 and finished as level 27. Didn’t receive any of her CP or XP. Which is bs... anyone else had that happen tonight? Especially PS4 users?
  10. Hi, my name is Clain. I was wondering is there a possibility to get the game on steam? Since i already purchased it on ps4? I wanted to switch, due to the fact the updates were much quicker, and the community seemed much better. I really enjoy this wonderful and well thought out game.. and wanted to continue loving it for a long time. I have never been banned and i was a high level, around 75? I believe. Thank you, your feed back is much appreciated.
  11. Hello Campers! I'm wondering if any of you have noticed some ps4 Players recently that use Brandon/Adam with special looking outfits? Ive never seen before and i play quite alot. *LvL 81* Brandon counselor being a "LIFEGUARD JUMPSUIT" ADAM "WHITE Sleeves /BLACK Jacket"
  12. Sup all! I've been addicted to Friday the 13th The Game ever since I decided to take a break from Smash Bros 4 on Wii U (Mainly addicted to Street Fighter and older RPGs). Friday the 13th is the first non-fighting game I've played in a while and i'm loving every minute of it. Aside from games, I also enjoy 80's horror films, shonen jump anime, and the usual smut you see on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim! Sadly I've only watched Friday the 13th parts III, VIII, and X in my lifetime, so i'm not super knowledgeable about the movies other than the basics. I only own this game on PS4 and I mainly made this account to read upcoming content updates and report my share of bugs/glitches.. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're seeking a player on Playstation 4 to get some games going with (or Wii U Smash 4...) hashtag #Jennyforlife
  13. I have a question about being a Host in Quickplay. Me and my friends are playing on PS4. There are 5 of us (me and 3 others from Poland and 1 from Germany). We are always playing quickplay to get full room of people. Here's the question. Everytime I get host, there are no players that join my game. I can set there for 20 minutes and nothing. Same for my other friends in my country, but that one from Germany got full room in one minute! We can't play with random hosts becouse they are leaving mid games and it's frustrating, so we have to rely on that German friend to host game and get those 3 other random people... Is this Hosting thing is based on IP address/country or what? Why 4 of us can't host a game? Any magic tricks?
  14. It's out on PS4 U.S. I'm so excited
  15. Looking to get a few players to get some trophies today and get a few games in. Gonna be on from now until late. It’s currently 3.50pm in the UK. (I’m in Scotland)
  16. CE-34878-0

    I am having a problem on Friday the 13th the Game for PS4 with the same ole error ce-34878-0.....my third time talking about this and it seems nothing is working I have rebooted,reinstalled,wiped out and other such things for my PS4.....alot of games are messed up and i know its not the console because I just was playing an entire game with no problem but its F13 that it happens so frequent.....it ruins the game and really gives me the reason for wanting Single player so badly rn. I am asking anyone for help because if i have to get a new Ps4 i am gonna be heavily exhausted....
  17. Sweaty_Mudflaps, PS4, UK

    Brand new player on ps4, already slaughtering people as Jason and learning the councillors pretty quickly. Looking for British players preferably (keep pings low) to play with who gamechat, only one mate who plays this. Add me!
  18. Hello All.

    Heya, everyone. I'm new and decided to give the forums a shot since the PS4 communities weren't working out for me. My name is Len and I'm a big horror fan. I grew up on Friday the 13th. Looking to play with others on Friday the 13th. I prefer playing counselor more than Jason, mostly because I like messing with Jason players. My PSN user name is leneration if anybody wants to add me.
  19. Every time i press quick play, the game tries to search for a server for like 3 minutes and then it will create a lobby every single time (i can't even host if i wanted to, my ping is garbage and every one has like 600 ping) and i don't want this, ¿how do i stop this problem? This is ruining my game. This wasn't happening before the small maps update, and the hotfix kinda helped (not really).
  20. First off, credit to PSN User skittlesmalone, who does not have an account on here, but who not only figured this out but helped me to finally pop mine today; like many I'd lost my mind doing every and any environmental and context kill as well as others trying to get this to pop, and skittlesmalone and I both popped ours the exact same way in the past two days. Go back and re-do every Jason grab-kill, and only the grab-kills. You should be able to use any Jason, he did it using randoms, I did all mine with Part 3. I went through them start to finish just starting last night and today, our group was disbanding and I had two left to go and he offered to help me do the last two in private match, where my trophy popped, so it SHOULD work in both public and private matches! I don't know that this is the end-all solution but I'm hoping it works for everyone because I know there's a ton of frustrated people out there, so try it and let me know if this does it! Good luck!
  21. yoo what up me n the home slice are looking for adults ( not be weird ) lol but yeahh no kids no bs. her name is catastic ??
  22. Anyone on PlayStation late night that wants to play?
  23. Since Gun is still working on a current fix on our matchmaking... ... The most effective way to enter a lobby with at least one other person, is to press "Quick Play" and allow it to search for ONE session. Once you see it say "Search Cool-down" cancel the matchmaking and do it again. At least that way, it won't cause you to join lobbies by yourself. You'll join with at least one other person and you are guaranteed to wait about 5-10 minutes for more people to join, but it appears as if people are leaving sessions less now - so once you find one you'll probably keep the same people for awhile. Or you could party up with people via communities or here or on the reddit forums. I hope this helps some.
  24. So I've updated the game for the August 28 update, and every time I try to match make I become host within the first 20 to 30 seconds before the update in order to be the host I had to wait 2 to 3 min and I can't join a full lobby after the update because I keep becoming the host and I've waited 20 min for people to join and no one joined, and this is getting on my nerves I've been trying to play a single damn game for 4 hours now and I can't, the update fucked my experience up and I don't care about getting 270 ping when I'm connected to someone just let me join a damn lobby with atleast 5 people, I'm in the Arabian gulf btw but I keep joining other Arabs with probably just another guy in the lobby, and I think it's because we don't have very much f13 players here so I can't even join a host whose in North America or Europe ever since the update, please fix this and I need help. And I've restarted the console and closed off my wifi but still the same results. If the new update was intended just to prevent Europeans and North Americans from joining high ping servers you should've told us instead leaving us ( we asians ) to rot. No offense to the f13 Devs but this is getting on my nerves.
  25. Before the servers caught on fire I manged to play a few rounds and had this beautiful moment happen. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170581133