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Found 173 results

  1. Bugs that interfere with playing, look at the time! 3:42 Jason did not kneel down.
  2. While we wait for the next patch, i have been contemplating what the next patch will bring. Will it be just a bug and balance patch or will it be a mix of bug/balance and new content? Either way i don't have high expectations considering the track record that has been set. As i have mentioned before i am honestly expecting to have a repeat of what happened with an expected patch in Nov to be told at last minute that we will not be getting one until Dec. I can honestly see us getting an announcement on Jan 30th or Jan 31st telling us there will be no patch for Jan (Real good timely notice) and will have to wait until Feb. I have been thinking as to what else could possibly get worse for Jason with the next patch? Since Randy said on his stream that Jason is just fine and counselors have gotten better leads me to believe that it is just going to get worse for ole J. So i am gonna list some things i think could be implemented to tip the power even more in the corner of the counselors and castrate Jason even more. 1. Longer cool downs for all Jason's abilities 2. Jason can no longer grab counselors but counselors can now throw pocket knives at jason which stun him for 5-7 secs (don't worry guys, it was a glitch. we will fix it "soon") 3. Jason cannot place traps around any repair items such as the car, boat or fuse box 4. Counselors can de-mask Jason in 1 hit no matter with what. )Yes even a pot) 5. Jason's sense ability can only sense counselors within a 3 foot radius 6. If Jason goes to slash a counselor near a cabin/car/tree and it hits those objects Jason is stuck for 10 secs in an animation where he has to dislodge the weapon from the object 7. Stalk stops working after 2 uses. I know these are outlandish and extreme but hey, going by the dev's attitude and the track record of Jason's nerfs anything is possible. what would you add to this list
  3. Play with friend issue

    Hi,when I play with my friends,once in three I get kicked out,everyone enters in the lobby normally and I get kicked in the menu. how can I solve this issue? for me is really hard play with them with this issue. Thank you for helping.
  4. I was driving the car backwards along the pathway and crashed into nothing. Jason shows up after in the front of the car but was clearly not the cause of the crash. I slowed the replay down to show i was in the middle of the pathway and that clearly i hit nothing. Anyone else experience this? https://youtu.be/Cgsl3xgCNT8
  5. Since Christmas, there has been a bug where counselors get slingshotted back to the car door where they’re either grabbed or slashed. Not much can be done by this unless you have a knife. Hopefully we get a new patch to fix this, as this is very unfair to the driver.
  6. When playing F13 I noticed my game lagged due to a terrible pc and internet, While lagging, I try to play and when I do that it runs behind so the camera is stuck in a position looking at the trees. I am still able to run around but not see where I am going, Please contact me with a fix IF you can.
  7. Hey there, I've noticed it a lot this week especially that all the females share a lot of AJ's voice lines, especially when being killed, find a dead body or randomly during a match. Is this a known issue to the devs? Has anyone else noticed this error on PC? It's quite annoying when you're Fox or Vanessa for example. Would be great if this bug can be fixed in due course.
  8. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  9. When playing as Jason, on occasion he will just stop and I cant move him. I have no clue what triggers the issue only that when it happens, anything involving using a keyboard fails to operate. While the issue is occuring i can use my mouse to navigate the pause menu but nothing else. Does anyone else have this problem or is this an isolated incident?
  10. Hi everyone. Each time I attempt to play the game I get " Game could not retrieve game connection details" after a minute. I also have to reinstall anti cheat each time. I have tried uninstalling the game and installing it and verifying the integrity of game files via Steam. I don't want to factory restore my pc. Please help!
  11. We need to be able to change controls!!! I can't change the controls and that is just stupid. I get how this worked in the beta, but you guys have to add this in. Do you know how rage inducing it is when your crappy mouse can't do mouse 3 without throwing your knife as soon as you press mouse 3? We all want to be able to change controls so please just do it!
  12. Fellas, I have a question. It's something technical. I've been having trouble with this Friday the 13th game on Steam. When I clicked play, it only stays on the launcher. A week ago, I didn't have a problem with it. I think the update caused it?
  13. Hi so this started 2 days ago but I can hear people in game chat and they can't hear me. But when I talk in game chat my Mic symbol lights up. It only happens on Friday were people cant hear me. All my other games work with game chat and my party chat works. I restarted my game many times. I also reinstalled my game to. I tried toggling my Mic in and off and still didn't work. I tried hard restarting my xbox and it doesn't work. Please fix this because it's frustrating.
  14. Edited: I thought the DLC wasn't working. Bloody Jason skins do not appear when you select a random Jason. FYI.
  15. If Tommy leaves at the wrong moment his spirit will remain in the game just standing at his spawn point. It does not count as a player and cannot be spectated. Unless Jason kills that spirit the game will not end. New players do not know this and you have to sit and wait for minutes until the game ends because the time is up. This happen often. I should say at least 5% of my matches. Often you can tip of Jason where the spirit is lurking (there are only a couple of places Tommy spawns) but not always.
  16. A little while ago I updated my AMD Radeon HD8970M driver, after opening Ark Survival Evolved the game was all blue and distorted. Thinking I installed the drivers wrong, I reinstalled them but it didn't fix the problem. Later I noticed that the problem occurred in only Ark and Friday the 13th, every other game I own works fine, I don't know any links between them besides both made with Unreal Engine. Later I contacted AMD Support and asked for help on the AMD forums, I was told on the forums to try a factory reset, so I did. After the reset was done, the problem was still there, so I thought it could be a bug or a compatibility issue with Unreal Engine and Radeon Settings. The person I was talking to at AMD Support told me otherwise, he said it was a problem with the game and I needed to contact the devs, I sent out a bug report but I just wanted other peoples opinions, Could it be the drivers? the game? I thought it could be something wrong with my graphics card but why would it only effect some games? Wouldn't it effect all of them? I don't know much about computer so that's why im asking for help.
  17. I'm a huge fan of your game , but ever since the recent update , every time I play as Jason , the teleport won't work ! Which makes things so hard for me when I'm playing as Jason . Basically the cursor won't move . As a matter of fact there is no cursor on the map when I'm trying to teleport. It's like invisible . I say this because I can teleport , but I can't see where the cursor moves too . Please help ! My gamer tag is oOKidAllStarOo on Xbox live . Please and thank you
  18. After this update all i get is Connection time out for some reason.Never had this problem before and i really have a good connection.Any help?I get it in every game.
  19. Ok so I'm new to forums so I don't know much about what's going on, but my game won't let me join servers with the new update and nobody joins my servers, so I just need some type of help on what I should do. Please and thank you!
  20. Every time i press quick play, the game tries to search for a server for like 3 minutes and then it will create a lobby every single time (i can't even host if i wanted to, my ping is garbage and every one has like 600 ping) and i don't want this, ¿how do i stop this problem? This is ruining my game. This wasn't happening before the small maps update, and the hotfix kinda helped (not really).
  21. So here's a bug I've tried to bring attention to numerous times on this forum in different topics but no one else seems to be addressing it. Maybe it's just me and some universal bad cosmic karma is out to get me, but just to prove it's happening I made a video. It's pretty long, the video, but the gist is when the match starts my camera is STUCK on a FIXED point of view for the whole match until... 1. I interact with the environment and can open a door, window, or drawer. 2. Jason grabs me. Please, Developers FIX THIS!!! It's truly game breaking! AT 12:00 I MIRACULOUSLY ESCAPE!!!! I was lucky to have a great team!
  22. So, this is something that's bugged me for a while now: what's the deal with the counselor voices? All the girls have unique voices, but all the dudes except Chad are using Kenny's voice! I bought the virtual cabin, so I KNOW FOR A FACT that there are supposed to be unique voices for everyone. Why haven't the devs fixed this? Actually, why haven't they ACKNOWLEDGED it?! I'd get if they released a statement saying that it's not their top priority, and that they're focused on gameplay issues, but I just want to know that they are aware of the problem. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  23. Hi guys, today i was playing a game like jason and when jarvis appeared I think it appeared out of the map of course neither I nor the could pass to the other side of the map If it's any help it was one of the small maps I think it's a bug but I'm not sure i leave some screenshots have a good day PD: sorry my english is so bad xD (thanks translator)
  24. So as he patch went live and the small maps and other updates hit ,I jumped into a game, which was set for he small crystal lake. I picked Savini and upon startup, it showed my Savini jason grabbing Rob then marching out of the lake (to a standing ovation from the people with mics who agreed it was one of the coolest things ever). However, after that, the screen went black and after a tense 30 seconds, announced it was disconnected due to a Timed out session. I went back into quickplay and found most of the same people doing the same. I thought it had to do with Savini Jason, though the other people in lobby said to stick as Savini because it was too damn cool seeing him perform the intros, as they put it; "It's worth the risk". Small Packanak was chosen and after Part 8 shoved Rob into the fire, the match started and it went like normal, being quite entertaining. Another match was held, this time trying to go to Small Higgins. Part 3 showed up,killed Rob with a dart, and again, black screen and Session Timed Out. Another match, Small Packanak, Part 3 killed Rob, game started like normal and played fine. One more match, Small Higgins. Part 3 threw Rob, into the fire and ten... Black screen and kick. I'm unsure as to what is going on. That said, the lack of teamkilling made for a surprisingly enjoyable game the times we could play. EDIT: Okay, I think the problem was that people in the lobby didn't have the update so the game would crash when they couldn't be a part of it.
  25. Hello. Game still very unstable. 1.Just right now I finished my third match and get game crash/dashboarded on xbox one. 2. Russian version very poor quality of translation (i can translate for u for free if u need!) 3. Jason on small maps and bigs still someplaces can pick up knives. 4. Unready button in lobby not works. 5. People still can during match invite people for spectators to get advantage for jason/councelours. Oh yes almost forget....alll badges progress gone after patch, ALL!:)