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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, streaming live tonight on youtube, feel free to come and join in on the chat and interact, subscribe & like, the support would be great. Thank you
  2. Hello from Tennessee! I'm the Belligerent Bear and just joined the forums and felt like saying hello!
  3. Fellow horror fans and counselor slayers! Does anyone know every single kill in the game? I know all of the grab kills but I don't know all the environmental. In other words how many kills are there and what are they Thanks for the help and your time, Jake"zombieburger12"
  4. It would be nice to have offline mode where you choose to play as either a counselor or Jason. It's still a 20 minute time limit and if you choose to be Jason, you can hunt down counselors and kill until your heart's content. If you play as a counselor, you have to survive. the same rules and format as online but you don't need real people. it's kind of similar to how Call of Duty offline custom game mode work.
  5. I Made A Club For People Who Enjoy The Game and Want To Play With People But Can't The Group is Called "Friday The 13th PM" Hoping People Will Join So That Everyone Can Play and Enjoy While We Have The Servers Done For The Xbox One
  6. Hey everyone, I am a Canadian streamer who is also a professor in Colleges across Ontario for Game Programming and Game Design. Been waiting for this game for a while and can't wait to stream it. Come chat with me: See you there Fredd
  7. What's going on everybody, My name's Andy Abdulah, born in NYC, raised in Boston. Long time 60's, 70's and 80's horror movie fan. I wanted to introduce myself to the community as a long time fan of the Friday the 13th series, as well an American convert to Islam. Besides gaming, if you have any questions about Islam please feel free to ask. I feel it's important in these times to reach out to people who might not know anything about Islam, in an attempt to clarify common misconceptions as well as make the effort to simply get along without compromising our own personal beliefs. Regardless, can't wait for the release of this game! I don't know about you guys but who else is playing this bad boy on PC? Let's get it! Peace!
  8. Just thought I'd poke in here and say a quick hello before everyone's attention is focused away from forums and onto the gameplay action. My name is Bob and I hail from British Columbia, Canada. Very excited for this game toe see the light! 8bitbobby is my handle on most social media so if you wanna hit me up on there feel free. Hope to see you in-game (and surviving). Cheers everyone!