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Found 36 results

  1. One thing I really enjoyed from Dead by Daylight is their perks system for the killers. Each Jason could have a deep perks system such as conselors. For an example of possible perks: Jason could install bear traps more quicklier. Reduce weapons damage, resistance to flare guns, temporary immunity to firecrackers. More stun resistance from Pamela's sweater, etc.
  2. I've noticed that only one of my perk slots work in game and with that I've searched and have found nothing to fix it (and if you want to know I play on pc) and these are all the things I've tried only using a single perk in one of each slot in there different matches with the perk that give you med spray and only the first one work I've tryied doing it in the lobby home screen everything and it still only works with the first one so if anyone has an idea or suggestions tell me (unlikely but if an moderator or someone higher up sees this and know there making a patch on this tell me!)
  3. So today I got on the game today to see my thick skinned perk specifically had been altered. I could be wrong but I haven't seen an announcement anywhere for this, and I admit I'm not satisfied as it was completely unexpected. But more importantly my thick skinned was 43% and its been reduced to 18% now. I would just like to know if there is any news on this? I asked on twitter and I was told it was a bug they are looking into seemingly. Despite that, I find it very hard to believe. So is there any news? I'm not looking for an opinion of it being OP or something like that but genuine news as I don't know what's going on, I plan to stop playing this game if developers cant compensate with CP or be consistent. I spent lots of CP that I wouldn't have trying to get specific perks to fit a style and if that combo now becomes useless I would at least like CP to help me pick myself up in a new style. I definitely wont be sticking if this isn't resolved properly somehow or it happens again. I don't mind them having to balance things out if that's what they feel but take into consideration the game has far bigger issues and at least try to compensate players who wasted CP potentially when they could have bought fun Jason kills. Well I will come back, but I am incredibly dissatisfied to say the least. Once again on the twitter they seemed to have implied its an issue that they are looking into. So any news?
  4. Haven't seen this mentioned, folks on Steam are saying the thick-skinned perk has been "nerfed". (Yes, those are quotations... Gamer linger isn't my thing.)
  5. Hello everyone, after playing this game for a while me and many others have felt some aspects of the game felt unbalanced so I just had to say my opinion on what can be done to make the game more balanced. So in this thread I will try to list all these problems and what can be done for them while I also give my own suggestions to balance them. Eric Lachappa Now we all know Lachappa is by far one of the worst counselor to play as since you rarely ever see him being used in a match (unless he's being used to troll) as both A.J. and Deborah beat him in almost every stat besides Luck and Strength. What the balance should be for Lachappa: Remove 1 point in Luck Remove 1 point in Strength Add 2 points in Composure With this balance Lachappa can become viable and can be used more often but won't exactly outshine A.J. or Deborah. With this buff Lachappa will beat Deborah in Composure, Luck, and Strength but Deborah will still beat Lachappa in Stealth, Speed, and Stamina meaning it comes down to preference and play style on who do you want to play as. Even with the buff Lachappa does not outshine A.J. in Composure, Stamina, Stealth, or Speed meaning A.J. or Deborah still outshine Lachappa in certain stats but with the buff Lachappa should see more usage rates. Tommy Jarvis The main and biggest problem with Tommy Jarvis is not everyone is well informed on how to play him as when you are in a match you most of the time see the person playing Tommy trying to escape and basically using Tommy as a second life to escape instead of actually helping your teammates escape. I've seen threads with good ideas such as when players have died it gives the dead player a message that tells them if they want to become Tommy Jarvis or not and if chosen not to be Tommy then it tells another dead player if they would like to become Tommy. Another solution to this would be when it states 'YOU were chosen to be Tommy Jarvis' it would also say underneath that text 'You DO NOT gain XP from escaping, XP is gained from helping teammates'. Another problem with Tommy Jarvis is some players aren't motivated or don't feel like helping others as he gains the same XP as other counselors when they help others. A fix to this would be Tommy gets +25 extra points for everything he does to help others. So for example a regular counselor fixing a generator would only get +50 but if Tommy fixes it he gets +75 and this would be for everything from helping a counselor break free from Jason, to healing a injured teammate, and so on. Now this third problem is optional but I will still state it anyways. Tommy should spawn with a pocket knife as most of the time when you or someone else gets chosen as Tommy there is rarely any items left when you/they spawn. The pocket knife will also help prolong his survival a little more which is more time for Tommy to help the remaining teammates. (Plus he had one in Part 5 it would only make sense for him to be carrying one). Jason Voorhees You already probably knew this was going to be included in the thread as lets face it grab is a little too op in the state it's in. It does not matter if you have high composure or the Jason grabbing you has Grip Strength as its weakness as you will die from grab kills specifically kills that are quick to perform such as the dreaded Choke kill. Let's not also forget how insane Jason's grab range is and how far he can grab you from which obviously needs to be lowered. I have thought of many, many solutions to this problem and I feel like I have came up with the best possible solution to fix this problem without making Jason feel weak or less op. The solution is Jason can no longer perform grab kills instantly (can still do context kills normally) and off the bat but instead all 4 grab kills act similar to that of his abilities but instead of having to wait for all 4 to be ready, they all charge up at the same time. For Jason to perform a grab kill they have to be 100% full. Jason passively gains 3% every 5 seconds (subject to change if it takes to long to charge up) (Once Jason performs a grab kill it resets back to 0% and the cycle continues). Jason can speed up the charge in many ways such as if Jason knocks out a generator he gains 6% every 5 seconds in sections of the map where the lights are off. If Jason breaks a window, door, or manages to land a hit on a counselor with either his weapon or a throwing knife/dart then he gets +5% (what I mean by this is I don't mean it adds to his passive so if he breaks a window and a door then he gains +10% but does not add to his passive gain). If Jason kills a counselor he gains +15% and +75% for killing Tommy. Since Jason can no longer perform grab kills unless they are 100% fully charged it means Composure and Grip Strength actually matter and if a counselor breaks free from Jason's grasp then Jason gets +10%, if they use a pocket knife or firecrackers he gains 20%. If a counselor steps on Jason's trap he gains +15% and if Jason stops the boat he gains +35% and +45% if he stops the car. Breaking generators and the phone box give +5%. And getting stunned by melee weapon gives +10%, stunned by flare gun gives +15%, and getting stunned by shotgun give +30%. In rage mode Jason passively gains 10% every 5 seconds (gains 20% every 5 seconds if that area of the map has its lights turned off). (Depending if Jason goes to rage faster and proves too difficult as more people are likely to break free from Jason's grasp then slightly increase the amount required to reach rage mode) Now this last problem is only centered on Part 7 Jason and that is he considered by many one of the worst Jasons to play as since most of what make an undead Jason good are his weaknesses. To counter this problem get rid of Shift as his weakness and replace it with Stun Resistance (Part 7 had Stun Resistance in the beta before traps were introduced) as not being able to run and having Shift as a weakness greatly hinders this Jason at being a threat on land. Counselors If the suggestions above about Jason do get added then when a counselor gets grabbed by Jason the player should also see all 4 of Jason's grab kills so it gives the counselor an indication on how close Jason is on filling up his grab kills and the player could communicate to his/her teammates on how close Jason is to being full. If that suggestions gets added then counselors no longer automatically use pocket knives but instead players have to press the button to use it so if the player sees Jason is very close to filling it up and then see him passively gain that 2% or 4% needed to be 100% full and they know they won't be able to escape in time then they can use their pocket knives to escape. Now we all know if you try to escape in a boat and Jason stops it there is nothing you can do as you are pretty much dead as you can't stun him or even escape as drowning is an automatic death so to somewhat make it more fair: If a player on the passenger seat has a shotgun or flare gun they can stun Jason if they manage to land the hit but for a much shorter amount then when stunned on land. Perks There are so many perks yet so many are underused or not used at all as they are terrible so here are my suggestions to improve them. (Keep in mind I do not have all perks and the websites I used to see what each perk does/gives could have been outdated so some perks could have changed) Thrasher perk starts you off with an axe Scout perk has a chance for you to be able to use a pocket knife on a trap without losing it (based on percentage) Quiet Swimmer perk makes you regenerate stamina faster in water as an additional effect Pyro perk starts you off with a flare gun Potent Ranger perk gives Tommy Jarvis (you) a second use of the shotgun as an additional effect (based on percentage) Heavy Sleeper perk makes you regenerate stamina faster Evasion perk makes you use less stamina when dodging as an additional effect Easy Listening lowers your fear as an additional effect Aquanaut perk decreases fear in water as an additional effect Teamwork perk also lowers fear for everyone around the person who has it equipped as an additional bonus Friendship perk also increases attack damage for everyone around the person who has it equipped as an additional bonus Heavy Mover allows you to close doors faster as an additional effect and reduces more fear while closing doors Now some perks may still be terrible but I did the best I could think of to make them somewhat decent. If you have any suggestions about a certain perk be sure to say it. If you managed to read all the way through then thank you for taking your time to read through all that and be sure to leave your suggestions as it would greatly help.
  6. UPDATE: Played a game and now I have all my perks. 2 of my perks have gone missing. I know this because I always keep 29 perks, and I'm currently sitting at 27. One of them was definitely the Medic perk that I just rolled last night. Interestingly, it's still equipped on Vanessa but not LaChappa. Vanessa with the perk equipped: Perk Inventory with it missing: LaChappa with the perk missing: I'm not sure what other perk went missing because I wasn't using it. If it helps, I rolled a rare Medic perk last night and sold my old Uncommon perk.
  7. Hello, First I will like to start by giving kudos to what it is an amazing game. Thank you! I will also like to point out some perks that have potential but I think myself and most people I talked to and from videos I watch are not significant. Again, this is to give players more choices. Grinder: 5% exp is not significant from the epic. I believe this perk can double on value and NOT be a game breaker. I tested with it and replacing it full offensive perks and I get more exp surviving and fighting with Jason longer than the exp I get from this perk. I will suggest 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10% to be a bit more significant. Escape Artists: This is one perk that is useless to most players, even epic and running Jenny with higher composure is no use for grabs instant kills. I see recently most Jasons are getting VERY lazy and resorting to that instant kill. I even saw a Jason not swing the axe once. The percentage that the epic provides is not significant, it does not give them a chance to escape that choke. The other solution is to have someone hit Jason and stun him while he is chocking you but smart jasons will spin so that that the counselor gets hit. My recommendation is to boost this perk a good significant amount (x3-x5)so that EVERYONE can take advantage of it and give Jason a run for his money, OR slightly increase(x2) it so that it can be slightly useful and has you start with a pocket knife. More to come.... Thank you again.
  8. My suggestion is that certain articles of clothing be made purchaseable with cp just as perks(counselor) and kills(jason) are... nothing too crazy, but small percentage buff on what perks already offer. Stackable, I'm thinking something like this. My level headed perk is 11% sense avoidance -3% noise generating penalty. I would spend cp on both a hat or shirt that increases my sense avoidance chance, and shoes that take away the noise penalty. Catching what I'm laying down?
  9. Out of curiosity, I was wondering what perks everyone likes to use? Why do you recommend those? I have been using Preparedness to start with a map, thick skinned, and my third one allows for quicker strikes. I typically use Deborah as I like to repair things for the group and her stealth is decent, although according to Rydog's guide stealth is pretty much insignificant except for eliminating sound pings when running. Considering switching to AJ though. Still using swift attack and thick skinned. Might try to use something to improve fixing with her or stun length. Does anyone have any character and perk preferences or recommendations? Which Jason do you frequently run and what strategies do you use?
  10. I would like to have something else to do after you die and are waiting for the game to end. I love watching the rest of the game progress but it would be nice if I could roll perks or check on badge progress while I'm waiting.
  11. Was recently in a match where I managed to start the car and I had a grease monkey perk that makes me start the car 35% faster. But I didn't feel like there was much of a difference so later on I loaded up a private match to do some testing with a friend. With my Grease Monkey perk equipped I would start the car in about 6.8 seconds. Without it equipped I would start the car in about 5 seconds flat. Doesn't seem to be working as intended... Anyone else having similar issues with their perks? Now I'm beginning to wonder if some of my perks have been hurting more than helping...
  12. Does anyone know what the maximum percentage is for an epic perk roll? I saw one You Tube video wherein the guy had listed the perks along with a medium for each with a highest and lowest possible attribute percentage, but I have not been able to confirm this information anywhere else. I've seen plenty of forums defining an "epic perk", but nothing on the maximum for each epic perk. For instance, the best perk I currently have is a 49 percent attribute in "Thick Skinned" with a 0 percent negative. Is it possible to get higher than this?
  13. I've been playing random characters more often lately and when I get in the match, I have no way of seeing which perks I have eqquipped. This isn't a big deal really if I am playing one of my favorites as I of course know what I have eqquipped on them. BUT when I get someone I hardly ever play such as Eric or Kenny, I don't know what I have on them. I mean, I have their load out selected (went through each counselor and picked load outs before playing)but when I get in the match I wonder "do Ihave sense avoidance on eric? Or attack speed and stun time"? as an example I can't be the only one who has thought about this. My solution: When viewing the map screen, display your counselors perks (would ofcourse work if you haven't acquired a map yet). Just a small QoL change I suppose that I would love to see!. Other (minor) suggestion dealing with the map. I also would like a map legend on the map screen. I am tired of people calling certain buildings different things. It's caused confusion a couple of times lol (people tend to use "the wrench/oar/boat house" interchangeably, as well as others.
  14. So now that the double XP weekend has come and gone..what perks are you using, and generally do you think it's smarter to cater them to your counselors strengths or their weaknesses? Currently I'm trying to do a bit of both, but I assume using a perk like 'Tinker' on someone like Jenny or Tiffany could be a complete waste because their repair is just god awful. Also, it seems like people recommend using one of your perk slots for an item perk (map, baseball bat, firecracker, medic, etc.) and I've followed suit.
  15. Hey there – has anyone else had a problem where you choose your three counselor perks and only one of them shows up when you are in the game? A friend of mine told me that you can't choose three perks that cause you to spawn with items because that is where the glitch happens. I chose as my perks the medicine spray hypochondriac perk, the fire cracker perk, and the map perk. In the game, I only ended up with the map perk, which was my first choice. Does anyone else have this happen? Are the developers aware of this?
  16. As someone that sets up completely different perks on all of my counselors and also playing random counselors i would like to have the perk icons present on the side of the screen and a breakdown of the active perk effects on either a pause menu or the map screen so i can better play to my counselors perks i set up instead of memorizing all my builds.
  17. The more epic perks you have the less likely it is to roll another epic perk. I wish I knew this in the info text about rolling a perk.I used 8,000 CP to roll not even one epic perk, and the moment i sell my epic perk i get an epic perk 2 rolls later. Sell another epic perk, get another epic perk within 3 rolls later. Please fix this or at least tell us this exists in the perk rolling screen.
  18. Not sure if this has been covered already, but i was wondering if perks will stack on top of related stats of a counselor if they are maxed out? For example, Deb has maxed out repair (10/10); so would the Tinker perk stack on and improve her repair even more or would it not work because her repair is already maxed out? Or with Maxed out composure, would the Escape Artist perk make a difference on Jenny? Has anyone tested out the difference?
  19. Hello, after the update of the game I have faced a problem related to the perks, when I select them they do not make any difference in the game for example: I have a perk that makes me start the match with a medical spray and after this update he is not More there. Someone there, too, can not use the perks? Can someone help me? Thank you.
  20. Hey guys what perks did you get for myself i did get. Potent Ranger ( 18% positive - 0 negative ) (Rare) Motorboarding ( 11% positive - 0 negative) ( Rare) it's all got good and you.
  21. When setting up Counselor Profiles, only perks in Slot 1 appear to work. What I mean by this: In the regular in-game menu, modifying a counselor's perks appears to save everything properly. Same thing with the lobby-of-a-game menu. However, when you equip more than 1 perk that gives items, such as a bat, firecrackers, walkie talkie, etc, only the one equipped in the first slot will be given to you upon start of the match. This leads me to believe that only the first slot works for all perks, which concerns me greatly. If this is functioning as intended, why are there three perk slots? How is it intended to function? Is this actually a bug, or just misinformation on the part of me as a player? I neglected to mention that I play on PC via Steam and this issue occurs. I know the same issue occurs for some people on console, but mine occurs on PC as well.
  22. I have been wondering more and more how certain perks scale with the different counselors stats. For example: Is marathon (+% max stamina) more effective on Tiffany or Deborah? Is the +max % stamina based off of the counselors stamina stat, or is it actually a static value that adds to the counselors stat? In the case of Deborah , Tiffany and Marathon - does 20% increased max stamina add more to tiffany if equipped because her starting stamina is higher than deborahs? Say tiffany had "100" stamina and Deborah had "30" (each stat point being 10 points so as to avoid decimals in this example - *note* his is purely for example), and she had the 20% perk eqquipped, would that add "20 stamina" (20% of 100) and Deborah having it eqquipped add "6 stamina" (20% of 30)? If this is the case, the perk would give over 3x more stamina to tiffany. I feel this is how it works but Its been hard to test. Same thing with the melee% damage perks (i.e. is it worth it at all to use +% melee or+% axe damage on any of the females?) Really curious as to how this works as I am not sure currently if its best to cover up a counselors weakness (giving Deborah more stamina for example) or to augment a character's strengths (more stamina for Tiffany). Also curious if there is a "cap" on stats such as stamina? I.e. using + max stamina on tiffany being worthless because she is 10/10. Haven't found any answers yet and I've been scouring the net and forums for a good while for it now. Hoping people know more about this!
  23. After the update on 6/20 my perks no longer work. I currently have the perk for using health spray x2 and starting with the large map on all my characters. Neither of those perks work (and most of my others) I have tried unequipping, saving, and re-equipping. I play on Steam / PC Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  24. Hey guys! Throw your perk ideas in the comments. Gambler - Start the game with a random weapon. The Hero in Me - Increase your chances for coming back as Tommy Jarvis. Natural Instinct - Increase your chances for spawning near the Radio or Phone Box. Distraction - Start the game with a flare gun or pocket knife. Just ideas so don't kill me on this thread
  25. I dont know why but I am beyond sick and tired of games that use an RNG system. The two ways to get players to continue to play your game are by giving them a goal to work towards e.g. World of Warcraft, or with an RNG system e.g. Destiny. The problem with RNG is that it sucks and if a player has enough of not getting what they want they will quit rather quickly. What if all the perks were available to you for purchase with cp. You would start out only being able to purchase the perks at the common tier. Then for even more cp you could upgrade the perk to the next tier and so on until it reaches epic. Some of the perks may need nerfed to prevent the counselors from being to powerful. Having every counselor spawn with a weapon, pocket knife and healing spray sounds like it wouldn't be fun for Jason. However, I feel like with the RNG system currently in place, that is were this game is gonna end up anyway so reworking the perk system now would be beneficial. If players had a clear goal to works towards such as just needing a bit more cp to purchase that upgrade then they may be less likely to give up and play other games.