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Found 8 results

  1. new game that is a hell of alot alike F13, and even in interview said the killer sees in first person, much like somewhere they said the single player in F13 might have. They said in interview,"we don't care about your meter and if the player is scared." WOW... I feel kind've disrespected.
  2. You all ruined Jason take him back to b4 the patch he sucks atm and it's a really no fun to play him atm.
  3. I looked at the games soundtrack and it lists the following songs apart of it... He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) Friday The 13th XIII Live Before I Die Killer Summer of Heat (feat. Kristine) He's Back (The Man Behind The Mark) obviously plays during the credits and all of the other songs plays on the radio while in-game when those are turned on and switching through songs, however, for some reason Killer is not apart of that playlist. For the record I play on the PS4 and have no idea if that song does play on PC or Xbox. I have seen people say that Killer is indeed apart of the playlist for the in-game radio but never actually heard it play while in the game myself. Apart from the four songs listed above the other random song is simply an instrumental part of a song(no idea what it's called) with guitar/bass and drums playing from what I can tell. I actually made a video with the song in question... I'm really hoping that this song can actually be added apart of the in-game radios playlist because it is such a good song and is perfect for this game.
  4. I know at the moment the devs are planning to continue adding more Jasons into the game. Eventually they will run out of Jasons to add. Granted I'm sure that won't happen for a long time however do you think it would be a good idea for them to add original killers of their creation? I know it's a Friday the 13th game however I feel new killers could add another layer to the game . So what are your thoughts?
  5. Hello girls and guys this is my first post and I happened to do a survey to know that new killer would like to have on Friday 13th the video game, if they have an idea that does not appear in the survey please comment, you can use pictures and drawings , Even designs created by you that you would like to be added to the game. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey
  6. I know it's Friday the 13th and its associated around Jason voorhees, but I think the game could have Much higher potential if you bring more killers in, such as Michael Myers, and make another game mode or put 2 killers in a huge map which could fight each other or work together to kill others. I feel this idea is far fetched, but could improve gameplay
  7. Hello , When I play Jason or another killer, my spells are ready to be use but I cant use them. I try every keybord's keys but anything work. What do I have To do ? Is it normal? Bonjour , quand je joue Un tueur (Jason ect.. ) je peux pas lancer de sort quand ils sont prĂȘt , aucune des touches me permet d'utiliser des sorts.. comment faire svp ? Cordialement
  8. Well, it's no surprise that the game relies on F13 universe. But why not think past that? . If the movies added some other characters like freddy , why not add some into the game? I just want to see opinions about it . I would really love to see ,( I REPEAT, IN THE FUTURE) ,DLC's like Jason VS Myers DLC' with new map Lampkin Lane , Jason VS Leatherface DLC , Jason VS Ghostface , etc. The list may go on. So, what's your opinion guys? Don't you think this will add alot more freshness and potential to the game? Also, let's say some killers licenses will be pretty expensive to buy. Devs could also come up with some killers that will bring some freshness to the game, not necesarilly known killers.