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Found 7 results

  1. Put together a little something for the wait by way of some of the more entertaining and comical F13 gameplay videos from the beta from a variety of YouTube personalities. Maybe it'll help pass the time. Enjoy.
  2. So with the eventual impending launch, I figured we could make a list for new players to easily find some info and also to chat/review some of the changes since beta and how it might affect gameplay as well as how the game flow will go over the 20 minute time limit. Here's a short list. Add anything I missed if you want and I'll edit the OP later. * Drawers now stay open when searched. * Calling the Police: You need a fuse before you can call the cops. * Shift Grab seems to have been tweaked. * Stalk: Jason can now stalk without the music giving him away. * Sense and Sound: Jason's key tracking abilities have been tweaked a bit for easily helping councilors transition to one of the living impaired. * Councilor Stats: Stamina and stat tweaks for all councilors. * Breakable Fences: Fences are now breakable, putting an end to one loop scenario. * Jason gets traps and throwing weapons. * Councilors can use Firecrackers and Flare Guns to stun Jason. * The new maps, which we still know little about. That's a start. I think the drawers staying open when searched will speed up the gameplay quite a bit. That's actually a pretty big time sink eliminated. As for the cop calling, that one is still a bit of a need-to-see-in-action one. If the fuse is in the house right by the phone it shouldn't add too much time to calling the cops, how long they take to arrive is the next question. Have at it fellas.
  3. Okay I'm not going to lie here. After the beta, I came across the Halloween DLC for Dead by daylight. Having not played this game yet, and seeing Michael Myers in a game, made me feel like a little boy the night before Christmas. Now one thing, I want to see this game steer clear and be it's own game and not something like DbD.... But... Michael has a really cool mechanic which I think adding a spin on would be awesome to see in this game. What I'm talking about is the fear radius. The beta had the classic music play and gradually get louder the closer Jason got. I think think needs to be re-worked a little. Maybe changing the radius size depending on what different Jason you chose? Michael in DbD was scary as shit cause you don't know at times when he's there watching, building his evil within by stalking. It would be good to see some kind of mechanic where Jason needs to watch his victims to perhaps get stronger? Or get his abilities faster? Or even have a play with the cooldowns on his abilities. The music simply playing when he's near acts as no element of surprise. Please take this into consideration devs Thank you Shane
  4. So here's the thing,i like Harry Manfredini music,he did a fantastic job,but because of the fact that a music play each time Jason is in the proximity of a player,it makes it impossible for the player controlling Jason to be stealthy or truly surprise counselors. As soon as that music is heard peoples are instantly warned of Jason presence nearby. So the solution would be to ask peoples in a lobby to turn off their music volume before starting a match. Just imagine this kind of situation,a counselor go inside the Higgins house and check around,that player suddenly hear footsteps above,but is not sure if it's another player or Jason (of course it's Jason waiting patiently for a player to show up),so that person goes up and get surprised by Jason and get caught. Now at the same time this happen another counselor is moving toward Higgins House when he/she suddenly see the other counselor being thrown trough the 2nd floor window from inside,the counselor is surprised and now know that Jason is inside that house. Now you see,that's much more interesting and tense for a scenario compared to players constantly being alerted when Jason is nearby. So like i said,turn off the music for the best of experience.
  5. So after having my hands on the Beta, i did have a few things on my mind in regards to gameplay tweeks that could help the enjoyment of the game. 1: Dead person chat. While I understand that an in game text conversation would not work well, I think it would work well for spectators/killed counselors to discuss current happenings in the game, but also help the remaining match go a little faster for them. It also might be worthwhile to increase the XP gain for "finished a full match" as a lot of players are salty and drop out when the are killed off or otherwise, thus slowing down lobbies in the end. Just a thought. 2: Spectate Jason. It's a simple thing, but since they are dead and thus, no factor, I think it'd be nice if we could spectate the jason player as well since he sometimes vanishes and isn't haunting the players for some reason. 3: Selected jason kills your selected counselor. This is more of an amusing idea; when the game gets more fleshed out and you can customize the clothing of your counselor, it'd be nice if, when the opening cinematic takes place, the person Jason hacks down is actually your counselor, outfit and all. just something amusing. Here is hoping things continue to go well with the game!
  6. Wes recently told someone on Twitter that the Team was planning on showing vehicle gameplay "soon". Could we possibly be seeing an influx of gameplay videos? It would be nice. Personally, the lack of gameplay is the only thing I've been impatient for, but I want to hear other people's thoughts. Do you think we should be getting more gameplay? Do you care?
  7. The second Gameplay video makes mention of a stamina system which gave me some ideas for that system. Obviously, counselors have stamina that gets depleted through strenuous actions and possibly slowly recovers over time. It'd be great if the counselors could also do some sort of contextual rest action to fill their stamina faster, such as: *using a sink to splash water on their face *resting at a campfire *resting while trying to call for help *resting while leaning their back on a door So while resting the counselors field of view is diminished or locked so that they risk not being able to see where Jason is coming from. This would allow Jason to stalk a counselor until they stop to rest, at which point Jason knows they won't see him from certain angles of attack. Being scared while resting could also ramp the fear meter to the max and break them from the resting state. On the flip side, I think Jason should also have a stamina meter. It would be much larger than the counselors and would refill much slower if he tries to rest, but refills fast when he gets a kill. We haven't heard much about how to 'take down' Jason, but I think it'd be cool if when Jason is taken down that this also his 'rest' state. So the Jason player can choose to 'stay down' longer to refill some stamina, then they can do the Jason 'pop back up' whenever they want. It would create that tension of wondering how long is Jason going to be dead without needing to create some fixed timer system. Just wanted to throw those ideas out there, thought they could come in handy with creating so many of the awesome horror movie cliches we know and love.