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Found 2 results

  1. Everyone I ran into is having this problem including myself. The push to talk feature even when turned on constantly picks up your voice even without you holding the key. Sometimes even when we have never pushed the talk key we will hear our voice and it constantly gives us away and made a lot of games really awkward. Also on a side note it would be really nice to have a push to talk button on the controller somehow because talking in game is extremely tedious and hard to do when your a controller user and have to take one hand off to go and hold the T key.
  2. Hey there – I was wondering if you guys could help me – I need to know what the best headset and controllers are for playing this game on Steam on your PC. I've never used Steam before so any advice you can give me I would be grateful. Are there any links on Amazon or other sites that can direct me to what I need to order? I want the best tools to be able to play the game. I currently have very limited controllers that I doubt will work on the game. Any advice would be appreciated.