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Found 17 results

  1. So Pamela, the mother of Jason. How would she fit in this game? Why would she talk to herself? How would she be stunned by her own sweater? I got some ideas. Where she starts: Some sort of kitchen maybe. The cook could work way out in the woods, where nobody knows where. This is the one I am unsure about. How to stun her: I would say a picture of Jason in his younger age, either when he was born, first came to camp, and such, or a stupider idea of a tape of jasons screams for help. It's stupid because who would just record the sound of a child screaming? I like the picture one better. How she would, "Talk to herself": I also got 2 ideas for this one. one is that she would comment about the dead bodies herself, or she could hear jasons words in her head like she said in the tapes. "Save me mommy, save me" "They hurt me mommy" Mask stuff: I have no idea. Weapon stuff: She would have equipped a simple knife. Abilities: You ask me how part 2 Jason did it Problems: Getting hurt by machetes and guns, grabbing, breaking down doors, Rage. Her stats? I only have 3 ideas, but fill in the rest of blanks, or correct some + Stalk + Can run + ??? - Hit Points - ??? - ??? Correct me on some things
  2. This topic only for Xbox Gamers. Did one of you find any pamela tapes on XBOX ONE version (not pc, not ps4). I never find any in publick match, and no one who I talk in lobbys the same situation. Looks like developers just "forget" add this content to xbox version. If someone find on XBOX ONE version can u post u dashboard pictures with pamela u find, coz maybe me just unlucky person. Thank you.
  3. Ok so here's a idea for a brand new killer. Pause for effect. Elias Voorhees! Jason's dad. He was supposed to be returning (I say returning because apparently in one of the cuts of Friday the 13th Jason lives at the end Elias Voorhees was supposed to appear at Jason's grave and pay the custodian (the old man with a drinking habit who watches graves and fell to his own bottle was supposed to survive) for watching his son and wife's Graves.) In the cancelled 2017 paramount picture it was supposed to be a movie split into three different time generations with the first being Elias Voorhees wrecking havoc in the town of Crystal Lake with a mask of some kind, you can get creative here I guess. Followed by Pamela's killstreak and then Jason. Now we can have Elias retain the immortality that jason has by somehow incorporating the book of necronomicon in there. If you can of course. And does anyone know why the game will only have objective type mode with bots? Imagine if the story mode would be like something with Elias when Jason was just a baby and not dead yet. He stumbles upon the book of necronomicon which slowly eats his sanity away and ruining his perfect family giving him crazy powers and when in the end of the game when he is bested we can have Pamela find the book soon after Jason's death and uses it to bring him back to life but doesn't get to meet him before she greats her untimely end. But alas I know it's not just that easy. The book of necronomicon can also give Pamela some insane powers or.. or make your own crazy book if you don't own that one. I wanna hear your opinions tho.
  4. With wes's statement in this video it looks like we won't see her which is a real shame. What's even better is that the statement was made on discord 8 days ago.
  5. Ok so im max level on friday with over 360 hours played, not a single fucking tape. What matters makes it worse is that i have my spawn preference on counselor and i have recently started playing in public matches. That rumour of tapes only spawning on a friday is obviously false considering i have been in games with people finding tapes, (usually on a wednsday) one of my mates found a tape in the first draw he opened (it was a game of just me him and jason). Ive literially tried everything, turning on radios, sweater, mask different characters and still not a single tape and yet were expected to find 20. Any suggestions on how other people got them? Thx
  6. Level 101 for weeks, no tapes, when all of the sudden, a 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. binge scores me THREE Pamela Tapes!
  7. Looks like someone asked on Twitter about the Pamela Tapes(see attached image) and their response was, "We don't do tips or spoilers Troy! But there maybe a trick to finding them..." I know in the last Twitch stream with Randy he mentioned the drop was extremely low which implies it is random. So is this just their Twitter support speaking out of turn or maybe didn't get a memo? If their is indeed a trick what could it be? People are already coming up with theories about wearing the Pamela sweater and searching drawers for it to spawn in. Either way with news of this, looks like their are some more secrets in the game to be unlocked.
  8. Anyone know if it's possible to get the same tape twice? I finally found one then another about 20 games after. I only have the one. So I wasn't sure if you could end up finding the same one twice. Thanks everyone.
  9. Anyone know if it's possible to get the same tape twice? I finally found one then another about 20 games after. I only have the one. So I wasn't sure if you could end up finding the same one twice..
  10. I've been level 101 for about a month, and I have yet to find one Pamela tape. Obviously I'm either doing something wrong, or they're glitched for PS4. Can anyone confirm for me they're available on PS4, and if so, tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  11. Hey all, I have searched all over this forum, Reddit, Steam forums, etc for a definitive answer to this question, Are Pamela Tapes unlockable in both types of matches? Most people seem to be under the impression from what I have gathered that they only can be unlocked in Public matches which makes sense. A group of 8 can just keep creating games, searching every drawer on the map, exit out, and repeat. Since Quickplay on Xbox still has some minor issues, most players usually use the LFG feature which is mostly all Private matches which also adds to the rumor that maybe they are only found in Public/Quickplay matches. I know the percentage is supposed to be low but when I know multiple people who have maxed out their levels and still haven't found one, something must not be right. This is starting to sound like the same thing that happened about them only appearing on Fridays. It was a massive rumor that spread which eventually had to be squashed by the Devs. I am wondering if the same can be done here. Any way we can get official word if Pamela tapes are only found in Public matches or can they be found in both? Thanks for reading! Loving the game and can't wait for the next update! Corky
  12. Wow is all I can say. I was playing a quick play match, 4 of us at packanack. I spawn at the lodge, and start looting. A little pocketknife here, an axe there, then I lock all of the doors and head upstairs, to the first door on the right. I head in, check the cupboard, and collectively crap myself at the site of a tiny cassette tape, at this moment, I hear over my headset. "Shouldn't have killed me first asshole." Followed by the delightful notice of "You've been kicked. Host has left the room/game/who gives a crap". Ahhhhhh what a night.
  13. I have an idea for the game. I am not sure if anyones come up with this yet. But an idea is that when there is just one player left, like in the film. Pamela voorhees comes, (played as a dead or escaped player) and also trys to kill the final player. And if the player has a machete they can behead pamela.
  14. I'd be happy for a campaign with three different game modes that applied to all the missions: Part 1, Part 4, and Part 5. Have Part 4 as a traditional mode, but just versus AI, Part 5 a 'hardcore' mode with Roy, meaning he's killable by regular damage, and is missing many powers, and Part 1 as a stealth variant to the missions. Pamela can be super vulnerable, but have unique stealth powers. Roy could maybe even do more 'human' stuff as a counterbalance, such as unbarricade doors, cancel the police by calling them and claiming the last call was a hoax, hide parts he finds, and even drive (as he does with his ambulance in the film). His parked ambulance could even replace Jason's shack. You can then complete core series, and get rid of any balance concerns as you're not facing humans. Anyone who wants the traditional Jason experience can just use Part 4 throughout, and scratch the itch of using that skin, but the others mean those who want something unique are not just playing MP with bots. ...if you really wanted to, you could even have Uber Jason as an OP reward for getting 100%, and give him permanent Rage from the start and 1-hit kills. Pre-nanomachines Part X should still be a downloadable MP character though, as he isn't a problematic implementation like the rest on the list.
  15. Has anyone else noticed Pamela's sweater not working when you try to use it? I'm playing on PS4. Before the patch this was working fine, but now it seems I can't engage the animation to stun Jason. Pressing the button required to activate to sweater does nothing at all for me.
  16. Such a concept has likely been mentioned or talked about before, possibly to death, but if there was ever a gamemode that was introduced that was an overall larger scale match with two killers and more counselors, how would you handle the second killer? Sure, you could simply add in another Jason, but that would be weird and kind of immersion breaking. Why are there two Jasons? Sure, one could be a copycat killer, but everyone would probably feel just as cheated as they felt at the end of Friday the 13th: Part V. Also it still wouldn't make much sense. Personally, I believe the way to go with it, would be to introduce a resurrected supernatural version of Pamela Voorhees as the second killer, back for revenge against a world that allowed her and her son to die as they did. You could very easily reason this given the current lore of the game. So, we all know that at the end of Jason Goes to Hell, well, Jason goes to Hell. According to the Savini Jason, he simply overpowered the forces of Hell in general (because he's Jason), and just walked out, back into the living world to kill more silly teenagers. Well, we could say that during his murderous romp through the afterlife, his finds his mother (Or her Soul, whatever you like), wherever it happens to be, and (lovingly) drags her back with him. He could totally do that. He's Jason. I mean he apparently beat up Satan and took his pitchfork. Sure he could bargain for her in exchange for Lucifer's life, or something like that, but that's not very Jason like. He takes what he wants, without so much as a grunt. This supernatural Pamela could simply be another Jason-type that only exists in this gamemode, so you wouldn't need to give her stats and abilities specific to her, although it would be awesome if she did. If you really think about it, though, her methods of murder weren't really much different than Jason's, although she relied more on the element of surprise than he had to. The only problem would be MoCap for a new killer, which is very expensive. Anyway, just ideas that I had. Feel free to let me know what you think!
  17. Only female counselors can wear Pamela's sweater to stun Jason to make him vulnerable to death. Males need a method as well, otherwise I don't see a benefit in playing a male. Here's my idea: Just like in Part 4 with young Tommy, male counselors can find a shaving kit(a bag with razors, trimmers and whatnot). There is only one and would always spawn at a single or two-room cabin with no bathroom, or somewhere else far from a cabin such as the boat dock at Camp Crystal lake, or even one of those camp sites. Just like with Pamela's sweater, it does not take an inventory slot, instead this is a waist pack(aka a "fannie pack") that is worn on the waist. The men would then find a bathroom at a cabin with working electricity. At the sink in the bathroom they shave almost all of their head to look like Jason. Then when Jason gets near they press Q to say "Jason! Remember, Jason. Jason, don't you remember?" Just like Tommy in part 4. Jason is then vulnerable just like with females and Pamela's sweater. Gender equality. Fair is fair. Make it so.