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Found 23 results

  1. I get Jason has to plant them and they are 'hidden' but surely if you notice them you should be able to throw a stick into them or set them off without getting caught. For me, I have the med spray and use a med spray twice perks so I don't normally mind but it's always so annoying seeing apart 2 Jason picked knowing the fuse box is gonna have up to four traps placed at it. When I say annoying, I'm going off my partner, friends, and not so much myself because of my perks. It's hardly game breaking and not a major issue compare to others but thoughts?
  2. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  3. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  4. So in the general discussion forum there is a post about what people think about a motorcycle escape. I think it is a great idea personally. I am also posting this here in the suggestion, well because that is what it is and I have extended ideas on the matter. I also link the original motorcycle post in the bottom. I have searched threads to see where this thought I have will go, maybe someone can place it for me or direct me. Here it is: Add the motorcycle escape, but also have different repairs for things. Like perhaps 3 motorcycle escapes but they require different parts or have different problems. Such as repair tire like they used to have in the game. Fix brake line (could use the wrench weapon but when taken to bike a mini-game pops up to repair). Fill Gas, Keys, Headlight, etc. There could be various options and then it wouldn't be ridiculously fast or easy to get out even if they each only had 2 repairs because you'd have to find the corresponding vehicle. Same goes with car escapes, I feel having different repairs could be fun and would stop people complaining about me putting battery/gas in 2 seat car when I found it there. Also along with different repairs, the different repair characters would be better at certain things. Not trying to be a person that judges, but Deb and Eric look like book smart people that don't typically work on cars so maybe they aren't as good at the mechanical repairs but are still great at electrical such as fuse, generator, battery and things like that. Then make AJ and Adam better at the mechanical repairs such as(if added) Tires, brakes, perhaps door or just anything that would feel more true to their characters. Just some thoughts and I think it'd be fun and they already had the tire thing in the game before so i don't think it'd be hard to put in. I know people will destroy this suggestion as they do most things on here. Again, if you know of a similar suggestion and this belongs somewhere else please let me know, I looked and couldn't find it. Here is the discussion in the General Discussion Forum:
  5. Hey guys I really only made this account to suggest a cool environmental kill I thought of. I call it "mechanic" anyways this is an environmental kill where if the hood to the car is open, then Jason can shove a councilor's head into the engine and then smash it to a paste.
  6. For me the A button on xbox is the same button to start the car as well as getting out so my friends and I sometimes have a problem with starting the car it'll make you get out instead maybe make the car starting rt? Just a thought
  7. With respect, please fix the following exploit/cheat: There is a bug/exploit that counselors are capitalizing on called "Car Surfing". This bug is detailed/explained here, time stamp included: The way it works is this: When inside of a vehicle, push the button to exit, then QUICKLY enter combat stance, attack, then cancel the attack with block. If you do this, you will be "floating" inside of the car and can ultimately exit where ever you wish. The only way Jason can counter this is to either shift to the counselor or hope the counselor re-enters the car at a seat that he has access to. You can also use this technique to get on top of the car and not fall off while the car is being driven, allowing you to also shoot from to roof of the vehicle. Please fix this bug so we Jason's don't have to deal with this cheaty nonsense.
  8. After exiting the car that was smashed by Jason and throwing firecrackers, I got stuck between Jason and the car with no way to run away OR get back in the car.
  9. If you're Jason and you end up pulling another player out of a car, and another player hits you with a High Stun chance weapon and succeeds in the stun. You will be forced out of the map, and just keep clipping out until the game doesn't even register you alive. The greatest thing is when everyone laughs over their microphones because they completed the bug and lived, even though their survival was futile. It annoys me that I don't see this bug posted because its existed since start, guess people either don't know how the bug is done or they just want an easy way to beat Jason. I'm not entirely sure how it is possible but the game that I played recently it was an Adam and a Chad in the 4 Door. I pulled Chad out of the Driver's seat whilst the other player was running, Chad then yelled on his Microphone "hit him, hit him" in the middle of the pulling animation as soon as I got him out I was hit with a baseball bat, Chad escaped and I flew straight out of the map before I had the ability to morph back into the map.
  10. The video explains it all
  11. One of the most irritating aspects of stopping a car escape is the fact that a full car will have kids coming out strapped like a scene out of the Warriors. swinging and fighting and stunlocking Jason, often making an intercept pointless. I understand good teamwork, but with thick skin active (even post nerf), and a variety of stuns coming at once, the "fear" factor of the car escape is practically gone. I recommend making the effects of being in a car wreck more realistic. When a counselor suffers a crash, they should take damage, scaling high to low based on the speed the car is going. If a driver is going top speed and comes to an immediate stop, the damage should reflect the consequences of a wreck. This would make a car escape as suspenseful as a boat escape and would help balance the encounter of 1 v 4 when everyone gets out. Crashing a car should have consequences outside of "ok, restart the car, please" ....ok, flame on.
  12. As jason While attacking several counselors at the blue car I was stunned multiple times and the last time while standing beside the car I was launched across the entire map from the northern location where the car was to the southern area and dropped in water and only stopped when the stun ended. This was on PS4
  13. I was playing in a match and we had a team killer in the car. The Jason that was playing didn't want to be Jason so players were trying to kill him since he didn't really care, I fixed the car and got it ready. All they needed was the sweater and since I knew where the hut was I got the sweater, the team killer messed up the kill and he then killed Tommy. I didn't notices him killing Tommy till after I notices his dead body when I was driving. I figured I would let Jason kill the team killer in the back seat so I started driving to hand him over (Don't know if that's against the rules since the whole lobby was cool and everyone was having a good time) However before we could hand him over he left the game. Which then caused the car to flip out of control (I have the video so I'll get that to show) The car then was labeled destroyed. My only guess to what happened is that when he left the car was destroyed. I haven't be able to test this out since it's just me and my brother but am I the only one who had this happen? Also Jason killed the two of us since we were too busy laughing so hard. Here is the video
  14. When I sit in the car (as driver) and look at my map to know where to go, I can't close the map anymore. So I can't do anything, neither starting the car or leaving... Just gotta wait to be killed... Happend to me several times
  15. So we found this out, if you park the car near the campfire so that the driver's door is right beside the campfire Jason can't grab the driver. In fact, if he tries then it glitches the driver and the driver's camera goes inside of him and Jason can't grab him.
  16. I do not play Jason very well against experienced, teamwork-focused groups of counselors, which obviously will just take practice which will be easier once single-player mode allows everyone to play as Jason as many times as they want to practice shift grabbing and other techniques, but I ran into a problem the other day that I couldn't figure out how to solve. If the counselors get the car up and running and you morph in front of it but they get going in reverse before you can hit the car, how do you stop it? If you morph behind them they can just go forward, then morph is recovering while they book it to the exit. If you don't, they can drive to the exit in reverse. Suggestions please? PSN: TreeburnerCT
  17. hey i don't know where to exactly post this but hopefully i'm doing it right - bug 1: i don't know if anyone else has seen this bug happen but we (4 people) started the 4 seater car and as soon as jason realized and smashed the engine, the car literally bugged out and flipped and kept turning and we were taken out of the car...needless to say the car was not able to be used again and it really ruined the match (pics attached for this bug) bug 2: also i have another clip on my ps4 where the car bugged out again and fell through the map,... i really dont know if the people could have survived or not because they left but they were all stuck sitting in the car seat but it was under the world... bug 3: finally, my last bug i have found about the car is that if you get in the car as the driver, and open your map before starting the engine, it wont let you close the map no matter what... i tried pressing every button many times and even pressing the ps home button a couple times,... once its stuck like that i couldn't do anything except wait for jason to come and kill me and it got a lot of people killed waiting for the car to start :/
  18. I need help to deal with cars. How exactly Jason deals with cars? He can stop cars from behind? Touch a car is enough to stop it? I am frustrated with a technique that is beginning to become popular among car drivers. The counsellors are driving in reverse toward the exit ... When Jason appears, they stop and move forward toward the opposite exit. And repeating this until Jason losts. I have not yet succeeded in stopping the cars in this kind of maneuver. I think It takes a combination of Shift and Morph. But it's been difficult for me to use the morph exactly for the spot I want on the road. Several times Jason appears off the road and I miss valuable seconds. How you have been dealing with this kind of situation? How Jason works against cars? It seems like I'm playing really bad... lol
  19. Players are untouchable by Jason while getting out the car and they even get a headstart on running even if I'm right there by them there should be more car animations like crawling to the other side or even riding in the trunk so 5 people can fit in the car
  20. Please let us change the perspective in the car. I had a round where I sat on the back with another guy and the driver got pulled out, I ran to the drive seat and I couldn't see if the other guy got in again or not. I have no idea when a person got into the car with me or not in that horrible first person perspective, you can't see anything. Please give us a third person perspective at least as an option.
  21. Ok WHY is it not possible to switch seats when I am for example in the co-pilot seat of a car and the driver gets pulled out by Jason and then I drive away..... Also why is the button to actually start the Car the same as the button to enter and exit the car. So oft it happens that you get out again when you just want to start the car.... Switch that to another button, maybe R2.
  22. So, they got into the car after they crashed it. When trying to drive, it catapulted backwards, unloading them onto the roof. I had a video of how they stand up there, but... I'm not allowed to upload it here. A matter of size.
  23. I've been watching people play through the game and picked up on the fact that "The Athletic Girl" is most picked as she can run away the most effectively, and to combat this I suggest that she not be nerfed but other characters be made more viable, ways to do this include.. -Make a character that can actively improve fortification to impede Jason's rage or craft. -Make composure interact with his sense ability by having it scale, 10 making the character invisible outside of pings when loud noise is made and 1 making the character easily marked when within roughly three buildings worth of space (obviously assuming they are scared. -Make stealth powerful by causing less stumbling, longer breath, and silent movement when crouched. -Luck can be a factor of everything from getting a reserve of endurance, skipping a skill check, starting a car faster, ect. (an all around ability that is chance based. These changes in turn would nerf Jason and as such the compromise would be that the cops wouldn't act as an instant win and rather be an escort while they searched for the remaining survivors, once all the survivors, dead or alive were accounted for dead or alive or they search all/most of the buildings on the grounds they leave saving the survivors. This would give Jason the ability to ambush them while they were following the cops, Jason could also hide the bodies to obscure them, making them stay longer. A minor change I propose is in terms of the car. -I feel like it should be stopped by Jason if travelling at a regular speed but also knock him over causing a animation for them to escape into the woods. -If travelling at a high speed they should slow down and he should roll over top the car. -If he is in front of the car and the car is moving slow he should be slowly pushed ( during which time he could attack the car) -lastly I feel the car should be able to be damaged beyond repair only after being assembled. The last Idea I had is one that is entirely new, which is at a high level you can unlock playing as Jason's mother, the starting scene would feature an arrow being shot into the back of someones head and the end scene would be the same as Jason's with her head being replaced by shrine to Jason. Her abilities would include the following... -She would be able to climb through windows unlocked windows or jump though locked ones standing after an animation -She can use a ranged ability to attack at range -She can use the Sense ability -Her steps are nearly unheard -She can use the teleport ability or an ability similar that would teleport her to a random hiding spot of any building -She unlocks an ability to go through windows quickly with a minor animation regardless of rushing through or not.