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Found 2 results

  1. jenndar111

    Hello forums!

    Ever since I bought the game, I liked it. I knew all about it, and only bought it like 1 month ago. I mostly came to the forums to report bugs, since I found some, but hope to use more topics.
  2. jonas3333

    Howdy. Jonas here

    Just saying hey and how much I'm looking forward to the game. I'm an 80's generation gamer guy who's been a horror genre fan with Friday being in the top 5 since I was about 15. NoES is my #1. Friday favorites are Parts 2 and 4 with additional TK love for part 7. I also very much liked the reboot which is rare for me and horror reboots. I've been VERY impressed with how well the Devs are sticking to the movies and are doing this right. And by right I mean SO right. They continually amaze me with how well their vision aligns with my own. Everything seems to be looking better and better. I played the original NES Friday the 13th with unending obsession when it came out. I was a man possessed and not only mastered winning the game, but was able to track Jason's every move at one point. So much fun. For years, I wanted to create a sequel to the NES game and had half a notebook filled with game design ideas and plans. I had over 20 counselors planned with various skills and included swimming and climbing. The zombies and wolves were out of course cuz screw them; it's all about Jason. Alas, I never learned anything about programming and while I have a graphics background/Assoc. degree, my laziness took me no further. When I saw this in Kickstarter, I squealed with glee and have continued squealing with every tidbit released. I'm on Team "Doesn't matter how long it takes to release if it's solid." but I know this has been in production long before it got tailored to Friday so I'm confident in their commitment. Pre-purchased the Machete Steelcase Rev 2. My only unfulfilled wish for this game is an eventual SP/offline version which I'm willing to pay more for that. Posted about that here: http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/555-chances-of-some-type-of-offline-mode/page-3#entry16097 I look forward to both killing and being killed by you guys in-game!