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Found 3 results

  1. OK... Here me out, I think part 4 Is one of the best Jason's in the game. But one of his stats doesn't make sense to me. His -Water speed, I see why they have this as one of his weaknesses(Because of his +Can run and destruction), but in the final chapter he killed Samantha by swimming underwater and stabbing here through the chest. Yet he has a -water speed stat? I just can't get my head around it. Here's the kill(Skip to 5:28). I think if they swapped the -Water speed for -Grip strength(Seeing as though he had a giant cut on his left hand) would make a lot more sense. Do you agree? Or disagree?
  2. Jason from Part 4 was FAST especially in the final chase scene when he ran full speed after Trish, now I know alot of people who are #teamcounselor will cry about this and talk about how its unfair because they wouldnt be able to play ring around the rosie with Jason anymore and to them I say, OH WELL, There is now way in Sam Hell Jason from part 4 could be as slow as parts 2 and 3, whats the point of adding him if you are going to disregard his main ability, an ability verteran stuntman Ted White concsiously choose to give Jason, Speed