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Found 1 result

  1. Driving up to a building with a single desctructable door is starting to become an issue. Instead of using the vehicle to escape, some players are choosing to just block the door of a single destrucable door building, and wait out the timer. This not only pisses off Jason, but it also pisses off the other players. My idea to eliminate this is 2 fold. FIrst off, if any part of vehicle is within n distance (say 5 feet?) of any destructible door, of any building, and Jason is within say 10-15 feet of that vehicle, then Jason should immediately enter, and remain in, Rage mode, if he already isn't in Rage mode. This is the first part of the penalty for making Jason ANGRY! The second part involves making the vehicle completely destructible in a brilliant explosion. As long as the vehicle is within the specified distance to the destructible door, Jason should have the ability to trigger an explosion that totally destroys the vehicle by blasting it into small pieces that can kill counselors, as the pieces fly away from "ground-zero". Walls, trees, and rocks should offer protection from the flying debris, but this is the penalty for mis-use of the vehicle. Also, the trigger should have a 10 second countdown timer, to allow counselors to get away. This would be a great mechanic, and penalty for pissing off Jason.