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Found 16 results

  1. Hello All ! Found out about the game in March , Backed it in April , and I'm up late downloading the game as we speak ! figured I'd introduce myself . I will also be starting a club called " Lets Kill Jason " on Xbox live dedicated to Achievement hunters and strategists. Look me up when you have a chance and let's have some fun GAMERTAG : Ellsworth J
  2. introduction

    Hello Guys Im FlameRiderSD Just Call me Flame For short Im a fan of the series as i watched all the movies and even read most of the comics as they are good Ive been a Fan for a long time and want to share my ideas with you guys as i think i should give a shot i hope to meet you guys and have a good time Signed FlameRiderSD
  3. Hello everyone! The name is either Toni or Rath. Just a college grad looking to break into the medical field at some point. I was super excited about this game once I started hearing more about it earlier in the year, and now I cannot wait for it to come out in near the end of May. I will be purchasing this game for the PS4, so feel free to send a friend request my way. PSN is the same as my forum name. Looking forward to gaming with many of you!
  4. I've been following the forum as a guest for a while, but I finally decided to make an account and join the community. You can call me Burst! Looking forward to meeting you guys and the camp soon!
  5. What's going on everybody, My name's Andy Abdulah, born in NYC, raised in Boston. Long time 60's, 70's and 80's horror movie fan. I wanted to introduce myself to the community as a long time fan of the Friday the 13th series, as well an American convert to Islam. Besides gaming, if you have any questions about Islam please feel free to ask. I feel it's important in these times to reach out to people who might not know anything about Islam, in an attempt to clarify common misconceptions as well as make the effort to simply get along without compromising our own personal beliefs. Regardless, can't wait for the release of this game! I don't know about you guys but who else is playing this bad boy on PC? Let's get it! Peace!
  6. Hello all! big fan of the Friday the 13th series! and if you couldn't tell either I've been following this game development for MONTHS! i just love it and recently heard of a forum so i joined it today and i hope to have future discussions and much more with other members!
  7. If I make a repeat topic can I delete it? lol
  8. Hello F13 community. Glad to meet you all. I'm one of the folks who took interest in this game and was more than happy to pre purchase the game to give the Beta a try as I have high hopes for the heart and soul put into this game. I generally enjoy games win or lose and generally try to keep a positive attitude, even when I'm the first to be mangled within the first 30 seconds. My connection with the F13 franchise is... sparse at best, unfortunately. I've not had my hands in viewing the franchise as of yet, though I was smart in studying up on what has been included in this game. I am, however, well versed in one of the tributes to the F13 franchise, Splatterhouse (which was going to be about playing AS jason before the rights fell through and the main character was written to be someone else). it does get points for being the only true character to wear a "hockey mask" and wield a chainsaw. Still, i'm fond of the game and look forward to the more updated versions to be released!
  9. Hello everyone. I'm Russell. I'm a big Friday the 13th fan, and everything I've seen of the game so far makes me think it's going to be a great continuation of the series. I'm about as far from a gamer as you can get (unless Solitaire counts!) and I'm really interested in it. When I'm not posting on here I... well, I have no day job at present, hoping that will change soon. However, in my "spare" time, I write and self-publish comic books, and occasionally write articles for a horror website. There's a link in my signature to check them out, so please feel free to do so. Or not. However, as it's a horror website and given the date as I type this, there's a fair amount of Friday the 13th content to look at - including my recent Friday the 13th marathon where I watched all 12 films back-to-back. Ki-Ki-Ki Ma-Ma-Ma!
  10. (Gee I hope that reference wasn't lost on everyone) Call me BB. I hope we can get along!
  11. Just saying hey and how much I'm looking forward to the game. I'm an 80's generation gamer guy who's been a horror genre fan with Friday being in the top 5 since I was about 15. NoES is my #1. Friday favorites are Parts 2 and 4 with additional TK love for part 7. I also very much liked the reboot which is rare for me and horror reboots. I've been VERY impressed with how well the Devs are sticking to the movies and are doing this right. And by right I mean SO right. They continually amaze me with how well their vision aligns with my own. Everything seems to be looking better and better. I played the original NES Friday the 13th with unending obsession when it came out. I was a man possessed and not only mastered winning the game, but was able to track Jason's every move at one point. So much fun. For years, I wanted to create a sequel to the NES game and had half a notebook filled with game design ideas and plans. I had over 20 counselors planned with various skills and included swimming and climbing. The zombies and wolves were out of course cuz screw them; it's all about Jason. Alas, I never learned anything about programming and while I have a graphics background/Assoc. degree, my laziness took me no further. When I saw this in Kickstarter, I squealed with glee and have continued squealing with every tidbit released. I'm on Team "Doesn't matter how long it takes to release if it's solid." but I know this has been in production long before it got tailored to Friday so I'm confident in their commitment. Pre-purchased the Machete Steelcase Rev 2. My only unfulfilled wish for this game is an eventual SP/offline version which I'm willing to pay more for that. Posted about that here: I look forward to both killing and being killed by you guys in-game!
  12. Hello all, I've been gaming since I was around three years old(now a gaming fanatic), and never before has a game come out that would be quite like this. Multiplayer horror games that don't have a heavy action element to them are few and far between, and I hope this game turns out to be something my friends and I can enjoy for a long time.
  13. Hello, my name is Joseph, I thought I should do an actual introduction. I like to go by Joe, Jos' or Johann. In this community, preferable Johann to be honest. I've been a gamer since before I could remember, my first system was an NES (never got the SNES) and I did, in fact, have that Friday the 13th game as well. It's still around here somewhere along with my NES. I think I was around three when I started gaming. Nintendo was my primary game systems for the longest time, my mom ws the big Sega nerd and she never let anyone play her Segas (I understand her feels now, rarely letting anyone touch my PS4 unless I have complete trust of said person). Now, Sony and Steam are my primaries. PS4 for the multiplayer games wit my friends who play PS4 (I know like... one person besides my brother with an XBOne) and Steam for of course my Steam friends, single player game and of course... mods! I've been a fan of 80's horror since... birth! Child's Play was my first experience in slasher movies when I was 6-months-old. It was just on the left on TV one day while my mom was cooking and I watched the whole movie. She had no idea . When I was old enough to walk, talk and comprehend most things, I'd already had a TV (around three or four) VHS player and my game system in my room. My mom was a collector of slasher movies (still is). Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hell Raisers, Alien, Predator, and of course, Friday the 13th (I guess Child's Play was my thing). I'd sneak into her room (the door was broken off the hinges, guess she didn' really care) and grab a VHS, watch it (or a few) and have it back in her room by the time she woke up to wake me up for school. Back then I was able to stay up like... three or four days and be totally fine... those days are no more, one all night now maybe. Who knew being almost 24 would make me feel so old when it came to sleep . At the back of her mind, I'm pretty sure my mom knew she was sneaking her horror movies to watch them so when I was ten she seemingly gave up and started leaving all the movies in the living room. She'd sometimes see me taking them to watch and wouldn't really care. WhenI was twelve I started collecting the Child's Play series. I don't have them anymore, but I'm working on getting the Blu-Ray collection of that and many more, including F13. Most may say my mom shouldn't have given up so easily, letting me watch them, but I'm pretty sure many here have similar stories, it just turned me into an avid super horror fan with a fucked up imagination in his novel writing (I'm also an aspiring published author, been reading since 2, writing since 5), no negative effects really as most expect. I'll be getting Friday the 13th: The game on both PS4 and Steam. My Steam code will be coming from the Slasher Backer thing for when it's announced *sits in anticipation* .
  14. Hello! Well.... what can I say.. I'm a big fan of horror and survival games. Also I like to kill zombies! So expect me to be the first in the line when we try to kill the SUPER-Zombie Jason Hope to get well with all of you, and play tons of horror and zombie games with you! Anyone who would want to play something while we wait for more news about the game is welcome! Here is my steam ID: Feel free to comment and/or add me! See you!
  15. Hello everyone, hope you're having a mighty fine evening, morning etc! I'm Amber, as you may have guessed, and I'm pretty much into gaming and horror (even though I do sometimes hide behind a cushion)! Joined the forum as I'm a backer of the F13 game and want to meet fellow backers, eventual players and just those who dig the whole horror genre! You can find me on social media under AmbPlays if you wish, otherwise drop me a question or two if you want to know more!
  16. Been a fan of the film franchise for just over 3 decades now. Although...I will be honest. Some of the most recent installments have been a bit underwhelming. Not much else to say about myself just now/. Any questions, feel free to ask.