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Found 46 results

  1. Hey! I'm kinda starting out on YouTube and I did a gameplay of Friday the 13th. Check it out if you have the time: Thank you!
  2. Should Jason's Grab be nerfed? If yes, please comment below why! If no, do it the same way! Edit: Better?
  3. I've saw sometimes people saying that playing as Jason is boring compared to playing as a counselor because they find him too easy. Can anyone explain me why?
  4. EDIT: This topic is outdated. For my current ideas for Jason overhauls, see this thread: Here I would like to offer my take on overhauling the Jason gameplay mechanics. After 140 hours of playing and doing some research on Jason and where each Jason is placed on player's tier lists, here are my thoughts on re-balancing the Jason gameplay. My goal is to level the playing field across all Jasons and make each of them a valid choice and address issues with underpowered abilities. Some say they are all well balanced but that is sadly not the case. I will reference these two pages for data on Jason: 1. Jason Tier List (data-driven analysis) 2. Jason Stats and Abilities: Knowledge Base w/ Lots of Hard Data First, let's start with the traits that are considered mostly irrelevant. This is absolutely true. The only time grip strength matters is when Jason is on uneven ground or in a tight space with no environmental kills available. I understand from a "lore" point of view that some Jasons would have more grip strength than others, but there are some weird choices for who gets stronger and weaker grip. Part 3, the "human" Jason gets more grip strength than Part 8, the "zombie" Jason that has enough strength to punch a man's head off. That... does not make sense. Just an odd choice really. Now as much as I understand the reasoning behind the inclusion of the grip strength stat, in actual gameplay it hardly matters because Jason can kill anyone before they escape. The solution: Grip Strength across all Jasons is set to the "average" value. In the place of the former "Grip Strength" stats, other strengths and weaknesses will be substituted. I will get into that towards the end. In my experience the boat does not spawn in even half of the matches that I played. Water Speed's irrelevance could be remedied somewhat by increasing the rate of the boat spawn, but I think more needs to be done for this power. Water Speed hardly matters because once Jason sees the boat moving, the best thing to do is to morph far ahead of the boat and play goalie at the exit. Because the exit is small compared to the size of the bodies of water, Jason need not worry too much about being juked by the boat if they are required to be funneled to the exit. My solution is the following: In addition to different water speeds, STALK is tied to this power. Jasons with a Water Speed weakness(Part 2 and Savini), CANNOT use Stalk while in water. Their proximity music will always be heard for as long as they are in water. Jasons with neutral Water Speed CAN use Stalk while in water, and Jasons with a strength in Water Speed are PERMANENTLY in Stalk mode while in water without using the Stalk power itself. This would make J7 and J8 quite the powerhouse if the boat spawns. It would also allow for these Jasons to play "sentry" and travel along the coast silently while looking out for what the counselors are doing. Because any Jason can avoid a long cooldown by toggling Sense on and off, that makes a shorter or longer sense duration, as said above, only marginally relevant. Jason's with increased Sense range are appreciated but that too becomes somewhat irrelevant towards the end of a match when any Jason has a large sense range. Jasons with sense strength merely start with a larger range. My Solution is: When Sense is toggled off, it does NOT recharge immediately. The Sense meter stops where it is. In order to recharge Sense, it must be allowed to drain to zero. These are most relevant towards killing Jason. To my knowledge, these weaknesses make removing Jason's mask easier in theory, but in practice it seems that they only marginally effect the ease with which the masks can be removed. Speaking of Defense specifically, it does really matter in combat because all Jasons are invulnerable to melee attacks so long as they are blocking. Solution: For Defense, re-vamp the combat slightly. While Jason is blocking, if Jason blocks a certain amount of damage within a given time frame, there is a chance to break his block and have the attack successfully connect. For Jasons with a weakness in Defense, they can absorb fewer hits before their block is broken. Just throwing out an example, if J2 or J6 block 5 hits in something like 8-10 secons, the chances of the next hit inflicting damage on Jason through his block become exponentially greater. For Less Hit Points, and Stun Resistance, because these don't really effect how easy it is to stun or demask Jason, I think they should be eschewed from the stat screen. I'm sure their values effect SOMETHING but I don't think they are meaningful enough in actual gameplay to list them on the stat screen. Instead I would replace them with something new. Perhaps a "Rage" variable that effects how soon rage becomes available. The stun resistance needs to be fixed so that Jasons with a strength or weakness in them are actually harder or easier to stun with a shorter and longer stun time. Now I would like to talk about the more "middle-ground" abilities and what I would do for them. Jason 2 and 3 are decent starter Jasons but overall they are considered low in the tier lists many people create. My solution is tied to their run speed: Increase J2 and J3's run speed to be up to 20% or so higher than fast walking. I feel like this would give them more "points" in the eyes of players for consideration even for veteran players. Stalk is great but I really feel like the penalty for moving while using it is a bit too great. Here's what I would change: Keep the Stalk values the same for RUNNING while using it. Across all Jasons the time to drain stalk while WALKING or fast-walking should be increased by up to or exceeding 50%. Often times the time it takes to get into position with Stalk active is time enough for the ability to nearly or fully drain. Stalk is often ignored or not used very effectively because it is drained so quickly in my opinion. Additionally, Jason's footsteps should be SILENT while Stalk is active. It ruins the purpose of stalk if Jason cannot sneak up on people with his heavy thudding footsteps giving him away. Now I would like to talk about throwing knives. In my opinion I think it is superfluous to place the two throwing knives inside Jason's shack just to have Jason grab them at the start of every match. I say just add 2 more into Jason's inventory and remove the two knives from the shack. Now this ties into what I was saying about Grip Strength earlier. I say have 2 or 3 throwing knives be the baseline for every "neutral" Jason, and Part 6 Jason would start with 6 now that he doesn't have to pick up 2 more in the shack. Since Grip Strength would be done away with as a variable stat in my overhaul, Jasons with a weakness in Grip Strength have that replaced with -Throwing Knives in that they start with ZERO. So it would be Strength=6, Neutral=2 or 3(undecided), -Weakness=0. Alright, now Jasons with a Strength in Grip Strength would get something else in substitution for that. I'm open to ideas, but for the time being I will proceed with my new list of Strengths and weaknesses based on my Jason Gameplay Overhaul. Overhauled Jason Stats Neutral Values: Throwing Knives: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area start with 2 or 3(I'm undecided) because the 2 knives in the shack have been removed. Stalk: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area have a buff to reduce the time to drain by up to or exceeding 50% while moving over the original value. The stationary value remains the same. Grip Strength: All Jasons now have average grip strength. Jason Part 2 Strengths: +Can Run (Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk) +Traps +Morph Stalk (I truly feel that +Morph was misplaced on J2. I don't think it is appropriate to what we see in the film. He doesn't "teleport" in that movie, but rather you could argue he is sneaking around shortcuts through the woods that he knows so well. He did a lot of hiding and sneaking in the film as well. Additionally from a gameplay perspective being able to trap the objectives so much as well as being present across the map so much is very annoying and I don't think the J2's weaknesses make up for that.) Weaknsses: -Shift -Defense (Can now be "guard broken" sooner if he absorbs too much damage in a short time frame.) -Water Speed (Perhaps renamed to "Water Affinity," as I detailed above this Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water, but he can use Stalk for longer while on land.) Jason Part 3 Strengths: +Can Run ((Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk.) +Weapon Strength +Grip Strength +Defense (Can absorb more hits before his guard is broken through in combat. Think about when Chris Higgins attacked him with a knife and Jason backed up all the way down the hall before getting hit.) Weaknesses: -Stun Resistance (Can be stunned more easily outside of combat stance or while not blocking in combat stance and stays down for longer while stunned.) -Sense -Stalk (Same values as his original Stalk powers as I feel the Stalk weakness values are just fine) Jason Part 6 Strengths: +Thowing Knives (Now starts with 6 knives.) +Sense Duration +Shift Weaknesses: -Defense Stalk (In the film this Jason got up from multiple shotgun blasts very quickly, as well as tanked a strike with a shovel at the beginning of the film and a headshot from a revolver without pausing for too long. To me it seems like he was seen by his victims more so than other Jasons, so I feel that a weakness in Stalk is more appropriate to him. Gameplay wise I feel that Part 6's strength setup puts him more into the "relentless pursuit" style killer and I think that fits better with the film.) -Can't Run -Morph Jason Part 7 Strengths: +Sense Range/Cooldown +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Grip Strength Weapon Strength (I feel that this is more appropriate to this Jason thematically, and from a gameplay perspective I think more than one non-Savini Jason should have this strength. Alternatively, this could be changed to "Bleed Damage" that slowly drains HP up to a limit and increases fear over a certain time frame after a hit). Weaknesses: -Can't Run -Traps -Shift Defense (In the film this Jason was knocked down by a couch, a house plant, and a light fixture. I feel this weakness is more appropriate than a Shift weakness.) Jason Part 8 Strengths: +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Destruction +Stalk Morph (It is far more appropriate for J8 to have +Morph than for J2 to have it. I'm sure everyone agrees. The loss of increased Stalk duration on land is mitigated by perma-Stalk in water, so I think it is just fine this way) -Sense -Can't Run -Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives. With the 2 extra knives from the shack now removed, he will have to find knives in the map.) Jason Part 9 Strengths: +Shift +Stun Resistance (Harder to stun outside of combat stance and recovers from stuns more quickly) +Stalk Weaknesses -Can't Run -Less Hit Points (Update this to actually make it easier to de-mask this Jason upon successful hits.) -Traps Savini Jason Strengths: +Shift +Weapon Strength +Destruction Weaknesses -Water Speed/Water Affinity (This Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water.) -Can't Run -Grip Strength Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives.) That's my overhaul of the Jason stats and gameplay. Let me know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree and why. Thanks for reading.
  5. Hi im new to this whole form thing but i wanna be apart of this Community because I love the game and I also want to know is there anybody else out there who plays as Jason and kills 6 to7 counselors game and can play the counselors and Escape almost every time?
  6. Thanks to @lHeartBreakerl for bringing this video up in another thread. Below I present the gameplay reveal for the game they showed about a year ago. I ask you this: why does the game in this video look much more polished than what we have? Animations seem smoother, Jason teleports in a puff of smoke rather than simply blinking with a jarring static effect. Sense isn't nearly as blinding. Shift took a little bit more skill because you had to aim it. They could've made it so you can't shift right in front of people with this method too. And the biggest part? NO PROXIMITY MUSIC. I feel this is something they needed to take from Dead by Daylight for whatever reason. Jason performed most of his kills in the movies without being seen, there was NOTHING to alert the Counselors of his presence. Isn't this supposed to be like the movies? Music in Rage Mode seems fair to me though. I feel like this would make the game much more horror esque, and bring that fear of Jason back to everyone. The game is slowly starting to devolve in terms of its gameplay, and Jason is just a stun locking joke to a group of Counselors that's halfway competent. Thoughts?
  7. The movement in Friday the 13th is a little clunky. I've played with gamers who use the movement flaws to their advantage and escape certain situations in unrealistic ways. This can become frustrating if you're Jason and you spend more than needed warping to a counselor and not being able to catch them because they're moving around radically. Maybe implementing better movement mechanics that cause counselors to change movement direction in a more realistic manner. For example if you are running away from Jason and decide to do a complete 180 turn, there should be a stop and slide animation or slowing down before you can change directions that quickly. Or maybe peanalizing players for changing direction so quickly by making them stumble. These suggestions should allow players to stray away from exploits and use smarter tatics to avoid Jason. Rather than just running around erratically. I think this will also add some depth into the gameplay and allow developers to create more chances for those cherished cinematic moments we all look forward to when playing.
  8. The three basic maps we have continue to be fun and enjoyable, but if new maps don't start popping up soon, they will become increasingly stale. I've posted up ideas for new maps before and I may move them here, but I am interested in what can be done to make current (as well as future maps) have higher replay-ability. 1. More Randomization. Generally speaking, the majority of cabins on the map remain in place. There are a few that vanish and reappear depending on the map generation. It would be nice if more buildings either moved or changed prior to every match. There certainly could stand to be 2-3 more interior layouts for cabins. I understand that the hallmark houses, such as Packanack and HIggins Main, will remain the same. It would be nice to see the phone house potentially be ANY cabin on the map; not just a specific 4. 2. More Vehicles. A couple new escape vehicles might be nice to throw into the possible rotation of two vehicles + phone. I like the idea of a motorbike (perhaps a nod to Roan's bike). The motorbike could seat 1 person and require the front tire. Make it the noisiest vehicle; comparable to noise blips seen by Vanessa swimming full out in water. If you wreck it, you can get back on it. If Jason hits it, it is trashed and cannot be used. Make it slightly slower than the car to balance the fact it can zip through the forested areas with ease. Also make it so the front tire can spawn ANYWHERE on the map (to include tent campsites - let's put them to use for searching shall we, or next to buildings, or inside buildings). A van option that seats 6 could also be neat. 3. Special Characters. What if a call for help doesn't always bring in Tommy? Maybe you get some other hero character from the movies. Different strengths etc. It would also mean the only way to kill Jason is if someone got Tommy in the match. Would definitely make the achievement harder. 4. Dynamic Weather. Howling wind that obscures proximity voice range. Pouring rain that lowers noise detection and voice range; also obstructs visibility. Banks of fog; especially near the lake or on the lake which obscure visibility. Is there anything else (Map Specific) that might make the game great and increase longevity over time?
  9. As the developers have said " Our team is making this game as a passion project and we fully hope to expand the game after launch ", having seasonal and special events are the perfect way to expand, it will keep the players interested and stop the game from becoming a bit dull overtime, this is a fantastic game and I only wish to pitch this idea to help keep the game alive for years to come. ------- Every season such as the start of spring or winter, the maps will change slightly in appearance (For a limited time only), and for every special occasion such as Christmas or halloween, the cabins will be furnished with things like a christmas tree, or pumpkins and so on. This will give people something to look forward to. Maybe not that drastic of a change, but small things. Each season, counselors get 1 or 2 costumes you can unlock by doing certain challenges. Aswell as one for Jason. Some examples of this could be: Spring themed dead rose skirt for A.J Mason Christmas themed gingerbread sweater for Deborah Kim Halloween themed devil top for Tiffany Cox. --------------------------------------------- Please do give feedback if you like it, let's see what will happen and hope the developers hear it! @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk (None of the images in this post are mine, counselor clothes edited on Paint.Net)
  10. I was thinking about one of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campain: The Mirror Smash. If I am not mistaken, it was actually reached. But i do not think I have seen any mirror smash kills in the game, was the idea scrapped?
  11. I was giving some thoughts to how counselors and their stats work. Some stats seem to have almost no bearing on game play and it is kinda hard to assess the value of others. Here is my idea: Have each stat reflect a % bonus to certain things based on the score. For example: A maximum stat is 10. On a 100% max bonus scale divide 100/4 = 25%. A score of 10 translates into a 25% bonus to something tangible in-game (or a 2.5% bonus for each stat bump in score). Additionally, have 1/2 the % bonus apply to a second thing governed by the stat. Basically you'd have a high stat bonus and low stat bonus for each stat. Let us look at Kenny for a sec. He is mister balanced. Kenny would have a 12.5% primary bonus on stats, and a 6.25% bonus to secondary attributes governed by stats. So how would stats work? Baseline bonus + perk modifications. Each stat would grant a primary bonus to the counselor and a secondary bonus. Let us take Stealth: Stealth's primary bonus may be to reduce noise generation pings. The secondary bonus might be to grant a bonus to fear reduction when in a hiding place. Composure: Composure's primary bonus would be fear mitigation (reduction in the accumulation of fear). The secondary bonus might relate to overall Sense avoidance chance. Strength: Strength's primary bonus would be related breaking free of Jason's grab. The secondary bonus would increase melee stun chance. Stamina: Stamina's primary bonus would be to your stamina pool. The secondary bonus would be a regeneration bonus that kicks in when Jason is not around. Speed: Speed's primary bonus would be related to sprint top speed, The secondary bonus would relate to how fast doors can be barricaded, hiding spots entered or left, windows crawled through, etc. Luck: Luck grants better RNG chance to find items in drawers and not take damage by climbing through broken windows. Secondary bonus governs bonus to how long a melee weapon lasts before breaking. Repair: Primary bonus reflects the reduction in difficulty of a skill check. Secondary bonus reflects the chance that a missed skill check won't notify Jason. Under these guidelines, Kenny would have a average 12.5% primary bonus, and 6.25% secondary bonus without the use of Perks. No perk could make a bonus exceed 100%. Just kicking around some ideas to make stats more relevant in general. I do think they should all govern two aspects of gameplay (greater/lesser degrees).
  12. As stated in the title, I am unable to morph as Jason or talk in-game as both Jason and Counselor. (Description of both bugs): -Jasons Morph: I pull up the map to morph just fine, however there is no "red dot" I can move around. Once I try to morph, it places me in the same spot, regardless if I attempt to "move the red dot" as if it was there. -No ingame voice: I simply cant talk. I can hear other players, but I cant say anything. Note: I also dont see names displayed above heads, idk if this is related, but of all the reports Ive read of people not being able to speak; this is also present. This happens regardless of the map I play on or the Jason/Counselor I use. I have been only playing private matches with friends and havent gotten a chance to play Jason in matchmaking, so I cant confirm if this is only isolated to Private Matches. I have not been able to correct this issue, but after doing a little research, I have noticed a common trend for people with this bug: -It happens to people using XB1 Elite Controllers -The issue occurs if they are using a wireless controller Now I do own and use an Elite Controller, but I dont own a normal controller with a 3.5mm port for my headset (meaning I cant confirm if my in-game voice works) but I can say the normal controller fixes my morph ability. Other things Ive tried to resolve issue but did not work: -Leave game and join new lobby -Hard Reset Console -Factory Reset Console -Opted out of the Dashboard preview program (I had a friend that did this when they couldnt speak, and I guess it worked so I figured I would try) -Using different account. -Unistalling/Reinstalling game. Please fix this issue , or give me some way to work around, I love the game but this REALLY sucks the fun right out of it I am playing on Xbox One and my gamertag is Original Wyatt
  13. The last 2-3 days, if I get kicked from my current team to the menu, my save stops syncing with the servers and my level is reset to 0. My characters still have the equipped perks, but if I click on them the perk list is empty. Is there a way to fix this issue? I'm getting frustrated that I paid so much for a game that requires cloud saving with unreliable cloud service. Eventually after a few hours when I come back, it's working again. Please let me know if there is a fix. Thanks
  14. As many people know, the Pamela Tapes are extremely rare and very few people have found some of them. Even people who ranked up til maximum hasn't found a single tape. So I have thought of some things about those well hiddem items: 1. Make them appear more often. Seriously, at least increase the chance by, let's say, 5%? 2. Getting a lot of XP for finding one. I do not know if players gets experince points for discovering a tape inside a drawer, but if it isn't, would it not be a good idea to get some XP for that? Maybe 1000 points per tape? 3. Getting an achivement for collected tapes. I play the game for PS4 and it is weird that there is not any trophies for collected tapes. How about an silver for one tape, gold for 10 and all tapes? They are hard to find, so getting an achivement for getting one should be yes. 4. Getting an excellent reward in the game for all 20 tapes. Why not? Maybe something unlockable, like perks, clothes for counselors etc.
  15. It would be nice to have: - Some optional game filters (like in Uncharted for example) - VHS filter, 80´s TV colorization, sounds and blur. - Punishment for lefters - at least 10 minutes not be able to find another lobby. - Get XP even if the player left the game and finish the animation. - Escape-able motorbike or kayak. - Playable policeman - spawn like Tommy from dead players after police cars arrive. - shovel
  16. Should have titled the post cheaters or glitchers I suppose. I've been having this conversation with some of the players in my regular play group but I'd love to see a weekly modifier playlist. There are obviously more important issues for the DEVS to work through at the moment but I'd love to see a weekly playlist with rotating modifiers somewhere down the line. Of course, I'd love to see this weekly on Fridays We had thought maybe there would be a random mix of 2 modifiers, one for counselor and one for Jason. Some ideas we came up with in random order: 1) Shortened timer on matches to put the pressure on escaping. 2) Increased damage to Jason with weapon attacks. 3) Lingering damage drains quicker on counselors and will die without an immediate spray. 4) Access to only 2 of the 4 special kills on Jason. 5) The recharge for Jason's abilities would be longer making it a bit more of a challenge. 6) Half maps making the match more intense. What do you guys think and what modifiers would you like in theory?
  17. Is anyone else having problems on Friday the 13th the Game for PS4 on error ce-34878-0? Problem? Sometimes when im playing the game online it outrights stops and gives me an error message this goes for both private/online matches.
  18. When setting up Counselor Profiles, only perks in Slot 1 appear to work. What I mean by this: In the regular in-game menu, modifying a counselor's perks appears to save everything properly. Same thing with the lobby-of-a-game menu. However, when you equip more than 1 perk that gives items, such as a bat, firecrackers, walkie talkie, etc, only the one equipped in the first slot will be given to you upon start of the match. This leads me to believe that only the first slot works for all perks, which concerns me greatly. If this is functioning as intended, why are there three perk slots? How is it intended to function? Is this actually a bug, or just misinformation on the part of me as a player? I neglected to mention that I play on PC via Steam and this issue occurs. I know the same issue occurs for some people on console, but mine occurs on PC as well.
  19. First, let me say I have played the game since steam release and currently have 118 hours on my steam account (my profile name is thekiddod) for Friday the 13th. I'm loving the game, but I have multiple suggestions to bring more players to the game, using other games as an example for what works in regards to game philosophy.1. There needs to be a ranked matchmaking system for this game. Why? To separate people who want to win vs trolls, and also to prevent people from leaving the game just because they didn't get jason. (They will lose elo/rank points). Also, if you look at all majorly successful games they all have a ranked game mode, because competitiveness drives the gameplay, and you can see this in league of legends, counter strike global offensive, DOTA, and more. These are the most played games on the market, sharing one thing in common indie games mostly dont:ranked. 2. Jason's sense ability needs to be a late game ability or refresh with kills only and have another ability take the early game( and when i mean sense i mean the ability to see red bodies through walls and terrain). A major core idea of friday the 13th is the ability to hide and the thrill of hiding. Currently it feels like you can't really hide unless it's under a bed or in a closet, but early game you should also be able to hide outside behind a rock for example. Jason should be able to see noises as usual however, so if people are running or walking they would make themselves exposed.Jason's sense ability would make a lot of sense it terms of smart gameplay, when someone dies all the counselors run into the closet and instead of waiting inevitably, you can decide to wait until you think jason has expired his sense ability again before moving on. 3 Kill animations need to be more than just aesthetic, they should tie into refreshing one of jason's abilities, i really see a missed opportunity here. This would solve multiple problems such as certain kill animations being able to be done faster than others (or in tighter, smaller areas of the map), those animations will get a smaller "reward" by refreshing a cooldown.Consequently, jason's abilities will have a lower refresh rate, and this will also incentivize jason to be more strategic by valuing kills both in terms of indirect gain from kiling and counsellor and direct gain by getting an ability refresh. Alternatively, each kill jason gets would grant him his next ability, so he doesn't gain his abilities automatically. Also, this will incentivize counsellors from abandoning their teammates to the hands of jason- they will do so with the realization jason will be coming for them next, while if the counsellors escape jason will have to work harder for his next kill. 4.Jason needs to have access to his stalk ability earlier in the game. This would create more strategy for jason being able to hide inside a house in wait for someone. Stalk is currently just used to make people unaware of the shift ability or morph ability. Jason in the movies was all about surprise attacks, but it wasn't by teleporting in front of someone. It was hiding in wait for the right moment. Alternatively, stalk can be a passive ability or different types of stalk can be chosen for your jason pre-game. Another option is for Jason to have his proximity music bubble made much smaller in the early game and bigger in the late game, and to remove the active stalk ability altogether and replace it with something else. This seems counter intuitive at first, why make jason less stealthy as the game goes on? Because by that time there will be few counsellors left and with all of jason's abilities up he will be too powerful and too stealthy, also with his rage up it makes sense that with him being angry there is less stealth. Also, this would allow for early game fear of jason, however that fear doesn't go away late game because of jason's shift and sense abilities. In terms of counter play it's basically impossible to counter a stalk+shift combo, there are no warning signs.4. Jason needs NEW abilities that are able to be chosen from a pool pre-game, allowing for more customization and replayability. For example, the ability to see someone's footsteps that fade away over time (temporarily), or the ability for his throwing knives to instantly drain someone's movement temporarily upon hit(will need to refresh like other abilities), or instantly creating max fear on hit (ability will refresh over time, cannot be constantly used), an ability so that counsellors that first make contact with jason by seeing him from a short distance will have the FEAR mechanic triggered as if seeing a dead body-currently you know that when the counsellor screams they are seeing a dead body, they never scream at the sight of jason.For seasoned players this is not scary at all because you know the scream means just a deadbody and can never be jason. Another idea is an ability to trigger the jason music for one person on the map, however jason doesn't know where they are. This will play mind games with the counselors if jason is really there or not, and will also provide more mechanics than at first glance: being with another counselor and not being alone will allow you to verify jason's presence by talking with them if they hear it too. Another idea is to have jason create dense fog all over the map for one minute, making it hard to spot him. All of these abilities listed require SKILL or PLANNING in order to work, which makes the game more skill based and therefore competitively funner. 5. Currently I see very little use of the combat stance because jason will just try and grab you if you try and block. This can be solved somewhat with jason being unable to use his grab for about 15 seconds after getting a kill(does not include car driver seat grab). 6. Counsellors need a non-victory objective, something that improves a single counsellors ability or maybe even a house with a metal door and window bars, in which you have to fix in order to use by fixing the door. The door can take a much heavier beating by jason before being destroyed(about twice as long as a regular door), but can be destroyed more quickly when jason has rage. This is just an example, but I feel there needs to be one or two smaller objectives than simply the escape ones. I like tommy jarvis as one of the objectives but i feel if there was a second one it would fill in some of the early game strategy and create something for counsellors to do when jason is camping and putting traps on the main objectives. To encourage more teamwork, there can be a non-victory objective that requires 2 people at the same time. 7. The breaking free of the grab mechanic needs to be a skill based minigame similar to fixing the car, not just spamming e. People can easily cheat with this and set their computer so that when they press e it presses it 100 times per second creating an unhumanly low resist time. This needs to be replaced with a skill based mini game, not one that gives you carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, even more depth can be added to this by making it so when you hit jason, sometimes you enter a mini game where you're struggling with jason in a fight. Both jason and the counsellor will be in a mini game similar to the one used to fix cars, but if the counsellor misses one click prompt they're dead. If jason misses one before that happens he lets them go and has the regular break free animation. 8.Different terrain movement speeds. Mud will make counselors slower, rocky/pebbly areas create more tripping, and roads provide the fastest overall counselor speed but will leave counselors in the open and will increase sense detection chance. Different terrain effects=more strategy. 9.Walkie talkies -I feel people will create discord servers at high ranked play to create communication instantly. Walkie talkies should only reveal your team mates on the map in ranked once acquired, but this is something that will need to be monitored closely to see if walkie talkies in their current state are an obsolete item for ranked because of the use of 3rd party communication. 10. Currently the core mechanic of trying to escape jason are stealth and window jumping, make stealth and stamina highly valuable. There should be a new mechanic on trying to avoid jason, or maybe the ability to reinforce doors further with acquired items. I like the bear trap idea for jason but i feel maybe there should be more ways to stall jason. Perhaps maybe the ability to kill jason for 1 minute by pouring a gas and setting him on fire when walks in the room with a cinematic. Also more escape mechanics would make the game less linear than window jumping all the time. This ties into my number 6 with a non victory objective enabling different escape mechanics or minigames. Maybe a counselor can escape down a manhole into a sewer while jason has to go to the lake and open the sewer gate to get access to that area. Maybe more escape minigames can be added in certain buildings/scenarios. Once jason walks in that area, a counselor with no items will be able to fight jason in a stun jason or die finale. 11. I realize the developers want to make more kill animations, but this shouldn't be the priority. I know a lot of money was designated to go towards this but really what needs to be funded is more game mechanics and gameplay and fixing bugs, not aesthetics. So if you're reading this developers I just ask you to look at the community and see that none of them want more kill animations. Spend the effort elsewhere. 12.More counselor items, including food which regains stamina quickly over time, coffee which increases stamina briefly and then reduces it etc. 13. The ability for counselors to play dead! side note on how ranked gameplay could work: Jason gains elo for having more than 3 kills, and loses elo for 3 kills or less. Tommy Jarvis does not count as a kill, because this would make players not want to call him in. Counselors gain elo for surviving and get more elo for each surviving teammate, and lose elo for dieing, and will lose more elo for every team mate that has also died. Dying as tommy jarvis does not decrease elo. If you are the sole survivor of the game you will still have an elo gain, just less of a gain.
  20. What do you guys/gals think about having Dynamic Weathers in this game, of course it has to stay at night/early morning however what about having a foggy night when its cold, light-heavy rain, thunderstorm etc to make it more interesting. What is your thoughts on this?
  21. Hi all, before I start I want to acknowledge that I know that some of these ideas have been suggested in other posts. I also want to acknowledge that I have no idea what process this game has gone through in the Alpha phase and Beta phase of development. That being said I hope this post can be used in a constructive way to provide feedback to the Developers of the game and as a way to look some of the current game mechanics. Part I: Counselor Game Mechanics: A. Currently I don't feel like the game provides enough in the way of terror for a survival horror game. I understand that some of the perks let counselors start with a radio and a map, and I am ok with that. What puzzles me is why do we immediatley know the exact location of counselors once we aquire a map? That just makes no sense to me and removes some of the suspese of being alone and the relief of finding other survivors. What I suggest is that no counselor knows the location of another unless that can actually see each other in the game. Also I believe that the flare gun should have two purposes: 1. One to stun and mark Jason (like it already does). 2. To be used to actually mark your location on the map for others to see (like they are actually used for in real life). B. Some one else already recommended this idea but I thought it was worth listing again. There are multiple fire extinguishers in the game. Let them become interactable in such a manner that they can be used as a way to temporarily confuse and disorient Jason (he's sense ability doesn't work for x amount of seconds). Part II: Jason Game Mechanics: A. I am fine with how Jason's abilities currently work, however I would suggest a small change. First of all let Jason gain the stalk ability first, not morph. Second let him gain the sense ability. Third the Morph ability and last the shift ability. This will let the counselors have more time to find each other and items before encountering Jason. Also do not start Jason in his mother's shack. Leave him at the starting location by the fire when the match starts. Why would Jason kill only to immediately leave the area when there are others still nearby? I hope others leave constructive feedback here and we can make this post a way to suggest how changes can make this game scarier and better that it already is. Thanks for your time.
  22. Hello! Just wanted to make a little suggestion, that I would like to view the map while I'm running so if we hold down the bar while running the map would show up. Or something like that -xo
  23. Using the standard issue Xbox One wireless controller is causing multiple in game issues. 1) No targetting dot for Jason's Morph ability 2) No nameplates over other players heads 3) When using a headset with mic you can hear other people but your voice doesn't transmit 4) Perk loadouts for counselors and kill loadouts for Jason don't save 5) Rotate minimap with player setting doesn't save. In the meantime it appears that using a cable to plug the controller directly into the X1 resolves all these issues as long as you leave it plugged in. I've tried a few things and if you unplug the controller anything you do after WILL NOT SAVE. You also lose the ability to target morph again.
  24. My suggestion is that the player has the ability to choose when to use the walkie-talkie. Perhaps a button could be mapped that would switch the player from the local in-game chat, to the walkie-talkie chat. Three reasons why i believe this should exist: 1) If players arent playing the objective and are just having fun, making jokes, and being loud on voice chat. This play style is totally fine with me, but it would be nice to choose if I want to listen to it through the walkie-talkie for the remainder of my game. 2) Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when you pick up the walkie-talkie and 6 other people are all screaming and you cant hear the game itself. There are a lot of audio cues in this game and sometimes the chat audio overpowers them. 3) My last and most important reason for the purposed change to the walkie-talkie system deals with the proximity chat function of the game. It can be very confusing when you have a walkie-talkie and the player you've teamed up with does not. Trying to stratigize with someone locally and not confuse the person across the map on their walkie-talkie (or vice versa) can confusing and frusterating. Furthermore it can be difficult to hear the person your working with locally if people on the walkie-talkie chat are being loud. Also, while this is a co-operative game, sometimes its in the best intrest of players to work in smaller groups of two. For example, the boat. If ive been working with another player to get the boat parts, I dont want to have to broadcast to the other players that we have the parts and are about to leave. They rush the boat and we all die lol. Overall i think my biggest argument for the change to the walkie-talkie system is strategy.
  25. When playing on the PlayStation Vita via Remote Play (which is otherwise awesome by the way), L2 (AIM) and R2 (ATTACK) are mapped to the top left and right corners of the front touch screen, making it virtually impossible to aim and shoot/attack (as you have to lift your right thumb from the analog stick to trigger the attack). Also driving a vehicle is nearly impossible for the same reason (can't steer and accelerate/reverse at the same time). I think this happens when a developer doesn't include any specific button mapping for Remote Play and the system applies a default one. Please consider adding a working button mapping scheme for Remote Play in a future update (mapping L2 and R2 to the back touchpad would already help). Thanks for reading! ceno