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Found 479 results

  1. Instead of coming up with a made up distance value from in game objects that would end up producing values that ultimately are going to be off I instead measured the duration of the movement of the shift which is 5 seconds to the frame on both + and reg and then found a morph spot with no obstructions the way jason is facing as every time you morph to a morph spot it will place both jason and the camera looking in a set direction every time, this is the only real way to perform the exact same shift across games. https://imgur.com/02WkeRK This is the morph position on this variation of pinehurst, the variation with a single house where the phone is will cause you to crash into the fence https://imgur.com/ZETGSON This is what it will look like when you spawn, it is important that you do not move your mouse https://imgur.com/ffQsor3 https://imgur.com/tSsKrpD This is j3 after his untouched shift showing the position he ends up in and the lowest angle of his knife https://imgur.com/yJxicaC https://imgur.com/IFqGQac When compared to where j9 ends up and the lowest angle of his knife throw from that position we can see that they end up in the same place exactly Note when trying this for yourself you will occasionally tap a tree stump to your left at the start, you must not count these shifts as bumps vary on how much they push you. Waiting for the camera to settle after morphing and shifting right as jason leans back the most during his idling animation is what I did to get the shift to pass the stump untouched however I'm not sure if this had an effect or if the angle of startup on a shift has slight variation, this should actually improve the accuracy of the test as it ensures all shifts come out close to their right most angle. Now since we know that both + shift and regular shift have a movement duration of 5 seconds and that they end up in the same spot when starting from the same position we can conclude that they are going the same speed. Here is the full gallery https://imgur.com/a/Y0CeU
  2. I want them to give us an option to purchase the Savini Jason and the extra clothing pack for those who missed out on it. I understand that some of you may think it's not fair but some people didn't really start getting the game until it came out on disk 10/13/17. To us that was the real release date.
  3. Back when Part 4 was released in October people were saying “Part 4 is going to be so OP with his weapon strength and destruction” but now he seems so underpowered compared to all the rest of the Jason’s. I rarely see anybody play Part 4 because he can’t catch objectives like the car or the boat. He is great for the first half of the game if he can manage to kill every counselor fast, but once the objectives start to move he’ll never catch them. Part 7 is pretty weak as everybody knows, but Part 4 is kinda like a Part 7 that can run. Same goes for Part 2 although he is a much better map controller because of all the traps he starts with.
  4. So with the nice news that Jason will get to swap weapons, what level do you feel this should be active? I personally would vouch for 50, 55, or 60. This is based on when all Jason's become available to the player. I have a suspicion that Uber will be unlocked at 55 (5+5 = 10 = X ), hence me thinking that perhaps 60 would be around the level the swap would be plausible to unlock. I only recently got to start playing my PS4 version of this game, which is strictly offline as I refuse to pay for PS+, but as a result, my level only JUST reached 48 as my only option is to kill bots and I don't even get all the EXP for "no survivors" or even make any badge/achievement progression. EDIT: Perhaps it could be a reward for accomplishing all the singleplayer challenges.
  5. Just saw this pop up in my recomended youtube videos,lol that is kinda funny. Made by AlphaGamer,its an intro wich he made for his streams.
  6. Anyone else think that Jason is so weak? He gets hit by a stick and he is knocked down, but if you hit a Survivor with the Axe, machete, fireaxe, pickaxe, etc, they can Still running, The game is suppose to get to the Survivor and kill them, not having a group of survivors hitting you until the time is over or you rage quit, is so shitty being Jason Now
  7. Almost every match I play, I end up escaping part 3 Jason like 3 or 4 times in a row. It's just really odd how a bunch of people like him when there's part 2 with 7 traps and part 4 with awesome weapon strength and destruction.
  8. Not sure if this is an issue or not I just hit 150 and have all my Bloody Jason Skins set up on my guys but whenever I get into a game with my Jason set to Random they never have the bloody skins on. So if I set it to random Jason is it only going to select the normal Skins? Is this a bug or what's supposed to happen? or am I just unlucky when it selects my Jason that I have only gotten the normal skins?
  9. Originally Posted on Steam by me: http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1700542332341268583/ Hello everyone! I just thought of two new Jason ideas that I thought would be pretty neat. One of them would add a gameplay change to him. So the first idea is pretty basic, in fact, it might have already been said on the forums, but I thought it would be cool if Jason had his own emotes, they'd have to be realistic towards his character and I have a couple ideas: Crack Neck - Cracks your own neck. Rainy Day - Takes your weapon and flicks it to get blood off. Kneel - Uses the same animation for when Tommy knocks him down. Does not kill Jason though and can stay in this state for as long as you want. Time Out - Does not work with Part 2 or Part 5 (Roy Burns), but Jason raises his hockey mask up to show his disfigured face (like the scene from Part 3 after he's hanged). My only son... - Part 5 (Roy Burns) only, Roy takes out his wallet with his sons picture and cries for his son. Hallucination - Only works in water, but Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela rises up to the water for a few seconds and goes back down. Was also thinking about Jason to have the choice of using Regular Jason, Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela for rocking the boat and drowning people. At least Part 1 Jason would be nice though because he actually has a model. Above Water - Only works in water, Rises up in the water for a few seconds only to go back down. List your own emote ideas if you want to too lol The other idea I have is a Gameplay Change... Basically, if you guys remember, Jason, Pamela, Roy, all of them liked to move bodies after they killed them. I was wondering what everyone would think if we could like, let's say, press E near a dead body to pick them up and then your abilities would be changed to 4 different pictures of what you can do with the bodies. It'll be like how you can choose kills too with what you do with the bodies. Also, you don't have to carry bodies to your intended place as I imagine it would take too long with slow-moving Jason, although to balance this, let's just say that once you move a body, there is no way for you to move it again. To move the body though, you press what you want to do with the body and the map pops up like how it would for morph and you get the red dot, well wherever you put the red dot is where it'll put the body (more or less, wherever the closest place you can put the body it'll place) So here's a couple ideas I have for what you can pick for moving the bodies. Crispy Hangings - Does the Crispin Glover Nail Hanging onto a door bit which can block the door, Survivors can remove the body though to get through, but they will have to do a skillcheck (higher composure allows you to get rid of it easier). If Jason is also blocked by the body, he can just rip the body off the door like in the movie. He cannot place it back on the door though. (Needs arms and legs still) Weekend At Bernie's - places the body in a nearby chair. Shelly's Pass - Places a body in a closet that when opened, the opener gets immediately spooked when the body flies out. Hanging Tree - A body is hanged by a tree. (Needs Head still) Upside-Down Hanging Tree - A body is up in a tree until someone goes closer in which it fall upside down and spooks them. (Like in Part 3 with Loco). Nailed - A body is nailed in the throat against a tree (Like in Part 5). (Needs Head still) Like Mother, Like Son - A body is nailed against a door with arrows (Like Bill's death in Part 1). Bedsheet Hanged - A body is against the wall with bedsheets holding them. (Like in Part 2). Stowaway - A body is placed in the boat which must be skillchecked in order to be removed. (Higher Composure and Higher Strength will come in handy). Those are all the ideas I have for what you can do with bodies, list your own too if you have any
  10. Michael VS Jason

    I personally think Michael would win, or it would be a tie, Jason is a big guy, and much easier to notice, he also just charges in and is brutal. Michael, on the other hand, is fast, and quiet, I feel like he could get the drop in on Jason and kill him. If it was a tie, I imagine that maybe Freddy comes back and they work together to kill him, or they both end up killing each other somehow.
  11. The game has made such huge improvements over the years but the issue with the cops still bugs me and I think it needs addressing. When you call the cops and the counselor speaks to them screaming and crying and telling them where they are and the situation etc. Just to have Jason cut the line or kill the counselor 0.5 seconds before the call ends. My issue with this is that if you have gone through that much of the conversation with the police they should still send someone out at that point. Maybe just add a penalty like the police don't take it as seriously so it takes another minute or two then normal to arrive? But yeah i've just ran into so many scenarios where people try to rush the phone and Jason just keeps killing them one by one as they are 3/4ths through the phone call. You would think by that point the police would think something is up. I dunno I just think something involving the phone has to change in some way.
  12. I have been playing this game for a few days now, and I love it I am absolutly HOOKED on it, if Im not on Dead by daylight with my friends I AM HERE. BUT man the community is just god.... I mean have u considerd before u bought this game that u are going AGAINST another person? THAT, that other person is gonna do whatever he/she takes to take u down?! Ok so Jason has weapon in his hand... And he cant use it on u why? Its there to slash u/us! I main a survivor, no intention to play as Jason whatsoever, ( played only offline to see how he sees and get a bit of understanding of what I am up against nothing else, composure and stealths relation to his stalk ability is still confusing to me ), and so a situation happens that I spawned next the 4seater, I run to the house thats somewhat far ( this is like 20 seconds in the game ) didnt even had a time to lock the doors... its a phone house JASON RUSHES IN and kills me 30 seconds in the match... Do I get angry? NO! I made a mistake I died because I made a mistake. HIS JOB IS TO KILL ME! Thats how he wins not by me being alive, god how many times I died because I was trying to STUN HIM!!!! Or times ( which happend recently ) Jason stalked me and I walk into a house where he was STANDING.... I didnt trash talk... I screamed ( thank god for push to talk ) but I didnt trash talk, his job is to take me down... Thats how he wins and I win by escaping, if I dont escape I am to blame not Jason. ( even if I get betrayed still my fault I trusted a crazy person ) From like 20 matches I played so far or more idk didnt count. I learned russian curse words, was verbaly abused, someone even closed a window when Jason was right behind me.... I witnessed a girl telling a guy he is dumb and he scks, when he asked her what is the name of the Jason she chose ?! Then the other people joined and trash talked this dude... WHY?! ( In dead by daylight it took me 2 days to get 3 new friends who I still talk and play daily, and that game has, or rather had the worst community I have encountered so far ) Sorry for my crazy and all over the place rant I just had to get it out to someone who, I HOPE understands. I get it we all want to win, but this is not a game where everyone wins... go play mmo.... Because if u suck at losing, this game is just gonna hurt u more mentally it really will... AND UR RUINING MY FINAL GIRL MOMENTS BY QUITING but yea.... I work a very stresfull job that involves angry people.... Coming home to games is my psychotherapy literally... Then to see all those hatefull people, while it doesnt gets me down it makes me turn my game off at times... And it should U SHOULD turn UR game off and LEARN to LOSE, not for our sake but ur sake! Also have to add a one positive thing! I was once the last one alive and was fighting Jason for last like 7-8 minutes AND I SURVIVED ( I was lucky I had good prep with bear traps etc ) Jason ( who was a kid actually, someone in gaming community u suspect would rage like crazy ) said in a very broken english "Good game Psylocker!!" I was so shocked... I froze.... btw sorry for my english its not my native language EDIT: I forgot to add a few matches where I was playing Debby ( everyone esle was a low repair char ) where killer hunted me and didnt stop untill I was killed.... again HE WINS BY US NOT ESCAPING I was the only one who could fix with ease... still not mad love Debby <3
  13. I think Jason should not appear on the mini map at all. What are the developers trying to achieve by putting him there? Has it been like this from day 1, or was it just an addition to appease the cry-babies? Because I can definitely imagine the latter to be true. Either way, isn't it much better to use your ears to detect Jason? It's obscene to be scanning for a red triangle!!
  14. Didn't see a topic for this when I searched, but I think this game would be waaaayyyy scarier in first person and even more so in VR. The virtual cabin 2.0 gave a small glimpse of what it would be like and it was lit AF. Thoughts on this?
  15. Switching Weapons as Jason ?

    Imagine if you can change the weapon of your personal Jason before the match start (in the lobby), and each weapon has its own kills, so with that all Jasons could have different kills of all Jasons depends of the weapon he has, for example you can arm your Part 2 Jason with the machete of the part 7 Jason, now he would have the same kills than that Jason. I think that would make the make less monotonous and more interesting as playing as Jason.and remember in the movies Jason used different weapons, machetes, axes, what do you think?
  16. Some people love having the music melt their ears while other's hate it. I'm wondering if all of you would like to see a option to turn up Jason's music or turn it down so your ears aren't bleeding. Let me know!
  17. My favorite Jason (game version)

    My favorite Jason is part 9 for these reasons. 1.He has a great morph regeneration speed 2.Also the morph takes a while for it to end 3.Looks badass
  18. When GUN MEDIA made Sony and Microsoft remove Tom Savini off their own stores, how will they give you the right to get his 3 new weapon kills if they removed him? They said that they would give every Jason 3 new weapon kills so how exactly would they do it to Savini if no one can get him any more? Now does it make sense to bring him back?
  19. Look at the video of this youtuber at the minute 14:27 and no, it is not the lag
  20. I finally got around to making this list of kills and their labels as they appear in the player list at the end of the round. Whenever I play Jason, I've always wanted to ensure everyone gets a unique death scene. This, unfortunately, doesn't always mean that the player list at the end of the round also consists of 8 different kills. There are several labels, which are shared by multiple kills. I find the problem too common and very annoying, so I made a checklist list of all the overlapping kills for everyone else with the same problem. The list is at the end of this post. I've also included a full list of kills and their respective labels for anyone who's interested in them. Every kill and their label have been verified in-game before they were added to the list. (I don't have Savini, so his kills aren't included. If you wish to help, feel free to post the names of the kills exactly as they appear on his character screen, as well as the labels from the in-game player list.) List of all kills: (Labels in italic, every non-unique label bolded) Slashing, traps and knives Murdered Grab Kills Non-Weapon Back Breaker Shattered Bear Hug Hugged to Death Body Slam Crunched Head Rip Snapped Choke Asphyxiated Eye Gouge Gouged Head Crush Crushed Head Punch Decapitated Head Squeeze Squeezed Head Stomp Stomped Heart Punch Brutalized Jaw Rip Jaw Ripped Knee Snap Snapped Neck Twist Cracked Two Handed Choke Asphyxiated Free Kick Kicked Disarm Unarmed Rugby Player Bashed Part 2 Canopener Decapitated Throat Hack Hacked Headbutt Hacked Part 3 Crotch Chop Neutered Head Chop Chopped Stunner Chopped Part 4 Chop Suey Split The Jarvis Hacked Up and Under Chopped Throat Slit Throat Slit Knee Capper Taken Down Slammed and Split Split Part 5 Hedge Trimmer Trimmed Last Breath Skewered You're so Vein Slit Part 6 Knock Down Speared Spear Impale Impaled Shishkebab Shishkebabed Part 7 Eviscerate Eviscerated Dismember Dismembered Matchete Stab Stabbed The Fish Gutter Gutted Candy Dispenser Opened The Pamela Decapitated Part 8 Doubletap Hacked Chin Strike Jaw Ripped Fireaxe Throw Backstabbed Part 9 How to Peel A Coconut Split Open Chest Stab Head Chop Chopped Decapitate Decapitated Context Kills Bench Folded Birdbath Bird Brained Campfire Cooked Door Smashed Drowned Drowned Graveyard Fence Impaled Fireplace Cooked Hang: Clothes Rack Hung Hang: Tree Branch Hung Head Slam* Slammed Hiding Spot: Bed Seek and Destroyed Hiding Spot: Closet Seek and Destroyed Hiding Spot: Tent Sleeping Bagged Knife: Stabbed Ventilated Knife: Throat Slit Cut Open Radio Death By Stereo Screwdriver Screwed Stove Boiled Toilet Swirled Tree Stump Crunched Tree Disarm Pruned Wall: Back Breaker Cracked Wall: Head Punch Brutalized Wall: Head Squeeze Smashed Wall: Head Slam** Smashed Well Pump Pumped Window Tossed *(Furniture, rocks, gravestones and other edges) **(Jason slams the counselor's head in the wall 3 times) Checklist for labels that can recur in the same match: (white for non-weapon grab kills, blue for Jason specific kills and green for context kills) Asphyxiated Choke, Two Handed Choke Brutalized Heart Punch, Wall: Head Punch Chopped Head Chop, Stunner (Part 3) Cooked Campfire, Fireplace Cracked Neck Twist, Wall: Back Breaker Crunched Body Slam, Tree Stump Decapitated Canopener, Decapitate, Head Punch, The Pamela (Parts 2, 7, 9) Hacked Headbutt, Throat Hack (Part 2) Hung Clothes Rack, Tree Branch Impaled Graveyard Fence, Spear Impale (Part 6) Jaw Ripped Chin Strike, Jaw Rip (Part 8) Seek and Destroyed Bed, Closet Smashed Door, Wall: Head Squeeze, Wall: Head Slam Snapped Head Rip, Knee Snap Split Chop Suey, Slammed and Split (Part 4) And finally, this topic isn't about PhD for Murder. The achievement can be discussed here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10137-kill-list-updated/
  21. I love it when games include as many skins/variants/outfits as possible...I was just thinking about some ideas for new Jason appearances, in addition to the bloody ones. Pt. 2 Battle damaged variant - shoulder wound from end of film Option to change/adjust cover of overalls, plaid shirt, and shoes. Pt. 3 Battle damaged variant - axe wound to head, stab wounds to hand and knee Option to change/adjust cover of shirt, pants and shoes. Pt. 4 Battle damaged variant - machete wounds to hand and torso, hammer wounds to head. Option to change/adjust color of shirt, pants and shoes. Pt. 5 Battle damaged - wounds from tractor impact, gash on shoulder, more weathered mask. Tommy's dream variant - worms crawling from eyes of the hockey mask, dark green shirt and grey pants, weathered mask with a single red triangle. Could have the same unmasked look from pt. 4. Tommy's hallucination variant - very similar to the dream skin, without the worms. Mask has bloody axe wound. Option to change/adjust color of Roy's coveralls. Pt. 6 Battle damaged - Propeller damage to mask, shotgun wounds to torso Option to change/adjust color of shirt, pants, shoes, and gloves. Pt. 7 Extra crispy variant - Burned clothes and skin, embedded with nails Pt. 8 Toxic variant - Partially melted from the toxic waste, warped mask Option to change/adjust color of shirt, pants, shoes and gloves. Pt. 9 Reversed eye variant - Jason's eyes appear as they do in the film, with the skeletal socket on the damaged side of the mask. Coroner variant - the first person Jason possessed...a cosmetic change only. Everything else is the same...instead of knocking off the mask to kill him, he must be damaged further with the machete. Josh variant - works the same as above. Cosmetic change only. Police outfit, gunshot wound to temple. Robert variant - works the same as above. Cosmetic change only. Dress shirt and pants, tie. Very bloody with gunshot wounds and tire marks across torso. Option to change/adjust color of each variant's outfit.
  22. I am curious. With the DLC for Jason X or as many people call him UBER JASON coming out soon. I just want to see some thoughts about this. I for one am excited for the future update, but there are still questions. Such as: what are his strengths and weaknessess, how is the map going to play out, etc... I think the map should include different methods of gameplay. Such as calling the rescue pod crew instead of police, using escape pods as replacements for the cars, possibly having the android or Brodski as the 'heros' instead of Tommy Jarvis. Also they should add the virtual simulation from the movie in game aswell. So the map plays out as normal in a camp, but it is static like and much smaller. What are other thoughts about UBER JASON. I posted my kill ideas for Jason X on my other Lead of NEW KILL IDEAS aswell.
  23. Okay right so now that the new patch is out regardless of your opinion of it, is there any way to help make Ps4 users stay? I am consistently just seeing people insta leave if not Jason twice as much now. Most of my games have only like 4 vs Jason so like its really not fair anymore. (6 or 7 with new patch if I get that many now feels fair, although I miss my wrenches). Once again does anyone know of a way to solve this or whether it will be solved? Just because otherwise the game will die for me and that sucks as I really enjoy this game, just sick and tired of rarely ever getting full/ish matches.
  24. The newest update isn't bad or anything, but I felt that they should have kept the pocket knifes and just have less aid sprays instead. Some of you may be thinking it'll be the same all over again, but it really wouldn't... With less Aid sprays counselors can collect damage without having a countless of Aid Sprays on them. Which they can't get so far once they are injured. Also by just having less Aid Spray, it'll force us to rely on our teammates to help us when we are in need which is a good thing. Because this will cause us to work together even more and protect each other and uses our Aid Spray on each even more then before. Also there is a reason why Jason can also Slash other then Grab all the time. But you don't have to tell me, because I do love playing as Jason and love to Grab instead of slashing. So, YES. I do know where you guy are coming from with this. But I think the idea of having less Aid Sprays is really a great idea. But I do believe us counselors are going to need our pocket knifes back soon! As of now it's too early for those to understand what I'm trying to say here and are also happy with this update. But we all have to play as counselors sometime and eventually will face the music if you know what I mean. Reasons why should there be more pocket knifes now and less Aid Spray: