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Found 22 results

  1. As someone that sets up completely different perks on all of my counselors and also playing random counselors i would like to have the perk icons present on the side of the screen and a breakdown of the active perk effects on either a pause menu or the map screen so i can better play to my counselors perks i set up instead of memorizing all my builds.
  2. The more epic perks you have the less likely it is to roll another epic perk. I wish I knew this in the info text about rolling a perk.I used 8,000 CP to roll not even one epic perk, and the moment i sell my epic perk i get an epic perk 2 rolls later. Sell another epic perk, get another epic perk within 3 rolls later. Please fix this or at least tell us this exists in the perk rolling screen.
  3. Not sure if this has been covered already, but i was wondering if perks will stack on top of related stats of a counselor if they are maxed out? For example, Deb has maxed out repair (10/10); so would the Tinker perk stack on and improve her repair even more or would it not work because her repair is already maxed out? Or with Maxed out composure, would the Escape Artist perk make a difference on Jenny? Has anyone tested out the difference?
  4. Hello, after the update of the game I have faced a problem related to the perks, when I select them they do not make any difference in the game for example: I have a perk that makes me start the match with a medical spray and after this update he is not More there. Someone there, too, can not use the perks? Can someone help me? Thank you.
  5. Hey guys what perks did you get for myself i did get. Potent Ranger ( 18% positive - 0 negative ) (Rare) Motorboarding ( 11% positive - 0 negative) ( Rare) it's all got good and you.
  6. When setting up Counselor Profiles, only perks in Slot 1 appear to work. What I mean by this: In the regular in-game menu, modifying a counselor's perks appears to save everything properly. Same thing with the lobby-of-a-game menu. However, when you equip more than 1 perk that gives items, such as a bat, firecrackers, walkie talkie, etc, only the one equipped in the first slot will be given to you upon start of the match. This leads me to believe that only the first slot works for all perks, which concerns me greatly. If this is functioning as intended, why are there three perk slots? How is it intended to function? Is this actually a bug, or just misinformation on the part of me as a player? I neglected to mention that I play on PC via Steam and this issue occurs. I know the same issue occurs for some people on console, but mine occurs on PC as well.
  7. I have been wondering more and more how certain perks scale with the different counselors stats. For example: Is marathon (+% max stamina) more effective on Tiffany or Deborah? Is the +max % stamina based off of the counselors stamina stat, or is it actually a static value that adds to the counselors stat? In the case of Deborah , Tiffany and Marathon - does 20% increased max stamina add more to tiffany if equipped because her starting stamina is higher than deborahs? Say tiffany had "100" stamina and Deborah had "30" (each stat point being 10 points so as to avoid decimals in this example - *note* his is purely for example), and she had the 20% perk eqquipped, would that add "20 stamina" (20% of 100) and Deborah having it eqquipped add "6 stamina" (20% of 30)? If this is the case, the perk would give over 3x more stamina to tiffany. I feel this is how it works but Its been hard to test. Same thing with the melee% damage perks (i.e. is it worth it at all to use +% melee or+% axe damage on any of the females?) Really curious as to how this works as I am not sure currently if its best to cover up a counselors weakness (giving Deborah more stamina for example) or to augment a character's strengths (more stamina for Tiffany). Also curious if there is a "cap" on stats such as stamina? I.e. using + max stamina on tiffany being worthless because she is 10/10. Haven't found any answers yet and I've been scouring the net and forums for a good while for it now. Hoping people know more about this!
  8. After the update on 6/20 my perks no longer work. I currently have the perk for using health spray x2 and starting with the large map on all my characters. Neither of those perks work (and most of my others) I have tried unequipping, saving, and re-equipping. I play on Steam / PC Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  9. Hey guys! Throw your perk ideas in the comments. Gambler - Start the game with a random weapon. The Hero in Me - Increase your chances for coming back as Tommy Jarvis. Natural Instinct - Increase your chances for spawning near the Radio or Phone Box. Distraction - Start the game with a flare gun or pocket knife. Just ideas so don't kill me on this thread
  10. I dont know why but I am beyond sick and tired of games that use an RNG system. The two ways to get players to continue to play your game are by giving them a goal to work towards e.g. World of Warcraft, or with an RNG system e.g. Destiny. The problem with RNG is that it sucks and if a player has enough of not getting what they want they will quit rather quickly. What if all the perks were available to you for purchase with cp. You would start out only being able to purchase the perks at the common tier. Then for even more cp you could upgrade the perk to the next tier and so on until it reaches epic. Some of the perks may need nerfed to prevent the counselors from being to powerful. Having every counselor spawn with a weapon, pocket knife and healing spray sounds like it wouldn't be fun for Jason. However, I feel like with the RNG system currently in place, that is were this game is gonna end up anyway so reworking the perk system now would be beneficial. If players had a clear goal to works towards such as just needing a bit more cp to purchase that upgrade then they may be less likely to give up and play other games.
  11. Was recently in a match where I managed to start the car and I had a grease monkey perk that makes me start the car 35% faster. But I didn't feel like there was much of a difference so later on I loaded up a private match to do some testing with a friend. With my Grease Monkey perk equipped I would start the car in about 6.8 seconds. Without it equipped I would start the car in about 5 seconds flat. Doesn't seem to be working as intended... Anyone else having similar issues with their perks? Now I'm beginning to wonder if some of my perks have been hurting more than helping...
  12. I've tried different characters, clearing my slots and re-adding, but no matter what I do, my perks are not available during matches.
  13. With the right perks, Trolling Jason is too easy. For example i can just run around a table and he cant get me, his throwing knifes can be evaded simply by crouching behind a chair. His shift is just a matter of getting him stuck on terrain or a quick turn and to throw in some giggles, stun him when he gets annoyed and doesn't expect it. It's far more fun to get a Jason running around a table than escaping. He also cant trap inside. I have counted 9 rage quits by Jason players. Get a good Jason player and you can still waist his time long enough for everyone else to either escape or to get enough fun out of the troll. I don't even bother trying to escape anymore, it's uneventful in comparison. Councillor Perks can easily out tier Jason's abilities. If you would like proof of just how easy it is i can do a video in ANY game.
  14. Do you find it more beneficial to use perks that increase the already high levels of particular stats of a counselor or to use perks that make up for low level stats? For example: I am experimenting using Tiffany Cox with a faster stamina recharge perk and a noise reduction while sprinting perk. Do u think this is a waste or would composure related perks work better?
  15. This is more of a question on what would make a good perk build and I would like help. So, I'm a Bradon player. Which means I'm ready to fight Jason at most times. So no mater what I'm running Thick-skin, that leaves open two spots. Hear are my perks HEAVY HITTER: Incresses stun time with the baseball bat by 31% Stamina recharge rate decreased by 7% MAN AT ARM: Incresses weapon duribilty by 14% No penailtys. MEDIC: Get two uses with a healing spray and Incresses healing by 7% No penaltys. SWIFT ATTACKER: Incresses attack speed with all weapons by 14% Decresses weapon damage by 1% Which two perks seems the best and would work well with THICK-SKIN: Take less damage by 36% Love for your guys feedback. I really need some advice.
  16. I've had the slugger perk equipped for 2 days and like 10 matches later I still haven't started a single game with a bat in hand.
  17. I really need some help here because while I love this game sometimes it's a bit...inspecific. For example I picked up Low Profile: Faster movement while crouched, and a chance to avoid Jason's Sense ability.(+23% chance) Does that mean the Sense Avoidance chance is ONLY active during crouch? Also does it stack with things like Home Body which I think only boosts the sense avoidance while inside a house? Plus are there any other perks that you recommend keeping an eye out? or anything else perk related that you're all ??? over?
  18. I had a little over 2000 CP. I went to but the JAW RIP kill and got an error. I tried several times and got the same error. The next day I logged on my CP was under 400. I think the error caused my CP to spend without giving me the kill. Is there any way to get my CP back?
  19. I was thinking that maybe Jason could get perks similar to counselors? Or at least something that adds on to customization for Jason? A perk could for example be "get +1 knife but -1 trap" or "cause 10% more fear" and stuff like that. Just something more than just executions. Maybe add a system so you can slightly change how your Jason looks with blood stains etc.
  20. We sure could use a feature to do Perk management and purchasing while in spectator mode.
  21. So a few bugs to report... - When trying to edit jasons perks ect... you can not save it, it stays stuck on saving profile and you can not get out of it unless you quit the game, if you do it while starting a game the loading into a match the saving character profile stays there all game. - Constant disconnects - If you get scared while calling the police it cancels the call and you can no longer use the phone -get scared from bodies that are not even there -sometimes jason does not get properly get stunned when you stun him, maybe i am just a newb there. -last game i played i somehow had one of jasons perks on my councilor, screen goes grey kind of like when jason activates his sense and my stamina would not drain, eventually corrected itself
  22. Hi there, So I've been playing a while, and wanted to buy perks now but when I am trying to do so, it just shuffles for a while and then gives me an Error like : " Error! An error has occurred with your purchase. " Also another thing that I noticed is that when you're trying to place a trap near the stairs, basically any stairs and you get too close to them then after placing a trap you're inside the stairs and pretty much stuck.