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Found 96 results

  1. sorry for the swearing but this glitch was way too funny and i wanted to share with you guys what i was able to do
  2. So I try to report glitches to the website jasonkillsbugs and I keep getting this error message anytime I try to attach a picture or video . I spent two hours last night editing and converting videos and pics from my PlayStation to my phone and then to my computer and none of them worked all I get is this error . I have many glitches to report . I have found 6 Pamela tapes since the last update and didn't get ANY of them . I have this all recorded and I can't send the videos to the site . Will someone please who works here reach out to me so that I can send you all of the video evidence I have of gameplay glitches ? I had Vanessa in blackface yesterday as you can see in the pic . There are still many issues with this game and I also can not find the link to the list of known issues is . If someone could help I'd appreciate that thanks .
  3. Why am i now starting to see three people with shotguns in a match instead of the normal two that have been consistent for months?
  4. So here's a bug I've tried to bring attention to numerous times on this forum in different topics but no one else seems to be addressing it. Maybe it's just me and some universal bad cosmic karma is out to get me, but just to prove it's happening I made a video. It's pretty long, the video, but the gist is when the match starts my camera is STUCK on a FIXED point of view for the whole match until... 1. I interact with the environment and can open a door, window, or drawer. 2. Jason grabs me. Please, Developers FIX THIS!!! It's truly game breaking! AT 12:00 I MIRACULOUSLY ESCAPE!!!! I was lucky to have a great team!
  5. Hi guys, today i was playing a game like jason and when jarvis appeared I think it appeared out of the map of course neither I nor the could pass to the other side of the map If it's any help it was one of the small maps I think it's a bug but I'm not sure i leave some screenshots have a good day PD: sorry my english is so bad xD (thanks translator)
  6. So, I was streaming in a public lobby and this one guy decided to glitch his way out of the map. I'll send the stream link when it's done, go to the 30 minute mark and just watch it. Username is given on stream as well.
  7. Hello, I am wondering where I can report players for cheating? It ruins the entire game whenever someone goes outside the map and then I have to wait for the session to complete in order to gain my xp. Anyone know where to report these players?
  8. After exiting the car that was smashed by Jason and throwing firecrackers, I got stuck between Jason and the car with no way to run away OR get back in the car.
  9. So far only seen it happen at Packanack but counselors are swimming to a certain section and are able to get out of bounds where Jason cannot reach them. Not sure where exactly on the water because I saw it after I had died so had no access to the map.
  10. When killed as Vanessa by Jason, objective based items in my inventory glitch through the map causing us to lose not one, but TWO escape methods. The other car keys glitched through the map for another player, robbing the remaining players of ANY chance of escape. Before you say "Leave the items by the objective.", that's exactly what I was trying to do with the keys before finding the fuse box, that's when Jason got us.
  11. Everytime i try to quickmatch i get thrown into an empty lobby, i wait for 15 minutes but it never fills up. this has been happening since release non stop so i've only been able to play 5 matches in total and i got kicked from 3 of those becasue the host left or some other thing. im really getting sick of it because my friends have no problems but once i join the party we can't find any matches. just a list of things i've tried: PS4 hard reset. reinstall other IP other DNS directly connect ps4 to modem and router tried both wifi and cable switch harddrive and redownload game i play on PS4 in West Europe. im actually done with this so i'd be okay with a refund if no solution comes up. (no finding a game on the forums and joining it is not a solution its a workaround) also you've been ignoring me on twitter since release. thanks...
  12. Anyone know any news on the bannable syetem cuse I question lots of spam reports and was worryed if they believe a faulty moment like went into glitch trying to get them and lets say I am speaking with jason via in game and people are spectating and assume were working together when rlly via family emergency or if they take screenshots of me around jason or get entir lobbys against someone or lie and said something the person didnt say or mean to them cuz I am worried this isnt temporary ban
  13. Facebook Group Join Below and follow the link provided to keep in touch with us. Friday the 13th: The Game Exploiting Exploiters. CLICK HERE WE BASICALLY HAVE VIDEOS,PHOTOS AND ALL KINDS IF EVIDENCE OF PLAYERS ABUSING THE SYSTEM AND WE USE THEM TO PUT YOU ON BLAST SO OTHER PLAYERS ARE AWARE. Thanks for reading and remember to follow for all things F13th and ElmStreetGame REMEMBER Freddy is coming to next Gen's!
  14. It seems that if you stand beside the chimney outside of Packanack lodge, Jason's sense ability will indicate that you are inside the lodge with the usual red glow. I tore that place apart two nights ago only to find out he was outside the whole time. Saw yet another instance last night while spectating. Host promptly kicked him after the match. As with combat stance for doors, body blocking, and clipping through buildings, there's counter play but it's still an exploit that respectable players should avoid. *Forgive me for not having a screen shot but I just wanted to raise awareness to the issue.
  15. So here is a video during my livestream, I decided to use the record on OBS for this. These two wasted all of our time to glitch like this. To even think people with over 80 hours are still doing stuff like is. Glitcher's Steam profile:
  16. Has anyone else had the issue of killing 8/8 counselors, including Tommy Jarvis and the achievement not unlocking? I uploaded my video of the game I achieved this in to Xbox Live, but it never unlocked. GT: TheHansonGoons if anyone cares to look through my captures of it.
  17. As of late, I've been trying so dang hard to get the "Unlikely final girl", which specifies that you need to "Play as Tiffany Cox and be the only survivor of a match". It's been proving near impossible due to what I would say is bad luck and her incredibly terrible repair skill. Still, I did manage a few matches of close calls, but my problem was in a specific round; I had managed to fix the boat by myself (somehow Jason didn't find me) and I managed to escape. I was called back as Tommy. As the match continued, I died as Tommy and so did everyone else, ending with Jason having a 7/8 score, making Tiffany the only survivor, but I did not get the achievement. Another time, I escaped as Tiffany and also came back/escaped as Tommy, but again, no achievement. Does this achievement actually mean that you need to be the only surviving person still on the map when time runs out or have I encountered a glitch?
  18. Been play quite a few games post patch on the Xbox. I've noted a couple of old glitches...and a couple of never seen before on my end. OLD: 1) Jason holding a counselor and can't break the grab or kill them. Needs to enter water or get hit by a car to stop the issue. 2) Breaking down a door as Jason results in Jason being stuck in the doorway unable to move. Sometimes the whacking sound of him hitting the door continues. Eventually sorts itself out without need someone to save you. NEW: 1. Ran at a door running from Jason with the intent to throw it open and get inside the cabin quickly. Run up against the door and popped through the other side when I pushed the "A" button to open it. 2. Went to break down a door in combat stance as Jason, hit the door, and popped through to the other side. The counselors inside needed a change of underwear. 3. Was killing someone as J7 with the dismemberment kill. They were about 6ft offset to one side and Jason was hacking at the ground...meanwhile parts were flying off the actual counselor. Funny and a bit disturbing. 4. Flare Gun could not be aimed. Pulled LT and nothing happened. I've heard someone say this is old, but it never happened to me before.
  19. This crazy bug happened after I grabbed a counselor. I was shot in the face with a flare gun and was subsequently launched of the map.
  21. In Packanack, counselors are able to run up an incline at the far east side of the map (near one of the Jason shack spawn locations) and go around the border of the map, safely out of Jason's reach. I've already screenshotted and reported a couple players for this already.
  22. There is a way to exploit a bug / glitch that allows counselors to install the fuse in the fuse box without triggering the traps in front of it? At the end of a match where I was Jason, that they called the police without triggering or disarmed two traps I had placed in front of the fuse box. It was the second time that this occured... I did not understand their explanation. I heard this from a few players when I questioned the fact... But it seems that they can install the fuse from inside the house (through the wall behind the box) or take advantage of a bug, crounching in two, in front of the fuse ... They started to explain to me, but changed the subject. The fact remains: There are players taking advantage of some glitch/bug that allows counselors to ignore Jason's traps by a dishonestly way. I play on PC - Steam Please, if you know what I say and have seen it happen, post exactly how they do it.
  23. Well experienced the home run glitch last night. Second time it has happened to me. Spawned in as Jason. Went to phone box (they had already repaired it....seriously). 45 seconds into the game and I had to run someone off and break the box. I think that is the fastest I've ever seen the phone fixed in any match. Apparently the fuse can spawn in a counselors inventory....j/k. Did a quick check of the immediate area (30 seconds or so) to make sure nobody was lurking to fix it if I morphed away. I morphed and it was the yellow car...not a soul in range. Waited a few seconds for the recharge and morphed again...5 counselors around the car (completely less than two minutes). I guess it is possible for all the car items to spawn on the front seat with three-easy-step install instructions that even Vanessa can follow.... Anyways, my amazement at their incredible luck aside, I was determined to put a stop to their shenanigans. This was on Higgins. One spawn in Stillwater (phone), 0 in Blair's, everyone else apparently ended up in front of the big house. So I move in for the kill. I shift to the driver's side of the car to grab a pesky A.J. and snatch her. Jenny levels off a flare gun and fires at me hitting me in the shoulder. Well apparently this particular flare was powered by a spare rocket motor from the Space Shuttle Discovery, and dubious lack of recoil-to-effect aside (Jenny should have been blasted back into the barn), Jason was sent flying backwards towards the graveyard. I passed through trees, rocks, and eventually hit the embankment of a hill like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. I went through the ground and out the bottom of the map to the mist and darkness below...... Counselors survive. 0/7. They thought I had lagged out, but you can imagine their surprise when I was talking at the walk of shame back to the shack. "What happend?" "Let's not talk about it....Jason needs to cool down after that stunt." Home run glitch. Ouch.
  24. Using in-game party continues to be an issue. For it to function correctly all players must join the party on the Main Menu screen for the game. The party leader can then drag the group into a quick play or private match. The problem lies if anybody else wants to join that group off of their profiles or party invites. If someone is not in the party tries to join up while the party leader is in a lobby or match = endless load loop. If someone in the party lags out and tries to rejoin = endless load loop. If someone is dashboarded and has to restart the game to rejoin = endless load loop. You can only join the game party on the Main Menu. Now the endless load loop. The only thing that can pull you out of it is an invite to game from someone not using game party. I usually pop onto a group forum for xbone and wait for the torrent of invites to save me from load loop hell. I would suggest people don't use the in-game party feature until it can be fixed. If it is working as intended, then just use regular xbox party system.