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Found 185 results

  1. Today I was about to kill Jason in an epic match, Im almost never tommy Jarvis, and today I was selected to be him, after demasking Jason the guy with the sweater did his job, so it was my turn I put him on his knees and the icon of the key "e" appeared, so I pressed e and nothing happened, I pressed many many times I was very close to him, even I tried from all sides it was like if I pressed nothing, are the devs aware of this annoying bug? Sadly I dont have a proof, I dont usually record my games. Anyone else have had the same bug?
  2. Is there anyway to prevent my self from being interaction locked as Jason? Is there a specific way to break a window without glitching my self out? Cause this bug is very unfortunate, this could cost me the match. If I’m playing against Counselors, who knows that I’m glitched, they will leave me glitched and escape. Then I’ll be thinking to be self “WOW, I got 0/8 because of a bug, smh”
  3. Hey guys! 3 days ago I bought this game and I was excited to play this game, the first time I opened this game I did that without problems. I didn't play a game and closed it after I readed some info over how to play, but now I'm getting this error (https://prnt.sc/imc1lu) I'm trying to fix this error for over 3 days right now and I'm out of options. I tried everything what I could find on the internet. My computer can run the requirements: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz Video Card Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 Video Card #2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 RAM 8.0 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit I hope you guys can help me how to fix this!!
  4. @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben @Illfonic_Casey I think I may have helpful info on this issue. I was playing as Jason earlier and I grabbed a counselor. As I was lifting up said counselor, another player shot me with the flare gun. This triggered the Melee Glitch. The players seemed to know that I was glitched before I did, because they didn't run. Two different players; neither one ran afterwards. I morphed out to the lake to no avail. No prompts worked either, like no killing the power as an example. Perhaps if Jason is stunned in a particular way during a grab, it triggers this bug/glitch. I managed to find an AFK player and grabbed him. It was the only function to still work outside of movement and abilities. I couldn't initially perform a grab kill, so I spammed all of the buttons and I got a grab kill to work. All of Jason's functions were restored after the grab kill. I went back to the cabin, where they both still were. I believe that I shocked them when I raged into the cabin (no prompts worked earlier) because they were in such a panicked scramble that I made short work of them.
  5. (This is from my perspective after death) Jason (@malloymk) is chasing Tommy ( @Cokeyskunk), who hides under a bed. Jason comes in and bashes the bed, which should count as a Seek and Destroy kill. Instead, @Cokeyskunk is removed from the match and forced into spectator mode. All of this, and Jason is NOT credited the kill, as well as stuck in place until someone came to hit him (cut for time). @ShiftySamurai, @[IllFonic]Courier, @GunMedia_Ben, have any of you come across this? @AdmiralJT He didn't leave. He was instantly forced into spectator mode, as if he came into an active match, instead of the normal after death spectator view. He was heard by us after "death", with no leaving in between. @Alien_Number_Six That one has been happening a LOT lately. @Alien_Number_Six (again)... Maybe. It's weird because, when you watch it, you see Tommy go flying as soon as Jasons animation begins, before contact with the bed is ever made. Even so, why would it kick him as if he left and came back INSTANTANEOUSLY, with no left/joined messages in between or silent spells? He was in the room talking as soon as he died, so it never kicked him out, yet put him in the wrong spectators viewing screen. THAT is the bigger mystery than the death itself.
  6. Whenever my character gets higher fear, instead of opening/going trough the window, they jump trough it. Now this doesnt happen all the time, it usually only happens if I sprinted within 2min window before I tried to perfom the "window" action. I checked my pc and keyboard, they work fine. Im also 100% sure that I wasnt sprinting to the window or holding shift! I tested yestrday on my Tiffany I walked to the window and she JUMPED right trough it even tho I was walking not holding shift, she then kept doing that for next 3-5 mins whenever I tried to go trough a window. It stoped once my fear dropped.
  7. Ever since the new update, the game is overheating my computer. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a fix?
  8. Fixing The Voice Bug @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben F13 Devs, I don't know if this is a bug or if you didn't get enough voice clips. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. When I'm playing as Jenny and she screams because she see's Jason, I don't wanna hear AJ's or any of the other girl's voices in the game. I want to hear Jenny's voice When I'm playing as Jason and I'm killing Adam, I don't wanna hear Chad's or any of the other guy's voices in the game. I want to hear Adam's voice. When a counselor screams or is getting killed I only want to hear their voices. Please find a way to fix this by the April Update Devs. Thanks for listening to feedback. BTW: If you guys want any bugs fixed that you haven't mentioned I recommend reporting them now so they get patched in the April Update. - Deku Scrub
  9. I submitted this to Jason kills bugs, but I thought I'd throw it out here to see if it's happened to anyone else. I've had the glitch where I was stuck in the grab animation without being able to perform the kill. This time The kill "happened" but the animation didn't play. I got the popup for the XP on screen and the counselor showed to be dead via the environment kill. Somehow we ended up stuck together with me in the grab animation with no buttons functioning other than walk. They were able to crouch and if they tried to walk it showed their legs moving. I got out of it when I took them down to the water, and they seemed to disappear. A few minutes later I found them trying to repair the car. They weren't on the list of alive players, and when I killed them again I got the popup on screen for the kill XP. Not sure that it matters but earlier in the match this person and two other counselors were using the bed glitch to evade me in the lodge at Packanack.
  10. Hey guys, I'm experiencing this since yesterday's update, did any of you saw this before and can help me?
  11. Has anyone else noticed that random counselor usually only picks one or 2 counselors and no others until you restart the Game? I got Jenny in 3 consecutive rounds, which if it were totally random, would be a 1/512 chance that happens.
  12. Just to know if I'm the only one with this issue ? : the "Gotta Kill Em All" counter is working pretty randomly with my game (I already have the "Jason Goes To Hell" one)... Some times it just doesn't work, like tonight, I killed 7 counselors and my counter is still at the same point as before. And some times it just give me 1 or 4 kills even if I kill 18+ during my game session. Same with offline bots which should increase this achievement too... but just randomly from mostly 0 to whatever the game wants in some rare occasion. I found out about this issue after the offline bots was available because I was around 600/666 when I started farming X2 XP in offline mod, and my counter got stuck at 665/666 ... never giving me the "Jason Goes To Hell" achievement... even with online kills... so I checked the game files integrity... steam replaced 136 files (duno what happened there)... and I finally had my achievement during the next online game as Jason... but since then total randomness during offline and online... but most of the time 0 kill counted. I'm currently at 716/1000 and it doesn't increased since a long time... I'm really disappointed because it feels even more useless for me to play as Jason now. Others achievements like "Head Counselor" or "The Sequel" are working fine. I also noticed that ingame badge like the one for "perform a weapon kill on counselor" are also goddamn random (I performed 5 weapon kills tonight but only got 2 in the badge count).
  13. Bugs that interfere with playing, look at the time! 3:42 Jason did not kneel down.
  14. While we wait for the next patch, i have been contemplating what the next patch will bring. Will it be just a bug and balance patch or will it be a mix of bug/balance and new content? Either way i don't have high expectations considering the track record that has been set. As i have mentioned before i am honestly expecting to have a repeat of what happened with an expected patch in Nov to be told at last minute that we will not be getting one until Dec. I can honestly see us getting an announcement on Jan 30th or Jan 31st telling us there will be no patch for Jan (Real good timely notice) and will have to wait until Feb. I have been thinking as to what else could possibly get worse for Jason with the next patch? Since Randy said on his stream that Jason is just fine and counselors have gotten better leads me to believe that it is just going to get worse for ole J. So i am gonna list some things i think could be implemented to tip the power even more in the corner of the counselors and castrate Jason even more. 1. Longer cool downs for all Jason's abilities 2. Jason can no longer grab counselors but counselors can now throw pocket knives at jason which stun him for 5-7 secs (don't worry guys, it was a glitch. we will fix it "soon") 3. Jason cannot place traps around any repair items such as the car, boat or fuse box 4. Counselors can de-mask Jason in 1 hit no matter with what. )Yes even a pot) 5. Jason's sense ability can only sense counselors within a 3 foot radius 6. If Jason goes to slash a counselor near a cabin/car/tree and it hits those objects Jason is stuck for 10 secs in an animation where he has to dislodge the weapon from the object 7. Stalk stops working after 2 uses. I know these are outlandish and extreme but hey, going by the dev's attitude and the track record of Jason's nerfs anything is possible. what would you add to this list
  15. Play with friend issue

    Hi,when I play with my friends,once in three I get kicked out,everyone enters in the lobby normally and I get kicked in the menu. how can I solve this issue? for me is really hard play with them with this issue. Thank you for helping.
  16. I was driving the car backwards along the pathway and crashed into nothing. Jason shows up after in the front of the car but was clearly not the cause of the crash. I slowed the replay down to show i was in the middle of the pathway and that clearly i hit nothing. Anyone else experience this? https://youtu.be/Cgsl3xgCNT8
  17. Since Christmas, there has been a bug where counselors get slingshotted back to the car door where they’re either grabbed or slashed. Not much can be done by this unless you have a knife. Hopefully we get a new patch to fix this, as this is very unfair to the driver.
  18. When playing F13 I noticed my game lagged due to a terrible pc and internet, While lagging, I try to play and when I do that it runs behind so the camera is stuck in a position looking at the trees. I am still able to run around but not see where I am going, Please contact me with a fix IF you can.
  19. Hey there, I've noticed it a lot this week especially that all the females share a lot of AJ's voice lines, especially when being killed, find a dead body or randomly during a match. Is this a known issue to the devs? Has anyone else noticed this error on PC? It's quite annoying when you're Fox or Vanessa for example. Would be great if this bug can be fixed in due course.
  20. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  21. When playing as Jason, on occasion he will just stop and I cant move him. I have no clue what triggers the issue only that when it happens, anything involving using a keyboard fails to operate. While the issue is occuring i can use my mouse to navigate the pause menu but nothing else. Does anyone else have this problem or is this an isolated incident?
  22. Hi everyone. Each time I attempt to play the game I get " Game could not retrieve game connection details" after a minute. I also have to reinstall anti cheat each time. I have tried uninstalling the game and installing it and verifying the integrity of game files via Steam. I don't want to factory restore my pc. Please help!
  23. We need to be able to change controls!!! I can't change the controls and that is just stupid. I get how this worked in the beta, but you guys have to add this in. Do you know how rage inducing it is when your crappy mouse can't do mouse 3 without throwing your knife as soon as you press mouse 3? We all want to be able to change controls so please just do it!
  24. Fellas, I have a question. It's something technical. I've been having trouble with this Friday the 13th game on Steam. When I clicked play, it only stays on the launcher. A week ago, I didn't have a problem with it. I think the update caused it?
  25. Hi so this started 2 days ago but I can hear people in game chat and they can't hear me. But when I talk in game chat my Mic symbol lights up. It only happens on Friday were people cant hear me. All my other games work with game chat and my party chat works. I restarted my game many times. I also reinstalled my game to. I tried toggling my Mic in and off and still didn't work. I tried hard restarting my xbox and it doesn't work. Please fix this because it's frustrating.