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Found 47 results

  1. Hello all! I have started an online petition for the goal of having the DLC (Savini Jason & Counsellor Pack) brought back out of early retirement. I've never been a huge fan of limiting/exclusive DLC for video games; DLC should be accessible for everyone at all times in my opinion. Hopefully, you're someone who believes so too. Please sign the petition if you're open to the idea of not limiting DLC for this great game! Again, this forum thread and petition is intended only for players who want DLC to not be limited. I'm aware there are others out there who are perfectly fine with it being exclusive. Petition can be found at the following: Thanks for your support!
  2. Friday the 13th: Part 4- The Final Chapter is wirely considered to be the best of the Friday the 13th series, along with Part 6. It has the best kills and an absolutely ruthless Jason. I want to see a DLC of Part 4 Jason. Can any developers comment? Also, what do you guys think the pros and cons for this Jason would be?
  3. Second attempt at posting this, wish me luck So we have discussed all over the forums in various topics the kind of counselors we would like to see as potential future DLC. With pre-orders coming in, hopefully this will be a DLC pack we will see in the future that was part of the stretch goals which was of 3 more counselor tropes to add more variety. I have compiled a list of various character tropes from the films as well as an OTHER option for you to sound off on types you would definitely like to see. Keep in mind this is not to discuss potential other HERO characters but just what the next 3 characters may be IF we get them. Some abilities I could think of could be like the Hitchiker could carry a car part in their backpack as well as a weapon (have more inventory slots) which would make them useful as part of a team to move more items hastily. The corrupted character (Dr Crews/Melissa/Professor Lowe) types could actually have an ability to flag someone else on the map for Jason in order to distract from themselves. Maybe the Mom character could give a temp Composure boost to other characters in their company? Sky is the limit
  4. I saw someone in another thread related to map questions suggest that they add Crystal Lake from the old NES game to the list. I had been pondering about this myself and his post pushed me to create this thread, so shout outs to @Manny1985 for presenting the idea to the forums first. I would like to see how people think about adding this map to the game, and if they would like the layout. If it a lot of people like it, I will create an official thread in the Suggestion subforum for us. I think the layout is great for the game, roads and paths are already in place. It could maybe use some more trees around the whole map instead of just the two dedicated forest areas, but the caves should be included, and that is where Pamela's head and sweater should be, just as her head was in the old game. The lake could possibly be extended off to the right in order to create an exit for the boat, as there was a rowboat in the original game as well. It actually astounds me how similar the NES game is to this one, now that I think about it. They took inspiration I believe. They could probably recreate the original NES game using assets they already have, but that is another topic altogether. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Retro Crystal Lake as an official map, maybe even with it's classic music recreated?
  5. Hello girls and guys this is my first post and I happened to do a survey to know that new killer would like to have on Friday 13th the video game, if they have an idea that does not appear in the survey please comment, you can use pictures and drawings , Even designs created by you that you would like to be added to the game. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey
  6. I'd be willing to dish out some additional scratch for a co-op mode with missions, objectives and spanning multiple areas/maps. Thanks for continuing to push out updates w/fixes. Of course, I would like to see as many bugs/glitches and exploits fixed, as possible, before we even consider additional content. Great work so far, IMO. Make it so J
  7. I am playing on PS4 and have downloaded the new update, but I DON'T have the retro Jason, the 13000 CP's and the new cloths. Other players are already playing with the new Jason so my question is how do I get the dlc content? Do I have to unlock it somehow?
  8. I just now downloaded the newest update for the PS4, and have used the Savini Jason key code and my Counselor Clothing Pack DLC key code did not work, I repeat did NOT work for me, I would really appreciate if I could receive an new code? After I put the key code for the Counselor Clothing Pack dlc, it popped up like it used to do before this new update...
  9. I have an idea for a new Jason skin. It could be applied to an already existing Jason or even a new character. It's an Infrared Jason. It would be really cool to see this in the game. However there could be cons if this was a skin. He might me bright for some people's eyes and might stick out to much for the dark scenes. Maybe you guys could work it out though.
  10. So this game is completely out of my wheelhouse. I remember seeing it on kickstarter back when it was summer camp. It looked interesting, but I had been burned so many times with crowd funding that I wasn't going to go in on something that I wasn't even sure I would like. I was finally prodded into picking it up just last week by a friend who backed it religiously since release and swore by it. I can't say I've been disappointed. My first foray into asymmetrical gaming has left me impressed not only with the fidelity to the franchise, but the excellent gameplay. Real strengths and weaknesses to characters that make for a different playstyle and while some councilors are easier (for me at least) than others none seem to be unviable. True incentive to work together is present which I feel so many multiplayer games are lacking, and aside from a few bad eggs I've found most players I end up in quick matches with are a lot of in to play with. I haven't had much experience playing as Jason, but the couple of times I did I found the experience very enjoyable. Playing as Voorhees really embodies one of the quintessential characters of the 80s slasher trinity. Dying isn't really an issue for me, and if I'm Jason and only manage to kill one or two counselors, or a counselor that gets snuffed in the first couple of minutes I still am having a great time. Being taken out early and getting to watch the antics of the remaining counselors is almost as entertaining as playing the game. Needless to say I've pretty much been head over heals for this game since install and I can't thank my friend enough for turning me on to it. As development continues I've a few questions about what to expect in the future. I know a single player with bots version was slated to be in the works (which would be a great way to get to not only practice as Jason, but also to blow off steam after work). I haven't played enough to get a great feel for how the balance is achieved, so I don't know if this would unbalance the game, but would it be possible to chose you're weapon as Jason? Say if you unlock the Jason with the machete could you then equip a Jason you've already unlocked with said machete and have access to those kill animations? Wow, sorry for all that before actually getting to the topic at hand, but DLC... Obviously maps should probably be free release when made so as not to fracture the community between those that can play on the cruise ship and those that can't, but what else can we expect? New counselors maybe? I'd love to see a Terry McCarthy, complete with a little dog. The poor little pooch could follow her around, maybe once per round you could tell it to find an item for you and it will go show you where the car keys, battery, etc. is located. Or maybe it could act like a free firecracker? When Jason comes for you it starts an annoying yip that Jason focuses on. He can't really do anything until he moves to the dog and hits "e" which starts a stomp animation, giving Terri a chance to run -of course losing her snookums would amp up her fear level by a big factor. New kill animations? Really one of my only disappointments is purely cosmetic and that's that the clothing unlocks are nothing more than different colored textures. I would gladly pay for DLC that gives councilors new duds to wear. Even if each one only gave out one new outfit per councilor. A beach party pack that grants swimwear would be awesome and would certainly be in the keeping of the franchise. Looking forward to what this game has to offer in the future.
  11. Take a guess... Didn't include maps because they stated all new maps will be free.
  12. Players that don't have access to him keep arguing Savini Jason was "OP", "game-impacting", a "game-changer" or even "pay-to-win". It goes as far as players using him in game get harassed/insulted or even team-killed when they spawn as a counselor. It divides the community when it shouldn't do so. I'm sure that's not what Gun Media had in mind when they introduced the Savini Jason as a 'Thank You' of sorts to the backers/supporters. To put an end to this ongoing argument, please consider giving one of the upcoming Jasons the same weaknesses and strengths combination as Savini Jason, just to allow everyone to see for themselves that Savini Jason is not OP in any way. Thank you for reading. ceno
  13. Emailed Gun and was auto-emailed in return telling me not to expect a reply since they're so busy and to bring my issue to the forums. After the last patch my Savini Skin DLC worked just fine but the Counselr Clothing DLC code still doesn't work. Was wanting to know if it'll be resolved in the next patch or if new codes will be issued.
  14. hello i want to start by saying well done on a great game big fan of friday the 13th movies and a big fan of the game, i was thinking of way to make the game better and here are some of my ideas: more way to kill jason you could do part 6 way to kill jason by using the boat with Tommy and finding a chain somewhere on the map and a rock could be near the boat and that could have it in a way of jason grab escape thing if jason wins he get a one hit kill but if Tommy wins then he put jason to the bottom on the lake, next can use the part 9 movie way to send jason back to hell could have it that only a female character can use the dagger that can be found somewhere on the map and have the same set up as using jason mother sweater where it stun jason then use the dagger on him. next could do part 8 way to kill jason if you do a map for Manhattan sewers could kill jason by first throwing toxic waste at jason and then like calling the police you use a control panel with a count down till the sewers get flooded with toxic waste. for the jason kills i would say use a random feature so you can't kill jason all the time. next here a idea some player use the psn party group to find player and kill them faster way not have it that if your using the psn party chat you only can do a private match as then if they try to cheat they can only do it to them self. i would like to see for dlc maybe jason skins i.e: jason x skins both human and his machine look, more maps would be nice maybe the manhattan sewer and more kills for jason to do, i hope you find this helpful and i am always happy to give any help and ideas your big fan brian ribbon
  15. Hello Will you be able to buy Savini Jason as dlc? On Ebay, it is sold for 500 dollars and that is an effrontery. EnglischJapanischDeutsch---------------AfrikaansAlbanischAmharischArabischArmenischAserbaidschanischBaskischBengalischBirmanischBosnischBulgarischCebuanoChinesisch (traditionell)Chinesisch (vereinfacht)DänischDeutschEnglischEsperantoEstnischFilipinoFinnischFranzösischGalicischGeorgischGriechischGujaratiHaiti-KreolischHaussaHawaiischHebräischHindiHmongIgboIndonesischIrischIsländischItalienischJapanischJavanischJiddischKannadaKasachischKatalanischKhmerKirgisischKoreanischKorsischKroatischKurdischLaotischLateinLettischLitauischLuxemburgischMadagassischMalaiischMalayalamMaltesischMaoriMarathiMazedonischMongolischNepalesischNiederländischNorwegischNyanjaPaschtuPersischPolnischPortugiesischPunjabiRumänischRussischSamoanischSchottisches GälischSchwedischSerbischShonaSindhiSinghalesischSlowakischSlowenischSomaliSpanischSuaheliSüd-SothoSundanesischTadschikischTamilTeluguThailändischTschechischTürkischUkrainischUngarischUrduUsbekischVietnamesischWalisischWeißrussischWestfriesischXhosaYorubaZuluEnglisch
  16. Not sure where exactly, but i was watching the slash n cast podcast where they quoted a dev (forget which one) in saying that all maps will be free, more Jasons coming (referred to Jason X specifically. Not sure if pre or post uber), and new counselor clothing packs. He also reiterated on how Savini Jason as well as the pre order clothing pack will stay backer exclusives. I normally would find the the exact post made by the dev, but I don't have enough time to find every bit of info the devs scatter like Easter eggs. If others would like to find it feel free to link it. Video for reference:
  17. Hello! So, I am constantly hearing about how we need more killers in Friday the 13 and how we need skins like Leatherface or Freddy. Unfortunately, this is a Friday the 13 game so bringing in other killers would cost a lot of money. If only there was a killer in Friday the 13 that could change the dynamic of the game..... oh wait!! Pamela Vorhees!! First off I think we should kill the cutscene of Jason killing councilers and make one where they find a dead body. This way we don't know if it's Jason or Pamela. She could have cool stealth abilities like in the film. Imagine being able to teleport in closets or under beds. Imagine starting up the game and locking the doors in the cabin only to ask yourself "Am I locking myself away from the killer....or inside with the killer? She could be stealthy and fast unlike Jason. Maybe instead of an axe to the door she has a skeleton key that takes the same amount of time to unlock cabin doors as Jason to break them down. Maybe if you call the police and don't get there fast enough she can persuade the cops that it was a false alarm and to leave making you miss your escape. Fellow Friday fans and Devs this is the only other killer that makes sense in this series. I'm level 35 on PS4 right now and loving the game but it desperately needs more maps and a new completely different killer for its longevity. Thx for reading.
  18. I would like to make a subjestion. I find the game has had a very bad start the servers have been bad and all the bugs in the game. I feel in my opinion we shud be giving a free DLC like savani Jason or a new map or game mode for us the players who have been through this bad experience please type ur subjestions down below
  19. I would love to see her as a playable character choice! Bloody her up a little, make her limp around, have her say you never paid any attention! The death animation would be easy and epic! Love all the detail they've put into this game so far and this would only add to it.
  20. So i was wondering. people are saying they have codes for savani jason. but if i bought the game on PS store would i have got a code and where would i find it.
  21. From launch, I had twelve items of DLC clothing for each counselor. After the Xbox patch, I was left with only nine. That's an entire outfit missing for each counselor! I've mentioned this on both the Facebook and Twitter pages several times with no response, and I haven't seen anyone else say that they're having this issue.
  22. respond if you would like a JASON X DLC with a spaceship map?
  23. I was surprised by the small amount of kills. It was really built up that there would be a ton. Not including environmental kills, there's really not much- especially spread out between the six base Jasons. Are the more coming? Maybe as a DLC or something?
  24. Here are some things I would love to see added in the game: - Pamela Vorhees as a Jason replacement option with her Schizo responses from the first movie - Jason-movie specific deaths. like Jason Goes to Hell death where we send him to Hell like the movie - jason x/uber Jason, Jason from F13 remake - More maps, and weather effects, change of time of day - Tom Sivini / Tina / Vorhees family members as skins for counselor - Random boat-in-water sequences where either young Jason or zombie Mrs Vorhees randomly jump out of the water when someone in a boat and attack them like the movies What would you like to see added? Post your thoughts here
  25. As topic says, neither code I was given works, tried to input numerous times, keep receiving the message: The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entry. (WC-403751-5)