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Found 40 results

  1. So there's this thing with Jason's actions called Stalk. What does it do? All it seems to do is brighten up the screen for a limited amount of time.
  2. Hello! As you may know I am Beastmode259 from PS4 I have a few questions that you may be able to answer * Do you regenerate stamina faster standing or crouching? * On weapons what does the attack stat do? * On Jason Part 9, What does "Less Hit Points" mean? * On Jason Part 6 and Part 2 (Besides Block Chance) what does "Defense" do? * Is Tommy Jarvis selected once the game starts or once he is called in? * Is Tommy Jarvis and Jason chosen more towards level instead of full randomization? * Does Tommy Jarvis actually have a 10 or 9 in every area? * The "Luck" stat says it increases weapon durability and minor increases to other stats. What does it really do to other stats? * Do you plan on nerfing any of the Perks, Counselors, or Jason himself? Thanks for your help appreciate it (Also message Beastmode259 to play)
  3. I am just curious to ask a question with the team killing. Now I understand in the rules and such for getting banned from the game or in trouble team killing is against the rules and is reportable as you are directly helping Jason achieve victory. One thing I am curious about though is if this is the case for private matches as well where you are messing around with friends? Or even in the standing of an accidental killing, example someone shooting Jason who is holding someone with the shotgun, or shooting through Jason to hit someone on accident. I am just curious on what I am technically allowed to do and if it is possible or allowed to play a private match with some people and just have fun with killing allowed? Or if people have some grudge with each other in the actual game if they can kill one another for their own intentions and not really helping Jason?
  4. Hello! So i bought this Game 2 Weeks ago and i do really like the Concept and the Gameplay of it. However, my Ingame Voice Chat doesn't seem to work proberly. Players ingame are talking but i can't hear them. However they can hear me when i Talk. I can hear Players in 1 out of 10 Games(yes, i can hear them kinda randomly). My Mic is 100% working (its working on other games with ingame Voice Chat tho, tested it) and all my ingame sound settings are 100% volume. i'm not the only one with this problem, few of my friends who are also playing F13 have the same Issue like me. I have the latest Drivers on my PC installed. (i dont think its a problem on my Side tho) Any Suggestions to this issue? maybe a potencial fix? are the devs informed about this Issue yet?
  5. Now, before I go into details on the Jason's and my own thoughts about them, know that Savini Jason will not be covered as I do not have him sadly and cannot play as him. If I knew of the game sooner I might have bought and supported everything as I am a big horror fan, but I did not. Also know that these are my own personal opinions on each of the Jason's and my thoughts on them. I do not expect many people to read or care for this, but I just wanted some where I can write this information down to show my friends a little more easily or to just talk to people on streams when I do them about it. (If people join my stream). Anyways, now that it is all out of the way, please enjoy what I have to say about Jason and what you may not know or already know about them. ---------------------------------- Part 2 Jason ---- Perks : "Can Run" : Moves faster when pushing the L3 button in. "More Traps" : Gains 3 extra traps compared to other Jason's. "Morph Speed" : Can teleport around the map much faster. Weaknesses : "Slow Shift" : Shift recharges slower (Also you move slower while in it) "Lower Defense" : Has less HP and a lower block chance. "Slower Water Speed" : Moves a lot slower inside of the water. Personal ranking : 2/6 When playing as the Part 2 Jason, your main focus is just securing every possible way the councilors can escape. By taking advantage of your "Morph" speed increase, you can get to all of the objective area's really fast before they can fully repair anything. Not to mention with your increased amount of traps you can easily trap all of these locations as well to prevent them from leaving without you knowing. His weaknesses are not even that bad either. Besides the fact "Shift" has a longer cool down and you move slower in it compared to other Jason's, the other two perks are not that bad. Very rarely will people get into the boat because of how risky it is to be instant killed, not to mention its very easy to cut off. Then the lowered defense does not really matter if the people have 0 clue how to kill you or you can kill the person who gets the sweater or tommy. The main focus is when you are playing this Jason is to secure the area, before you attempt to kill. You are not fast, even if you have the ability to run your low "Shift" up time will mess you up when catching people. Do not focus on the players first, cause this is what will get you killed or them to escape. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3 Jason ---- Perks : "Can Run" : Moves faster when pushing the L3 button in. "Weapon Strength" : Killing players takes 1 less hit. (From 4 hits to 3). "Grip Strength" : Breaking out of Jason's grip is much harder. Weaknesses : "Not Resistant" : Can be stunned a lot easier and longer by melee weapons. "Short Sense" : Sensing where councilors are has a longer cool down, shorter duration, and shorter range. "Weak Stalker" : Stalking has longer cool down and duration. Personal Ranking : 5/6 This Jason is basically designed around for people who are new to the game. The Jason's main play style for the whole game is to just focus down on killing those they spot in an instance. This can be backed up by the fact he has 2 methods of easy killing, both swinging is stronger, and grabbing is hard to break out of. Then he has the ability to run for people who are low on stamina. His weaknesses are pretty bad, but they are understandable. This Jason was designed to just kill people he personally spots or can hear, hence his "Sense" weakness and "Stalk" weakness. Losing his "Stalk" is not even that bad since a majority of people know Jason is around already. However the Stun resistance is a major hassle to deal with as Jason can be knocked on the ground fast by more experienced players. All around, with this Jason you want to just hurry up, kill the player, then move onto the next one before someone stuns you and gets out of the range of your sense making it hard to find them. It is a good Jason for new players, but overall he is just not that great. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 6 Jason ---- Perks : "Throwing Knives" : Jason has 4 extra throwing knives when he spawns. "Sense" : Sense cool down is reduced along with increased in duration and range. "Shift" : Shift cool down is reduced along with moving faster while in the form. Weaknesses : "Lower Defense" : Has less HP and a lower block chance. "Cant Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Reduced Morph" : Morph has a longer cool down time. Personal Ranking : 3/6 This Jason along with Part 9 Jason play very similarly so it was hard settling on who was actually better as it is more around play style preference when it comes to how their jobs are done as they both do their job effectively, which is to hunt players and never let them go. With Part 6 Jason's throwing knives he can easily dish out some early damage, as with the knives in his shack he has a total of 6, meaning he can slow 2 Councilors or kill 1 with just knives. Then you have his increased Sense and Shift where he can just find you and travel toward you in pretty much an instance. His weaknesses however can be a major downside to you as well. With his reduced defense it can make killing him easy, as his mask comes off much faster. The fact that he cant run will make it take a longer period of time to kill one person and giving them chances to climb through windows and such much easier. Then the fact you cant teleport around the map as often to ensure people are not doing stuff or to prevent vehicles from getting away is a major pain. With this Jason, you just want to kill people. You want to find them and try and kill them quickly as you have the tools to do so. You cant underestimate people or be distracted for to long however, so if someone is taking up your time just injure them and move onto the next group of people. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 7 Jason ---- Perks : "Sense" : Sense cool down is reduced along with increased in duration and range. "Water Speed" : Moves much faster in the water. "Grip Strength" : Breaking out of Jason's grip is much harder. Weaknesses : "Can't Run" : The player moves slightly slower when pressing in the L3 button. "Less Trap's" : The player has 1 less trap compared to other Jason's. "Slow Shift" : Shift recharges slower (Also you move slower while in it) Personal Ranking : 6/6 With this Jason, I personally feel that he is the weakest, but obviously has perks when the situation comes to it. His grip strength is still there, making it so grab killing is the obvious focus for this Jason. He also has increased sense so he can actually find out where the players are to kill them a lot easier. Then he has increased water speed making the boat literally the worst option of escape (If the boat is on the map). His weaknesses however, are a major hit compared to all the other Jason's as each one of these will badly effect the player. You cannot run making it so for players with high stamina characters you have to spend more time on. You have very few traps meaning you cant exactly secure the map that well. Then you have a slower and longer shift time, meaning if you want to try and catch those fast players, you get one chance before having to slowly walk toward them like an idiot for the next like 30 seconds. All around this character was made to screw over whoever try's to fix up the boat and to just grab people and instantly deal with them, because if they were able to break free fast, its going to take a while to catch them again. The character is still manageable but compared to the other Jason's there is no real point in playing this one besides the looks. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 8 Jason ---- Perks : "Water Speed" : You move a lot faster in water. "Destruction" : You can destroy doors in half the time (3 hits instead of 6). "Stalk" : Stalk duration is increased and cool down is reduced. Weaknesses : "Sense" : Sensing where councilors are has a longer cool down, shorter duration, and shorter range. "Cant Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Grip Strength" : It is easier for players to get out of your grip. Personal Ranking : 1/6 The main reason I personally think this Jason is number 1, is for that perk called "Destruction". The only other Jason with it is the Savini Jason (Which I sadly do not have). This perk is a monster of a perk as housing is the only way for players to actually feel safe and he just completely busts through everything early on giving players close to no time to rest. His other two perks are nice, being a threat if a boat is on a map and hiding his presence, but they do not compare to how good and effective "Destruction" is. His weaknesses are bad, but manageable as well. As I said before with "Can't Run" it means you have to spend a lot of time on the players with higher stamina which can be a major pain. Your weaker grip strength can make it so players who have high composure can easily just get out of your grip before you get in the right spot to kill them. Then your short sense will make it so if they do get away its going to be a pain to find them again. All and all however, because you have the Destruction perk, your reduced speed makes sense. You give players 0 time to rest, making it so even without speed you are going to waste their stamina and catch them a lot faster then other Jason's with this weakness. Your reduced grip strength can be easily countered by using stuff like "Choke" which can be used anywhere (Cause its a bitch move). Then not being able to sense players is not that big a deal so long as you have a rough location or you just watch the vehicles. ---------------------------------------------------------- Part 9 Jason ---- Perks : "Shift" : Shift cool down is reduced along with moving faster while in the form. "Stun Resistance" : Stun duration and chance is lowered. "Stalk" : Stalk duration is increased and cool down is reduced. Weaknesses : "Can't Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Less hit points" : Has less HP so loses mask a lot faster. "Less traps" : The player has 1 less trap compared to other Jason's. Personal Ranking : 4/6 This one was a tough call with comparing it to part 6 Jason, as the two have a very straight forward play style of being able to hunt down players then leaving when ever they want to handle other important situations. With your increased shift perk you can easily catch up to players to remove them and if they try to stun you with flare guns, shotguns, and other weapons, you can shrug it off in pretty much 0 time. Your stalk although there, is not the best thing when it comes to this. Yes, like other Jason's your walk speed will prevent you from catching some targets. Then you have your lack of traps which gives you less map control compared to some other Jason's making you need to be more alert and focused on some of the escape methods. Then less hit points makes it all around easier to just kill you and for people to win that way. In conclusion however, even though you cannot run, you have a faster shift making it so that situation is solved and dealt with. Your less hit points is made up for by not being stunned as easily, so those who try to remove your mask are obviously going to die. The biggest issue is going to be your traps and map control but that can be easily avoided if you just pay attention. -------------------------------------------------- Hope you guys enjoyed the time to actually read this. Remember this is all an opinion so feel free to share your own thoughts below. Jason regardless is an over powered character, its what is needed in order to fight of the councilors. However, there is always still a variation and opinion of how people play and who they like to play as or don't. Know as well, Jason's may change in the future with nerf's or buff's who knows. So the date of me writing this has been 6/28/2017. Also expect to see a few more posts from me on other tip's and trick's with the game that I have discovered while playing. (Others may have discovered them as well... but I found them without videos sooo... yeah).
  6. Hey guys! Throw your perk ideas in the comments. Gambler - Start the game with a random weapon. The Hero in Me - Increase your chances for coming back as Tommy Jarvis. Natural Instinct - Increase your chances for spawning near the Radio or Phone Box. Distraction - Start the game with a flare gun or pocket knife. Just ideas so don't kill me on this thread
  7. Hey everyone, I'm looking to start a party for Tuesday night (9 pm eastern time; i'm from canada!) Anyone interested in meeting in game and coming up with a strategy. Let me know! xbox tag: iamterribadd
  8. My favourite play style is to waste Jason's time while other counselors escape. I love to have fun and play around with survivability set ups in particular. Here are a couple of screens where I've been stockpiling, setting up a defence and preparing to waste Jason's time. I managed to grab four flare guns in one game and five bear traps in another! So much fun! What are some of your favourite survivability set ups? How do you hold off Jason for longer periods of time? It'd be awesome to see some of your screen shots!
  9. Recently, I was playing a match as Jason. There was a storm near my area, and the power shut off as I was shot with a flare gun. I was super mad. But that moment got me thinking, have other people have had worse? What's your worst F13 moment?
  10. Share F13 Videos/Streaming Accounts For Content Creator's! Alright everyone my name is ROSSHICKEY & I am new to making F13 content & I wanthink to make this Topic for myself & fellow content creator's! Looking forward to see people hunt down councillors & running for your life! Here is my recent video hope you enjoy let me know on YouTube what you think Cheers Thanks!
  11. Would love for the color of the two door car to be indicated as yellow on the in-game map. FridayThe13thGame Support Sent me here from Twitter so please make this change happen.
  12. I have been playing F13 since they fixed the servers on PS but 1 thing I would like to see to make the maps feel different every time would be to add random weather to each map like rain or a tunder storm to give the maps that horror feel and make the game more scary please make this happen 😊
  13. When ever i try to launch the game on steam, the window with the green bar pops up and finishes but, after the game syncs and just ends. I have tried validating the files and it says that one file is missing and is re-added however the game is still not launching, only the green bar menu and after that nothing happens. I uninstalled then reinstalled the game but again it remains to do the exact same thing. I have tried downloading files again and nothing has worked thus far. No error message or anything, not even the file that apparently is missing doesn't show itself. I posted on the steam page and apparently others are suffering this issue as well. I have run out of ideas at this point and just simply want to play the game. I hope there is some sort of fix to this problem. Anyways great game from what I've played so far just wanting to re-join the action. Kind regards, Nun
  14. I have an idea to let friends join in, in the offline mode (or private match) as coop or vs. To play against a bot Jason, or to play as Jason against friends and bots. Of course that would be an option in offline mode to accept/invite players or not, as you would want to play offline mode offline as well. To be able to fill empty playerslots with bots in both offline mode and private match/quick match. Notified the devs and got an answer on twitter. Hope something might happen soon.
  15. Had a discussion with Danny Darkcore on discord... And roughly, this is what I came up in my head on how J7 would work, if they handed him a Weed Eater as one of his main weapons to choose at the start of a match. (Just like a normal weapon you start with now, he can't exchange it, or drop it.. NOW, with that in mind..) "They'd have to mechanically play it to where if Jason uses it as his weapon, he'd have to have it off (basically like a normal weapon). He can CRANK it manually, but hold on just a moment, He'd have his kills, like a normal weapon, cranking it up to kill during the kill animation. He'd turn it on automatically while going through doors... THE CATCH. He could fire it up as a secondary manual attack (like a normal weapon still, BUT IF HE HITS YOU WITH IT)... instant kill animation. It's like super jason mode, but the catch is.. EVERYONE in the vicinity will hear this thing, and Jason's minimap red would be ON at all times this is cranked up... so in order for Jason to get a catch on someone with it, he'd have to leave it off and possibly wound them first, in order to finally crank it up, show off and make that kill while it's cranked."
  16. I got it with pre-order via steam but jason savini it did not come
  17. So first off let me just say im loving this game. This game is amazing ! Been waiting for it for a while now !(excuse grammar also) But im thinking maybe jason is to op ? So at the moment im playing alone and it seems like im doing everything myself. Im finding the car batterys , keys , and gas tank all myself and as im running to go put the car battery into the car i notice that there is a trap ! i spent 4 minutes trying to see if i can disable it and i could not ! So i was forced to get caught in the trap free myself heal up and then install the battery ! I mean cmon they should make it so we can disable traps . Also once jason grabs you he kills you ? I was going to go start a match and literally as i enter the match i spawn in the big lodge , and jason just so happens to teleport there and literally within 3 minutes of the match he grabs me and kills me. Is it because of the character i have or is jason just really op ? Idk am i being a baby about things or does anyone agree ??
  18. Ayo

    Hello hello, my names Micha I'm a young adult from the north east who likes alot of terrible things like those telekinesis bits in that one f13 sequel. Anyhoo I've been having trouble with the servers and when I get a game hardly anyone plays with a mic and hey I get it who wants to actually speak to people? Well, camp counselors who aren't supernatural entities who are fighting a super natural entity just prabs should. Soooo if you have a ps4 and mic or no mic add me ! : LexiconDevil0
  19. It would be nice to have offline mode where you choose to play as either a counselor or Jason. It's still a 20 minute time limit and if you choose to be Jason, you can hunt down counselors and kill until your heart's content. If you play as a counselor, you have to survive. the same rules and format as online but you don't need real people. it's kind of similar to how Call of Duty offline custom game mode work.
  20. Well when I started playing on the home page I have been hearing sound and I thought it was fine. But then I got into a game and I heard no audio it is extremely hard to play like this. Maybe I can get some help here <3 PS (Yes I did check the audio settings to make sure they were on)
  21. Everyone deserves to be Kevin Bacon at least once in their life, lI strongly feel like he should be a counselor option.
  22. Hey guys I just started working on a discord for f13! I couldn't find a good one myself so I thought i'd create one, I am looking for some moderators as well if anyone is interested. Thanks! *lots of setup to do so I am very busy*
  23. My name is Domo, I run a rust server [US WEST] RUSTY EMPIRE, Create youtube videos (very small channel), and I play a lot of video games. I will be posting my Ideas for the game and hopefully be a welcome part of the F13 group.
  24. In this topic I will be talking about features I think should be implemented, fixed, or outright removed. 1. Counselors should be able to disarm Jasons traps. Reason being is that if he puts a trap right in from of a car or the phone box "which they always do" its virtually impossible to fix it because you are forced to step into the trap which then alerts Jason and then you're screwed. 2. Players should not lose control of there counselor when they see a dead body. Reason being is that from a game play perspective it doesn't really make sense because in the beginning scene you see your fellow counselor being killed so I dont think you would freak out every single time you see a body. The other main reason is that if Jason grabs someone and you go to save whoever was grabbed by hitting Jason sometimes that swing brings you into line of sight with a body and it stops your character mid swing to say "Oh my god is that a dead body" causing your friend to then be killed. Also if you are running for your life from Jason and you see a dead body and your character stops dead in his tracks to freak out over a dead body then getting you killed is so stupid and doesn't make sense. Its fine if its just an audible thing and or increases your fear level but to stop your character from doing anything for a short time is dumb. 3. I believe stamina needs to be reworked it seems to me that it runs out a little too fast even form good high stam characters. 4. I dont think players should have to wait til a vehicle is started to enter it, they should just be able to get in. 5. I think Tommy Jarvis shouldn't be able to leave until all other counselors are either dead or escaped, because his whole purpose is to help others escape and all to often we see someone come back as Tommy just to escape.