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Found 12 results

  1. So 3 smaller variant maps of the existing maps. I'll hold out on a final opinion on these until I play on them. But I wont get my hopes up.
  2. Hello, Thx for the great game (dont even expected this), so far i play on xbox one and try to calm down my self from very often crash during the game online. What i wanna ask if any plans for dlc for money, free, any? maybe new maps or new jasons? Any hope to get later in future dlc savani jason? Thank you:) p.s. waiting patch for xbox one
  3. I recognize that it's unlikely they will tell us here but- when is new content arriving? DLC, maps, Jasons, maybe counselors? The only news recently is that there will be no Pamela and that's the exact opposite of when new content is coming. The game has seen a steady decline, mostly due to server issues and exploits but once you get past those you find how little the game has to offer. It's fun, but repetitive and there's very little incentive to grind past Level 31.
  4. So this is a mode where they add a bunch of trap options for jason. Such as snares, dead falls, pungi sticks, trip wires, etc. OFFLINE MODE(SET UP) Everybody can go through each map and set traps as Jason in an offline mode and then save the map. Number of traps and trap types can be purchased with cp. (should probably have some limit) Placing of jump scares can be purchased with cp. (bodies, random NPC popping up, etc) ONLINE MODE(PLAY) Then in the online mode it's just like normal play except if you are Jason your traps and whatever else load into the map you are playing on. Also, there would be increased ways to disarm traps, but I haven't thought about that yet This would be a cool way to keep you on your toes, because after a few games you basically know what to expect an it is right now. It would be like a creative hard mode. There would obviously be some restrictions. Probably no traps in randomly spawned buildings or camp grounds, places like the barn and static houses would be ok. Trees don't move, atleast I don't think they do so trapping trees and paths should be alright. Obviously there are things that would have to be worked out but I think you get the idea.
  5. All of this Packanack Lodge roof climbing sure ruins the game a lot. Two games in a row I noticed a bunch of people running on the main house roof the entire game. One thing that I thought of, and could reduce roof glitches, is adding ladders on both Packanack and Higgins Haven stages. I am sure that this has been mentioned before on different threads but as I can see it, this is a step in the right direction. Both counselors and Jason should be able to climb ladders, and Jason could even use shift on ladders too.
  6. All the maps are randomized which is good. Its just not as random as I envisioned before release. I think my biggest gripe is the cabin locations. They are the same depending on the map with no variation in their locations. I was under the impression that cabins would be in different locations but they are the same every game. Yes item spawn are random and I think are perfect right now. But cabins being in the same place every game kinda blows for me.
  7. What about if you have a map, & you encounter an item like a generator, phone, the shack, etc, the map puts the symbol on your map?
  8. I have some ideas for future dlcs for f13 :jason .jason x after the nenobots rebuilt him Weapon- machete Abilitys positive-destruction,grip strength,sense Abilitys negative- can't run,morph,swim speed :Jason 2009 remake hockey mask Weapon-machete Abilitys positive- can run,swim speed,morph Abilitys negative- grip strength,shift, :Kills Head twist-one quick 360 degree twist like from freddy v Jason Body split compatible with part 3,8,9-split down the middle with the axe Enviormental that helps Jason Motor kill-if you have the motor in the boat as Jason you turn it on and out the consulars body on it and slice them breaking the motor Maps Yacht from part 8 Space ship from Jason x Hospital? Special consulars Alice-Abilitys - spawns with a map,car keys,walkie,machete Forgot her name but,the girl from part 7 Abilities-since she has mind powers she can hear everyone on the map,walkie or not,spawns with keys,map Leave feedback please and thanks for reading
  9. So I've been making a Starcraft map, original Starcraft. Everything should be set and ready to go; triggers are ready and should be working. Bases are built, locations for AI are set. And yet, when I start the map using the correct settings, I am only met with a completely black map. Not sure what I did wrong. Is this a common issue?
  10. 1 WEATHER - It would be scury to have stormy weather with lightning!!! Maybe lightning even striking jason back to life? Snow! Fog! AND MORE!!! 2 DIFFERENT MAPS - the cruise ship from chapter 8 (fixing a life boat instead of car), space ship (fixing escape pod), VOORHEES MANSION MAYBE? 3 ITEMS - lots and lots of items to make a game go OOF!!! MORE THINGS TO ATTACK JASON WITH - electrocution, fire, hand gun, and more!!!! Wearing Pamela's blue sweater to control Jason. Wearing the necklace from the remake to confuse Jason. 4 MORE GAME MODES: COPS LOOKING FOR JASON LIKE PART 6 - See if the cops can take jason out before he takes them out! The dagger from jason goes to hell - find it and stab jason to make demons grab him and send him to hell!!! Swat team from Jason Goes to Hell. ETC. 5 LAST MAN STANDING - In every friday the 13th movie, the last person manages to have a furious battle with Jason. Let's bring that into the game! The last man standing can get more weapons and items for a more intense final match! 6 MAKING LOVE - to increase health and stamina but, at the same time, Jason can since this! 7 JUMP SCARES - make the game 10x scary with horrifying jump scares (with the jump scare sound bits): Example: Maybe dead bodies falling from the trees, cats jumping out, etc. 8 MELEE - I know that it's impossible to take on Jason but it may have its benefits: helping your friends escape, distracting Jason, etc. I know it will probably be like that guy in chapter 8 on the rooftop but dang it, sometimes I just want to stop running and punch Jason in the face or kick him in the nuts! Could be a good laugh or could be a good sacrifice. P.S I'm surprised that you can't get 'kissy with other campers' Jason can smell that from a mile away! Also, WHERE IS THE SONG, "THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK"? by alice cooper.
  11. Any chance of having a Jason skin based off the 2009 remake? Or some skins for the counsellors/a new counsellor type based of the 2009 remake, or even a map based around the 2009 film? I was thinking the 2009 Jasons unique weapon could be the bow and arrow as they established he was a master archer at one point in the film! Though he could easily also use either a machette or an axe as he also used those in the film!
  12. Will there be multiple maps in the game, like of camps or locations from the movies or just made up ones, or will there just be one big map? Also, will the maps or map have different weather scenarios each time you play like at random the map could have rain, fog, or just a clear night? The game looks great though and no matter what map sitation it looks like a blast either way!