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Found 8 results

  1. Didn’t introduce myself my name is Matt from Los Angeles ca die hard Friday the 13th fan nice too meet all of u have a great day
  2. I know Gun Media is preparing to implement the report system into F13 at a later update but until then, I want to have a place on the official forum to warn and report people who are currently abusing the glitch every chance they get. PSN: Jay_is_MVP (PS4) - Repeated glitch abuser. Avoid if possible!
  3. guys....i just wana say one thing and that is im tired of the things your saying to gun media being lazy assed lying to use and all this shit they are trying there best and you guys dont even know then so what gives you the right to call them lazy? you people are disrespectful if you think they are you guys need to learn gun media isnt big and everyone needs to calm down and be patient give the game time everyones pissed about retro jason not being unique jason or how the game is broken THEY MADE A GAME FOR CRYING OUT FUCKING LOUD THEY WORK 24/7 TO TRY AND GIVE THIS SHIT YOU WANTED FOR YEARS AND WHINE IM PATIENT AND SOME OTHER PEOPLE ARE TOO AND THEY ACCEPT THIS IM TIRED OF IT GIVE GUN MEDIA A BREAK AND GIVE THEM TIME IF THEY KEEP DOING THIS FINE GO HAM BUT NOT YET..... not yet.... this is FlameRiderSD signing out
  4. Friday the 13th - Community Tournament - Planning stages I'm hoping to set up a community hosted F13 Tournament on Xbox One and PS4. Below I'm going to include some of my plans for the tournament, including my ideas for win conditions, prizes and rules. Please let me know what your thoughts are and if you have any ideas that could help make it more fun. Thanks in advance! How will the tournament work? Players will apply to be entered into the Tournament here on the forums by dropping Gamertags. A random set of players will be selected and invited to play Several Tournament win conditions in a single match (One match on Xbox, one match on PS4. Please read below to view win condition ideas) A strict rule set to prevent any friends teaming up, cheating, using exploits/glitches etc Prizes will go to the players that hit each win condition Win conditions will be a mix of 'Set in stone' conditions and community voted winners. Example - Best team player will be voted by the community. Longest time survived will be clear Tournament win condition ideas (I need your feedback on these) Longest time survived Most EXP points earned (Would require everyone playing to screen cap their scores at the end, too much room for error perhaps?) Best team player (Voted by the community) First to escape Underdog (Counselors are set random. So maybe an AJ goes toe to toe with Jason and knocks him out, then survives by the skin of their teeth?) Tournament rules (I need your feedback on these) Players will enter the tournament here on the forums by submitting their Gamertags Gamertags will go into a random generator, 6 for Xbox and 6 for PS4 will be selected and be invited to play in the Tournament 6 counselor players 1 Jason player (Preferably a trusted community/forum moderator or admin) 1 Spectator (Me, watching the game, switching between players to keep an eye on win conditions etc) No using cheats, exploits or glitches of any kind. Anyone caught doing this will obviously be disqualified from the Tournament All players must set their counselor to random Any perk set ups are permitted Team kills will result in immediate disqualification Players can work together or go it alone in game, there are no rules relating to helping other players or teaming up If two players escape in the front seats of the car first. The two players in question will receive half of the value of the 'First to escape' prize. (Example - 2 x $25 PSN vouchers instead of one player escaping first in the car solo and receiving a $50 PSN voucher) No party or private chat Game chat is permitted but not required Tournament Prize ideas (I need your feedback on these) Gold tier win conditions (1 for Xbox, 1 for PS4) - $50 voucher Silver tier win conditions (1 for Xbox, 1 for PS4) - $20 voucher Bronze tier win conditions (2 for Xbox, 2 for PS4) - $5 voucher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've had a pretty good amount of interest on social media but I would love your feedback on my ideas, thank you in advance.
  5. Players that don't have access to him keep arguing Savini Jason was "OP", "game-impacting", a "game-changer" or even "pay-to-win". It goes as far as players using him in game get harassed/insulted or even team-killed when they spawn as a counselor. It divides the community when it shouldn't do so. I'm sure that's not what Gun Media had in mind when they introduced the Savini Jason as a 'Thank You' of sorts to the backers/supporters. To put an end to this ongoing argument, please consider giving one of the upcoming Jasons the same weaknesses and strengths combination as Savini Jason, just to allow everyone to see for themselves that Savini Jason is not OP in any way. Thank you for reading. ceno
  6. This should be a time of celebration, not hatered. We finally got a date after all this time and people complain? Because it's not in April? Think about it. It could've been a lot worse! But the Devs did their best. I hope people can just respect the hard work they put into this project.
  7. Hallo Freunde, wir eine Gemeinschaft aus aktuell 12 Leuten suchen Mitspieler für die Beta und natürlich auch für den späteren Release von Freitag der 13. Unter uns sind Hobby Youtuber und alle Altersklassen. Der alters durchschnitt liegt geschätzt bei 26 Jahren aber wir spielen auch mit jüngeren wenn sich dieser vernünftig verhalten. Wir unterhalten uns aktuell über Discord, da wir vor kurzem von TS3 auf Discord umgestiegen sind. Ich möchte darauf Hinweisen das wir kein Clan sind. Es gibt also keinerlei Verpflichtungen. Aktuell spielen wir ein sehr ähnliches Asymmetrisches Horrorspiel bei Tageslicht bis F13 erscheint. Auch dazu ist jeder herzlich eingeladen. Falls euer Interesse geweckt wurde, schaut doch einfach mal unverbindlich rein und zockt mit uns, wir sind alle sehr nett legen aber wert darauf das man sich und andere nicht immer all zu ernst nimmt. Wir labern viel Durchfall aber das macht uns aus Dazu gibt es bei uns hin und wieder Key Giveaways. Demnächst wird dann z.B ein Freitag der 13. Beta Key verlost. Teilnehmen darf jeder der unseren Discord nutzt. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Addet mich---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steam: Ripoli Discord: www.ripoli.de <-- Direkt auf unserem Discord verbinden. (Es empfiehlt sich aber den Clienten runter zu laden da manche Browser das Mikrofon in der Web Version blockieren.) Fragen: Discord@ripoli.de Youtube: www.youtube.com/ripoli -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hey guys! Check out our new Friday The 13th Facebook fan page! https://www.facebook.com/FridayThe13thFans - Danny