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Found 3 results

  1. Well, we've all experienced it; Jason chasing a councelor around the same table or, to a lesser extent, windows, making the game look more like an episode of Fawlty Towers than a horror game, and also really boring to watch for all the deceased characters players. How about if a prolonged close proximity to Jason leads to: even greater risk of stumbling even a risk or falling(!!!) even faster loss of endurance, wonkier steering? This way, extended proximity to Jason will be deadlier, creating less feeling of control for the councelors. - Feelings of too much control in a horror game takes away the fear imo.
  2. No idea if this belongs in this forum section... I've run into folks looping the archery range platform a few times now. Without knives or traps it can go on indefinitely.
  3. First off this will be my first post, I won't bother with the introduction section for now. I preordered the game before the beta but my old computer was not good enough, I ended up giving away my other beta keys to random people on twitch. But now I have a new computer and I'm having beta withdrawals even though I never actually played it. Before I get on with the suggestions i have I would like to say that some of them are things that I imagine would be added further down the line when the game has been out for awhile and hopefully have been very successful. If the popularity of the beta on twitch is any indicator I think that saying that the game will do "just fine" is an understatement. Imho this game has the potential to become one of the top 5 games on twitch, which is currently almost always occupied by massive competitive games with huge pricepools for their tournaments. So, like I said I'm assuming the game does really well, and my suggestions are based on this. Some of my ideas have already been brought up many times by others, or might infact already be in the game just that we don't know it yet, anyway here it goes.. 1. Weapons The addition of throwing knifes for the Jason arsenal is very welcome and something I excepted to see. But I think there needs to be more, when I saw the beartraps I thought that Jason would be able to use them aswell, this would be nice for the full release, just make them invisible for counselors if placed by Jason, make Jason unable to trigger them if he placed them himself and make him unable to place them inside cabins. Also Jason should be able to pick up secondary weapons aswell, like hatchets, hunting knifes, bow & arrow, the harpoon gun, etc. Make the hatchets and knifes throwable aswell. The more lethal ranged weapons could be very effective but have very low ammo, like the harpoon gun having just a single shot. What also came to mind for me in the jason6 reveal was that I would love to see Jason throw the spear and unsheet his machete as a secondary starting weapon. Ofc a throwable spear would most likely be very OP and make the other "big" weapons UP unless they were throwable aswell, and at that point Jason just becomes far too OP. But with that said I would still love to see Jason be able to switch between two starting weapons, like the spear and the machete. 2. Looping/infinites This subject ties into many aspects of the game, I'll try to get my point across without detracting too much. Jason should be able to chop through the wooden fences, I saw some counselor players in the beta looping around the car, tables in the cabins, the car, etc. With the fences the issue is quite easily resolved with a number of different approaches, letting Jason destroy the fences being the major one. This would eventually leave no more fence for the counselor to loop around. As for the tables, maybe you could let Jason destroy them aswell, although that might be quite a challenge with all the wooden bits that go flying (I remember seeing the *wooden-plank-stuck-on-Jasons-head* bug more than once) and the fact that it wouldn't be very realistic, perhaps Jason should just be able to scale over the tables and jump down on the other side to solve this problem, but that still leaves the car, which ties into the next subject.... 3. Fear and stamina I suspect the devs are already looking into this in some shape or form, I've also seen it mentioned by other posters in their threads. The counselors should trip more. In the beta it was just a mild stumble, that stumble needs to have the chance/risk to evolve into a fullblown faceplant, with some sort of button tapping to get out of the animation faster. This feature should be most at play when a counselor is out/very low on stamina aswell as having a high fear level. This feature, together with stuff like Jason being able to break fences, the broken window mechanic, and now also having ranged weapons will most likely eliminate looping all together in this game (even around the car). Besides, this game is literally based on horror movie tropes. How scared would we be if our poor counselors didn't trip and fall atleast sometimes. 4. Maps! Something every F13 fan asks themselves at some point is: Exactly how big is Crystal lake anyway? I'd imagine the lake to be atleast big enough to have five maps around it. Although who knows, maybe the current three maps promised for release already covers all of it, but I honestly doubt that. The locations around the lake from the movies, as far as I remember are: Camp Crystal lake, Packanack lodge, Higgins haven, the area from part IV with the Jarvis house, and the area from part VII and VIII, isn't it even implied that the Lazarus takes off for New York from Crystal lake itself? Anyway, the point I wanted to make, and probably the main reason why I finally decided to write my ideas down in this thread is this: +water speed Ever since I saw that perk/strength for Jason7 I have been thinking about this idea, I want to see a much more waterbased map but still with the crystal lake setting, (in other words, not the possible future maps like the Lazarus/New York harbour) I want to see decent sized ISLAND incorporated into a crystal lake map. Islands in Crystal lake has never been confirmed in the movies but it hasn't been denied either, not using good sized island in atleast one map is a waste of potential imo. I even made my own example map in paint lol. The setting I had in mind for this map would be from part VII & VIII, since that area already had that "Wooden dock" kinda feel. Somewhere around Tina's house and also assumingly close to where the Lazarus took off. Ofc this map of mine is just my idea on an island based map, and with the recent concept art release for Jason8 I'd think they are probably already working on a map with the part 7/8 setting. So this might be redundant, but atleast you'll get the idea I had in mind. The map only features the most basic stuff, the land, the water, the islands aswell as the bridges connecting some of them, I didn't bother with houses, cabins, barns and so on, you can vision those placed around the map on your own. I did however include a guesstimation of where I think the general direction of the other locations around the lake are, based on what I could gather from the maps visable in the beta. I think I remember the Camp crystal lake map from the very early footage having what seemed like a southeast location. This is all just for funzies ofc. Anyway, here it is: https://s30.postimg.org/4x8vkua5t/crystal_lake.jpg Other than this, I would also love to see a "crystal lake town" kinda map, away from the lake. The area where Alice had her appartment(?) and where that grocery store from part III was. 5. Even MORE players Yes, Jason demands more blood. As I stated in the beginning some suggestions would be for way down the line. This is one of them. I think the addition of being able to have even more counselors in a game is something that I REALLY want to see, the more, the merrier, to a certain extent of course. But perhaps the bigger maps like Camp crystal lake itself could have a max of something like 12-14 counselors, and smaller maps like Higgins haven had a max of say, 9 counselors. Perhaps this could also tie into some general balancing and game rules, based on what the host/players want. Like for example if Jason is playing against only 7 counselors he'll start with his basic equipment, maybe this includes the throwing knifes maybe it doesn't (starting with them might be a perk for Jason). But say he goes up against as many as 12-14. Then he could start with some additional weapons like extra throwing knifes, a secondary throwable weapon like say the hatchet I suggested, or maybe even the harpoon gun. I'm rambling abit here but I just think that having the ability to play with more than 7 counselors per game would be a really nice addition, assuming that is is balanced correctly. 6. Tommy Jarvis I know Tommy has maxed out stats, but what still bothers me is that he is still so scared of random dead people. This mechanic should be removed from Tommy imo, since he is there to help the counselors, and know what he is getting into, he can still scream when chased by Jason, he can still comment when seeing a dead person ("Who is that? Ugh, I can't look..") but I don't think he should react like the other counselors when seeing someone dead. Also I think that Tommy should spawn in with a double barrel shotgun, the other findable shotgun stays the same. That's all for now, I hope to see you all ingame when the game finally comes out, I can't wait!!