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Found 365 results

  1. This short clip clearly shows what's wrong with Jason after recent updates. He gets the same treatment from almost every counsellor. This is not Jason we all know and love from the movies.
  2. What do you think the next Jason/Map will be? I'm guessing Part 5 or Uber next, as they are on the Road Map labelled as 'New Jason', and we've got the rest.
  3. So yeah,it's been awhile since the game came out and i was wondering if the developpers will eventually add more than just Part 3 Jason model in the title/main menu ? Why ? Because... 1 - It is kinda getting boring to always see only Part 3 Jason model when you launch the game. 2 - It would be nice to also get upclose shots of the other Jasons,give us a better look at dem nice details. (eyegasm !!!) What do you guys think ? Should we have the other Jasons in the main menu ?
  4. I love playing Jason and would like to play against an experienced group of counselors. I am pretty good, but i'm looking to up my game. PSN is WoundCowboy
  5. Please make it harder to call the cops it's so frustrating as a Jason player to have a game where you just leave your cabin and the cops are on their way many games are like this and many people who play Jason simply quit. I also feel that their should be time added to the cops arrival to at least 9mins. There needs to be a 3rd step to the phone being fixed other then fuse install call cops. All the counselors can leave when cops are called that's more dangerous to Jason then even the car's or boat and it's to simple to just boom get fuse same house phone box call cops game over no fair. I feel also that the fuse always being in the same house or the house next to phone box is crazy unfair. Please do the following to cop phone 1.) Police arrival time 9mins 2.) Have fuse usually half or on other side of map most all games no same house or next door to phone box. 3.) Add a third step such as the phone needs a the phone line as well so you have to find the fuse fix the phone box and install the phone line to the phone in the house once you find the phone line. ( phone line such as line from phone to jack phone line also needs found as well. 4.) Undo the Jason nerfs esp with traps.
  6. Does anyone know any good game genie codes for this game?
  7. Those of us who have been here since launch and endured the haters, whiners, patching, and rage quitting will catch the references in each song. If you got some songs you think Jason might listen to then post'em up! ? Would love to see what people think of the game through song.
  8. I can't go of the way he was in a movie because well you know. I'm am going to go off how he looks in game. Destruction: try breaking down a door with a pitchfork. It's not easy I think it's stupid that part 6 can break down a door with the spear in like 5 hits but only 3 sometimes 2 hits to break down a door with the pitchfork? Shift: this Jason does not strike me as a Jason that can shift around a lot. It's said that Savini is supposed to be a power house and that he is slow. Being able to shift around every 10 seconds isn't exactly slow. Weapon strength: it's fine. now on to his weaknesses. grip strength: I don't understand why he doesn't have good grip strength. He looks like if he get his hands on you he is going to hold on tight. water speed: makes sense. Can't run: makes sense. I want to say what I think his stats should be. strengths: stun resistance weapon strength grip strength Weaknesses: cant run water speed Stalk What do you guys think Savini Jason's stats should be?
  9. The first one would makes sense for Jason X uber. Decreased rage timer. This would mean Jason's rage meter would increase faster while the match went on or when he is hit. The second one would be fear. This one would make sense for part 5 Roy. Counselors fear would increase faster when Jason is around. This would be good for part 5 because in the movie they were scared that Jason may have returned from the grave. Before finding out it was just a copycat.
  10. If not allowed admin please delete. Anyone else agrivated by spawn preference never working. I have Jason preferred and get him once every 10-12 games. My friends NEVER want to be Jason and select counselor. They get him like once in six or so games and I just don’t get it. Once we get dedicated servers could we have preference match where only one or two Jason preferds get in a game? And fix the counselor preference where they NEVER get Jason. Many people don’t like being Jason and quit as soon as they get picked. Thank you!
  11. I’m making this thread because this has been happening way too much lately and the past TWO games I finally FINALLY got to be Jason the action buttons on PS4, L2, R2, and X just stopped working randomly. All I could do is run around like an idiot and use my powers. This game is falling apart by the day. As broken as the preference mechanic is, to finally be chosen as Jason in my own lobby and have to put up with this horseshit is beyond irritating and a complete joke. This has happened for the 5th time now in the past 6 days and there’s no indicator as to what causes it. It happened after kills, being hit, being stunned, and morphing so there’s no way to narrow down what causes it. And he’ll yes I quit, I’m not playing a match so counselors can dance around for 20 minutes while the game is broken. THIS GAME IS FALLING APART. I’m so done with it. There are so many better games out right now anyway. Maybe I’ll pick it back up next Halloween. I’m sure by then dedicated servers will still be “coming soon” and Jason will be nerfed so bad he’ll have to ask for the counselors’ written consent before he kills them. Duces.
  12. I have idea if Jason leave the game The game dont stop and one counselors become jason and game continue
  13. They need to add a paint shop where you can make a mask for Jason that has special skin effects or mask paints like a county flag as his masl or anything like that so you can share and wear others paints no clothing changes though...
  14. They need to add a paint shop where you can make a mask for Jason that has special skin effects or mask paints like a county flag as his masl or anything like that so you can share and wear others paints no clothing changes though...
  15. I remember when there was only one map for the beta, now there’s 7. Also, I loved that little animation that counselors and Jason would make if they moved, or turned. I thought the breathing sounds you made if you crouch-walked was cool too. Also, do you guys remember that “Ability” prompt that was visible near the clothing? I wonder what that was used for. Another thing I liked was that you didn’t make a “grunt” noise if you went through a window, and that you had to hold E or A to open a window. Also the window opening noise didn’t match with the window movement. Ugh, I miss that so much. Oh, and if you were holding a weapon and you swapped that weapon for a different object, the weapon would do this little falling animation. I miss the beta alot! Post on here if you have anything else to say, or do whatever. Idc really Just wanted to share
  16. I’m not to great at shift grabbing yet. Are you supposed To grab instead of ending shift? Any other tips? Thank you!
  17. You all ruined Jason take him back to b4 the patch he sucks atm and it's a really no fun to play him atm.
  18. Anyone else seen the super cool previous limited edition Jason and thought wow I wish I had that. That’s me. I missed the initial limited edition. I can’t complain, because it’s my fault I missed it, however I think it would be cool to have a new limited edition Jason at some point. What does everyone else think?
  19. [Illfonic]Courier finally confirmed Part 7 Jason is being (or can be) reworked!
  20. Here's the images. I wanna say it's a glitch but the face in the last photo doesn't look like anything I've seen. The mask as well. What's everyone else's thoughts?
  21. So idk why this wasn't added in the first place, but why not add Jason grabbing people through windows, but the cost of being in stalk mode! Jason has grabbed people through windows before in the movies but why not in the game? Also what about another way of making peoples fear higher? like dragging a body and placing it somewhere? Good ideas? Let me know.
  22. Hello! I believe that in the game there is still a problem match fixing going on.When the players help Jason kill the other players. This is terribly annoying. There is no reporting system in the game, but even if it were, it is a fight against the consequences, not the cause. It is necessary to correct the situation fundamentally. What do I suggest: 1) Jason should not see the nicknames of the counselors over the heads of the characters. He should not know who he is chasing. 2) Players who are in collusion (who invite friend in one team) should be excluded from the selection of players for Jason. This is the main correction.Then we will be 99% sure that Jason is on his own, and the players may will be a partners. It would be fair. I think it can be done. At least, at least removing player nicknames. Thank you!
  23. Look:
  24. This page here tell in details what you need to know about the characters... I must say,even i am surprised,you would think that Ted was going to be a victim,also considering that he kinda make fun of Jason with the whole fake impersonation during the legend/firecamp prank,so you would think that Jason would be kind of p***** off at him if he was there spying on them when it happened,that Jason would make Ted the first on his killing list,but decision made Ted quite the lucky bastard,if indeed he did survive the events... What do you guys think about this ?
  25. With the right perks, Trolling Jason is too easy. For example i can just run around a table and he cant get me, his throwing knifes can be evaded simply by crouching behind a chair. His shift is just a matter of getting him stuck on terrain or a quick turn and to throw in some giggles, stun him when he gets annoyed and doesn't expect it. It's far more fun to get a Jason running around a table than escaping. He also cant trap inside. I have counted 9 rage quits by Jason players. Get a good Jason player and you can still waist his time long enough for everyone else to either escape or to get enough fun out of the troll. I don't even bother trying to escape anymore, it's uneventful in comparison. Councillor Perks can easily out tier Jason's abilities. If you would like proof of just how easy it is i can do a video in ANY game.