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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm bothered with something in the game that should be added from the beginning, I mean not having the option to report players what makes the game a land without law, I also suggest that you put banishment to prevent players from going crazy during the match or when Jason is performing an execution, in addition to Jason losing points and number of deaths leaves the game boring and with few players, give m a time ban for example: dropped once (15 minutes), second time ( 30 minutes) third time (1 hour) and so on I further strongly suggest that when Jason picks up the monitor and presses the button to perform his death, the death already here for Jason's accountant is when he performs the execution, because you expect Jason to finish the execution so he gives him death! result: many weeping and idiot players get angry because they die and leave the game during jason's execution leaving Jason with no points so you should put the punctuation right when Jason presses the button to kill. Thank you for your attention and I hope the game improves.
  2. Hello. I'm on PS4 and been trying to get the trophy using all the Jason kills. I haven't found a list at all, and found someone on Steam saying theirs 58 total kills. Wondered if anyone has a list? Cause since people tend to leave if killed in a public match, which makes the kill not even count. I wouldn't even know what kills I've lost. Thanks. Also Credit for Helping Suggesting Kills 1. VixanXV Here's a list of Kills for Jason to Use for Non Weapon and Environmental Kills Notes: * Not confirmed or unsure. ** Same kill, but different. [Level] Map Name Tom Savini's Jason DLC isn't needed for Trophy. Grappling Non Weapon Kills Back Breaker Bear Hug Body Slam Head Rip Choke Eye Gouge Head Crush Head Punch Head Squeeze Head Stomp Heart Punch Jaw Rip Knee Snap Neck Twist Two Handed Choke Known Weapon Kills Jason Part 3 Crotch Chop Head Chop Stunner Jason Part 9 How to Peel a Coconut Chest Stab Head Chop Decapitate Jason Part 8 Doubletap Chin Strike Fireaxe Throw Jason Part 6 Knock Down Spear Impale Shishkebab Jason Part 2 Canopener Throat Hack Headbutt Jason Part 7 Eviscerate Dismember Machete Stab Known Kills for Environments Corner Kill (Desk, Rock, Packanack Porch, Higgins Haven Porch, Tombstone and Pinball Machine)** Toilet Tree Stump Big Tree (Impaling) Small Tree (Pruning) Window Drowning Cabin Wall (Backbreaker) Cabin Wall (Face Slam) Repair Shop (Face Slam) [Crystal Lake]** Coat Hooks Bed (Need to Do With Each Jason with Different Weapon?)* Outhouse Cupboard/Closet Fireplace (Inside Building) Chair Graveyard Fence [Higgins Haven] Door Slam Campfire Water Pump Barn Fence [Higgins Haven] Wall Inside Cabin** Bird Bath Tent (Sleeping Bag) Boat Kill (Tip Boat then Drown Counselor)(Torpedo Badge) Other Kills Bear Trap Weapon of Choice (Jason's Prime) Throwing Knives Unconfirmed Kills A Kill Is Glitched. We Don't KNOW Which One OR Ones.
  3. I know at the moment the devs are planning to continue adding more Jasons into the game. Eventually they will run out of Jasons to add. Granted I'm sure that won't happen for a long time however do you think it would be a good idea for them to add original killers of their creation? I know it's a Friday the 13th game however I feel new killers could add another layer to the game . So what are your thoughts?
  4. Can you just give Jason the kill? I have killed at least 3 Counselors who were hiding and none of them counted towards my badge, and it forces me to finish the animation. Please at least count the kills towards badges even if the counselor leaves. It is really frustrating when this happens. A good Idea is a counselor in Jason's sights leaves the game it should count as a kill for Jason. Maybe call it a Heart Attack.
  5. @GunMedia_Ben @Randygbk @wes We know that more mocap was done specifically for the single player. Now if Kane Hodder is in a mocap suit, my guess is it's for more kills. My question is will we see these kills transferred over to the multiplayer as well? I don't mean to pry, but the amount of grab kills is lackluster. If there is more kills in SP I see no reason why those couldn't be transferred over to MP. I'd just like confirmation on this before I get my hopes up.
  6. I was thinking about one of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campain: The Mirror Smash. If I am not mistaken, it was actually reached. But i do not think I have seen any mirror smash kills in the game, was the idea scrapped?
  7. In honor of my first 7/7 as Jason (despite ironically me calling for the counselors to try to kill me) tonight, tell me y'alls first time killing all seven counselors.
  8. I was giving some thought to new context kills and I was thinking we could sure use more for interactive objects. Jason can smash someone's head in the door or throw them out the window, but I'd love to see more. Ideas: 1) Using an active power generator to electrocute a counselor (results in the generator breaking and power going out). 2) Change the context kill for windows a bit. If the window is closed the counselor gets thrown through, if not, Jason rams their throat down repeatedly on the window sill. This may alleviate the whole, "how does getting tossed out of an open window on the first floor kill me?" 3) Add a hacksaw at the tool shed on Crystal lake and in the barn at Higgins. Saw across the throat and head twist a la Axle in Part IV? 4) A meat cleaver in the kitchen areas? A cleaver to the head may in in order. 5) Ramming a counselor face first through a wardrobe hiding area. Destroys the hiding area. Same for out houses. 6) Hold a counselor against a breakable wall then pulverize them repeatedly until they smash through it.
  9. As many people want more fatalities using new weapons, environmentals or just with his hands/feet. I was thinking how it be great to do a fatality type based on what weapon/item the player was holding his their hands. I think it be awesome if Jason would use flare gun in the person mouth or take the battery and smash it over the players head repeatably etc. Just to keep it balanced though, nothing gets broken/used. it falls to the ground once it is used or another player could pick up that item before Jason gets to use it. The list of death ideas could go on and on... Any fatalities ideas people want to see? I personally hope they add more widow type of kill based on what state the widow is in (Close/Broke/Open) because I know many people complain about getting thrown through a opened window seems lame.
  10. So yeah Paul Phoenix is back at it again,he made a NES skin for Jason and showing different Jason kills trough the point of view of the victim. Also as you can see,it is possible to give any weapons and killing animations to any of the Jason models,so anyone who tought it wasnt possible have been proven wrong. And here's a bonus video from Paul Phoenix...
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here so I'm sure you all probably read this a thousand times already. My wishlist: - Roy Burns Jason - preferably with a hedge shears kill. - NES color themed Jason - Classic 8bit retro music as he hunts you down. - Jason X - nuff said - Freddy vs. Jason - Jason with dreamscape Crystal Lake from the film - Grendel Spaceship map - Manhattan!! - A bigger barn environment, maybe with a spike trap like in F13 V - A Wheelchair Camper - Flaming machete kill - Buried alive or dead cemetery kill - Being able to throw bodies through windows to increase fear.
  12. Hey Guys its FlameRiderSD i got one thing to Say and that some of the kills are.....Not fatal.... These kills don't actually finish a person off and would at most leave them badly wounded Jaw Rip as its not actually killing them yet Fire axe to the jaw is the same thing Leg Breaker just because you break the leg does not mean they are dead this ones the biggest one Tree arm rip kill this wouldn't kill instantly these kills aren't fatal unless you consider blood loss but that still takes awhile at most this would make them badly wounded these kills needs a update for example Make the fire axe kill updated where after you ripp the jaw off you use the blade end to hit them in the head or decapitate them leave a commet on kills you think should be updated to be fatal this is FlameRiderSD signing out
  13. Hey guys its FlameRiderSD i like to talk about kills the Friday the 13th franchise has so many kills its hard to count but its around 130+ (not encluding possessed or other killers) we should try and add as many kills as possible to the game honestly and i got some ideas for kills Double Axe Kill you could try and add the remake kill excluding the throwing axe as it was a good kill in my opinion have Jason Slam the axe into him then he picks him up and slams him into the ground making the axe go through him then he turns him around and pulls it out Machete Kill This is a unique kill i though of have Jason Slash the counselers throat then he slams the machete between the eyes but if you could honestly do it it be cooler if he slashed the stomach making entrails come out i think we should also atleast have Machete decapitation kill try having him grab by the head then slice his head off he looks at the head then throws it to the side if you do add entrails to my first machete kill add a throat slice kill were he slashes the throat making the counselor hold his throat then kick him to the ground leaving him to die Lastly of the machete kills add a machete throw kill as he has done it before in the JVF And JVFVA comic where he lets them run away then throws the machete walks up to them and pulls it out Grab Kills add the 360 head twist kill from part 6 were he makes them knee and twists there head 360 degrees then rips it off as it was technically a decapitation add a kill were he grabs them lifts them in the air with one hand and he grabs them in the face with his other hand and breaks his neck similar to the part 7 kill where he does it from behind then he drops them Refrigerator kill make it he has to bring them to a refrigerator in a kitchen like in Higgins and he slams there head with the door until they die i know there's the door kill but it would be nice add a powerbox kill either like in Part 3 and 8 via throwing them on it, Jason X via repeatedly slamming into control box or like JvF were he literately slams there face into the box this is a pretty classic kill and i hope its added add a car kill were you pick them up and lift the hood then repeatedly use the hood to bash there heads open then throw them out of the hood (To not cause problems with the hood) and thats it leave kill ideas here if you have any This is FlameRiderSD signing out
  14. I have some ideas for future dlcs for f13 :jason .jason x after the nenobots rebuilt him Weapon- machete Abilitys positive-destruction,grip strength,sense Abilitys negative- can't run,morph,swim speed :Jason 2009 remake hockey mask Weapon-machete Abilitys positive- can run,swim speed,morph Abilitys negative- grip strength,shift, :Kills Head twist-one quick 360 degree twist like from freddy v Jason Body split compatible with part 3,8,9-split down the middle with the axe Enviormental that helps Jason Motor kill-if you have the motor in the boat as Jason you turn it on and out the consulars body on it and slice them breaking the motor Maps Yacht from part 8 Space ship from Jason x Hospital? Special consulars Alice-Abilitys - spawns with a map,car keys,walkie,machete Forgot her name but,the girl from part 7 Abilities-since she has mind powers she can hear everyone on the map,walkie or not,spawns with keys,map Leave feedback please and thanks for reading
  15. I feel like it would be a nice touch if for the bird bath kill Jason would slam the top back on after knocking of a counselors head. It feels a little funny just leaving it on the ground.
  16. Note: Pamela, Roy, , JTGH Possessions, and Jason's Demise are included The Remake Is Not
  17. The window kill is pretty awesome to say the least, like any other amazing scenes in the game, but there is a flaw. The thing that disturbs me is when the window is wide open and then Jason throws the player through it. Why would this kill the player? It makes more sense if your on a 2 story house or if the window is closed. So my suggestion is this. Make a kill, if possible, that when the window is open Jason will do something different than the toss. Something along the lines of a face slam into the window, or closing the window on their neck. Something like that. I know this is out there, but it would definitely beat getting thrown through an empty space and ending up dead as if the glass cut the player. Thanks
  18. I was surprised by the small amount of kills. It was really built up that there would be a ton. Not including environmental kills, there's really not much- especially spread out between the six base Jasons. Are the more coming? Maybe as a DLC or something?
  19. I have a question about the grab kills. I know grab is LT, but how do I initiate the kill
  20. As Jason, once they grab you, most people just mash the button to get the choke kill instantly because it's the quickest and most reliable way to kill someone. Here's how to fix that. For the first 30% of the struggle meter, Jason cannot use a grab kill but environmental kills can be used immediately. This way, Jason has a moment to walk over to the contextual location and the counselor has a glimmer of hope of getting out of the grip. This also fixes the issue of "+/-Grip Strength" currently meaning nothing, because the Grip Strength stat has no bearing on gameplay at all if Jason can spam the 1,2,3,4/ABXY kill buttons to get an instakill regardless of grip strength. EDIT: Oops, sorry I just saw another thread with the same general topic. Jpops, if you want to merge the threads, please do.
  21. As of the Beta(and most likely the current build of the game), Jason could have 4 kills pre-selected for use in a match. During a match, the Jason player would press one of the ABXY or 1234 buttons to use a grab kill. While there are plenty of environmental kills to keep things fresh, often times the same few kills would be used and seen over and over again because it was often more reliable for Jason to mash 1234/ABXY than to walk over to an environment kill area and risk allowing the counselor to go free. My suggestion to increase the variety of kills seen in a match is to allow Jason to have 8 kills equipped for use in a match. How would this be done you ask? Easy: After grabbing a counselor, by default the first 4 kills are shown on the player's screen. Then, when the "Run/Fast Walk" button is pressed(this was SHIFT on a keyboard, it would be the equivalent button on a controller), or perhaps another appropriate button, a second overlay replaces the first 4 kills with 4 more kills selected from the Jason character select menu. I believe this is a simple and easy addition to the game that hopefully can be added in the first round of updates. If in the final game each Jason first starts with fewer than 8 kills, then the second overlay would have only as many kills as would then be currently available.
  22. Figured we could make this little thread to toss out our own ideas for future Jason kills. Who knows, maybe some of us are just as twisted in mind as the Great Savini. I'll get the ball rolling. Jason 6 Kills Impaling: Inspired by the notorious Vlad the Impaler, this kill involves Jason hitting a councilor so they have their back to him. He then uses the pike to perform the world's most painful rectal breach, shoving it all the way up out their mouth, and then puts the person ka-bob in the ground, leaving it there gurgling the rest of the match. Impaling 2 Jason sticks the pike in the ground point end to the sky, does that gorilla press on a councilor and slams them on the pike, leaving them stuck there impaled. Alternatively, he can do the same thing as above but in reverse, or simply spike them chin first into the pike, letting them slowly slide down. Axe Kills The Heimlich Maneuver: This can be performed with any axe. Jason flips the wood end around and shoves it right down a councilor's throat. The axe blade is left hanging out the mouth as they sit there on there knees. As Jason starts to walk off, he stops, turns, and Mongo smacks the axe head, splitting the head. I know, I'm a sick guy. Feel free to add you're own.
  23. So looking back on the beta so... so many months ago. I fondly remember the water kill, I love how it's so quick and powerful and a devastating instant kill to anyone ..."lucky"...? enough to experience Jason's loving embrace. But I did find a little bit lacking, I'm not sure if it will be improved on release but here were a couple thoughts I'd had on the subject. 1. Glub Glub! So, aside from a gasp as Jason ambushes you, there is little else to the kill. Being the dramatic psycho our lovable killer is, maybe add a bit more sound to the kill! Like a gurgled scream from under the water, like Sondra's kill from VII that slowly fades before the 'You Have Died' marker comes up. 2. Blood in the Water: Speaking of going with the show, for some a simple drown and you're out thing might be a little too un-showy. Maybe make a second kill option to slaughter your victim under the water. You still go down as you did before, but this time make the water darken in blood. 3. Don't Rock the Boat: This one I'm coming at because we haven't really seen much in way of how Jason would get his victims escaping by boat. In the short, we could see Deborah get grabbed out of the boat, but she's all by herself. Now, is this like driving where the other person then needs to grab the motor and motor? What happens when there's more than one person in the boat? Maybe have it so Jason can bop the boat to try and knock the counselors out all at once, then they have to decide if they want to swim for shore or turn the boat over and try to escape again while Jason's swimming around them like a hungry shark. 4. Such a Cut-Up! This one could work on either side; maybe a way to defend yourself against Jason is by sacrificing your escape speed and timing it so you hit him with the propeller; it could stun him for a few seconds like the pocket knife and give you a chance to continue the escape. Now something like that I think should only be usable once per boat, but still. On the other hand, maybe the boat's motor could serve as a kill too. Like Jason dragging someone off the boat will have a chance to shove that person into the motor, maybe disabling the boat? 5. All Ashore... Now I know it's been discussed that Jason wouldn't have time to drag bodies around the map, but unless he leaves by morph, maybe he could at least drag his drowned victim to the shore. (If he Morphs out the body could just wash up on shore) but it would definitely get the scare factor in to have a face frozen in drowning lying on the shore when people are trying to sneak around Jason. So what do you guys think? Good ideas? Bad ideas? What would improve these ones for ya?
  24. A few kills i would like to see are; Jimmy's death from part 4, maybe if you grab a counselor you could press E/A/X on a kitchen counter. Another cool one could be the "Spear Flip" kill from part 6 where Jason stabs the counselor and flips him over his head, (Would obviously be a kill for J6)