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Found 81 results

  1. ● Make more cells for skills for counselors and give them one cell for item like (knife, sprey or firecrackers) in the start; ● Make one or two police officers when you call the cops as a support, like Tommy Jarvis (Like cops from part 6); ● Do so that the ability "Sence" can watch through the objects only in the side where looks Jason (Not a player) like a flashlight in "Alan Wake"; ● Fix bugs with Jasons traps, when i play as a counselor i cant disabling it; ● Make animation when Jason teleporting or start shifting.
  2. Friday The 13th/ Alice Hardy Composure: 8/10 Stamina: 4/10 Luck: 7/10 Stealth: 1/10 Repair: 3/10 Strength: 7/10 Speed: 5/10 Friday The 13th Part 2/ Ginny Field Composure: 5/10 Stamina: 3/10 Luck: 8/10 Stealth: 8/10 Repair: 1/10 Strength: 4/10 Speed: 6/10 Friday The 13th Part 3/ Chris Higgins Jenny Myers is based off of Chris Higgins which means, Chris is technically in the game but designed differently Friday The 13th The Final Chapter/ Trish Jarvis Composure: 1/10 Stamina: 7/10 Luck: 10/10 Stealth: 1/10 Repair: 4/10 Strength: 5/10 Speed: 7/10 Friday The 13th A New Beginning/ Pam Roberts Composure: 3/10 Stamina: 10/10 Luck: 4/10 Stealth: 4/10 Repair: 5/10 Strength: 2/10 Speed: 7/10 Friday The 13th Jason Lives/ Megan Garris Composure: 2/10 Stamina: 5/10 Luck: 3/10 Stealth: 7/10 Repair: 6/10 Strength: 6/10 Speed: 6/10 Friday The 13th A New Blood/ Tina Shepard She can be a hero like Tommy but there could be a very rare chance to get her in a match since she has telekinesis, I'll let you guys suggest that to me Composure: 9/10 Stamina: 2/10 Luck: 6/10 Stealth: 3/10 Repair: 1/10 Strength: 10/10 Speed: 4/10 Friday The 13th Jason Takes Manhattan/ Rennie Wickham Composure: 3/10 Stamina: 6/10 Luck: 6/10 Stealth: 3/10 Repair: 4/10 Strength: 3/10 Speed: 10/10 Friday The 13th Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday/ Jessica Kimble Composure: 7/10 Stamina: 5/10 Luck: 5/10 Stealth: 9/10 Repair: 2/10 Strength: 2/10 Speed: 5/10 Jason X/ Rowan Composure: 1/10 Stamina: 2/10 Luck: 5/10 Stealth: 4/10 Repair: 7/10 Strength: 10/10 Speed: 6/10 Freddy Vs. Jason/ Lori Campbell Composure: 3/10 Stamina: 2/10 Luck: 4/10 Stealth: 5/10 Repair: 6/10 Strength: 10/10 Speed: 5/10 Friday The 13th (2009) Remake/ Whitney Miller composure: 4/10 Stamina: 5/10 Luck: 6/10 Stealth: 5/10 Repair: 4/10 Strength: 6/10 Speed: 5/10
  3. I feel like counslers aren't able to earn more xp with skillfull actions like keeping Jason distracted or hitting Jason to let go of a counsler. Meanwhile Jason gets 120 - 150 xp from every kill and bonus xp for no survivors.
  4. Top 10 Counselors To Add In The Game @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben UPDATE: Switched a couple counselors around. Gave more reasons on why these counselors should be added. Before you read the list I just want you to know these counselors are being added for 3 reasons: 1. Being Popular And Requested Often 2. Being Unique And Looking Unique And Looking Hot ;-) 3. Being Likely To Be Added Okay now that you understand the way I'm doing this, let's get started. Also I won't be including any Hero Characters.This is just a Counselor List. 10. Janessa - The Space Chick At the #10 spot I chose Janessa from Jason X. If were going to be getting Uber Jason and a Jason X Map then we need a Jason X Counselor. I don't think I've seen this character requested much so she fails on popularity but when it comes to uniqueness, she's pretty unique. She has a very snarky personality and well... Is a girl in space. Pretty unlikely to be added though because she's not requested much. Janessa would be the "Space Chick." EDIT: On The Ultimate Character Poll Janessa Is In The Top 5... So Maybe She Is Pretty Popular. Popularity - 1 Uniqueness - 10 Likely To Be Added - 3 Composure: 7 - Is Pretty Snarky Even When Jason Is Around Luck: 3 Repair: 9 - Is A Student In The Movie Speed: 5 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 7 Strength: 2 9. Jimmy - The Dead Fuck At the #9 spot I chose Jimmy from Friday The 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter. C'mon, You know you want this cringey bastard in the game. Everyone loves this guy as much as they love his dance moves. He's pretty popular but he's kinda just another counselor so he's not that unique. I'd say he has a okay chance of making it into the game. Jimmy would be the "Dead Fuck." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 2 Likely To Be Added - 5 Composure: 6 Luck: 1 Repair: 5 Speed: 9 - He's Pretty Quick With Them Dance Moves Stamina: 8 - Gotta Have A Bit Of Stamina To Dance Like That Stealth: 4 Strength: 2 8. Ralph - The Crazy Bastard At the #8 spot I chose Crazy Ralph from Friday The 13th Part 1 And 2. How could you not add in Crazy Ralph? This is a fan favorite and is pretty popular. This man is a crazy so... that's unique enough for me. But one problem, It's kinda hard for me imagining this old crazy guy running around repairing cars and teaming up with other counselors to fight Jason so I don't know if he'll be added to the game. This one's obvious but Ralph would be the "Crazy Bastard." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 7 Likely To Be Added - 3 Composure: 7 Luck: 3 Repair: 6 Speed: 2 Stamina: 6 - Has A Little Stamina Since He Rides A Bike Stealth: 10 - Sneaks Up On Counselors Quite A Bit... Strength: 1 7. Mark - The Wheel Chair Guy... Yeah, I Can't Think Of Creative Names At the #8 spot I chose Mark from Friday The 13th Part 2. This guy has been leaked multiple times and there is a 99.9% chance he's gonna make it into the game. There's even a leaked "Wheel Chair Kill" so if that doesn't convince you that he's coming to the game then... I don't know. This one's obvious too but Mark would be the "Wheel Chair Guy." Basically Confirmed Composure: 8 Luck: 2 Repair: 6 Speed: 1 - In A Wheel Chair So He Can't Be Fast Stamina: 7 - He Doesn't Lose Much Stamina Since He's In A Wheel Chair Stealth: 4 Strength: 7 6. Garris - The Sheriff At the #6 spot I chose Sheriff Garris from Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives. This one may be a little biased. Sheriff Garris is one of my favorite characters in the franchise. He's funny as hell and a pretty awesome Dad. I know a bunch of people love this guy too so he's pretty popular. He's a Sheriff so he's pretty unique too. But personally, as much as I love this guy and as much as I want him in the game I don't know if we'll ever see him in the game. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance. Garris would be the "Sheriff" Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 9 Likely To Be Added - 6 Composure: 10 - This Man 1 v 1's Jason To Protect His Daughter... Enough Said Luck: 1 Repair: 7 Speed: 2 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 6 Strength: 7 - He Tackles Jason To The Ground 5. Melissa - The Mean Girl At the #5 spot I chose Melissa from Friday The 13th Part 7 The New Blood. I see this one requested ALL THE TIME! Lucky for you guys that want her because her clothes were leaked so you're getting her... so stop asking for her. Personally I'm not a fan of Melissa but we do need a "Mean Girl" so I understand why people want her. Basically Confirmed Composure: 3 Luck: 8 - Gotta Be Pretty Lucky To Be A Massive B*tch And Survive That Long In The Movie Repair: 1 Speed: 10 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 8 - Basically Disappears For A Good Section Of The Movie Strength: 2 4. Megan - The Trouble Maker At the #4 spot I chose Megan from Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives. Megan is probably my 2nd favorite character in the franchise so this one may be a little biased too. However I do know a lot of other people love her too so she's pretty popular... and hot. At first glance you may think she's not very unique however she is (kinda) Tommy's GF and also does save Tommy. She's also the daughter of Sheriff Garris. So she's pretty unique. However I have no clue if she would be added to the game or not. Megan would be the "Trouble Maker" since she gets in trouble by her Dad a bunch in the movie. Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 8 Likely To Be Added - 5 Composure: 2 Luck: 5 Repair: 9 - Has A Pretty Nice Car And Seems To Know A Bit About Cars Speed: 6 Stamina: 8 - Able To Swim To Tommy And Bring Him Back To Shore Stealth: 2 Strength: 3 2. Tina - The Enhanced Girl At the #2 spot I chose Tina from Friday The 13th Part 7 A New Blood. Another hottie from the franchise. I know what your're thinking. You want Tina to be a new Hero character like Tommy. I REALLY don't want that. The reason why is Tina is my 3rd favorite character in the franchise and I would want to play as her all the time. I don't want her to be a Hero character because I would constantly be killing myself in the game just to play as her. So just make her a counselor. Plus adding telekinesis in the game would be stupid and OP. Tina as a counselor would be the best option because you can play as her all the time! Anyway... She's insanely popular. She has telekinesis in the movie so she's very unique. And she's requested all the time so she'll probably make it into the game. Tina would be the "Enhanced Girl." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 10 Likely To Be Added - 7 Composure: 5 Luck: 9 - Takes Some Luck At The Start To Tap Into Her Abilities Repair: 6 Speed: 1 Stamina: 7 - Runs Through The Forest A Bunch In The Movie Stealth: 5 Strength: 2 2. Alice - The Original Final Girl At the #2 spot I chose Alice from Friday The 13th Part 1 And 2. This one I see brought up all the time alongside Melissa and Trish so her popularity is great. She's the original F13 Final girl so she's pretty unique. She's a fan favorite and requested all the time so she's almost certain to make it into the game. Alice would be the "Original Final Girl." Yes I know, we already have Jenny as the Final Girl. But It doesn't hurt to have more than 1 Final Girl in the game. Especially fan favorites like Alice. Popularity - 10 Uniqueness - 7 Likely To Be Added - 9 Composure: 4 Luck: 2 - Not Very Lucky To Have Jason Find Out Where You Live Repair: 6 Speed: 3 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 9 Strength: 7 - Has Enough Strength To Cut Off Pamela's Head 1. Trish - The Sibling At the #1 spot I chose Trish from Friday The 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter. Trish is a huge fan favorite! She is one of the most badass characters in all of Friday The 13th and is really damn hot. Watching her defend Tommy from Jason in the last 10 minutes of the film is so awesome. You can tell Tommy and Trish really care about each other which makes her one of the more developed characters too. She's incredibly popular and is requested all the time. She's also Tommy's sister and she beat the hell out of Jason, so she's very unique. I think this is a must have in the game! Trish would be the"The Sibling." You gotta make Trish a counselor in the game Devs! Popularity - 10 Uniqueness - 9 Likely To Be Added - 9 Composure: 6 Luck: 1 Repair: 3 - Has To Have Rob Repair Her Car Speed: 4 Stamina: 7 - Fights Jason For Over 10 Minutes Stealth: 7 Strength: 7 - Puts Up A Good Fight Against Jason Top 3 Counselors I Want To See In The Game: 3. Tina 2. Megan 1. Trish Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions on this. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub Friday The 13th The Game Twitter: https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame
  5. I am interested to see where does the community stand right now in regard to the clothing DLCs. As you've probably seen around; I am a fan of customization and have purchased every single DLC that has been released just to have more options, but as time goes by, I begin to grow more and more concearned about the DLCs and the effect they have on the game, particularly after the Halloween DLC (Yes, I'm looking at you, Bunny Deb.) So, what is your opinion? And keep in mind you can vote for multiple options!
  6. @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier The current balance is good and I believe nerfs or buffs would only damage the balance. These are my suggestions for improving counselor play: Dedicated Servers for Consoles XP Boost Full XP upon Death 'Find New Game' Option 1. Dedicated Servers Dedicated servers for consoles will benefit all consoles players. 2. XP Boost Boost the amount of XP gained for counselors, particularly for anything that encourages teamwork. For example: Receiving XP everytime you barricade a door that hasn't been barricaded. This will give players incentive to barricade, which will make more work for Jason, cut down on speed looting and increase the chances of survival for all counselors. Other ideas: XP for surviving 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes. XP for being in the car or boat when it's been stopped by Jason Incremental XP for being in Jason's music radius Some counselor players don't feel they've had a good game unless they survived the night, this would change the focus from only feeling achievement from survival to how long the counselor was able to survive and what they were able to accomplish. The majority of unlockables are for counselor customization and added XP would be an incentive for those counselor players who are grinding for clothing. 3. Full XP upon Death Counselors should receive their full XP upon death. The Spectating XP should be removed completely. If no counselor remains to play as Tommy- Tommy doesn't spawn. 4. 'Find New Game' Option Available upon Death An option to find a new game should appear when spectating your own counselor's dead body, allowing you to leave at that point and join a new lobby. The option to spectate should only be an option and not forced. If a counselor dies in the first minute of a match, this will allow them to quickly find a new lobby and enter a new game. If you have any ideas, particularly you counselor mains, feel free to add them.
  7. Hello all, first time poster here. I’ve thought about this idea a lot, and I don’t want to turn this into a huge wall of text explaining every pro and con, so I’ll try to keep it short. I feel like, right now, the ending of games often feels anti climatic. Once you’re the last counselor alive, there is a very small chance that you’re going to live and most games just end with the clock dragging out until the last person is eventually killed, even though they don’t have much of an opportunity to escape. This feels antithetical to the movies as well as it sinply not being very exciting to watch. With the latest patch Jason feels very powerful and threatening, and that is an excellent thing that should be kept. My suggestion to keep Jason powerful and also fix this problem is that for every counselor that is killed, the remaining counselors should recieve *slight* buffs, so that by the time there is only one or two counselors left, they can knock Jason out for enough time to actually finish objectives and have atleast a chance to escape. A couple things about this: - By Buffs, I mean a faster stamina regen., longer stun times on Jason, faster car starting times, for example. I think others could think of some more ideas here - This brings the games more in line with the films, where the final counselors have the opportunity to engage in an exciting climax with Jason where they still have a chance, and will make the game more engaging and fun to watch and play - This also fits into the balance of things. The first couple of counselors should die without a problem, so the challenge for Jason is to actually have to fight for the final kills, and its also a big challenge for the counselors to get everyone out. Average game should have 1-3 people escaping while still keeping Jason very menacing and powerful. I think this is a nice scale. I can list some more but this was already a lot, so I’ll end it here. I don’t know if this idea has been mentioned before, but I like it. Feel free to engage below.
  8. Things are beginning to reveal itself since the new UPDATE I NO LONGER AM HAVING ANY ISSUES WITH THE GAME. I AM GIVING THE UPDATE A CHANCE AND NOW GETTING USE TO IT. THIS TOPIC IS GETTING OLDER BY THE HOUR. ALSO IN MY EYE'S THIS TOPIC IS FINISHED. FOR THOSE THAT WANTS TO JUST CLICK ON TO THIS THREAD AND DISRESPECT PEOPLE OPINIONS AND JUST WANT TO ARGUE, GO KICK ROCKS! WELL... I THINK I'M DONE HERE, ENJOY FRIDAY THE 13TH AND THE NEW MAP AND KILLS EVERYONE! This is my 3rd day playing Friday the 13th on it's new update. I taking notice how more people are even RAGE QUITTING or SUICIDE. I also took huge notice that most of my friends aren't playing Friday the 13th now and starting to go back to GTA 5, Monster Hunters, [Dissidia Final Fantasy] (NEW GAME) and other games that they played before they played Friday the 13th. It's very sad that they are leaving Friday now. It hurts me the most because now when I look at it, Friday was the game that brought us all together. Friday the 13th was the game that pulled me out of GTA 5 because it was SO addicting. Now it's just me and a very few friends are playing now. I have so many friends for what now? How and where did I make so many friends from? Friday the 13th. But now, that's basically finished... Not everyone have the same games to play with each other on. In the first thread that I made, I post/commented that I was going to just give the update a chance, but what's happening now is BULL. I also stopped making comments on the first thread to read most of everyone's comments before the Staff locked it do to arguing and rudeness. Also coming to find out the staff had to locked it twice because of the same issue. WHERE'S THE RESPECT for other people opinions? Also telling others to get use to the UPDATE or get the F off the game and play another game like OverWatch or so... That is very disrespectful and wrong. Also now your wish is becoming true. Players that loves to play as Counselors are beginning to leave and stop playing Friday the 13th. How do I know? Because most of my friends are leaving, which really makes it a good example. This is becoming a mess and a problem. Right now the game is favoring Jason, which there are those that's not liking it. [Which you guys are calling NEWBIES that just signed up to state that they are not liking the update] In my own opinion, the game is suppose to be fun by playing as Jason and Counselors. It's suppose to go both ways. Now it's one sided and you all know it. We are about to have ONLY Jason players around and sadly for Jason players not everyone can be Jason at the same time. This is WAY OUTTA CONTROL! Can we all come to an understanding that this game isn't balanced at all between Counselors & Jason? Can we all just respect each other and work together to have this game be FUN by playing as Jason & Counselors...? I'm hurting right now because I don't want us to fight and I don't want to lose all my friends because of a stupid UPDATE. This is ridiculous! Please just be honest with each other. You guys don't like this game favoring Counselors and also don't like this game favoring Jason. Can we all get together and make this game fun for everyone then?
  9. Should all Pocket Knifes be deleted from the game? Make this Game Pocket Knife FREE? In my last forum I only gave my opinion and only wanted to hear everyone else opinion. I gotten nothing but a WAR and everyone arguing with each other. I read some of the comments and both sides actually have very good point on why they should have left the Pocket Knifes alone & Why they should make it less Pocket Knifes... But now, for those that wants less pocket knifes in the game is starting to make it sound like there shouldn't be Pocket Knifes at all and the game will be perfect that way. Let's Make A VOTE
  10. The newest update isn't bad or anything, but I felt that they should have kept the pocket knifes and just have less aid sprays instead. Some of you may be thinking it'll be the same all over again, but it really wouldn't... With less Aid sprays counselors can collect damage without having a countless of Aid Sprays on them. Which they can't get so far once they are injured. Also by just having less Aid Spray, it'll force us to rely on our teammates to help us when we are in need which is a good thing. Because this will cause us to work together even more and protect each other and uses our Aid Spray on each even more then before. Also there is a reason why Jason can also Slash other then Grab all the time. But you don't have to tell me, because I do love playing as Jason and love to Grab instead of slashing. So, YES. I do know where you guy are coming from with this. But I think the idea of having less Aid Sprays is really a great idea. But I do believe us counselors are going to need our pocket knifes back soon! As of now it's too early for those to understand what I'm trying to say here and are also happy with this update. But we all have to play as counselors sometime and eventually will face the music if you know what I mean. Reasons why should there be more pocket knifes now and less Aid Spray:
  11. Less Pocket Knifes, Less Chances To Survive...? It's understandable of why there are so many complaints about pocket knifes... For example, when you are playing as: Jason Voorhees and want to do a GRAB KILL, but CAN'T. Why...? 1: Every time I grab this one counselor, this counselor has like 3 pocket knifes on him/her. 2: It's more easier to disable traps do to so many pocket knifes, you have like 4 or 5 counselors with pocket knifes, also make it 6 when Tommy Shows Up. I know how everyone feels when it comes time to play as Jason Voorhees and having to put up with the pocket knifes. I can see both point of views from playing as Jason and the counselors... Before I even discussed what's unfair to counselors and the disadvantage, please take the time to put your selves in the counselors shoes knowing how much counselors have to go through, just like how I put myself in Jason's shoes and discussed his issues and disadvantage. [Jason Voorhees Issues & disadvantage: At the top of the page^^^] Jason Voorhees now have a huge advantage over the counselors. Now that there are less pocket knifes in all the camps, Jason can really have his way with the counselors poor souls. What can we counselors do now? Nothing much because... 1: Not every counselor is going to use his/her pocket knifes on the traps that Jason sets up, because most of us just want to keep it for our selves to get out of Jason hands once when he grabs us right after he does his shift and then GRAB. 2: Also now we are forced to use our own bodies to trip Jason's traps because of the lack of pocket knifes now. Having Aid Spray won't matter much, now that we are going to be lacking of Aid Spray. 3: Not every counselor finds pocket knifes. It can be just that one counselor with 3 pocket knifes, but for someone else... Have you ever been that counselor when you actually have totally nothing on you at all? Please just take note of that. 4: When finding a pocket knife, it encourage some counselors to actually try to be a hero and help out more when it comes down to fixing things or trying to kill Jason. I say that's a lot more better then having a counselor hiding underneath the bed through out the 20 minutes of the match. 5: (This relates to number one in away) Not every counselor is going to use his/her pocket knifes on the traps that Jason sets up because not all of them are team players. There are still those that helps Jason by opening door and such. Now his J-O-B is easier then ever. This is all the reason what I can list for now, even though I pretty sure more of you will have your own reason and such...
  12. So we all know the game could use improvements. I've been reading many posts about how the game could improve. Everyone here has put there two cents in on how to change it up. The problem is that most of these ideas would lead to a rework of the entire game mechanics or the balance would go too far in favor of either Jason or the counselors. Yes Jason isn't as imposing as he use to be but we can't make it impossible for counselors either. Right now the devs are in a tough spot. Everyone remembers when Jason had impossible reach, right? People complained it's too hard to survive and so now Jason's been nerfed. The argument now is Jason's too weak. I was thinking of random tweaks or small changes to the game, call it fantasy game development. I would add more damage to counselors for climbing through broken windows. I'd add the idea I saw around one of the threads of a slot for a pocket single knife. You can keep the all the knives in the game as is but limit each counselor to one. Too often I see Jason having to be bullied by a group of counselors, why not give Jason a multi grab. He can only grab two if they are in front of him and the grab can't be broken by melee attacks from other counselors. I would say pocket knives wouldn't stop the grab but you could struggle out of it. Both players would button mashing to get out but Jason could button mashing to in order to win and execute the double kill. OK, that idea could use polishing but you get the idea. Lastly this would be just an extra thing as an incentive for leveling up. How about every 50 to 100 levels the player gets an extra attribute point that they can add to any counselor? Just one point for one counselor. I feel it'll motivate everyone to level up, plus Tommy has all 10s on his stats but he's the character who I see dies the fastest and often. Just some random thoughts I had more but can't remember them all now.
  13. I had a strike of inspiration yesterday when I saw a screenshot, and decided to share. Apparently, during the alpha it was planned for counselors and Jason to have their own abilities. I wondered what those could have been, and so I came up with some of my own. Let's begin! Adam Palomino and Fox: +30% car starting speed, and driving speed. A.J Mason: Tosses a radio at Jason in the face, stunning him. It resets fear level, and boosts +1 speed for a short period of time. Requeriments: Being within a building with a radio, and standing next to it to trigger an enviromental interaction. The radio is then permanently destroyed. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson: 30% Stun duration. Chad Kensington: +20% attack speed. Deborah Kim: +30% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability while indoors. Homey girl! Eric Lachappa: He comes with a trap disarming kit which enables him to break traps. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. (Who's useless now?) Jenny Myers: Increases +1 Speed per Fear Level. Max +4 Speed at Fear Stage 4. The boost is reset once the fear is completely gone. Tiffany Cox: Damsel in distress. All male characters within a certain range will receive +15% attack speed Kenny Riedell: Head Counselor. All characters within a certain range will receive a +15% increased chance to stun Jason with any weapon. Mitch Floyd: Designated medic. Using a spray on others also heals him for the same amount of health. Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein: He fakes his own death for up to 2 minutes, which gives him a 50% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. Vanessa Jones: She's able to wrap the arm of an impaired counselor around her shoulder and lead them to safety. They can let go of each other at any time by pressing E. Receiving any damage separates them. Other changes: Improved traps: Disarming traps with pocket knives triggers a minigame with difficulty based on repair skill. More Danger: Failing a skill check while fixing phone boxes and light boxes causes minor damage (Like going through broken windows.) Or/and alternatively... More Fear: Failing any skill check to complete objectives increases fear level by 1. Now, on Jason's part...! In addition, I'd like to bump @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow's thread. Part 2 Jason: Marked. Whomever steps into one of his traps is marked on the minimap for Jason to track for one minute. Part 3 Jason: He automatically enters stealth mode within a certain radio around the barn. It will last until being spotted, then, it will have 2 minutes of cooldown. (He spent most of the movie sneaking around that damn barn, lol.) Part 4 Jason: He gets a minor speed buff that increases for the longer he has been chasing a counselor within a certain radio (Music cue) Part 6 Jason: Tendon slash. He swipes the floor with his spear, creating a large cone in front of him that deals a basic slash damage, and causes counselors to limp for 5 seconds. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown. Part 7 Jason: He can use the chain around his neck to slash counselors from a medium distance and cause basic slash damage. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown, and can be used while walking. Part 8 Jason: +30% attack speed. Part 9 Jason: +30% stun resistance. Savini Jason: -15% attack speed to counselors nearby.
  14. I did a thing. I had some help. That thing is here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10596-the-playbook-techniques-and-strategies/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-199050 We can talk about it if you want. If not, that's fine. It's there, though. It's a list where the total amount of swings for each weapon are defined, the cost of durability for blocking Jason's attacks, and the amount of damage that can be blocked before being staggered and eventually: death. Minus Tommy Jarvis for the last one in particular. If you like combat, it may be of use. Thank you for your time.
  15. Mitch and Fox

    There has probably been a thread on this before, but.. Why is Mitch and Fox hanging with the normal counselors? Like, Fox might be in her late 20's and Mitch is like a 35+yr old man, just by looking at his beard. I know, in this game anything can happen, but it was just a weird thought. Thanks for your time!
  16. Everyone seems to agree we need Melissa or "the bitch" added. After adding her or a generic version of her, I think they should stop adding unique counselors. There are only so many variations of the point totals that can be achieved and there's already people saying there are useless counselors. Instead of adding counselors with unique stats I suggest adding new character skins for existing counselors. This would do two things: 1. Yay, technically more variety for counselors. 2. Meaningful cosmetic DLC as opposed to crap like the Halloween pack. Examples would be as such: Jenny: Alice Hardy skin, or generic version of Alice Hardy similar to how Jenny is basically no-name Chris A.J.: Rocker girl J.J.-type skin. A.J. is currently more Violet from Part 5 but would work as J.J./Rocker Chick And so on... If the new counselors were no-name versions, the same voice lines could be used.
  17. So I have been wondering about this since the Devs came into the discord with Wes saying they are all around 18 years of age but now its the height compared to Jason and we know Kane Hodder is 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4 so compared to the counselors and I believe they are around the 5'10 mark anyone else have a debate about this?
  18. I remember when there was only one map for the beta, now there’s 7. Also, I loved that little animation that counselors and Jason would make if they moved, or turned. I thought the breathing sounds you made if you crouch-walked was cool too. Also, do you guys remember that “Ability” prompt that was visible near the clothing? I wonder what that was used for. Another thing I liked was that you didn’t make a “grunt” noise if you went through a window, and that you had to hold E or A to open a window. Also the window opening noise didn’t match with the window movement. Ugh, I miss that so much. Oh, and if you were holding a weapon and you swapped that weapon for a different object, the weapon would do this little falling animation. I miss the beta alot! Post on here if you have anything else to say, or do whatever. Idc really Just wanted to share
  19. Tonight I saw Jason die 2 times in one night, including a case where the counselors were hunting down a fleeing Jason. Have a look: Not exactly like the movies, is it? How am I supposed to be fear Jason when he is this weak? Another Jason saw me with the sweater and ran! The counselors are now over powered and Jason must be reverted, both grab and traps, or he must otherwise be made more powerful to bring the correct balance back to the game.
  20. I have been going through a lot of game play over the last few months and one thing i think would be a great addition to this already great game would be customization options for private games. not anything intense, but something along the lines of map options where you could put maps on random, but get rid of the ones you don't want to play (ex. say you just want to play the big maps, or vice versa just the small maps, or you don't want to play Packanack, or you don't want to play Jarvis House, you could toggle them). same thing with counselors, (ex. Tiffany toggled off so players that join your private game aren't stupid and don't rely solely on you to fix everything. I know they all have different perks for a reason, but when you're in a game where 5 of 7 counselors are Tiffany just so they can stare at her ass, it becomes a bit irritating) To take it a step further, Jasons. Toggle on accepted Jasons (ex. no Part 7, no Savini, etc) I feel like these options would allow people to host better online matches that feel more fairly placed for everyone, again not having a Tiffany/Chad army. and would enable you to pick maps with random option without having to play maps nobody in the lobby wants to play especially if they only have 10-15 minutes. I really hope this is take into consideration at the least. If you read this and like the idea please bump this to help see it through. Thank you, Thy King Se7en
  21. Halloween is quickly approaching and it looks like we may be getting a clothing pack. What costumes would you guys love to see in the game? Go wild, this isn’t a suggestion thread, just fun brainstorming. I’d love to see a cute cat Deborah or a bunny Tiffany.
  22. How about it? I was thinking... Slugger does not increases the damage percentage that much (compared to Sucker Punch). And why the hell would I use a baseball bat with a strength-based perk???
  23. Guys, I understand that programming an AI Jason would take lots of time, effort, and money, but please consider making counselors playable for Single Player and Offline Mode. You could always make smaller versions of each map so they are not as large making programming for Jason more difficult than need be. It would really make stealth, survival, and fighting Jason fun and tense!
  24. I know this may sound random but has anyone heard about any counselor action figures or collectables to be expected in the near future? I think it would be awesome if Jason Savini to also be collectible
  25. I want another Bikini pack one with more bikini choices for each counselor and of course a thong choice bikini for all the women. It's an adult mature game and let's face it sex sells all the guys and even a good bit of the ladies I have played with would love the option of a new bikini variety pack with new sexy bikinis in the game as many feel the developers played it too safe not showing enough skin as well as not giving much selection to each counselor after all it's an 80's horror game based off of 80's horror films esp Friday The 13th and 80's horror was known for the nudity, so another bikini pack with a variety of bikinis per counselor and a mandatory thong bottom option for all the ladies would be ideal as I am sure all of us mature adults would greatly appreciate this I would also bet that nobody esp us guys would hesitate to pay a few bucks for this added feature. Further allowing skin changes such as tan skin, bikini lines, pale skin etc along with hair changes per counselor would be another great feature added to all counselors.