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Found 10 results

  1. Will the base price of $40 increase on STEAM after May 26th?
  2. I haven't had the pleasure of playing the beta but from watching videos it seems the combat or fighting posture is not very accurate or cumbersome. Am I right in this assumption and is there plans to work on that?
  3. Hello everyone! I've made F13 Fan Group on Steam so that there is even easier access to find people to play with on and after release and to make friends who also enjoy the game! Along with the group, I made a discord which you can find posted on the group page where we can all talk and play together further. Here is the link to the group!:
  4. agony

    Alright, so this Agony game got hyped up after a trailer a while ago. I don't think anyone was asked how they thought it would be? Post your opinion below, if you haven't viewed the gameplay trailer, go look it up. Below is my opinion. Personally? I don't think it'll turn out. To me, it looks like another, "Run and Hide from the scary monster" game with little innovation gameplay wise. Those types of games are fun and great for survival horror but that doesn't mean you can't make a generic one. To me, it will seem to suffer from Outlast II Syndrome or Battlefront Syndrome; beautiful exterior (Agony is beautiful, but horrifyingly so) but the gameplay and content itself is generic once you strip that away. This is pure speculation so don't take it to heart; I think Agony will be generic and people will fall for the setting and graphic style of the game to suck it's dick. I may be being pessimistic here but honestly I have a feeling what will fill this game is shock horror/gore and being as edgy as possible. Intense gore-fests doesn't make a game scary. Hanging babies on hooks from the ceiling doesn't either. It has shock value but you earn that shock, and I fear that this game will feel like it doesn't need to earn any shock horror just because it's set in Hell. That's really it. I hope I'm completely wrong, and chances are I am, but how about yourself how does it look to you?
  5. So this is a topic dedicated to the first person shooter series known as Turok. Any one here who played the games and are fans of it or at least heard of it ? Share your toughts. Recently 'Night Dive Studios' released a remaster of Turok 2 Seeds of Evil on Steam with improvements over the original N64/PC version,they also released a remaster of Turok 1 about a year ago too. Here's are 2 review videos made by Gggmanlives on those remasters. Turok 1 remaster review : Turok 2 remaster review : If you guys are interested in buying those remasters,here's the steam pages of the games. Turok 1 Steam page : Turok 2 Steam page : So yeah,share your toughts on the series. Also i do hope that 'Night Dive Studios' eventually do a remaster of Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion,like that the original N64 trilogy will be all remastered.
  6. My friend bought the DLC for me and put my email in and only he received a confirmation email. Am I supposed to receive a confirmation email as well? Because it did charge him but were worried that it won't send me the code. Will I still receive the codes when they are released or was there some kind of error?
  7. So if you want to share some ideas for easter eggs in the game,this is the topic for it. I have a fews in my mind that i will gladly share with you. It would be nice and funny as hell if when Jason kill a counselor,that counselor start screaming like Rob Dier's in part 4. Another one wich might not be possible if the copyright isnt approved would be having 'The man behind the mask' by Alice Cooper being one of the songs playing on the radio when activating it. Maybe we could also have some well hidden items,like Freddy's glove or the Necronomicon book. So what do you think guys and give us your ideas for an easter egg.
  8. Anyone remember this slice of banned nostalgia? Spent many a night playing this with friends into the early hours and felt it needed some representation on the forums here. Anyone else ever play this uncompleted masterpiece?
  9. I thought I'd post an Allison Road topic since a P.T. one is up and Allison Road was surprisingly... not. I'm just so excited for this game. The spiritual (fan [?]) Silent Hills game we'll never get. It's too bad we Won't have Norman Reedus acting in it. It's too bad Guillermo del Toro has nothing to do with it. Both would have been such fantastic contributions to a survival horror video game.It's too bad Konami had to be a poor sport about Kojima leaving, they couldn't just leave P.T. up for the fans? Rediculousness! I definitely see Allison Road as a light at the end of that dark tunnel - as ironic as that sounds. Whether or not Kojima is behind it (it'd be super cool if he somehow got behind it after it got picked up to help out) but it definitely looks like something that is doing P.T. and the Silent Hills trailer justice. I am so fucking excited for this game, I can't even contain myself! What are you guys' thoughts and feelings on Allison Road? What do you expect from the game and do you plan to get it? I for one am going to pre-order it as fast as I possibly can.
  10. I am stoked for this first off, super stoked, that aside here are just a few of the many things I hope we get in this game. --- Jason is a stalker, I hope we get lots of windows, Jason can watch through windows, but as anyone who has see the Fridays can attest, Jason needs the ability to break the glass and snag a councelor from within a cabin... Don't go to close to those windows!! --- Mrs Voorhies??? --- I hope Jason Controls something like left for dead zombies, where he can basically teleport as an invisible ghost with the ability to appear just out of site of the players. This gives hime the ability to appear in a room that was just checked by a group, or around the next tree on a dark lonely path through the woods, as so often happens in the films. --- Friday the 13th part two costume, easily the scariest Version of Voorhies, let me put a bag on my head with a single hole in it and kill some kids!! What are you all hoping for?