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Found 38 results

  1. When I was away grabbing some food and drinks (went out to buy stuff) I told my friend to stay, so he decided to play Friday the 13th on my account (Xbox One). He joins a game and near the end of the match he did the Packanack roof glitch (Huge H20Delirious fan). Then he gets into a huge argument with another player (Msg) When I come back hes in the washroom and I check up my account to see if any of my online friends are playing. Then I see the argument messaging and checked on it, realizing what it said, now im afraid to lose my account cause of him. I've been a player ever since the game came out. (He told me what happened after I discovered the messages) Should I be worried for my account? Im looking forward for an answer with any possible Admin.
  2. In Packanack, counselors are able to run up an incline at the far east side of the map (near one of the Jason shack spawn locations) and go around the border of the map, safely out of Jason's reach. I've already screenshotted and reported a couple players for this already.
  3. There is a way to exploit a bug / glitch that allows counselors to install the fuse in the fuse box without triggering the traps in front of it? At the end of a match where I was Jason, that they called the police without triggering or disarmed two traps I had placed in front of the fuse box. It was the second time that this occured... I did not understand their explanation. I heard this from a few players when I questioned the fact... But it seems that they can install the fuse from inside the house (through the wall behind the box) or take advantage of a bug, crounching in two, in front of the fuse ... They started to explain to me, but changed the subject. The fact remains: There are players taking advantage of some glitch/bug that allows counselors to ignore Jason's traps by a dishonestly way. I play on PC - Steam Please, if you know what I say and have seen it happen, post exactly how they do it.
  4. Recently Ive noticed in game. Players playing as Jason are able to Morph Inside of buildings without Breaking down doors. Morphing Inside of any building should not be possible within the game in the first place. To accurately Describe the situation I had fortified myself within a home barricaded each door. With Each door having been barricaded there should have been no way he got inside. However the player playing as Jason. Suddenly Stopped breaking the door down then Appeared inside the building to grab and kill me through morph. This is exactly why game testing is done prior to release of a game. To Ensure balance and fair play.
  5. So I was Jason (Part 8) and there were 4 players surrounding the phone fuse (2 traps on it). I get stunned, one goes in, one decides to crouch and block the fuse box when the police call was halfway done. This was demoralizing, and really they taunted me after game not calling it an exploit as well. If you guys confirmed it isn't, then it is for sure the cheapest, cheating tactic I have ever seen. Video:
  6. I've come up with a grand idea! Are you a counselor and notice someone in an exploit?? Learn the exploit, get in there, and fuckin tear them apart! I know you'll lose xp, but damn will it piss those players off! I was in a game earlier, where Tommy shot someone camping on the roof of Packnack, needless to say, the kid ended up quitting because he wasn't able to finish his match by cheating. I'm all for using glitches and stuff to have fun in single player games, but if you're playing a multiplayer game, and exploiting these things because youre not skilled enough to play normally, then don't play these kind of games. So learn those exploits, and let's destroy these little cheaters, those exploiters got another thing coming!
  7. Does anyone at gun media actually check in on these forums from time to time or is this strictly fan made and operated? The out of map and roof glitching is way out of hand. I ran into a party of 3 all on the roof of packanack took screenshots of their psn ids and of them actually on the roof. If this was an isolated case I'd just say forget it but 9 out of 10 games I join are on packanack and at least one player is always up there. Glitchers psn: SF_GIANT_209 LiveLikeLarry7 ralphforeign04 Ran into these 3 twice in one night about 4 hours apart. Took a break after realizing I was not having fun after dying and being forced to lose all match xp to not have to wait 20mins. Came back played a few, went to get a drink come back and bam ended up with them again. They only play packanack in pubic lobbies and always glitch.
  8. Hello All! I regularly play with a group of friends who are of the thought that Jason doing any of the following is an "Exploit". I need to know if they are truly exploits or if they are part of the game: 1. Jason using block while in combat stance to block incoming attacks when entering a door he just broke down. 2. Jason using block while in combat stance to walk over bear traps unscathed. 3. Jason using block while in combat stance to block the effects of fire crackers. 4. Jason using block while in combat stance to block the flare gun. 5. Jason using combat stance to break down doors faster than he normally would. Here is my problem. I have a personal, zero-tolerance policy for other players, public or private, trying to dictate how I play the game, either as Jason or Counselor. I don't listen to "No Instakill" or "No Shift+Grab." or anything similar. It seems like there's always that contingent of players who think they can tell others how to play, no matter what the online game. Outside of exploits, bugs, cheating, or anything else that the programmers did not intend to be part of the regular game, I leave no options off the table as Jason. In this scenario with my friends, I neither want to: A ) Use any of the above strategies if any of them are in fact exploits nor B ) Be told incorrectly that I cannot do these things if they in fact are part of the game. If the above strategies are truly part of the game, and I cannot convince my friends that these are fair game, I will be finding another group of friends to play with. Please enlighten me here. Thanks in advance. -Espionage Cosmo
  9. So I just played a game where I was Jason, had a trap at the phone box, but somehow someone managed to fix the phone box without triggering the trap? There was no possible way he could've dodged it as it was in the perfect spot. After the match I asked in chat how he didn't trigger the trap, and all he said was ":)"
  10. This guy glitched onto the Packanack Lodge roof and stayed there for the entire game. Boring and no fair to Jason or the other players. Please fix. Thanks in advance
  11. New glitch spot in Higgen's Haven, not sure how they're getting in there but there's an empty room behind the bookcases on the second story hallway, far left if standing at top of stairs. Was being used in multiple matches by PSN ID'S: richdrizzy, pwndurmama122, and Muffinman420421, the latter of which was hosting and enabling them all to do it match after match. I really hope a reporting system is set up some time soon, because I'm about done playing public matches with these little losers that waste everyone's time.
  12. I was wondering when an in-game cheat report function is coming for consoles? I know the devs are hard at work patching known glitches as fast as they can like the roof/bear trap glitches but I'm still running into players glitching inside walls like the wall next to the book case 2nd floor of the Higgins haven main house. There's another inside the wall glitch on packanack 2nd floor as well. I thought maybe it was unintentional as I've personally gotten stuck inside closets and had to leave the game so people didn't have to wait 20mins but I caught the same player doing it on both packanack and then on Higgins. I screen shot the guys name (Fluxx_bills) on psn and the exact location he was hiding but without a reliable means of reporting (and no devs verifying if anything is actually being done) it's starting to get annoying even playingF13. Crap like exploits and cheats are all I see even after the patches and it just drains the fun out of the game when I'm playing the objective but die and have to either forfeit my end game bonus xp or sit and watch a guy sit inside a wall for 15mins. Same guy two different maps, then a group consisting of 3 players using out of map glitches while I'm running around trying to call the cops. I don't care about griefers who betray me (which happens with crazy frequency) it's sometimes fun to have a beef with other counselors, I'm not even mad about the counselors who help Jason find me (I can get my vengeance the next game) what's really killing the experience is a counselor who's invincible because he's inside the wall or outside the map. Can we please get a glitch report function with the next patch? Forget the retro reskin, forget the free cp, just allow us to report bugs so they can get addressed and the exploiter punished.
  13. I was in a public game tonight and I think some players found a glitch. They would stand on the toilet and constantly crouch backwards and go through the wall. I have attached a link showing how it is done. Credit for finding the glitch goes to xNightMar3xx and LittleGwenie. They asked that someone record and report it. Toilet Wall Glitch Video
  14. Hello guys, I just saw a person playing as tommy jarvis straight away in a new game (even in lobby his character is jarvis). Please ban him. And to anyone who read this, please post it to the steam forum as well, to make the devs fix the exploit quicker and also ban the exploit user sooner. (I can't post any new topic there because "steam level 0" ???) Thanks
  15. I don't know if I'm reporting this exploit the way I'm supposed to, but I figured I'd bring it to your attention. Literally five minutes before writing this, I played a match where this happened. I and many others died this match, leaving one survivor. We were all basically forced to watch this loser use an exploit/glitch (not sure which) where Jason was unable to actually get them. They just sat there and flashed their flashlight at Jason's red aura in the water while doing le epic teabag. I have no clue how to reproduce this exploit/glitch but I was wondering if in the next patch you could make the rock inaccessible to players or just make it to where Jason can access the rock (or for a funny way to tell exploiters to stop you could make it a kill boundary where it plays a cutscene in which Jason pops up behind them as they're climbing onto the rock and smashes their head into it, regardless of Jason's position in the map). For locational purposes and proof, I have included 5 screenshots. Please fix ASAP.
  16. A Cheater named Yoru using a bug to float above the game. Recorded today 6/18/2017 Patch version 1.03. Please ban.
  17. Just played a game with a player who did a new exploit I haven't seen reported yet. He got out of the map by the bridge on Packanack Lodge, and stayed there the whole match. The only reason I found him was because he eventually told me where he was to taunt me. I'm not posting this to name and shame, but so you have video proof of this exploit. Hopefully this helps to get a patch soon, as this is game breaking. This happened on PS4. Edit: After I quit he messaged me saying he "didn't care about the XP." He "just likes to see rage quitters." After that it was the typical "u mad bro" response. This is the mentality of the majority of these exploiters.
  18. so i found this spot that the councilors can get to that is completely inaccessible for Jason. Side note, the user's name is deathWizard. Here's the pic.
  19. The name of the player's PSN profile is shown at the very end of the video 1:30 I know there is a patch on the way but I still feelplayers like that should be punished. Entering his PSN profile I saw videos of 'him' trolling other players as well.
  20. Person swam out to a rock, couldn't be killed per the exploit. This is on the PC version on Steam, on the map Crystal Lake.
  21. the counselors Can be on the roof, Is annoying because if Jason does not have knives he will never finish the game Steps 1) Find a bear trap 2) go to a any house and open the door 3)Put the trap on the edge of the door 4)the counselor teleported to the roof please fix this exploit, is very very irritating, many player see this glitch and in one game many conselours stay in the roof one video to explain this glitch (go to minute 16:39
  22. Jason is able to break down doors (quicker and safer) using combat stance and/or regularly swinging away from a door, making counselors unable to attack him after the door is broken. I feel this is a bug/exploit because there is an intended door break mechanic (hold RT RM) in front of the door. This action has its own animation (and pause animation when the door is broken which gives counselors a brief moment to fight back). Jason either should not be able to break the door without using the door hack animation, or should do pathetic/weak damage to doors when he is regularly swinging/using combat stance. Jason breaking windows should also probably have its own animation to make it to where Jason doesn't have to swing many times at an open window or switch to combat stance to break an open window.
  23. I was playing a match earlier and escaped pretty early on, and while spectating the remaining players I came across this guy, who I'm guessing used an exploit to get to a spot where jason could not grab or hit him (unless using throwing knives of course, however the player seemed to have a spray buffing perk) As seen in this first screenshot, this is where he initiates the exploit, by what seemed to be repeatedly crouching and standing back up until the character glitched its way up on to the railing thus allowing him to walk over to a spot where he'd be invincible - as seen in the second and third screenshot.
  24. While playing on Higgins Haven as Savini Jason, I tracked another player (Steam username: bleuorchid21) to the large house marked with the yellow icon on the map. They were using A.J. as their counselor. I proceeded to chase them upstairs where they locked themselves in the room on the right side of the hall. After breaking down the door, I could hear their counselor in the wardrobe located in that room. However, I was unable to interact with the hiding spot. I could not harm their counselor at all (i.e. grabbing, attacking, knives). This player exploited this glitch by choosing to remain in the wardrobe for the remainder of the game, forcing me and everyone else who had already been killed to wait until the match timer reached zero. Other players in the match agreed that I should have been able to attack this hiding spot. This all occurred in a PC game.
  25. I just had several players glitching into the moose head in the Higgins Haven cabin. They can get there by sprinting of the stairs onto the railing and crouch walking their way up. If they drop down propely, they are practicaly invisible. You can sometimes hit them and kill them, but it does not always work.