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Found 1 result

  1. Here's a late-night/early-morning post of random observations. Most of this has come up in conversation with @Ban_All_Music in-game. Where are the stars? If you've ever been camping, or anywhere away from the light pollution caused by a big city, you would remember seeing a shitload of stars. Why is Chad at Crystal Lake? He's a rich Momma's boy- I get that. Why would he ever, in a million years, be a camp counselor? The only possible parallel in the films is Trent in the remake and Trent was not a counselor. Why is there only one thing in a drawer? Has anyone ever opened a drawer in real life to find one single thing inside of that drawer? Who puts one thing in a drawer? Why are the car keys never on the key racks? I get we're supposed to scavenge but wouldn't a key rack be the logical place for keys? Why are there TVs at a summer camp? Does anyone remember watching TV at summer camp? Could you even get reception at Camp Crystal Lake? Why isn't a Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt a clothing option? A counselor shirt should be available for all counselors to wear. The game specifically states they're counselors but none of them can dress the part. Why are all clothing options late-80's-to-early-90's when the game is based in the late-70's-to-early-80's? Self-explanatory. These aren't complaints, they're just oddities that don't make sense. Anyway, that's it for now. I know I had others but I'll think of them later. Feel free to add to this list.