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Found 4 results

  1. Recently, Randy has sent out e-mails regarding the imminent physical release of Friday the 13th: The Game. It is stated that all backed physical copies will be shipped essentially "as soon as they arrive." Now, purely out of curiosity, what I am hoping to see with this thread (hopefully it doesn't get locked) is community members post when they receive their copy in relation to the retail release on October 13th and see if we have staggering shipping (as in a bit earlier than the 13th or just about on), a large bulk shipment (either on the 13th or 1 day before or after), or later shipments (after the 13th). Also, post if you are receiving a standard edition (Backerkit) or one of the special versions from Kickstarter (which may take longer to ship). @lHeartBreakerl, I'd consider that a retail copy, but ok. Specifically referring to copies GUN/Illfonic are responsible for shipping.
  2. Hey everyone, backers should have received emails with links to get their game keys, so we can preload like those who pre ordered on steam. Not sure about other content such as Savini Skin.
  3. Before reading any further, please note that *I don't want a refund*. This post is to help clarify things for those (specifically on social media) who have asked for a refund. From what I've seen, the general reply is that the game developers refuse to refund your money and your payment is considered a "donation" to development. Kickstarter and Backerkit both allow for projects to refund your money. Your request is simply being refused. There's some debate on whether your "donation" is actually a purchase if you're recieving a physical or digital item but that's a post for a different day...
  4. I'm looking for a little clarification on this tweet and ones similar. I'd ask on Twitter but I don't have/want an account. My question is how does the game continue to grow through more backing through Backerkit? Is this in terms of potential DLC or is there something that right now, while the game is in "pre-cert", that more money would help with? Part of the reason for my confusion is I've seen other tweets that say the stretch goals are done and new backing doesn't necessarily mean we get the stretch goals.