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Found 79 results

  1. I'm so sick of seeing people get answers on this subject when people that have genuine questions get ignored here or on other social areas to deal with people that just wont take no for an answer. I understand there was some leak of the Skin at the start of release but then Sony also accidentally released fallout 4 DLC for free for a day and the full Killzone game for free when buying the 99p DLC for a few hours and yet people don't bitch for that after missing it. It would just cheapen the character for people that actually followed and helped fund the development process early on so I honestly hope that Savini Jason is either not released or it's released at the very end of the development cycle for this game as the LAST DLC or update they do. I need to ask because I am really not sure why people keep asking for the Savini Jason skin especially after being told numerous times No and that it was for Backers only? I mean it looks pretty cool but I don't get why it's so important to people.
  2. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    Heres one of the best gameplays we have had in friday the 13th game on ps4. Here, I give away Pamela tape, plus call the police plus get a Jason Kill. Hope you Enjoy.
  3. Will there be a future dlc virtual cabin download via hardcopy (Hardcore fan) ?
  4. Edited: I thought the DLC wasn't working. Bloody Jason skins do not appear when you select a random Jason. FYI.
  5. Sooo whenever we received the, Friday, October the 13th Update, wasn’t everyone supposed to get the Bloody Jason skins??? Or am I wrong??? I’ve been backing the since Kickstarter, basically the beginning, where it all began, but anywho, just a question, do us backers get the Bloody Jason skins??? I thought everyone was getting the skins, or do I gotta buy a Disk Copy of the game, get the code for the skins, download the codes, and take back the game to get half my money back??? The skins shouldn’t be only for the people who just bought the physical copy of the game released on Friday October the 13th whenever us backers who originally preordered the game day one shouldn’t have to wait, I preordered the Physical Machete Steelbook Edition REV 2, and won’t receive that til next week due to shipping issues or something like that said in the email Randy Greenback sent us, but I feel like the skins should be an update similar to the Retro Jason update. I don’t think that I want and have to wait another full week to receive the skins, if the skins are in there with my copy, whenever there free now. That being said I just feel like all us backers should receive these skins now instead of waiting for our physical copies since we don’t have ours.
  6. *This change would only affect people who own "Savini Jason"* I play primarily random Counselor/Jason to always have to adapt to what the game provides, for extra challenge, to keep the game fresh and to be surprised by being my favorite character and would like to see "Savini Jason" added to the "Random" Jason selection for those with the corresponding DLC. It would be a small tweak and really nice to people who supported the game and like the random aspect of the game (like me).
  7. So I'll start with Bloody Jason, as you can see you can put the skin on all Jason's expect Part 4. And as you can see Part 4 doesn't get an option to equip it. Now to the meat of the bones, the clothing. Yes that is a black heart shirt! And Tiffany get's a white dove! You can't see it on the shirt because it won't load for some reason but as you can see the icon there is a dove! So some clothes are a hit and miss while other's are cool looking, however I cannot use these items with my digital and have to have my disc in in order to use them. It sucks and would like to transfer them to my digital account. @GunMedia_Ben I hope you guys allow those who bought the digital and disc to transfer the items to their accounts. @BoxingRouge and @Tiffany I hope you two like lol
  8. 1) It's nice to have another running Jason. He's good at keeping the pressure on a counselor. 2) He knocks down barricaded doors in two (two!) hits. 3) Killed a counselor with three weapon swings. 4) Some people can deal with the -shift... I am not one of them. All in all, this seems like a great Jason for small maps and a mediocre one for standard size. Your mileage may vary, however, because knocking down doors in two hits seems really fucking good when you consider that specific trait in a vacuum.
  9. Now that we're about to have rainy weather in-game, it could be a good idea to have a raincoat clothing pack? It would be cool to wear the iconic yellow raincoat seen in many horror films (including f13). They've even got them hanging up inside cabins throughout the maps.
  10. Hey guys, I’m back with another idea for the game. You think we can try to add/include Adam Sessler as a Camp Counselor with tons of dialogue?!?!?! Please! I’d think that this would be interesting as well as entertaining to play and hear our boy Adam in the game. Let me know whatcha guys think, please leave a comment or question, I don’t know if this was brought up to y’all but yea let me know what y’all think.
  11. Hello Campers! I'm wondering if any of you have noticed some ps4 Players recently that use Brandon/Adam with special looking outfits? Ive never seen before and i play quite alot. *LvL 81* Brandon counselor being a "LIFEGUARD JUMPSUIT" ADAM "WHITE Sleeves /BLACK Jacket"
  12. The title says it all. Do they still work? Edit: Ok, I officially give up (not because of these posts below though). I wish I were an american citizen...
  13. New Counselors will the characters from Unfriended Cast; Blaire Lily, Laura Barns, Mitch Roussel, Jessica "Jess" Felton, Adam Sewell, Ken Smith, and Valerie "Val" Rommel They have different stats, clothes and voice acting / Instead of Jason return, they said Jason is Real / New achievements: -Unfriendly Fashion - Have Laura Burns wear the Pamela Sweater -We're BFFs!! - Blarie and Laura survived -WTF?!!? - Kill Valerie first -Off-lined - Kill Laura last Stats ; Highest Composure - Laura Burns Highest Stamina - Valerie Rommel Highest Stealth - Blaire Lily Highest Luck - Adam Sewell Highest Strength - Mitch Roussel Highest Repair - Ken Smith Highest Speed - Jessica Felton
  14. In this post I will go over everything I want in this game ranging from maps, minor fixes, new Jasons, and game modes. So, without further ado, let's get started. Keep in mind that all of these new maps and Jasons will be canon, so they are from the movies. New Maps: - Tommy Jarvis's House/Part 4 Map (from part 4. Map is likely to be in game as model of houses are made already.) - Jason's Underground Lair (from the 2009 remake) - SS Lazarus (from Jason Takes Manhattan) - The Grendel (from Jason X) - Green Forest Run town (from Part 9 Jason Goes to Hell) New Jasons: - Jason X - Jason (2009 remake) - Bloody Jason Skin So these are all of the new maps and Jasons that I want to see in the game. The "Bloody Jason Skin, and Part 4 map are pretty much already confirmed. I thought about including a Pamela Voorhees mode and campaign, but I am not too sure about the Pamela mode. For the best Pamela Mode overview just watch this... Thanks for reading, and also do not forget to vote for what you want in the poll.
  15. Has anyone else seen the trailer yet ahahahha never has a trailer made me laugh that much when chad walks in showing of his abs the Jason throws a spear through chads head, if you have not seen it check it out, also buggzy looks amazing as well with his lifeguard gear.
  16. I know at the moment the devs are planning to continue adding more Jasons into the game. Eventually they will run out of Jasons to add. Granted I'm sure that won't happen for a long time however do you think it would be a good idea for them to add original killers of their creation? I know it's a Friday the 13th game however I feel new killers could add another layer to the game . So what are your thoughts?
  17. Lakeview town for those of you ho don't know is from the movie "Jason Goes to Hell". It is like a little town. We don't really have any urban maps on the game right now, so I think it would make a great addition. Think about it. Instead of Cabins to go in and loot, we could have houses. There could also be a Police Station, where you can radio for Tommy Jarvis/ or even the Duke. I would prefer Tommy though. When you walk into the police station there could be dead Police Officers there, as if Jason attacked there before. You could also find the shotgun in one of the rooms of the station. This would act as the main building of the map basically. There can also be a Diner there, as it was also present in the movie. Jason's house can be found in the nearby woods of Camp Crystal Lake, and it would be kind of a walk as usual to get there. I was also thinking they could put a Truck as one of the vehicles in this map. It could hold four people, two inside the truck itself, and two sitting in the back of the bed of the truck. However, sitting on the bed of the truck comes with a price. Jason can use his shift ability to snatch one of the counselors sitting in the back of the truck, similar to how he can on the boats. Just think about it, you think your gonna escape Jason, but then you see a arm grab someone by the neck from off the truck. You turn to look and you see Jason ready to kill one of your buddies, as ou continue to speed away. there would also be your normal two seater car as well. This map would also come with some enat environmental kills such as throwing someone throw a window from the second floor of a house. This is my idea of another possible map. Don't forget to vote on my poll on whether or not Lakeview town should be added as a map or not. (I know that it is pretty weird for a town like this to be vacant, but think about it. It would be fun and pretty dang creepy as well.)
  18. Hello everyone and Friday the 13th game creators! As an avid and proud player of your game and happy to be a part of this community, I had thought of an idea that I feel like could be really cool for the creators to do! This idea spawns from Freddy Vs Jason. Although F13 didn't get the rights to the title to make it a DLC, hopefully this idea could maybe get into the right hands so that the rights can be handed over? Sadly, probably not as I am only one voice and do not know how detailed the legal system can be.. But who knows, maybe so? Anyway, what this FvJ idea is, is this: Imagine you would allow a fellow player to die, whether its maybe through a sacrifice, simply being killed, being hit with sleep, etc. etc., whether it'd be simple or convoluted. Once this player is killed, sacrificed off or even asleep, the player is then transported to Hell as a tormented soul or demon who must track down and persuade Freddy to rise onto the real world. If done successfully, the player would then be consumed by Freddy and eventually possess and control the now knife glove wielding, walking nightmare. Once you play as Freddy, your job is similar to Tommy's, where you are called to take down Jason. It's basically, I feel, a more in depth and similar style to the way of calling in Tommy. What do you think? Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated!
  19. With Halloween right around the corner what better way to show some Halloween spirit then to add some new content showing it! (Keep in mind this isn't fully completed and fully fleshed out) Reskins Part 2 Jason: Pumpkin Jason Instead of wearing a sack over his head he should wear a pumpkin on his head (If his "mask" is removed it won't drop a pumpkin but instead the regular sack so the devs don't waste too much time trying to work on the DLC and quickly release it). The pumpkin could have an iconic grinning face or something of that sorts and obviously the pumpkin only has one eye opening. His shirt could be orange and his overalls could be black. Chad: Superman themed skin I'm fairly certain many of you know or have heard the name "Super Chad" and what better way to implement something to acknowledge that. Chad's shirt is blue but has the iconic diamond in the middle of the shirt but instead of a "S" it has a "C". His sweater is red and also has the diamond with a "C" in the middle. His pants are blue and his shoes are red. Jenny: Freddy Krueger themed skin In some of Jenny's clothing she has striped shirts so why not have one that has red and green coloring to it to give a nod to another famous horror icon. She also has dark pants and brownish/black shoes. Adam: Tommy Doyle themed skin (Halloween) (The original) Adam can now wear Tommy Doyle's Halloween costume or at least a reskin of it. Adam's shirt is white and so are his jacket and pants. His jacket's left arm has the American flag on it just like how Tommy's costume had it. His shoes could be a different shade of black. Buggzy: Jock themed skin (Jeepers Creepers 2) Buggzy already wears clothing similar to what the jocks in Jeepers Creepers 2 wore so he should have an exact copy of what was in the movie even the logo on the jacket. His pants could be different shades of blue or maybe torn at the knees and his shoes could be a darker variation of white. Kenny: WIP Deborah: WIP Tiffany: WIP Vanessa: WIP Lachappa: WIP AJ: WIP Reskinned Maps The 3 original maps can be remade but are now filled with Halloween spirit. It is now Autumn in every map so leaves and grass are now orange or brown. Houses or cabins have pumpkins on the outside and some cabins have spider webs in the inside or outside. There could also be spider decorations on top of cabins or skeletons in closets. But so people don't complain of more variations of the same map maybe make it so cars, boat, and phone box spawn in completely different locations that aren't present in the original maps so there is at a difference when you play the maps. If you have any suggestions on what I should add then feel free to let me know as it would greatly help!
  20. I have been having a tremendous time with this game, me and a friend have endlessly played since the beginning and haven't shown any signs of boredom. Though, we have noticed some flaws that really hold this game back from being perfect. I could go on about the lack of cut-scenes and the team killing but I choose to focus all my attention on the slowest part of the game. It seems that once killed, there is little chance of re-joining the game (unless you are called as Tommy Jarvis). This makes the whole process of waiting boring and once dead, most seem to leave the group. We don't need all of the following extra characters but even one might inspire players to stick around. 1; Dr Crews (Part 7) Dr Crews would be a perfect addition to the game. He would be fairly different to Tommy as instead of using a shotgun, he would have fantastic repair skills. The interesting thing about Crews would be his practicality, he would arrive on the scene with a fuse or a propeller or gas (but the item that he brings may have already have been found and installed). It would be completely random, he could be extremely useful for an escape or he could be entirely useless 2; Sheriff Garris (Part 6) As a cop, Sheriff Garris could arrive with the police. I have noticed that, if by getting too close, the cops will shoot at Jason. Things could be switched up. Instead of having AI bots to protect teens against Jason, how about an actual player who can wait behind the exit and save counselors who might be running to the exit but get caught by Jason. 3; Duke (Part 9) How about making Jason's death a little less easy by adding a new element. As seen in JASON GOES TO HELL, a mystical dagger is used to defeat the J-man. Duke could arrive on the scene equipped with a shotgun and the dagger in question. In order to kill the killer, His masked will be removed, he will be stunned by the sweater, Duke would give the dagger to Tommy who would deliver the final blow. Surely something to consider. Thank you and have a good night
  21. I know a lot of people have been talking about how it would be nice to be able to swap weapons between Jasons. I don't now if this will ever happen again, but maybe it would be nice to have a batch of DLC weapons that could be used by any Jason. Kane would have a busy session making new kills for the weapons, but I think it would be a great long term goal. Here are some ideas for weapons. Pole Saw Sledge Hammer Kaiser Blade Meat Cleaver Brick Hammer
  22. Hi, so this Isn't something I'm begging for, it's just an idea. What if in different game matches, there were different vehicles? They could hold more people but the parts are harder to find or add more parts. For instance. A truck could hold three people in the front, and hold 4 in the back. Or a van could hold 2 in the front and 6 in the back. The new parts could include tires, sparks plug, or the parts in the game already, just make them harder to find. You could also make it so that the more people in the vehicle, the slower it goes or the harder it is to steer. I like the truck from f13 part 2.
  23. Disclaimer: I am excited about the new emotes, and smaller speed maps. I am excited and proud that the devs have and continue to add more content. I cannot wait for single player. I have 200+ Hrs in this game, am level 101, and have been passionate about it since I learned about it. That being said, dear developers, please, please, please, focus on fixing any/all bugs glitches and exploits before adding any new content. While the new content is appreciated, it's like adding new rooms to a house with a leaky roof. We have to prioritize. While there are more bugs than this, these are the ones I see the most: 1. Counselors making Jasons Traps useless by body blocking them. This is an exploit that needs fixing. 2. Perks that do not work when equipped. 3. Having the option of looting a map from a drawer even if you have one equipped as a perk. There are more, but fundamentally, I think the bugs need to be ironed out before further content is added.
  24. Strengths: +Defense +Stun Resistance +Weapon Damage Weaknesses: -Shift -Can't Run -Sense What do you people think?
  25. Was giving it some thought, in regards to new content and DLCs. We haven't heard a whole lot from the Devs, but I was wondering what the community would like to see in terms of an amicable release schedule for 2017? We all know there have been issues, and DLC SNAFUs, not to mention a release announced for single player sometime in Summer (fingers crossed). In a perfect world what would you guys find to be a fun set of things to look forward to, which would help keep interest and hype for the game? Here are my thoughts. Scatter in patches and fixes as needed. August: 1 New Map + Single Player mode (Free DLC) September: 3 New counselors to bring the total up to 13. Hopefully these would include Fox and maybe Shelley if the actor is willing to allow his likeness to be used. (Paid DLC = 3.99US?) October: 2 New Maps (Free DLC) + 1 New Jason (Paid DLC = 2.99US/Free for Backers who had to suffer the Savini fiasco) + 1 reskin pack for each counselor (Paid DLC = 2.99US) November: 1 New Map (Free DLC), Upgrade to allow bots to back fill multiplayer games (Free DLC), New Kills Pack (Paid DLC 2.99US) December: 1 New Jason (Paid DLC = 2.99US), New game mode? Christmas themed Jason skin and counselor clothes (Paid DLC 2.99US) **Price points are just numbers thrown out to illustrate paid vs. free. GUN/Illfonic would have to put a market value for content on them to meet their business needs/expenses.