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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all. Been coming here for a while before release, but only recently attempted to join (just couldn't register.) Hope to see some of you guys & gals online or around these parts. If you'd like to add me on PS4 send a FR to RustInPeace13. (Just let me know you are from the forums. I tend to not add random requests if I don't recognize the name.)
  2. SUP Y'ALL! Just trying to get more involved in the gaming community! I would love to get to meet some awesome people here and just be chill! I also have a YouTube channel w/ F13 content a think you all will enjoy! And many more
  3. The game is amazing dont get me wrong.. but with the 3 maps that are all based on the same setting they feel identical, would be nice to have another map that doesnt fit the whole camp counsler setting. On top of that a steam workshop would be able to fit pretty nice could set up a hide n seek map, function. Could do a battle royal with counslers. Theres tons of options but it feels pretty limited right now.
  4. Whats up people. Im new to the game (loving it except the few bugs here n there) Im from London UK, male , 30 year old looking for new friends on there that love the horror genre and fancy playing the game in a like minded group. Infact ideally i would love to be able to form a new small group of gaming friends that enjoy horror games in general for present and future releases. If you fancy it , then im on PS4 and you can add me "OMNILEGION" just let me know in the msg that you are adding me from here. Cheers guys , hope to be catching some of you on there!
  5. As many people want more fatalities using new weapons, environmentals or just with his hands/feet. I was thinking how it be great to do a fatality type based on what weapon/item the player was holding his their hands. I think it be awesome if Jason would use flare gun in the person mouth or take the battery and smash it over the players head repeatably etc. Just to keep it balanced though, nothing gets broken/used. it falls to the ground once it is used or another player could pick up that item before Jason gets to use it. The list of death ideas could go on and on... Any fatalities ideas people want to see? I personally hope they add more widow type of kill based on what state the widow is in (Close/Broke/Open) because I know many people complain about getting thrown through a opened window seems lame.
  6. Hi

    love the game keep up the good work
  7. First, let me say I have played the game since steam release and currently have 118 hours on my steam account (my profile name is thekiddod) for Friday the 13th. I'm loving the game, but I have multiple suggestions to bring more players to the game, using other games as an example for what works in regards to game philosophy.1. There needs to be a ranked matchmaking system for this game. Why? To separate people who want to win vs trolls, and also to prevent people from leaving the game just because they didn't get jason. (They will lose elo/rank points). Also, if you look at all majorly successful games they all have a ranked game mode, because competitiveness drives the gameplay, and you can see this in league of legends, counter strike global offensive, DOTA, and more. These are the most played games on the market, sharing one thing in common indie games mostly dont:ranked. 2. Jason's sense ability needs to be a late game ability or refresh with kills only and have another ability take the early game( and when i mean sense i mean the ability to see red bodies through walls and terrain). A major core idea of friday the 13th is the ability to hide and the thrill of hiding. Currently it feels like you can't really hide unless it's under a bed or in a closet, but early game you should also be able to hide outside behind a rock for example. Jason should be able to see noises as usual however, so if people are running or walking they would make themselves exposed.Jason's sense ability would make a lot of sense it terms of smart gameplay, when someone dies all the counselors run into the closet and instead of waiting inevitably, you can decide to wait until you think jason has expired his sense ability again before moving on. 3 Kill animations need to be more than just aesthetic, they should tie into refreshing one of jason's abilities, i really see a missed opportunity here. This would solve multiple problems such as certain kill animations being able to be done faster than others (or in tighter, smaller areas of the map), those animations will get a smaller "reward" by refreshing a cooldown.Consequently, jason's abilities will have a lower refresh rate, and this will also incentivize jason to be more strategic by valuing kills both in terms of indirect gain from kiling and counsellor and direct gain by getting an ability refresh. Alternatively, each kill jason gets would grant him his next ability, so he doesn't gain his abilities automatically. Also, this will incentivize counsellors from abandoning their teammates to the hands of jason- they will do so with the realization jason will be coming for them next, while if the counsellors escape jason will have to work harder for his next kill. 4.Jason needs to have access to his stalk ability earlier in the game. This would create more strategy for jason being able to hide inside a house in wait for someone. Stalk is currently just used to make people unaware of the shift ability or morph ability. Jason in the movies was all about surprise attacks, but it wasn't by teleporting in front of someone. It was hiding in wait for the right moment. Alternatively, stalk can be a passive ability or different types of stalk can be chosen for your jason pre-game. Another option is for Jason to have his proximity music bubble made much smaller in the early game and bigger in the late game, and to remove the active stalk ability altogether and replace it with something else. This seems counter intuitive at first, why make jason less stealthy as the game goes on? Because by that time there will be few counsellors left and with all of jason's abilities up he will be too powerful and too stealthy, also with his rage up it makes sense that with him being angry there is less stealth. Also, this would allow for early game fear of jason, however that fear doesn't go away late game because of jason's shift and sense abilities. In terms of counter play it's basically impossible to counter a stalk+shift combo, there are no warning signs.4. Jason needs NEW abilities that are able to be chosen from a pool pre-game, allowing for more customization and replayability. For example, the ability to see someone's footsteps that fade away over time (temporarily), or the ability for his throwing knives to instantly drain someone's movement temporarily upon hit(will need to refresh like other abilities), or instantly creating max fear on hit (ability will refresh over time, cannot be constantly used), an ability so that counsellors that first make contact with jason by seeing him from a short distance will have the FEAR mechanic triggered as if seeing a dead body-currently you know that when the counsellor screams they are seeing a dead body, they never scream at the sight of jason.For seasoned players this is not scary at all because you know the scream means just a deadbody and can never be jason. Another idea is an ability to trigger the jason music for one person on the map, however jason doesn't know where they are. This will play mind games with the counselors if jason is really there or not, and will also provide more mechanics than at first glance: being with another counselor and not being alone will allow you to verify jason's presence by talking with them if they hear it too. Another idea is to have jason create dense fog all over the map for one minute, making it hard to spot him. All of these abilities listed require SKILL or PLANNING in order to work, which makes the game more skill based and therefore competitively funner. 5. Currently I see very little use of the combat stance because jason will just try and grab you if you try and block. This can be solved somewhat with jason being unable to use his grab for about 15 seconds after getting a kill(does not include car driver seat grab). 6. Counsellors need a non-victory objective, something that improves a single counsellors ability or maybe even a house with a metal door and window bars, in which you have to fix in order to use by fixing the door. The door can take a much heavier beating by jason before being destroyed(about twice as long as a regular door), but can be destroyed more quickly when jason has rage. This is just an example, but I feel there needs to be one or two smaller objectives than simply the escape ones. I like tommy jarvis as one of the objectives but i feel if there was a second one it would fill in some of the early game strategy and create something for counsellors to do when jason is camping and putting traps on the main objectives. To encourage more teamwork, there can be a non-victory objective that requires 2 people at the same time. 7. The breaking free of the grab mechanic needs to be a skill based minigame similar to fixing the car, not just spamming e. People can easily cheat with this and set their computer so that when they press e it presses it 100 times per second creating an unhumanly low resist time. This needs to be replaced with a skill based mini game, not one that gives you carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, even more depth can be added to this by making it so when you hit jason, sometimes you enter a mini game where you're struggling with jason in a fight. Both jason and the counsellor will be in a mini game similar to the one used to fix cars, but if the counsellor misses one click prompt they're dead. If jason misses one before that happens he lets them go and has the regular break free animation. 8.Different terrain movement speeds. Mud will make counselors slower, rocky/pebbly areas create more tripping, and roads provide the fastest overall counselor speed but will leave counselors in the open and will increase sense detection chance. Different terrain effects=more strategy. 9.Walkie talkies -I feel people will create discord servers at high ranked play to create communication instantly. Walkie talkies should only reveal your team mates on the map in ranked once acquired, but this is something that will need to be monitored closely to see if walkie talkies in their current state are an obsolete item for ranked because of the use of 3rd party communication. 10. Currently the core mechanic of trying to escape jason are stealth and window jumping, make stealth and stamina highly valuable. There should be a new mechanic on trying to avoid jason, or maybe the ability to reinforce doors further with acquired items. I like the bear trap idea for jason but i feel maybe there should be more ways to stall jason. Perhaps maybe the ability to kill jason for 1 minute by pouring a gas and setting him on fire when walks in the room with a cinematic. Also more escape mechanics would make the game less linear than window jumping all the time. This ties into my number 6 with a non victory objective enabling different escape mechanics or minigames. Maybe a counselor can escape down a manhole into a sewer while jason has to go to the lake and open the sewer gate to get access to that area. Maybe more escape minigames can be added in certain buildings/scenarios. Once jason walks in that area, a counselor with no items will be able to fight jason in a stun jason or die finale. 11. I realize the developers want to make more kill animations, but this shouldn't be the priority. I know a lot of money was designated to go towards this but really what needs to be funded is more game mechanics and gameplay and fixing bugs, not aesthetics. So if you're reading this developers I just ask you to look at the community and see that none of them want more kill animations. Spend the effort elsewhere. 12.More counselor items, including food which regains stamina quickly over time, coffee which increases stamina briefly and then reduces it etc. 13. The ability for counselors to play dead! side note on how ranked gameplay could work: Jason gains elo for having more than 3 kills, and loses elo for 3 kills or less. Tommy Jarvis does not count as a kill, because this would make players not want to call him in. Counselors gain elo for surviving and get more elo for each surviving teammate, and lose elo for dieing, and will lose more elo for every team mate that has also died. Dying as tommy jarvis does not decrease elo. If you are the sole survivor of the game you will still have an elo gain, just less of a gain.
  8. I know it's Friday the 13th and its associated around Jason voorhees, but I think the game could have Much higher potential if you bring more killers in, such as Michael Myers, and make another game mode or put 2 killers in a huge map which could fight each other or work together to kill others. I feel this idea is far fetched, but could improve gameplay
  9. Hello i have an idea for a Jason. And i think its a little bit stupid and a little bit funny. So H20 Delirious got an Easter egg at the Graveyard. But what if we could get a H20 Jason. 😅. So i want to say, its just a thought, dont hate me, and sorry if my grammar is bad. Im from germany. Have a great day Mr-GamerMP
  10. With either of the following features - No music when Jason is nearby (It kills the surprise IMO) - You aren't able to see who's still alive or not. Clueless if anyone is there to help you - No/Smaller mini map (unless you obtain a real map) I think these would add to the suspense This would also add variety to the game which is key to keeping players coming up (I posted this on the friday subreddit before I realize the game had an official forum)
  11. My name is Domo, I run a rust server [US WEST] RUSTY EMPIRE, Create youtube videos (very small channel), and I play a lot of video games. I will be posting my Ideas for the game and hopefully be a welcome part of the F13 group.
  12. I was thinking of a Toxic Avernger Jason with a mop as a weapon. He kind of looks like Jason. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  13. Havn't seen anyone mention this and unless I'm mistaken the icon debuted at PAX south. In the upper right there appears to be a gauge that changed in each clip. Did they mention anything about it? It looks like a mask health bar.
  14. Ok so first i just want to say i am very impressed on the game based on the BETA and things that could happen i the future that could make the game even more enjoyable. THINGS I THINK SHOULD BE FIXED BASED ON BETA AND OVER ALL GAME: 1) when opening the doors I feel like it should be done faster when Jason is chasing you. I feel like there is no way a person would open a door slowly if Jason is hot on your tail. If a can bust through a window I should be able to bust through a door. Now i believe if you run to the door and immediately press "E" you can swing the door open but i mean even if your walking or jogging if Jason is chasing you your character still shouldn't slowly open the door. 2) when trying to defend your self against Jason , I think depending on the object the swing should be different. Ex: fire poker should have a faster swing and the bat should have a slower one depending on the characters. 3) it seems weird that there is a killer and they can't just ran away from camp because there are no gates or trees in the way so they could just leave as a group but I'm sure that is because of the movies. I don't mean that i want the counselors to be able to go to either end of the map and simple run away. I am saying that in my OPINION i don't think its realistic that they wouldn't run for it. 4) when running away from Jason I understand the tripping because they trip a lot in the movies lol but um when it comes to them running on the road I think there should be less tripping. 5) Jason should be able to break through the little fences when people are trying to loop him around. 6) the fireworks and flare gun didn't help in any game I played during the beta so I would like to know specificity what they are for and how they help. Also when setting off the fire crackers it goes right into animation. i feel like that animation should be faster. Like it should only take less than 5 secs to set off some firecrackers and then THROW them in the distance to distract Jason. 7) the car is SUPER. Sensitive it's like none of the counselors have driving license and wreck easily lol. I still think the driving should be some what difficult but a little more so. However , if there is a perk to drive better that's great too!:-) 8) hoping in the full game you can improve stamina and stealth with perks. meaning instead of 5/10 stamina for Kenny you can make it say 8/10 stamina. 9) I don't think you should be able to spectate Jason in private or public matches because if I am in private chat I could tell others where he is at OR help Jason in finding others. 10) when the counselors get super scared and the screen goes really dark is TERRIFYING!! Lol but I would like it if there could be a perk to were the screen is less dark. 11) Jason's sense and shift should be tweaked definitely. I think Jason should have a longer cool down time for sense or not be able to see the counselors glow in red. i feel as if Jason should only be able to see the house red and be able to see noise maker at a greater distance with sense. Not to found of the shift maybe Jason could just.... have a burst of speed or something like that. 12) It is nice to see more environmental kills but because counselors can easily get away when Jason is trying to find one make make the breakaway more longer for certain counselor characters with low strength. 13) Tommy doesn't seem much like a hero in the game. when i was lucky enough to get Tommy it felt like a was just as scared as the others even with a gun. i would also like to see maybe Tommy could pick up more ammo for his gun because it seems unlikely that hes an option to win the game but only comes with one shot. 14) hiding in this game is useless in some situations and not in others. For example, if jason was chasing someone else and i hid he did not worry about me but if i hid and he came in the house he could find me because of my breathing. i get that the counselors would be scared and hyper ventilate but maybe holding breathe longer ? NEW THINGS I PERSONALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE: 1) I feel like there should be away for all the counselors to escape at once lol ummm might be stupid. But like they have to get gas, battery and maybe like a tire or two for a van and all escape at once. Of course the van should be more difficult to find meaning not marked on the map. And instead of one gas canister you have to find a big gas canisters the spawns randomly and there's only one. 2) Jason's mother Pamela as a playable killer. 3) more counselor characters added in dlc 4) maybe being able to get food or something to build stamina back up quicker or health. 5) added a new items to help like something other than health spray and stuff. 6) making repairing phone and car more difficult. 7) having the option in a private match to not have a time limit as well as no map.
  15. Ok so I know this would be a bit of a long shot and it would be its own discussion with whoever owns the rights to Nightmare on Elm Street, but wouldn't it be great to have a complely seperate game mode with another human controlling Freddy?! It could be a 1V1 deal with the last mass murderer standing wins, or it could be its own game mode variation of the current base game with more councilers, and an additional goal for Jason to kill Freddy and vise versa. Councilers would need to escape or kill both killers, and Freddy and Jason would have to try to kill more councilers than the other or survive the longest depending on the bravery and sucess of the councilers.
  16. Hey guys! Check out our new Friday The 13th Facebook fan page! - Danny