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Found 52 results

  1. Hi! Newbie from PS4

    Hi! My name is Jesús. I’m from Mexico and I expected the game before the game was announced as a game with the license of Friday the 13th. One of my christmas gifts (to be specific, the second of only two gifts) was this game and, for the 20 mins I’ve played I’m very delight with the game. Of course the game has glitches and I hope there are fixed later. If somebody want to add me, my PSID is alfabrad.
  2. Greetings

    Hi to all! I'm a big fan of the Friday the 13th game and I really like the direction in which it is headed. I will also post some suggestions in the suggestions section of the forum. This is just a post to introduce myself. P
  3. Hello, Everyone!

    Oh, hello! I didn't see you there, and that's probably why I'm dead. I'm a little late getting to the forum here, but I started playing Friday on PS4 around the October Friday the 13th event. I'm always stoked to meet new folks with a passion for horror and cooperative survival. I'm a twenty-three year old writer and fuel station attendant with a Bachelors in English, with emphasis in Creative Writing. Horror has been my favorite genre for as long as memory serves. My favorite horror authors are H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, Michael Wehunt, and Steven King. I grew up playing Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and watching Horror flicks as often as I could. I'm stoked to be a part of this community and hope to see all of you on the campgrounds! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  4. Late introduction

    Hello, everyone. I'm an irrelevent user. Go on with your day, if you must. But, just know that I like being on the internet and playing games with myself. That's all. "k bai"
  5. A new challenger appears

    Hello counselors and killers, perk rollers and survival artists! My name is Christopher. I´am 27 years old and live in Hamburg/Germany. I stumbled upon this forum some days ago and because of the interaction between members and developers of the game, i decided to join this group of loonies. I´am a Friday the 13th fan for over 16 years now and i still love the franchise and everything about it, that is also the reason why i bought the game. I work as a media designer. My profession helped me by starting a little thread in the feedback section where i posted a little suggestion for a map that i created myself and i´am really interested in your opinions (Trent´s House - my map idea). I play F13 on the Playstation 4 so if anyone is interested in playing a couple of round with me, we will see each other in the gamertag thread.
  6. Hello

    Hello my gamertag is twelvebravo96, I really enjoy playing f13. And would definitely like to make some friends to play with, I play on PS4, and also use a mic when playing.
  7. Hello everyone!

    I finally made an account here lol. My name is Ryan. I’m addicted to this game.
  8. Hey everyone!

    my name is Ashley! & I've been a fan of F13 since I was 16 (now 26) my brother got me the movies for Christmas. So Jason is hands down my favorite. I'm so happy about this game and I'm level 89! I wish I would have joined the forums sooner!!
  9. So young. So Beautiful...

    I don't think it's safe for you kids to go up to that camp...but I'll say hi and introduce myself! Longtime horror fan, had been following the F13 Game for a while; love the F13 series, think crushing on Tina in Part V kickstarted my puberty . Got to know one of the F13 producers (Part 9, Jason X, FreddyvJason, series) through a mutual friend, got to hear some fun war stories. I used to work on X-Play/AotS and was excited that Adam Sessler was involved with the game. Missed the digital launch of the game, but picked it up on XBoxOne a few months ago ( NavinRJohnson08 ). The game is awesome in a lot of ways, captures the spirit of the movies well, is the most twisted and addicting version of Hide-and-Seek and Scavenger Hunt ever. Also can be frustrating when it doesn't work, but I appreciate that the developers are open about the problems, fix as fast as they can, and admit when things need to be fixed because they seem to care about the community. I stopped buying Call of Duty because EA's answer to frequent problems was, "We have your $60, so we really don't have to fix anything." It's also great that we can play serious, for pride and XP, yet can also choose to goof around and make it a funny, social game. If you haven't watched The Best of Chad & The Best of Chad 2 on YouTube yet, I HIGHLY recommend it, nearly passed out from laughing so hard. It's fun to create a character around our chosen Counselor & Skin. I usually find myself opting to be a stealth player, sometimes like to be Chad and screw around...sometimes like to play Tiffany and just watch that ass run around Camp. Hope to see you on there! If you do, shout out you saw me in the forums! Happy Hunting and, oh yeah... YOU'RE DOOMED! YOU'RE ALL DOOMED!!!
  10. So I’ve been playing not since day one but through most of the calamities that have plagued this game but have had the time of my gamer life with it all the while. My favorite take away is that this is a game full of tense moments and players that can truly set up a jump scare that brings the game to life
  11. Hidey Ho! Hahaha

    Hey everyone i m new here. Just wanted everyone to know more about me so here's EVERYTHING about me. I'm dead inside K bye ?
  12. hey

    hello. My name is awkotaco12 but my real name is Adam. I love friday the 13th game and excited to be a member of the community that loves this game as well. I've been playing ever since July 2017
  13. Intro

    Hi, new to the forum. Figured I'd introduce myself real quick since it seems like the standard procedure with this kind of thing. Anyways, good luck in-game \.
  14. OffJupiter

    Hello everyone! I saw a quite few introductions so I figured I'd follow suit. I just signed up today, hoping to meet some chill, ADULT, people who play on Xbox. I recently started playing again after going on a hiatus due to the very common issues of not being given my CP points, being kicked from a match, and of course the always dependable host kick. I play on the Xbox One and I've seen some really unfavorable feedback from folks hearing that. I do want to get the game for my PC but not while its $40. Anyway, I'm your typical player, not great, but not too bad either. I'm the type that will try and hit Jason if he picks you up and I try to find the essentials for either calling the police or starting the car/boat right after weapon gathering. Nothing worse then someone who hides the entire game, imho. I watch F13 gaming as played by Typical Gamer, H20Delirious, and Ohmwrecker. My gamertag is OffJupiter1515 and I always have my mic at hand, though only on if there are others in the party that chat.
  15. what's crackalackin?

    I'm FishTacos, because Fish Tacos is to the max. (In the spirit of the Jason movies and the 80s, I'm using that time period's lingo).
  16. Hello; I'm new to the forums, and I was yelled at a few times for not making a post before making an introduction. Now that I've done one, stop yelling @ me. I always liked the Friday the 13th series, and seeing the game come out was great news. I bought it instantly, and played it since. I'll be contributing ideas for FT13 whenever I get a new one. Peace out!
  17. Sup all! I've been addicted to Friday the 13th The Game ever since I decided to take a break from Smash Bros 4 on Wii U (Mainly addicted to Street Fighter and older RPGs). Friday the 13th is the first non-fighting game I've played in a while and i'm loving every minute of it. Aside from games, I also enjoy 80's horror films, shonen jump anime, and the usual smut you see on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim! Sadly I've only watched Friday the 13th parts III, VIII, and X in my lifetime, so i'm not super knowledgeable about the movies other than the basics. I only own this game on PS4 and I mainly made this account to read upcoming content updates and report my share of bugs/glitches.. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're seeking a player on Playstation 4 to get some games going with (or Wii U Smash 4...) hashtag #Jennyforlife
  18. Jason Todd Voorhees

    I am not new but I am stating that I have made a new account because my old account has some problems!
  19. Hello

    Hey everyone! Hope you're all well and loving the game as much as I am. EDIT: It's fine, I got it Anyway, as it currently stands my partner and I play Friday The 13th on PlayStation 4 and like to try Trophy Hunt and collect as much as we can in game so we'd love to game with you guys if anyone else fancies that? Just send me a message for the gamer tag or send me yours. Have fun guys and thank you! BR
  20. Friday the 13th was one of the first Horror franchises I saw. It was one of the few franchises that interested me in the Slasher genre (Especially Halloween). When I saw the few bad video games based on these franchises, I was interested on how the simple concept of escaping and fighting a unstoppable killer could get adapted. Thus, when they announced the Friday The 13th The Game, I didn't know what to expect. Games based on movie and other fiction licences usually suck, but Arkham Asylum and other titles gave me hope. So when it was released, I thought It was a playable game, not a masterpiece, but still playable. Now, with the new updates, I see the potential of the game deserving its price.
  21. Hey all!! My name is J.J., I'm 31 & my gamertag on PS4 is the same as my username on here, Tweeter05. I've been a fan of the F13 franchise ever since I was a little kid & was pretty happy whenever I found out this game was coming out, so thank you developers! I don't play F13 as much as I would like because I don't know a lot of people on PS4, all of my friends play on XB1 (which I have one of those as well, same gamertag lol) but I'm always willing to play, if anyone ever wants to hit me up! Look forward to playing with you all!! Later!
  22. Seeing how this is my "first stop", I should introduce myself. I'm Nightswarm. I like pushing verts, play games, and long walks through a D&D campaign. Seriously, I'm happy to be here and am willing to help in any way I can. Look for me on the PSN under the same name. Dismemba' ya' later.
  23. SUP Y'ALL! Just trying to get more involved in the gaming community! I would love to get to meet some awesome people here and just be chill! I also have a YouTube channel w/ F13 content a think you all will enjoy! And many more http://bit.ly/1WVRlxw
  24. Hey!

    Hey guys! I'm a big fan of this game even though I will point out its many flaws particularly with the community however I still enjoy the game and I love browsing the forums to see the opinions of my fellow fans.
  25. Uhm, yeah. Hello fellow slashers and victims. My name is pRaX, or rather Patrick, I'm 31 years old (not for much longer though... ugh), lifetime gamer and watched way too many movies like most of you.. so, nothing special. This is my 3rd post on this board and propably one of the more comfortable ones. I'm kinda afraid that my first post ever here is gonna be quite uncomfortable for the game's staff but it's the reason I even signed up and I felt it had to be made. Shameless plug: So, since we are now off on the wrong foot right away and my reputation already tarnished.. no regrets though... I'm looking forward to have alot of good (and bad) conversations on here. Oh and I play on PC.