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Found 10 results

  1. Why is it when ur on ur last legs and u call the killer out to 1v1 they get scared. I offer them a fair deal 1v1 if i lose your getting the kill. If i win I get to complete my Objective, Ex.battery,fuse,gas, Prop. but then they get all hands up on you and you pocket knife them and the rage comes. With Childish name calling or they hack you down like your standard Walmart edition Jason All I want is to 1v1 Me why are you so scared ?
  2. I wish when i play killer more players would atleast to 1v1 me i can grab kill and run u down but sometimes i just want to tryout my 1v1 skills
  3. so i have a brand new Ibuypower PC and i noticed when turning the game on if i want to swap my game sound from speakers back to headset, I get nothing if i swap it back then i still get no sound. And my headsets a hyper cloud x-2 anyone else having this issue ? I don't want restart my game just to have sound
  4. Should there not be an afk timer who spend the whole game hiding under a bed or in a cabinet the entire match and wait for others to complete objectives seems a little bit unfair
  5. Ok so I'm new to forums so I don't know much about what's going on, but my game won't let me join servers with the new update and nobody joins my servers, so I just need some type of help on what I should do. Please and thank you!
  6. I'm looking for feedback from the makers of this awesome game and/or my fellow players(specifically those who have or had)pertaining to how well this game plays with a satellite internet connection. Is the latency noticeable? Noticeable, but makes little difference? Noticeable, and a pain to deal with?
  7. Does anyone know what the maximum percentage is for an epic perk roll? I saw one You Tube video wherein the guy had listed the perks along with a medium for each with a highest and lowest possible attribute percentage, but I have not been able to confirm this information anywhere else. I've seen plenty of forums defining an "epic perk", but nothing on the maximum for each epic perk. For instance, the best perk I currently have is a 49 percent attribute in "Thick Skinned" with a 0 percent negative. Is it possible to get higher than this?
  8. Would love to hear any fun escape stories you might could share from playing. I'll share a fun one from last night. I was playing 4 in party and 4 not in party and my friends and I were the last ones alive. We managed to get the car working and were trying to escape but Jason kept stopping us so we kept backing up and reversing and it was kinda hilarious bc ole Jason was good and almost got us multiple times. We escaped and were so relieved because it was a challenge only for me to come back as Tommy to survive again. So I come in alone with no friends and no car. My only hope was the phone. After evading Jason for what felt like forever, I finally get the fuse in the phone and call out. The next 5 minutes were hell. I used everything on my person to stop him except my shotgun. He chases me for 5 minutes and I barely escaped with my life. It was awesome and thought I would share my fun experience.
  9. Hello all you sexy campers! Simple question here, is the game cross platform? Will all three platforms be able to play online with each other? THANK YOU ALL