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Found 90 results

  1. So I've been playing Friday long enough to feel like I have a solid view point on what needs to change to make the game FEEL more enjoyable for both sides of the coin (Counselors/Jason) but like the title says it's just an idea so don't eat me alive if you disagree Jason is in a very weird spot right now, if you're a counselor main and get stuck playing Jason it sometimes feels impossible to kill more than one or two people where as if you are a Jason main it feels like all you do now is shift, grab, asphyxiate and its an easy 8/8. It feels like a droll competitive game with multiple strategies to kill people but one obviously easy one and that is boring. So hear me out I don't think they should necessarily buff or nerf Jason I think he needs to be reworked and here are some of my thoughts. Change weapon damage to do 25%hp of counselor hp that way you don't have people like Bugzy and Tommy tanking 7 hits from Jason before they are "injured" but not letting people like AJ and Tiffany die in 3 hits. Change the way grabbing works to give it a completely different objective. Remove the ability to perform a grab kill on a healthy counselor unless you carry the counselor to an environmental kill NOW HEAR ME OUT I KNOW THAT SOUNDS UNFAIR TOWARDS JASON BUT HEAR ME OUT. Increase the time it takes to wiggle out of jasons grasp and increase the amounts of hits it takes to free someone from his grasp (Ideally the objective of this change is to promote using more than 2 mechanics of the game, this way jason needs to hit you a certain number of times before being able to perform a grab kill on you or of course he could just kill you with his weapon and it gives more screen time to the several amazing environmental kills available in each map) This change would also give more screen time to counselors that aren't played as often like Jenny because her composure is so high its easier for her to escape the grab. i hope you liked my ideas please don't kill me
  2. Just saw this pop up in my recomended youtube videos,lol that is kinda funny. Made by AlphaGamer,its an intro wich he made for his streams.
  3. The game has made such huge improvements over the years but the issue with the cops still bugs me and I think it needs addressing. When you call the cops and the counselor speaks to them screaming and crying and telling them where they are and the situation etc. Just to have Jason cut the line or kill the counselor 0.5 seconds before the call ends. My issue with this is that if you have gone through that much of the conversation with the police they should still send someone out at that point. Maybe just add a penalty like the police don't take it as seriously so it takes another minute or two then normal to arrive? But yeah i've just ran into so many scenarios where people try to rush the phone and Jason just keeps killing them one by one as they are 3/4ths through the phone call. You would think by that point the police would think something is up. I dunno I just think something involving the phone has to change in some way.
  4. I would like to see a new emote pack that involves smoking a cigarette or drinking beer. In the movies there had been counselors drinking beer and smoking. Plus they should also add that dance emote that AJ was doing at the end of the part 5 Jason trailer. It would also be cool to see the moon walk as an emote.
  5. Dead by daylight is a main competitor to Friday the 13 the game, so I think it would be cool to see them crossover. I don't mean Jason in dbd or one of the dbd killers in f13, but one of f13 counselors as a survivor in dbd and one of dbd survivors as a counselor in f13. Both games have plenty of original characters that aren't from the movies.
  6. Adding Character Interactions And More Dialogue @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben This is probably in my Top 5 most wanted things added to the game. (Which I may make a post of later on). I don't know if anyone else has actually talked about this, although I am new to the forums. I know I'm not the only one that wants to get to know the counselors a lot better. They are all very unique with very cool designs and have really good voice actors. But I feel like none of them even know or care about each other. There's lots of things they can add to develop them more. But the coolest thing they can add IMO is Character Interactions and New Dialogue. Okay I'm just gonna get straight into it and show you how to put in Character Interactions and New Dialogue into Friday The 13th The Game in many different ways. BTW Some of this may sound cringey AF but... whatever. Note that I'm only applying Character Interactions to certain characters. Because giving every character Character Interactions with each other would take a while. And I won't be using any character that were added post launch. Also the Counselor Dialogue section applies to every counselor. So every counselor will say those lines just like how every counselor basically says the same lines in the game already. And finally I've added Counselor Responses. So when a counselor says something another counselor will respond back. Character Interactions - Jenny And Chad Interaction: Jenny: Chad! Thank god your're okay! Chad: Jenny?! Is that really you? Are you hurt? Jenny: Yes, it's me and I'm fine don't worry. Look we gotta find the others and get the hell out of here now! Chad: Right! Let's fix these vehicles up and get everyone outta here. Kenny And Tiffany Interaction: Kenny: Tiffany! Baby is that you! Tiffany: Kenny! Oh my god Kenny you're alive! Kenny: I'm so happy to see your're ok. But we gotta be quiet. Jason is still around Tiffany: Got it. Let's find the others and get the hell outta here. Debra And Lachappa Interaction: Debra: Eric?! Eric is that you? Lachappa: Huh? Debra?! Your're ok?! Debra: Yes I'm fine. It's so good to see you! Lachappa: You too. But we gotta get out of here. Lets repair these vehicles and get everyone out of this place. Vanessa And Bugsy Interaction: Vanessa: Brandon?! Brandon is that you? Are you okay, are you hurt?! Bugsy: I'm fine don't worry, we gotta focus on getting outta here! Vanessa: I know. We gotta find the rest too. I hope they're okay. Bugsy: Let's get some weapons and supplies and start looking for them. Adam And AJ Interaction: Adam: Babe is that you?! AJ: Adam? Your're okay! Thank god! Adam: I told you we shouldn't of came here with these assholes. That Jason fucker is gonna kill us all. AJ: C'mon Adam! They're not just my friends they're your's too. Let's go find them and get the hell out of here. New Dialogue - Reminder: Counselor Dialogue Applies To Every Counselor Picking Up A Car Part While Another Player Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue: Hey! I found the battery! / Hey! I found the gas! / Hey! I found the keys! Counselor Response: Really?! Nice! Lets hurry up and get that in the car. Picking Up The Phone Fuse While Another Player Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue: Hey guys! I just found the phone-box fuse. Counselor Response: Thank god. Lets go repair the phone-box so we can call the cops. Picking Up A Boat Part While Another Counselor Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue: Hey I found the propeller! Counselor Response: Really?! Nice! Lets hurry up and get that in the boat. Counselor Picking Up A Shotgun: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: Holy crap... a shotgun. Counselor Dialogue Option 2: This outta be useful. Counselor Dialogue Option 3: Wow a shotgun. I hope it has more than 1 round. If Jason Morphs Near The Counselors: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: Oh Fuck! Jason is here guys! Everyone hide! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: IT'S JASON! If Jason Is Inside A Cabin The Counselors Are In: Counselor Dialogue: EVERYONE RUN! Jason is inside the cabin! If Someone Is Getting Chased By Jason Outside: Counselor Dialogue: SOMEBODY HELP ME! HE'S CHASING ME! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP! If Jason Is Slashing A Counselor: Counselor Dialogue: HE'S KILLING ME! If Jason Grabs A Counselor While Another Counselor Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: NO! Let them go Jason! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: Somebody! Please Help Them! Counselor Dialogue Option 3: PLEASE! Don't do this Jason! If Jason Is Killing Someone While Another Counselor Is Nearby: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: NO! STOP IT JASON! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: SOMEBODY HELP! HE'S KILLING EVERYONE! When The Cops Arrive: Counselor Dialogue Option 1: Holy Shit! They actually came! Counselor Dialogue Option 2: The cops are here! Everyone, lets go! Counselor Walking Towards Jason's Shack: Counselor Dialogue: Is this... Jason's Shack? Counselor Seeing Pamela's Head: Counselor Dialogue: Oh god! That's disgusting! Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions on this. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub Friday The 13th The Game Twitter: https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame
  7. Problems When Injured

    Has anybody else run into the issue of not being able to get in through windows while injured? I didn't see that on the patch notes but when I'm injured to the point of the limp now it won't let me climb into windows. Is this apart of the new patch and I just missed it?
  8. We all know that there will be Roy Burns and the Pinehurst map in the game. But why don't they add Reggie Winter and Pam Roberts as new counselors?
  9. Everyone is getting annoyed and mad how the counselors are stunning you nonstop. every time I get back up as Jason I always get stunned again by another counselor. How about this, add a 5 second cooldown before you can stun Jason again after he gets out of his stunned mode. I'm making this a topic because I'm trying to help other people out and in the movie the counselors would always run away after stabbing, hitting or knocking Jason out for a little bit well besides the brave ones like Tommy Jarvis. But still us as humans would be scared and run away from a killer with a sharp weapon.
  10. ~•Game Modes•~ So I made this post to share some of my ideas for new game modes, as well as some other ones that I've seen...... feel free to comment your own as well! 1.) Campaign Mode I was thinking a campaign mode would be pretty cool, and if I were to come up with the idea for one, I would base it off of the original NES game. If you don't know the plot for the original game, here's a quick summary that I stole from the wiki... "It's a pretty typical summer at Crystal Lake. There's a group of happy children staying in the Camp. You and your six camp counselor friends are watching over the kids while enjoying the lake and the wilderness. The days are bright and sunny. The nights are cool and clear. But Jason is on a rampage, and it's up to you to stop him, but it's not going to be easy. You must first fight your way through forests filled with man-eating wolves, caves covered with blood sucking bats, and hordes of mindless zombies everywhere you turn. You must also help any friend who is in danger, or else you can just kiss them goodbye. Hiding in a cabin or staying adrift in a canoe won't keep you safe, as Jason will find you. The only way to survive this summer is to challenge Jason face to face, and destroy him." (http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(NES_video_game)). Now, this wouldn't be possible as of now, because a Jason AI doesn't exist, or at least that we know of, but none the less, I thought it would be a cool idea. 2.) Paranoia Mode Yes, I know that this mode exists, however we still don't know how it's going to work yet. If you don't know, there was a Friday the 13th computer game in 1985. Here's a summary of how you played it: "The player can roam around freely in the scenery, walk in and outside of buildings. Jason, as well as other characters, do the same. It is the player's task to make sure his friends do not get killed by Jason, who often appears disguised as one of them, unless he is hit once and becomes visible as a man dressed in black. Various weapons (e.g., chainsaw, pitchfork) are scattered around the area and can be picked up. There are five levels in the game, each time you play as another character. " (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(1985_computer_game)). Now, Paranoia wouldn't work exactly like this, but Jason being disguised as a player, such as a TF2 Spy, I believe is likely to make it in. Of course, Jason is going to be repleaced by Roy Burns, the copycat killer from Friday the 13th Part 5. Another way it might work is a sort of werewolf type game, where there are 7 or 8 counselors, and each day one of them is voted to be executed. Each night, the werewolf, or the copycat killer will choose someone to kill. Which of these two do you think is more likely? 3.) Pamela Mode Now, we all know that Roy and Pamela are not going to be in the regular F13 Mode. However, since Roy is getting his own game mode, why shouldn't Pamela? You could replace Jason's abilities with more human like ones. And she would likely use a Machete, Axe, or Bow, since all 3 of them are used in the original movie. But how would it work? I can imagine some sort of way to pick off counselors one by one. I can only see this as an altered version of the original F13 game mode. Finally, Pamela would probably control almost identically to the counselor. 4.) Part 9 Mode Inspired by SahSimon's idea, a game mode where instead of killing counselors, Jason will possess them. If you haven't seen Part 9, this is something that happens throughout, in order to keep Jason's spirit alive, yes I know, it's a really weird concept. To kill Jason, you would need to get a new hero character, either Creighton Duke or Jessica Kimble, who would spawn woth the voorhees dagger and kill Jason. There would have to be more steps in order to kill him, but I figure this would be a cool concept. 5.) Race Minigame Disclaimer: I did NOT make this idea, I found it on the forums previously. All the counselors would race to the exit while Jason tries to kill them all. Betraying is allowed, and all stats are identical. I see this as a minigame you'd play while waiting for counselors to ready up. 6.) Race Minigame: Room for 1 A slight twist on the "Race Minigame" all rules are the same except only 1 counselor can escape. Those are a few game mode ideas that I think would be really cool additions to the game. Comment below your opinions or your own game mode ideas.
  11. So I have a question, that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to, I just want to make sure. Anyways, it's in regards to the 1000 matches as Jason and the counselor. I time to time, play on my girlfriends PS4, so I was just wondering, does the match counter just keep going from where I left off? Like if I played 100 matches on my PS4, then I went and played on hers, would that be match 101? I assume it's a yes, since levels and such are saved to the server, but I just wanted to make sure, so I don't have to worry about the Playstation I'm playing on haha! Thanks, any response is appreciated!
  12. While we wait for the next patch, i have been contemplating what the next patch will bring. Will it be just a bug and balance patch or will it be a mix of bug/balance and new content? Either way i don't have high expectations considering the track record that has been set. As i have mentioned before i am honestly expecting to have a repeat of what happened with an expected patch in Nov to be told at last minute that we will not be getting one until Dec. I can honestly see us getting an announcement on Jan 30th or Jan 31st telling us there will be no patch for Jan (Real good timely notice) and will have to wait until Feb. I have been thinking as to what else could possibly get worse for Jason with the next patch? Since Randy said on his stream that Jason is just fine and counselors have gotten better leads me to believe that it is just going to get worse for ole J. So i am gonna list some things i think could be implemented to tip the power even more in the corner of the counselors and castrate Jason even more. 1. Longer cool downs for all Jason's abilities 2. Jason can no longer grab counselors but counselors can now throw pocket knives at jason which stun him for 5-7 secs (don't worry guys, it was a glitch. we will fix it "soon") 3. Jason cannot place traps around any repair items such as the car, boat or fuse box 4. Counselors can de-mask Jason in 1 hit no matter with what. )Yes even a pot) 5. Jason's sense ability can only sense counselors within a 3 foot radius 6. If Jason goes to slash a counselor near a cabin/car/tree and it hits those objects Jason is stuck for 10 secs in an animation where he has to dislodge the weapon from the object 7. Stalk stops working after 2 uses. I know these are outlandish and extreme but hey, going by the dev's attitude and the track record of Jason's nerfs anything is possible. what would you add to this list
  13. So I was looking back on early footage of gameplay for f13 and I was wondering why they took away those great graphics and animations and if they’ll ever bring those back because the game would be a lot better with everything included with the alpha including the drown the counselor in the boat kill but u could only perform that during rage mode
  14. Now that counselor bots are out I see a lot of people saying they like the game again. Many say they are dumb and easy to kill, but still like playing as Jason. There are also plenty of people still complaining about playing online with jerks, or not having enough friends to play the game with. Why not let counselor bots fill in the gaps? They might be dumb and not know how to strategize, but they would be distractions for whoever plays Jason while the few real players try to get away. The bots could even help find supplies and call the police. It is hard for a couple counselors to survive against Jason in a 3-player private match, but with bots, it would make things easier. If real players who die could take over a bot, that would make it even better. It would even make 1-vs-1 matches not only possible, but fun. Now that I've seen how the offline bots work, it seems like this would be possible. I often play with 5 or 6 friends, but it would be great to have a few bots take up the slack. I have a lot of friends who would actually buy the game if they could play it that way.
  15. When playing F13 I noticed my game lagged due to a terrible pc and internet, While lagging, I try to play and when I do that it runs behind so the camera is stuck in a position looking at the trees. I am still able to run around but not see where I am going, Please contact me with a fix IF you can.
  16. So I've seen people mention how they'd like a redheaded counselor possibly added and I wanted to know what would her (or his) trope possibly be? Some are saying the mean girl if she ends up not being a blonde. Other than the mean girl, there's not a whole lot of tropes left. Any ideas?
  17. I was really curious to see opinions on this and I did search for it, but I couldn't find anything on this exact subject. If I missed it, definitely feel free to redirect me. Since the forums can't seem to escape the thought of Freddy vs Jason being added into the game (whether it just be that version of Jason or even the extremely unlikely addition of Freddy), what character from the movie would you want to see added as a counselor if they did somehow gain the rights? Most of the characters in this movie were pretty unlikable in my opinion, so I think Lori Campbell would be the obvious candidate since she's the main character. But I think I'd personally love to see Gibb Smith. I'm a huge Katharine Isabelle fan and I feel like she'd be totally down with being in the game if it did become a possibility. This addition probably won't happen, at least not for awhile. But I definitely wanna know what you guys think.
  18. You know how in the opening scene to every match that one counselor dies? He should become a playable counselor, and the opening scene should switch up with who dies. All in favor of the guy who dies, say I!
  19. Hey there, I've noticed it a lot this week especially that all the females share a lot of AJ's voice lines, especially when being killed, find a dead body or randomly during a match. Is this a known issue to the devs? Has anyone else noticed this error on PC? It's quite annoying when you're Fox or Vanessa for example. Would be great if this bug can be fixed in due course.
  20. Everybody knows it and addressing it all the time. Jason needs a buff. We all know there is going to be a balance patch, as this update wasn't meant to balance anything (which is not a 100% true after campingfire apots have been improved, but maybe a bit too much in the favor of the counselors /sarcasm). The teamkilling has been patched out long ago which was a really good thing. It still is. What i want to ask for is the possibility to use the counselors as human shields. Counselors always attack and taunt Jason. What i would like is the possibikity to grab one of those offensive playing counselors and use them to shield Jason. If someone whacks me and the counselor i'am holding is right in front of the attacker he should get the damage and not me. The same with a shotgun blow or the signal gun. Of course in the worst case scenario, for the counselor, he/she dies. The kill whatsover should be in favor for Jason and not end up as a punishment for the counselor that was unlucky and killed his teammate. The next time Tommy Jarvis tries to shoot me, and the counselor is in front of him, i want that the head of m shield explodes. The kill can even be named "Human Shield" a score of 100 points and additional 50 points for being resourceful would be fair. What do you guys think about that? I want the counselors to be more cautious and thoughtful before they decide to whack the shit out of Jason.
  21. Okay I’ve been noticing a lot of people complaining in regards to the amount of pocketknives available to counselors( Which is understandable considering Jason’s recent nerfs) I’ve also noticed on discord and here on the forums a desire to buff high luck characters such as Jenny or Chad. Mostly because luck is seen as useless. So I thought of a new(ish) mechanic that will make both high luck characters a more attractive choice while also forcing players to choose the use of their pocketknives wisely. I’m not exactly sure how many pocketknives are in game but if I were to estimate I’d say 8. Instead of having 8 pocketknives available to counselors the number should be split in half. The missing knives should be replaced with switch blades. For this mechanic to work switch blades would act as regular pocketknives, meaning you could escape Jason’s grab and disarm traps; However this will be based on luck. Meaning if you try to disarm a trap as Aj with a 1 luck there’s a large chance you might get trapped in doing so. On the flip side someone like Chad would have a significantly higher chance in disarming a trap withought getting caught. These same rules apply to getting grabbed by Jason. I think something along these lines can make luck build characters a more viable option. An addition like this could also up the tension and not make players so rely so much on a pocketknife.
  22. We now know Retro Jason is not a new Jason on the roadmap. Part V seems to be worked into the Paranoia game mode concept. Yet two Jasons show on the roadmap. Many are saying Jason X and Uber. For the sake of discussion let me pose another possibility regarding an upcoming map, counselor, and Jason.. What about the fan film "Never Hike Alone" Jason? He would go perfectly with the Abandoned Camp map that was proposed. The new trope could be the hiker/survivalist. Might some future plans draw from this source? There are posts on these forums from those involved with that fan film. Is it possible Gun/Illfonic will bring elements of that movie to life in the game? I would think getting permission to use the concepts in the official game would not be difficult. As a fan product, it had to be not-for-profit and those who made the film showed interest in the game. Just some musings I had driving to work. Thoughts/opinions?
  23. I know, there has already been a topic on this. But, I have changed mine up a bit, instead of copying the other person's topic. My idea is similar to the Dead by Daylight perk system, if not exactly the same. Other counselors can also have these perks. So, let's get to it. Vanessa Sprinter- Run twice the speed of your normal speed for 3 seconds (Unlocks at lvl 45; only activates in chases; drains some stamina; cooldown 45 seconds) Windows can save your life- If Jason tries grabbing or slashing at you while you try to get out/in a window, you will go invincible for 2 seconds and you will automatically start running (lvl 40; Also, this is a build where the windows are fixed; normal stamina; cooldown 30 sec) Shh, Quiet!- When you go into a hiding spot, the noise is reduced by 10%/20%. Also, Jason cannot sense your sound blips for 2-5 seconds (again, gets triggered in chases only; doesn't drain stamina; lvl 37; cooldown 10 sec) Fox Picker Upper- You equip weapons/parts/items faster (no cooldown, can happen any time, lvl 35) Don't touch me!- When Jason grabs you, there is a 10% chance a skill check will appear to immediately get out of his grab (I know, I'm ripping off Decisive Strike, but there is a difference, there is a chance, not an immediate skill check; if you have a knife, the knife will not go in his neck; lvl 40; 2 times per match) Silent Mechanic- When you fail a skill check, there is a small chance that the sound will not play (Again, similar to technician from DBD, but this will only happen exclusively to repairing the phone or car, but if you're the last one alive, then this can apply to any escape route; lvl 45) Mitch 6th Sense- When Jason is near AND is in stalk, an audio cue will play, notifying the player (unlocks at lvl 26) High Turkey- Another Jason related perk. If you spot Jason, the scream that was added in the 10/25 update will play AND Mitch will scream like crazy, causing everyone in the area to get alerted (Lvl 33; cooldown for 7 seconds) Keeping calm- If you are in a hiding spot, and you are not holding your breath, there is a 5/10/15% chance that the voice cue will not sound, tricking Jason that you are somewhere else (lvl 49; no cooldown) Adam Edgy- You have a higher luck increase while this perk is active, and you can find items better (luck increase by 2-3, no cooldown; lvl 20) Radio Dude- While a radio is on, you get a 2% speed increase for every action, excluding calling the police (lvl 31) Buff- Your strength is increased by 1%. (No cooldown, lvl 36) LaChappa Nerdy Birdie- After jumping/going through a window, your repair speed is increased by 2 to 3%. (No cooldown; lvl 16) Trap Senses- Counselor/Jason traps are visible to you within a 32m range. (lvl 20) Spy- When you start the match, the auras of escape objectives/parts are revealed to you for 5 seconds (lvl 28) Buggzy Bodybuilder- Same as Adam's perk, but your strength is increased by 4%, which is not alot (lvl 17) Protector- You will get 200xp for protecting a counselor from an attack (lvl 22) Just a scratch- When you are critically injured, you are able to sprint, but your stamina cannot regen due to fear rates (lvl 35) AJ Rocker Chick- Jogging speed is increased by 25%, which is not alot. Lvl 7 Girl, please- You have a higher chance to stun Jason when he grabs a female counselor. Does not apply to males until lvl 60. (unlocks at lvl 14) Crazy Lixx- After stunning Jason, you have a 6% speed increase. Drains half stamina; cooldown of 30 sec. Lvl 27 Chad Lucky Douche- The duration of calling the police is decreased, along with driving the boat and car. If you have the perk that increases vehicle speed, it stacks. (Lvl 10) Know your ways with girls- When around female counselors, their fear DECREASES by 12%. (lvl 22) Such a Bastard- If you try to hit someone with the car, they instead will get pushed to the side (lvl 37) Jenny Home Girl- Jenny's repair/stun time is increased if she is the second to last one alive (lvl 26; 2% increase) The Final Chapter- You will be prompted with a skill check if Jason crashed the car to stun him if you need to make that quick stun/escape (lvl 42, 20 sec cooldown) Oh my god!- 6% chance that dead bodies will not startle you (ranges from 6, goes all the way to 9%; lvl 59) Kenny Head Counselor- Every counselor who is still alive receives a 4% action speed increase, but can only be activated if injured. this excludes hurting yourself through a window (lvl 30) Driver's License- If you crash, there is a 20% chance that the crash will be prevented; ranges from 20 to 50% (unlocked at lvl 62) Decoy- You are able to place an object that spins around in a circle, causing noise blips so you can distract Jason. Similar to radios, but you can carry them around (unlocks at lvl 95; can only carry 3; they will be placed in your inventory with x3 at the bottom of the icon, and jason can destroy them. you cannot fix them or pick them back up once placed) Tiffany Sticky like lip gloss- When YOU place a trap, and Jason steps in that trap, he will need to spend a longer time mashing E, X, or A to get out of the trap. (lvl 29; cooldown 30 sec) Scavenger- When standing near a pocket knife, firecracker, first aid, key, fuse, etc, will display a yellow aura for 2 seconds (unlocks at level 35, cooldown of 95 seconds) Faster- When you are near another counselor, there is a 3-6% speed increase to whatever they are doing, such as opening a door, window, going under a bed, repairing, etc (Unlocks at level 72; no cooldown) And now, last but not least, Deborah! Always Prepare for what's coming- When you start a match, you are equipped with a walkie, a map, a first aid, and a firecracker when you spawn (No cooldown, unlocks at lvl 150 when the patch comes out; also, the perks that allow you to start with those items DO NOT COUNT, so if you try to equip those, they will not equip) Coming Home- When running to the police within a 32-64m range, you will instantly heal + your speed will increase by 2%, similar to adrenaline from DBD (unlocks at lvl 132) Sweater Chic- When Jason senses you, the outline of your sweater will appear. Cooldown 90 sec; unlocks at lvl 122 I know, those were crap and might get moderated or get called terrible, or might get locked. But, I tried. If you liked this, I might make a Jason perk suggestion in the future. Thanks!
  24. I guess it could be for counselor too, but I specifically would like an option for Jason. I always have my Jason and counselor on random, but I was wondering if there can be an option to have it so random will never pick a specific character(s). Basically....part 7 Jason is bad. Yes it's possible to still get all counselors and I'm not really a competitive player, but I just don't like this Jason, (looks cool though). And unfortunately, random loves to give me this Jason. I have been this version no less than 5 times where as I have only been others 1 time, (like part 9, part 2, etc.). Personally I don't like part 4 either, (looks) so I'd exclude him also. I just thought it would be a good option.
  25. Hi everyone, I've been a long-time backer and player. There is one feature that this game NEEDS, and that is customizable counselor stats. We all know that the counselors get 35 stat points across their various categories. However, many of the standard counselor builds are complete garbage. To avoid potential balance issues (like Vanessa in the beta with too much stamina) there could be a limit on stats past 9 (for example only two stats at 9 or higher). I personally like to play a mixture of stealth/distraction/objective with my counselors and wish there was a stat build that reflects it. - - - My dream build for a counselor would be - - - Composure: 5 Luck: 4 Repair: 4 Speed: 7 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 7 Strength: 1 Thoughts? Opinions? Responses? Please and thank you.