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Found 429 results

  1. Please make the stealth perks useful and also the characters with hight stealth are useless too because Jason can spam sense each 2 seconds, thats a little bit ridiculous, basically all kind of stealth perks and strenghts of some characters like A.J. Mason, Deborah Kim, Erik LaChappa, Jenny Myers and Tiffany Cox are useless in terms of stealth.
  2. So I have a question, that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to, I just want to make sure. Anyways, it's in regards to the 1000 matches as Jason and the counselor. I time to time, play on my girlfriends PS4, so I was just wondering, does the match counter just keep going from where I left off? Like if I played 100 matches on my PS4, then I went and played on hers, would that be match 101? I assume it's a yes, since levels and such are saved to the server, but I just wanted to make sure, so I don't have to worry about the Playstation I'm playing on haha! Thanks, any response is appreciated!
  3. Wouldn't it be neat if Counselor objectives were pre-trapped in addition to Jason's starting traps? It's kind of a no-brainer when you play as Jason to go around trapping all of the Counselor objectives first. I mean, in theory Jason already destroyed the Fuse box and cars - right? What if he also trapped them all before the start of the match. Cars = 1 -3 Chance for the fuel tank, engine, and/or drivers seat to be trapped. Fuse box = Trapped. Jason's Shack = Trapped. This gives Jason more time to focus on his objective and perhaps it will off set the extra health sprays and pocket knives. Just a random thought.
  4. Bugs that interfere with playing, look at the time! 3:42 Jason did not kneel down.
  5. While all of us Jason players do feel the sting of all the nerfs Jason has had to deal with it is a great feeling when you wipe the floor with a trash talker or arrogant counselor. Here is a match i had playing as Jason and the final counselor kill was so satisfying especially when he hops out a window and actually says "Later Fool". As soon as he said that my mind set was i don't think so buddy. Hope you guys like and would love to hear everyone's thoughts.
  6. This is very ridiculous... I was FAR from him. This happens to everyone I know with the car. Played on PS4.
  7. Hello, (I did not see a thread started, relating to what strategies are used for Jason since we all know he needs a buff or a downgrade from counselors) Strategy #1: Be honest...Do you Slash? How do you go about slashing your victims? Placing traps? Taking out Power? Throwing Knives? Strategy #2: Stalker...How often do you use it? Do you do the norm, placing traps, powerboxes, and throwing knives? How do you use stalk? Morph ahead of counselor and wait? let them run farther ahead, activate stalk then shift? Morph to...per say the phone? Activate stalk immediately and wait until they leave the cabin? Strategy #3: The Norm...or just kill people to relieve stress Strategy #4: Shifter...I would love to see someone actually get great grab kills after shifting nowa days. Do you have your own strategy that I didn't put down? (There is probably multiple) I usually mix Strategy #2 and #3. I love using Stalk to my advantage but I love making little kids scream and rage quit once I kill them. How do you go about juking? Will you slash until they are limping? Do you just get pissed and slash kill? Do you run away *wuss*?
  8. There is a chance to put the original "Friday the 13th" NES game as a DLC as a new game mode, with trophies or achievements?
  9. Part 2: strengths: stay the same. Weakness’s: grip strength, shift, less hit points. Part 3: strengths: stay the same. Weakness’s: stun resistance, rage build up, sense. Part 4: strengths: can run, weapon strength, defense. Weakness’s: traps, sense, shift. Part 6: strengths: throwing knifes, defense, sense. Weakness’s: destruction, can’t run, traps. Part 7: strengths: rage build up, grip strength, morph. Weakness’s: can’t run, defense, stalk. Part 8: strengths: Destruction, water speed, stun resistance. Weakness’s: stay the same. Part 9: strengths: stay the same. Weakness’s: less hit points, morph, can’t run. Savini: strengths: grip strength, stun resistance, fear build up. Weakness’s: can’t run, water speed, traps. This is what I think the Jason stats should be in the game. What stats do you think a Jason should have?
  10. Okay, I haven't seen anyone else post this; but I here's how we can fix Jason getting knocked around like a doll. To prevent Jason from being put into an infinite loop of stuns, Jason should get the following buffs. 1. Combat stance will keep Jason from being stunned entirely. However, blocking will negate damage. If Jason is in combat stance, he's obviously ready for a fight. If he's ready to fight, he's obviously ready to take a hit. Currently, the only way to negate stuns is by blocking, but fighting a swarm of counselors and trying to time your blocks and strikes is incredibly difficult. After all, only one good hit is all it takes to knock you down and let everyone else get away. If Jason doesn't block, but is in combat stance, he should still take damage. This way, blocking is still useful, but avoiding being stunned to hell and back will be much easier for Jason. 2. When Jason enters rage mode, the chance to be stunned should be reduced. He's already busting through walls; why would some wrench stop this powerhouse? Some people have suggested that he takes less damage, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Suggestions are always great. Any other thoughts? After I beat Jason around for a while with extreme ease, I felt like it was kind of sad. Jason is a king of horror, yet some Chad with a wrench is making him look like a bitch? That doesn't sound right to me.
  11. I had an idea where we should have a mode where it's the same as the current game but like all the chase music is off and the maps are darker and you need to use your flashlights to see where Jason's at. Yes it would be very OP but for horror nuts like myself it would be a lot of fun in the horror factor lol idea came to me while watching some of the Alpha gameplay today. What do you guys think?
  12. While we wait for the next patch, i have been contemplating what the next patch will bring. Will it be just a bug and balance patch or will it be a mix of bug/balance and new content? Either way i don't have high expectations considering the track record that has been set. As i have mentioned before i am honestly expecting to have a repeat of what happened with an expected patch in Nov to be told at last minute that we will not be getting one until Dec. I can honestly see us getting an announcement on Jan 30th or Jan 31st telling us there will be no patch for Jan (Real good timely notice) and will have to wait until Feb. I have been thinking as to what else could possibly get worse for Jason with the next patch? Since Randy said on his stream that Jason is just fine and counselors have gotten better leads me to believe that it is just going to get worse for ole J. So i am gonna list some things i think could be implemented to tip the power even more in the corner of the counselors and castrate Jason even more. 1. Longer cool downs for all Jason's abilities 2. Jason can no longer grab counselors but counselors can now throw pocket knives at jason which stun him for 5-7 secs (don't worry guys, it was a glitch. we will fix it "soon") 3. Jason cannot place traps around any repair items such as the car, boat or fuse box 4. Counselors can de-mask Jason in 1 hit no matter with what. )Yes even a pot) 5. Jason's sense ability can only sense counselors within a 3 foot radius 6. If Jason goes to slash a counselor near a cabin/car/tree and it hits those objects Jason is stuck for 10 secs in an animation where he has to dislodge the weapon from the object 7. Stalk stops working after 2 uses. I know these are outlandish and extreme but hey, going by the dev's attitude and the track record of Jason's nerfs anything is possible. what would you add to this list
  13. Hello all, I am trying the get the PH.D/Murder, I thought it worked with offline mode? I've gone thru all the different Jasons' I have first used me favorite and did his weapon kills, and all the general kills, Then went thru each other specific Jason and did their Weapon kills. The achievement didn't unlock, Am I missing something or does this method NOT work? Thanks, Erik
  14. So I was looking back on early footage of gameplay for f13 and I was wondering why they took away those great graphics and animations and if they’ll ever bring those back because the game would be a lot better with everything included with the alpha including the drown the counselor in the boat kill but u could only perform that during rage mode
  15. I had a great idea of an extra perk given to all Jason’s; let’s call it, startle. Basically 1 time per match the Jason player is able to use a 5th ability given to all when they get into rage mode that allows Jason to teleport directly to a counselor and grab them immediately. This will “startle” or scare the crap out of people playing online and also guarantee a kill if there’s 1 left and you save it or use it at a random moment in a match. With how many pocket knives are spawning maybe this ability also nerfs the knives and gives you a kill immediately. In all of the movies there is at least one death where Jason is never shown and out of nowhere he gets a quick kill. Same principal and would be awesome. Obviously it’s frustrating in a counselor POV but with how easily the counselors seem to be able to beat up on Jason, it would be nice to have some fun again and kill out of nowhere. Anybody else think this is a cool idea?
  16. Despite the recent nerfs to Jason and buffs to the counselors, I still find the online component of this game enjoyable to play. Yes, having Jason's grab and melee range buffed again would be nice, but until that happy day comes a change in tactics is required to effectively play the game as Jason, and frankly, it's a change that actually makes you feel even more like everyone's favorite hockey mask-wearing killer...using stealth and, above all else, patience to take counselors down. Abilities such as sense and stalk are often used by Jason players, but they use them more as blunt hammers as opposed to a surgeon's scalpel. Using your abilities in conjunction with a little bit of deviousness can yield great results. For example, last night I was playing Jason on the Packanack map. I turned on sense and saw that on the other side of the lodge were two counselors on the porch. I activated stalk, walked into the lodge, hid out against the wall opposite of the counselors and just waited. Eventually, their two glowing red silhouettes made their way over to the window by me, and I continued to wait until the 1st counselor opened the window and began his climbing animation, at which point he was committed. Then I just walked right over and grabbed him - actually making him scream and surprise in the process, which was great - and then tossed his ass right out through the same window he had just crawled in through. It was immensely satisfying, and it was probably similar to how such a scene would have played out in a Friday the 13th movie. Yes, Jason has been weakened unfairly, but at the same time I don't think a lot of players are using his abilities to their maximum potential. Instead of just barreling after counselors right out in the open, experiment with being sneaky and patient. That match consisted of a bunch of counselors that stuck together, and I still managed get 6 out of 8 kills. Anyone have a story about a particularly sneaky kill that they've managed to pull off as Jason?
  17. What do you guys think of a game mechanic whereby if a counselor is idling near a downed Jason's upper half, he could reach out and grab their leg, breaking it in the process and knocking them over. At this point he would rise to his feet (like a fast recovery), and the unfortunate counselor would be in limping mode. I think this would make trolling counselors pay dearly for teabagging / dancing over a stunned Jason. All opinions appreciated!
  18. I was driving the car backwards along the pathway and crashed into nothing. Jason shows up after in the front of the car but was clearly not the cause of the crash. I slowed the replay down to show i was in the middle of the pathway and that clearly i hit nothing. Anyone else experience this? https://youtu.be/Cgsl3xgCNT8
  19. To prevent counselors from tanking traps so quickly, there should be a QTE mini game to escape the trap. Traps currently can be escaped within seconds that they mostly serve as alerts for Jason. Also it makes the bear trap perk useless. I’d suggest a QTE similar to someone with a 6/10 repair and if they have the bear trap perk it can help make that easier for them. Strength could even play a role in how difficult the QTE would be. This would give the strength stat more purpose. Also there needs to be a change of how traps appear on Jason’s map. I suggest making unactivated traps Blue and triggered traps Red.
  20. The car: Drives too slowly now Jason can grab you from the front of the car, even if you're running towards the back Sometimes after exiting the car, your counselor will not be able to use weapons or items If Jason places a trap in front of the car and you step in it, the same button used to get out of the trap is the same as to enter the car; God forbid you step into the car with the trap on and then be forced out of the car just to finish getting out of the trap - or become glitched into the car permanently with the trap attached to you. (Should make the button to access the car door disappear or have the counselor only be able to interact with the trap, once set off) Gains acceleration and easily veers off into random objects with the slightest lag spike Will crash into invisible trees Traps (counselor placed): Now disappear if disarmed (why?!) Some traps now spawn in already activated Jason: Still can't break down a door without encountering problems Part 7 Jason needs a revamp - It's ludicrous to give him Sense as a strength and then give him shift and can't run as a weakness. What's the point of being able to see people more but not be able to catch them?! Morph is horrible, it should send Jason where Jason wants to go, not 30 feet away Counselors: Voices are off - you will often hear them portray each other's voices when screaming, yelling, or dying. This also affects Tommy Jarvis Skills Check/Repair Wheel: Occasionally when the 2-seater spawns at Stillwater on Higging Haven Small, the Skills Check for the gas will push the counselor back once started and do so multiple times, basically until you get lucky and it allows you to finish Allows counselors to back out of the wheel repeatedly, until a 'good' one is found. (Not really complaining because I do this all the time, but it's kind of nerfy for Jason. It'd be more challenging if when you back out of the wheel it alerts Jason as a failed attempt; as technically that's what it was) Items: Too. Many. Shotguns. (mainly on small maps) Too. Many. Pocketknives. (mainly on small maps) Not enough items spawn on the Jarvis House map, for how big it is. (Literally checked a whole section before on that map... only found melee weapons and one health spray; at the start of the round) Windows: Still are a safe-haven for counselors - Jason should be able to grab a counselor out of the animation Exploits: On the Jarvis House map, there is a glitch in the water near the bridge on it's left side at Fire Branch that makes counselors invincible to Jason. The counselors are standing/swimming, it's similar to the old rock glitch on Higgins Haven These are just what I feel should be fixed or altered
  21. So we all know the game could use improvements. I've been reading many posts about how the game could improve. Everyone here has put there two cents in on how to change it up. The problem is that most of these ideas would lead to a rework of the entire game mechanics or the balance would go too far in favor of either Jason or the counselors. Yes Jason isn't as imposing as he use to be but we can't make it impossible for counselors either. Right now the devs are in a tough spot. Everyone remembers when Jason had impossible reach, right? People complained it's too hard to survive and so now Jason's been nerfed. The argument now is Jason's too weak. I was thinking of random tweaks or small changes to the game, call it fantasy game development. I would add more damage to counselors for climbing through broken windows. I'd add the idea I saw around one of the threads of a slot for a pocket single knife. You can keep the all the knives in the game as is but limit each counselor to one. Too often I see Jason having to be bullied by a group of counselors, why not give Jason a multi grab. He can only grab two if they are in front of him and the grab can't be broken by melee attacks from other counselors. I would say pocket knives wouldn't stop the grab but you could struggle out of it. Both players would button mashing to get out but Jason could button mashing to in order to win and execute the double kill. OK, that idea could use polishing but you get the idea. Lastly this would be just an extra thing as an incentive for leveling up. How about every 50 to 100 levels the player gets an extra attribute point that they can add to any counselor? Just one point for one counselor. I feel it'll motivate everyone to level up, plus Tommy has all 10s on his stats but he's the character who I see dies the fastest and often. Just some random thoughts I had more but can't remember them all now.
  22. Bring MKX Jason to F13 the game

    Hey guys am I the only one that wants either reboot Jason or Jason from Mortal Kombat X to be a playable jason in the game? Let me know!
  23. a thought just occurred to me, may or may not be the only one who had thought of it but like, ive seen videos on what people make with the blank Jason masks you can buy and most of them ive seen were really good so it had make me think how some of those masks would look on Jason as you walk around murdering other players, it sounds pretty cool..
  24. It's just strange when a window is open, Jason can still throw a counselor through it and then the counselor dies. It should be when Jason throws them through an opened window they get injured instead of being killed. I'm just saying this would actually make a lot more sense then just dying when getting thrown through an opened window. If the counselor was on the second floor then it would make sense to throw them through the window then dying when they hit the ground with an arm up animation. Thank you for reading, hope this happens.
  25. A bunch of people got mad because savini was on the store for 30 mins for $5, then got deleted right after. It would also make really good sense to bring him back if Gun Media makes a kill pack for him. Who else agree's? Thanks for reading