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  1. So i've noticed a few peoples saying that it might be difficult to create new and unique designs for Jason,but i on the other hand dont think so,it is still possible to think up some designs for Jason that would be new,unique and interesting,so i decided to make this topic so we could share our toughts on some concepts that linger in our minds and give opinions on them. I know that it might be a bit too soon to talk about this since the game isnt out yet,but i want to prove to some of these peoples that originality is still a possibility,heck even Tom Savini new design as some unique traits to it,even if peoples have mixed feelings about it,like the spike on the shoulder or the charcoal black color of the whole model or the fire/lava thing going on with the eyes,mouth and wounds. So here's a few concepts i would like to share with you guys......... -Savage Jason (Human) : You guys remember that scene in part 2 when the characters are around the campfire and Paul start telling the legend of Jason,then Ted show up wearing furs,a mask and a tribal spear,well what if that concept had actually been used,an alternate look for Jason wich instead of wearing farmer clothes and a sack,he would be wearing clothes made of animal furs,have long and messy hairs,scars on his body and a mask made either of wood or animal head/skin,this look would perfectly fit the whole living in the woods for years as some kind of savage person. -Winter Jason (Human) : I remember reading somewhere on internet that one of the concept for the sequel of the 2009 Remake was supposed to be set during winter,the idea of having Jason in a snowy Crystal Lake would definitely had been interesting,Jason would probably be wearing some Winter hoodie coat,winter pants,boots and he doesnt catch a cold while killing his victims out in the cold and harsh outdoor. -Swamp Jason (Undead) : So like the name suggest,this is a undead Jason but with a more swampy look to him,a lot more green+brown colored due to all that green swamp water and swamp mud,also some water weed/plants+grass covering and growing on his body,it's basically the swamp monster version of Jason. -Toxic/Acid Jason (Human or Zombie) : What if Jason fell in a pool of toxic waste ? You would have a Jason wich appearance would look a bit more mutant like and have fluorescent green or purple colored toxic goo coming out of him. So what do you guys think ? Share your ideas too.
  2. EDIT: This topic is outdated. For my current ideas for Jason overhauls, see this thread: Here I would like to offer my take on overhauling the Jason gameplay mechanics. After 140 hours of playing and doing some research on Jason and where each Jason is placed on player's tier lists, here are my thoughts on re-balancing the Jason gameplay. My goal is to level the playing field across all Jasons and make each of them a valid choice and address issues with underpowered abilities. Some say they are all well balanced but that is sadly not the case. I will reference these two pages for data on Jason: 1. Jason Tier List (data-driven analysis) 2. Jason Stats and Abilities: Knowledge Base w/ Lots of Hard Data First, let's start with the traits that are considered mostly irrelevant. This is absolutely true. The only time grip strength matters is when Jason is on uneven ground or in a tight space with no environmental kills available. I understand from a "lore" point of view that some Jasons would have more grip strength than others, but there are some weird choices for who gets stronger and weaker grip. Part 3, the "human" Jason gets more grip strength than Part 8, the "zombie" Jason that has enough strength to punch a man's head off. That... does not make sense. Just an odd choice really. Now as much as I understand the reasoning behind the inclusion of the grip strength stat, in actual gameplay it hardly matters because Jason can kill anyone before they escape. The solution: Grip Strength across all Jasons is set to the "average" value. In the place of the former "Grip Strength" stats, other strengths and weaknesses will be substituted. I will get into that towards the end. In my experience the boat does not spawn in even half of the matches that I played. Water Speed's irrelevance could be remedied somewhat by increasing the rate of the boat spawn, but I think more needs to be done for this power. Water Speed hardly matters because once Jason sees the boat moving, the best thing to do is to morph far ahead of the boat and play goalie at the exit. Because the exit is small compared to the size of the bodies of water, Jason need not worry too much about being juked by the boat if they are required to be funneled to the exit. My solution is the following: In addition to different water speeds, STALK is tied to this power. Jasons with a Water Speed weakness(Part 2 and Savini), CANNOT use Stalk while in water. Their proximity music will always be heard for as long as they are in water. Jasons with neutral Water Speed CAN use Stalk while in water, and Jasons with a strength in Water Speed are PERMANENTLY in Stalk mode while in water without using the Stalk power itself. This would make J7 and J8 quite the powerhouse if the boat spawns. It would also allow for these Jasons to play "sentry" and travel along the coast silently while looking out for what the counselors are doing. Because any Jason can avoid a long cooldown by toggling Sense on and off, that makes a shorter or longer sense duration, as said above, only marginally relevant. Jason's with increased Sense range are appreciated but that too becomes somewhat irrelevant towards the end of a match when any Jason has a large sense range. Jasons with sense strength merely start with a larger range. My Solution is: When Sense is toggled off, it does NOT recharge immediately. The Sense meter stops where it is. In order to recharge Sense, it must be allowed to drain to zero. These are most relevant towards killing Jason. To my knowledge, these weaknesses make removing Jason's mask easier in theory, but in practice it seems that they only marginally effect the ease with which the masks can be removed. Speaking of Defense specifically, it does really matter in combat because all Jasons are invulnerable to melee attacks so long as they are blocking. Solution: For Defense, re-vamp the combat slightly. While Jason is blocking, if Jason blocks a certain amount of damage within a given time frame, there is a chance to break his block and have the attack successfully connect. For Jasons with a weakness in Defense, they can absorb fewer hits before their block is broken. Just throwing out an example, if J2 or J6 block 5 hits in something like 8-10 secons, the chances of the next hit inflicting damage on Jason through his block become exponentially greater. For Less Hit Points, and Stun Resistance, because these don't really effect how easy it is to stun or demask Jason, I think they should be eschewed from the stat screen. I'm sure their values effect SOMETHING but I don't think they are meaningful enough in actual gameplay to list them on the stat screen. Instead I would replace them with something new. Perhaps a "Rage" variable that effects how soon rage becomes available. The stun resistance needs to be fixed so that Jasons with a strength or weakness in them are actually harder or easier to stun with a shorter and longer stun time. Now I would like to talk about the more "middle-ground" abilities and what I would do for them. Jason 2 and 3 are decent starter Jasons but overall they are considered low in the tier lists many people create. My solution is tied to their run speed: Increase J2 and J3's run speed to be up to 20% or so higher than fast walking. I feel like this would give them more "points" in the eyes of players for consideration even for veteran players. Stalk is great but I really feel like the penalty for moving while using it is a bit too great. Here's what I would change: Keep the Stalk values the same for RUNNING while using it. Across all Jasons the time to drain stalk while WALKING or fast-walking should be increased by up to or exceeding 50%. Often times the time it takes to get into position with Stalk active is time enough for the ability to nearly or fully drain. Stalk is often ignored or not used very effectively because it is drained so quickly in my opinion. Additionally, Jason's footsteps should be SILENT while Stalk is active. It ruins the purpose of stalk if Jason cannot sneak up on people with his heavy thudding footsteps giving him away. Now I would like to talk about throwing knives. In my opinion I think it is superfluous to place the two throwing knives inside Jason's shack just to have Jason grab them at the start of every match. I say just add 2 more into Jason's inventory and remove the two knives from the shack. Now this ties into what I was saying about Grip Strength earlier. I say have 2 or 3 throwing knives be the baseline for every "neutral" Jason, and Part 6 Jason would start with 6 now that he doesn't have to pick up 2 more in the shack. Since Grip Strength would be done away with as a variable stat in my overhaul, Jasons with a weakness in Grip Strength have that replaced with -Throwing Knives in that they start with ZERO. So it would be Strength=6, Neutral=2 or 3(undecided), -Weakness=0. Alright, now Jasons with a Strength in Grip Strength would get something else in substitution for that. I'm open to ideas, but for the time being I will proceed with my new list of Strengths and weaknesses based on my Jason Gameplay Overhaul. Overhauled Jason Stats Neutral Values: Throwing Knives: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area start with 2 or 3(I'm undecided) because the 2 knives in the shack have been removed. Stalk: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area have a buff to reduce the time to drain by up to or exceeding 50% while moving over the original value. The stationary value remains the same. Grip Strength: All Jasons now have average grip strength. Jason Part 2 Strengths: +Can Run (Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk) +Traps +Morph Stalk (I truly feel that +Morph was misplaced on J2. I don't think it is appropriate to what we see in the film. He doesn't "teleport" in that movie, but rather you could argue he is sneaking around shortcuts through the woods that he knows so well. He did a lot of hiding and sneaking in the film as well. Additionally from a gameplay perspective being able to trap the objectives so much as well as being present across the map so much is very annoying and I don't think the J2's weaknesses make up for that.) Weaknsses: -Shift -Defense (Can now be "guard broken" sooner if he absorbs too much damage in a short time frame.) -Water Speed (Perhaps renamed to "Water Affinity," as I detailed above this Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water, but he can use Stalk for longer while on land.) Jason Part 3 Strengths: +Can Run ((Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk.) +Weapon Strength +Grip Strength +Defense (Can absorb more hits before his guard is broken through in combat. Think about when Chris Higgins attacked him with a knife and Jason backed up all the way down the hall before getting hit.) Weaknesses: -Stun Resistance (Can be stunned more easily outside of combat stance or while not blocking in combat stance and stays down for longer while stunned.) -Sense -Stalk (Same values as his original Stalk powers as I feel the Stalk weakness values are just fine) Jason Part 6 Strengths: +Thowing Knives (Now starts with 6 knives.) +Sense Duration +Shift Weaknesses: -Defense Stalk (In the film this Jason got up from multiple shotgun blasts very quickly, as well as tanked a strike with a shovel at the beginning of the film and a headshot from a revolver without pausing for too long. To me it seems like he was seen by his victims more so than other Jasons, so I feel that a weakness in Stalk is more appropriate to him. Gameplay wise I feel that Part 6's strength setup puts him more into the "relentless pursuit" style killer and I think that fits better with the film.) -Can't Run -Morph Jason Part 7 Strengths: +Sense Range/Cooldown +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Grip Strength Weapon Strength (I feel that this is more appropriate to this Jason thematically, and from a gameplay perspective I think more than one non-Savini Jason should have this strength. Alternatively, this could be changed to "Bleed Damage" that slowly drains HP up to a limit and increases fear over a certain time frame after a hit). Weaknesses: -Can't Run -Traps -Shift Defense (In the film this Jason was knocked down by a couch, a house plant, and a light fixture. I feel this weakness is more appropriate than a Shift weakness.) Jason Part 8 Strengths: +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Destruction +Stalk Morph (It is far more appropriate for J8 to have +Morph than for J2 to have it. I'm sure everyone agrees. The loss of increased Stalk duration on land is mitigated by perma-Stalk in water, so I think it is just fine this way) -Sense -Can't Run -Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives. With the 2 extra knives from the shack now removed, he will have to find knives in the map.) Jason Part 9 Strengths: +Shift +Stun Resistance (Harder to stun outside of combat stance and recovers from stuns more quickly) +Stalk Weaknesses -Can't Run -Less Hit Points (Update this to actually make it easier to de-mask this Jason upon successful hits.) -Traps Savini Jason Strengths: +Shift +Weapon Strength +Destruction Weaknesses -Water Speed/Water Affinity (This Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water.) -Can't Run -Grip Strength Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives.) That's my overhaul of the Jason stats and gameplay. Let me know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree and why. Thanks for reading.
  3. Does the +Sense and -Sense stats changes the radius of the Sense ability at the beginning of the match? @wes Said something similar, but never answered exatly this question. "Think of Sense like a net he casts out. At the start of the match, the “net” is only so big in circumference. Meaning if you’re on the other side of the map, and Jason is on the other, when he uses sense, he won’t see you yet. As the match continues, and he gets stronger, his “net” gets wider and wider. Once Jason hits “Rage” his net is practically the entire size of the map." -Wes Keltner
  4. I'm making a game review on this great game and its little flaws if you want to know when its out ill post on this thread or follow me on twitter @ghostie_youtube Thanks . Ghostie
  5. Hi everyone, I'm bothered with something in the game that should be added from the beginning, I mean not having the option to report players what makes the game a land without law, I also suggest that you put banishment to prevent players from going crazy during the match or when Jason is performing an execution, in addition to Jason losing points and number of deaths leaves the game boring and with few players, give m a time ban for example: dropped once (15 minutes), second time ( 30 minutes) third time (1 hour) and so on I further strongly suggest that when Jason picks up the monitor and presses the button to perform his death, the death already here for Jason's accountant is when he performs the execution, because you expect Jason to finish the execution so he gives him death! result: many weeping and idiot players get angry because they die and leave the game during jason's execution leaving Jason with no points so you should put the punctuation right when Jason presses the button to kill. Thank you for your attention and I hope the game improves.
  6. Supposedly according to ine of the deva its a technique in whicb if tge Jaaon player grabs a counselor at the same time as he goes into shift he'll transport thw counselor with him....never seen it done has anyone else??
  7. If you could customize your own Jason: 1. What skin would you use knowing that the weapons are limited to the skin? 2. What strengths would you pick? 3. What weaknesses would you pick? 4. Why, Why and Why? Discuss why you chose the skin/weapon you chose, how the strengths make up for your personal weaknesses as a Jason, and how your weaknesses wouldn't affect you much based on your game play. For me it would be---- Skin: Savini - While there is no horizontal weapon movement, I like the longer weapon range on both Part 6 and Savini, even if I don't have Savini IRL. Some say that Savini's custom kills are a little underwhelming put personally, I do not care. Strengths: +Shift - Most important strength in game IMO. I'm also a mediocre shifter and need as many chances as I can get. I love the distance and it works SO WELL with Stalk for those Jukers. +Morph - I love controlling objectives and always knowing what's going on. Morph on top of shift would really help with a quick clean up of capture and kill. No Jason has these two strengths together and I long for it. +Destruction - I love doing my early game prep and destruction not only helps you make cabins unsafe for counselors faster, but it helps you do your prep work of breaking windows and doors in and around the phone cabin and juking spots faster. And who doesn't love getting to hunt down counselors faster? I had a hard time choosing Destruction over sense, traps, and knives, but I think that so long as they are not weaknesses, they are powerful enough not being a liability. Weaknesses: -Defense - My combat stance game is way more than good enough for me to care about lesser chance of blocking and people do not try to kill Jason frequently enough for me to worry about it. I've never been killed as Jason, only one attempt has been made, and it didn't work. -Stun Resistance - Same as above for combat stance. -Run - I used to think that this was a much bigger liability than it actually is, and I'd much rather take this weakness than any of the others as the good shift can make the lack of run easier to compensate for. I can't do -Knives as I like them, I can't do -Sense as I've had people get away and even survive the night that way, and I can't do -Traps since open objectives are accidents waiting to happen. What about you?
  8. Does anyone know any good game genie codes for this game?
  9. Did anyone notice that the map @GunMedia_Ben recently revealed showed there are 3 playable Jasons planned for the future (Part 4 being the first)? My theory is that the next Jasons will be Copycat Jason (Roy) from Part 5 and Jason X with the additional Spaceship Map. But the question is: Which one? Vote here who you think it will be!
  10. Does anyone else think that Jason should get more Xp/points for the counselors that quit when they are in the middle of dying? There's a quitter bonus on Dead by daylight and I think personally it'd a good idea for this game as well when all the Salty players that rage quit when they are about to die.
  11. My second (and last) poll related to Jason and his looks. If you want to vote which one is your favourite look, click/touch here: Back to the subject, my favourite is by far The Final Chapter. His face is not only scary but also shows his sad story and disease (Hydrocephalus). His disease is what started all his suffering: being bullied by the other kids, almost drowning and living in the woods as a hermit for 21 years (not counting staying away from his beloved mother only to find her dead after all this time). The scary part about it is the sharp teeth coming out of his mouth and the "melted" part of his face. Him being bald and having all those deformities around his head only makes it worse! So uncomfortable! Edit: I didn't include Savini Jason because I do not consider him an official Jason. He only appears in this game and is only available to backers and lucky people that heard about him during the game's kickstarter funding period. Edit 2: Added an extra choice.
  12. When it comes to this game, there are alot of things to get annoyed about. I just want to know what makes you guys annoyed and see if most of us get annoyed at the same things. Insta-kills - Whether it's a basic choke or head punch, this happens all the time and basically makes the strength characters useless People that get Tommy and don't know what to do - Tommy is a protector for the remaining counselors or used to kill Jason. Almost every Tommy I see tries to escape by themselves or doesn't know how to kill Jason even when everything is set-up (which happens quite often as well) People that don't communicate - This happens all the time and can really change the outcome of the game in some situations. I have to message people to come to game chat so we can communicate and 90% of the time when they do, we escape. People that help Jason - Self explanatory Characters with low repair even though there is a high repair character close by - Okay I can admit that I do this with Chad (I usually mess up once or not at all) but this is still a problem unless you know you can do it. (Last one) People who have the *fuse*, a shotgun, med spray, pocketknives, etc. and escape with them
  13. What're your theories for the new Jason in the upcoming update? Such as the new custom kills, his strengths, weaknesses etc. I hope his strengths are: +Can Run (most likely will) +Destruction +Shift His weaknesses could be: -Grip strength (part 4 actor was less bulky than 3) -Morph -Stun resistance His weapon kills could be using a meat cleaver and lodging it into the counselor's face (poor crispin glover), and slitting the counselor's throat and twisting it a full 180.
  14. So I was thinking that something to give each Jason a unique play style would be to give them each a unique ability. Some are active and some are passive but here's what I think would be great and fitting for the Jason. Part 2 - Hide Part 2 Jason can hide inside closets, giving the same effect as stalk by muting the music until Jason reveals himself by bursting out of the closet. Leaving the closet destroys it in the process. Part 3 - Obsession Jason becomes more obsessed with a counselor the longer he pursues them. His run speed increases and after a long period of time he gains constant sense vision of them until Jason himself breaks the chase or another counselor stuns him. Part 6 - Unholy Strength Jason is capable of destroying a door/wall once every minute like he has rage activated. He can also throw his knives further. Part 7 - Undetectable Jason's terror range is significantly smaller by default and his stalk ability muffles his footsteps. Part 8 - Hallucinations Counselors with high fear will experience tape tearing, fake jason's appearing on the map and his theme music dropping in and out while at high fear. Part 9 - From below Jason can teleport underneath the ground and jump out outside or in Cabins. This can bypass doors and be used to surprise counselors. Savini - Brimstone The fiery fumes from Jason cause Cabins to fill with smoke, clouding the vision of counselors causing them to cough and decrease stamina regen. I've been wondering what giving each Jason a unique ability would be like. What do you guys think?
  15. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  16. So Jason players what is the most annoying thing that can get on your nerves when up against good counselors? No matter how good we are as Jason we will come across a counselor that is a pain in the ass at some points. Mine would be the in and out of the same cabin method while I try to chase them down over and over or going around a table or car to me it seems cowardly to do so but still can't do anything about that. What annoys you?
  17. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  18. Jason from Part 4 was FAST especially in the final chase scene when he ran full speed after Trish, now I know alot of people who are #teamcounselor will cry about this and talk about how its unfair because they wouldnt be able to play ring around the rosie with Jason anymore and to them I say, OH WELL, There is now way in Sam Hell Jason from part 4 could be as slow as parts 2 and 3, whats the point of adding him if you are going to disregard his main ability, an ability verteran stuntman Ted White concsiously choose to give Jason, Speed
  19. Jason from Part 4 was FAST especially in the final chase scene when he ran full speed after Trish, now I know alot of people who are #teamcounselor will cry about this and talk about how its unfair because they wouldnt be able to play ring around the rosie with Jason anymore and to them I say, OH WELL, There is now way in Jason from part 4 could be as slow as parts 2 and 3, whats the point of adding him if you are going to disregard his main ability, an ability verteran stuntman Ted White concsiously choose to give Jason, Speed
  20. So this idea is from @REO thread [url=]here[/url] and took the idea from his thread because I think Jason Part 7 topic is worth it's own discussion so all credit to him. Do you guys feel Jason Part 7 needs a redesign in some way with his skills? To me he's the coolest Jason but he's so terrible and not worth picking... F13 game having a version of Jason that is underpowered or weak should definitely be a big NO and needs to be fixed since this game is all about Jason being a huge threat. How can they make Jason Part 7 worth using but remaining unique and not copy pasta from other Jasons? SO let's get into his weaknesses first.... 1.) His traps suck and he only gets 3 which is a BIG weakness for controlling objectives 2.) He's slow and can't run. He also has a crappy shift speed and cooldown which makes chasing down counselors even more hell for him... Up against Vanessa? might as well put the controller down... 3.) His attack range is crap and he's very easy to kite and bully Now his pros... 1.) Good sense so he can use it more but it's not a big deal since almost every Jason can toggle and use sense well. 2.) Good water speed... Umm mainly useless so who cares? Only really helps with boat chase and that's it. 3.) Good grip... again who cares? If you catch counselor with no pocket knife they will be dead anyway so this is completely useless in the grand scheme of things.... With all those weaknesses and terrible pros WHY would anyone ever want to pick this Jason if they want to win over the other Jason's except for the "cool" factor? <--- Which is why this is the BIG PROBLEM. Also if counselor ever get car started with you vs Part 7 Jason LOL good luck trying to catch the char with your super slow Jason. So what can we do to help and make Jason Part 7 worth picking? Here is @REO ideas for reworking Jason Part 7 from this thread: My ideas for Jason Part 7 are change his strong grip to make it so once he grabs a counselor another counselor can't hit him and make him drop the person he got since it's so hard for him to grab someone. This would make his skill worth picking and different from other Jasons. So who's all with me that Jason Part 7 needs some help and what would you give him?
  21. What's gonna be his stats? I need somebody to help me because I don't have the movie to watch Jason's actions. It's also confirmed he has a cleaver. How's the new map gonna look like? Like I said up there. I never owned the movie. (Probably should try to rent it though) Also, were gonna have a chance to recreate Jason's death, just with an older Tommy. Discuss it.
  22. Don't know if it's already in game and just have to unlock but I think being able to change Jason's weapons in game would be nice like only one Jason has the machete equipped and that is what he is famous for and in my opinion games with a vast customizable character keeps me wanting to play more #givememymachete
  23. What do you think on this? I find it annoying and feel like most of the people saying this never have seen the movies to see the big difference or just pay attention to his outfit then his attitude and even his look is different imo. I feel like it's mainly kids saying this but that's just me.