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Found 53 results

  1. So as I'm stoked to actually play this game since the beta, I naturally wanted to ensure I got what I ordered while backing, and while I got my game activation code, the e-mail I got for my Savini Jason was also sent... except it was exactly the same as my game activation code. I therefore tried to enter it (said it was claimed) and then I went into the game and went through the available jasons and.... No Savini Jason. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it still being worked on?
  2. So I backed this game on backerkit and explicitly bought the game twice, once for Steam one for ps4. I bought the game and the savini skin Problem though... I've only gotten the code for the game. I got a separate e-mail stating it was for the savini code I ordered but upon entering it, and looking at it, it said I already had it and it was actually the code for the game. Is the savini skin not in the game yet? Has the code been sent out proper yet? I'm loving the game but am quite worried.
  3. Hey Everybody My names Bawkbasoup and I can't flippin wait for this game to come out. I've been reading the fourms a lot recently and there's so many cool passionate people here. I haven't been this excited for a game in a long long time!! I hope to see some of you in the game on Friday and beyond. I'll be playing/streaming it for all hours of the day on release. Hope to get grouped with some of you on day 1
  4. So i've noticed a few peoples saying that it might be difficult to create new and unique designs for Jason,but i on the other hand dont think so,it is still possible to think up some designs for Jason that would be new,unique and interesting,so i decided to make this topic so we could share our toughts on some concepts that linger in our minds and give opinions on them. I know that it might be a bit too soon to talk about this since the game isnt out yet,but i want to prove to some of these peoples that originality is still a possibility,heck even Tom Savini new design as some unique traits to it,even if peoples have mixed feelings about it,like the spike on the shoulder or the charcoal black color of the whole model or the fire/lava thing going on with the eyes,mouth and wounds. So here's a few concepts i would like to share with you guys......... -Savage Jason (Human) : You guys remember that scene in part 2 when the characters are around the campfire and Paul start telling the legend of Jason,then Ted show up wearing furs,a mask and a tribal spear,well what if that concept had actually been used,an alternate look for Jason wich instead of wearing farmer clothes and a sack,he would be wearing clothes made of animal furs,have long and messy hairs,scars on his body and a mask made either of wood or animal head/skin,this look would perfectly fit the whole living in the woods for years as some kind of savage person. -Winter Jason (Human) : I remember reading somewhere on internet that one of the concept for the sequel of the 2009 Remake was supposed to be set during winter,the idea of having Jason in a snowy Crystal Lake would definitely had been interesting,Jason would probably be wearing some Winter hoodie coat,winter pants,boots and he doesnt catch a cold while killing his victims out in the cold and harsh outdoor. -Swamp Jason (Undead) : So like the name suggest,this is a undead Jason but with a more swampy look to him,a lot more green+brown colored due to all that green swamp water and swamp mud,also some water weed/plants+grass covering and growing on his body,it's basically the swamp monster version of Jason. -Toxic/Acid Jason (Human or Zombie) : What if Jason fell in a pool of toxic waste ? You would have a Jason wich appearance would look a bit more mutant like and have fluorescent green or purple colored toxic goo coming out of him. So what do you guys think ? Share your ideas too.
  5. Hi guys its FlameRiderSD i was noticing one thing that i found strange in the early trailers Jason has different weapons for example part 3 Jason had a machete in one part 2 had a spear part 3 also had a pitchfork and pick axe when the game came out you couldn't switch weapons and it was weird all future trailers had Jason with only and ONLY default weapons i want to have different weapons in the game please because in the movies he never used one thing he always used even the littlest things like a corkscrew knives, cleavers shards of glass, a sauna rock and other things Jason should have the ability to grab a weapon In game and use it the only explanation i can think of why this isn't a feature yet is because it would mess with the kill wheel thats it since you'd have to have kills for each weapon My Solution: Make A Weapon kill menu make it all weapons have there own kills you can customize and make have diffrent kills a match all weapons would have 2 hand kills and 2 weapon kills this is my opinion and i hope you reply to use why you atleast cant make this or why it isnt in yet this has been FlameRiderSD Signing out
  6. Now Guys I Know we All want Pre Jason X And i do too This is what i think should be the stats and to me make perfect sense also this is my opinion so please dont complain but i would like you guys to share the idea of this with me Jasons Strengths +Stalk Because in the movie you see him do many stealth kills including snaping a guys neck with no one noticing slicing a womans neck in the dark and more [sorry if i dont know the names been years since i watched it] + Stun Resistant i think he should be stun resistant due to the fact he gets shot by many soilders in the movie with no effect only time he got knocked down by shots was when she shot his leg off for example when the guy tried to shoot him as he was being grabbed jason was unphased by the shot +Morph he always seemed to be back at the control panel area and can get around fast so it makes sense either this or shift Weaknesses - Cant Run Hes undead and he never ran as a undead Jason ever and besides its not like the devs will change that since all undead Jason versions will be like this - Traps he definitely wont use traps in space - Water Speed Doesn't swim in movie and couldn't think of anything sorry Also his weapon without a doubt is the futuristic blade or his machette Please reply what you think and i hope you agree the thing that is a MUST is Stalk to me its the Jason that deserves it the most in my opinion hope to see you again
  7. Would you prefer if you couldn't have multiples of same counselor? I thought of a system that seems fair to allow you some selection choice without a 'first to join' scenario. Like private, you opt in for Jason. Instead of choosing one counselor, you rank 7 on a tier you'd prefer to be. Some algorithm randomly selects one who opted in for Jason. After that it goes down your tier of counselors until everyone is assigned one. Extreme example. Everyone wants to be Vanessa most? One is randomly chosen. Everyone wants to be Tiffany 2nd most? Process repeats. You're the only one who ranked the nerd 1? You are the nerd. This method has it's pros/cons and might only be suitable for private matches. Just a wish list idea this stage in development.
  8. As of the Beta(and most likely the current build of the game), Jason could have 4 kills pre-selected for use in a match. During a match, the Jason player would press one of the ABXY or 1234 buttons to use a grab kill. While there are plenty of environmental kills to keep things fresh, often times the same few kills would be used and seen over and over again because it was often more reliable for Jason to mash 1234/ABXY than to walk over to an environment kill area and risk allowing the counselor to go free. My suggestion to increase the variety of kills seen in a match is to allow Jason to have 8 kills equipped for use in a match. How would this be done you ask? Easy: After grabbing a counselor, by default the first 4 kills are shown on the player's screen. Then, when the "Run/Fast Walk" button is pressed(this was SHIFT on a keyboard, it would be the equivalent button on a controller), or perhaps another appropriate button, a second overlay replaces the first 4 kills with 4 more kills selected from the Jason character select menu. I believe this is a simple and easy addition to the game that hopefully can be added in the first round of updates. If in the final game each Jason first starts with fewer than 8 kills, then the second overlay would have only as many kills as would then be currently available.
  9. I didn't see this topic posted when I did a few searches. My apologies if it has been. I was wondering who everyone sees themself "maining" when the game is released. I personally found myself liking Deborah the most. Really wanted to try Tiffany but never unlocked her.
  10. So i'm super excited for this game and certainly plan to buy it if the offline is up to par but I have a question about the offline multiplayer with bots. So I have a cabin up north and there is no internet up there so I try to mainly buy games that I can play without internet since I spend alot of time up there and at night I usually end up doing most of my gaming up there. From what i've seen on the forums and other sites there will be a single player and offline multiplayer with bots but you can only play as jason. I'm just wondering if this is true and if there will ever be a jason AI added at some point so you can get the full experience of the game without having to have internet? After buying games like star wars battlefront that started adding skirmish, offline with bots, and then stopped and left me buying dlc that I cant play much, besides when i'm back home with internet, I have really started looking into games and making sure they have what I want in them. So if I can get confirmation that at some point there will be offline multiplayer with bots including Jason, so I can play as a counselor as well, I will definatly be buying this game and as soon as it comes out.
  11. This page here tell in details what you need to know about the characters... I must say,even i am surprised,you would think that Ted was going to be a victim,also considering that he kinda make fun of Jason with the whole fake impersonation during the legend/firecamp prank,so you would think that Jason would be kind of p***** off at him if he was there spying on them when it happened,that Jason would make Ted the first on his killing list,but decision made Ted quite the lucky bastard,if indeed he did survive the events... What do you guys think about this ?
  12. Hey Guys Its Flame With another idea I hope you liked my Pre Jason X stats and came to see my final Chapter stats we all want this Jason since it finally be another running and human jason first i'd like to say stats first Strengths +can Run why wouldn't he? +Water Speed would be the first living Jason with water speed and i think it would be awesome to see one and also in the movie he gets 2 kills in the water so its not just for the fun of it +Grip Strength In the movie he crushes a guys head with his bare hands in the shower so it would make sense if he had grip Strength Weaknesses - Defense he couldn't block the hand cut or machete to the face at all so it makes sense he cant block good and has bad defense - stun resistance he didn't move and looked at hand when he got cut also the machete to the face completely stopped him but didn't quiet finish him as Tommy then chops him up good - Shift all the kills happen around the same time also i kinda dont know what to put here sorry Weapon if Jason goes to hell Jason didn't have a double axe it be that but honestly i want another machete Jason if they wont add the ability to switch weapons so i choose a machete for him I hope you liked my Stats and please leave a reply for any stats or weapons you want on him this has been FlameRiderSD signing out
  13. If you could design your own Jason what would he look like?
  14. If Uber Jason is added in a future DLC is he going to be as vulnerable as the other Jason's? Bullets don't affect him as seen in the movie, and melee attacks just bounce off his armor. He also has a lot more strength than the other Jason's. If he was added would he just be even more overpowered than the others. If Uber Jason was added into the game and is movie accurate you wouldn't even be able to fight back. How would you balance this?
  15. I know there's threads talking about strengths and weaknesses of the various Jason's but, I'm interested in one stat in particular. What do you guys think is the deal with the whole HP thing?
  16. Since we still can't post in the other subforum I figured I'd make a thread to discuss the new Jason stat reveal from Wes in it. Here's the link and I'm still unsure on what the hitpoint stat is for.
  17. So tonight, we formed a sick new rap group in Higgins House. We call ourselves, Higgins Homies. HangInThere recorded our first sensation, as well as including a sick 6 minute intro. Watch it, and realize that our Discord server has the sickest rap group of all time.
  18. Figured we could make this little thread to toss out our own ideas for future Jason kills. Who knows, maybe some of us are just as twisted in mind as the Great Savini. I'll get the ball rolling. Jason 6 Kills Impaling: Inspired by the notorious Vlad the Impaler, this kill involves Jason hitting a councilor so they have their back to him. He then uses the pike to perform the world's most painful rectal breach, shoving it all the way up out their mouth, and then puts the person ka-bob in the ground, leaving it there gurgling the rest of the match. Impaling 2 Jason sticks the pike in the ground point end to the sky, does that gorilla press on a councilor and slams them on the pike, leaving them stuck there impaled. Alternatively, he can do the same thing as above but in reverse, or simply spike them chin first into the pike, letting them slowly slide down. Axe Kills The Heimlich Maneuver: This can be performed with any axe. Jason flips the wood end around and shoves it right down a councilor's throat. The axe blade is left hanging out the mouth as they sit there on there knees. As Jason starts to walk off, he stops, turns, and Mongo smacks the axe head, splitting the head. I know, I'm a sick guy. Feel free to add you're own.
  19. Hello everyone. I was viewing the official Friday The 13th: The Game website and I've noticed something that made me think a while. In a description, it says in the "Play as Jason Voorhees" part that there will be two entirely different Jasons that we never have seen before. Now I am aware that the text is pretty old, and there is only one new Jason (the awesome Savini one) but I thought it was quite interesting.
  20. We already have parts 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (plus one original by Tom Savini), but I invite you to vote for what other killers would like to have in the future game as DLC. I know that FVJ Jason and the remake are not on the licenses, but I've put them to know how many of you would like to see those two too. Also, tell the reason why you chose that option, what weapons they would like them to have and how they would work their skills in the game, etc. Hopefully, once the game is released, keep filling it with more content and making it grow more and more.
  21. So while the final release wont have Ted White rendition of Jason,wich probably be added after the game release,i tought it would be nice to make a topic where i could put some videos of artisans works on Part 4 Jason,weither it's a head/face bust,or a life size model or the hockey mask. Like that,the one working on the in-game models will have a bit more details and refferences if he ever start working on a in-game model of Part 4 Jason. sirbrad4 as made multiples life sized horror films characters,especially the different versions of Jason.As for the model in the video the only thing it is lacking is the knife wound on the right leg and the rough blackish nails on the fingers,everything else not bad at all. Here's a good head bust showing a good close up of the head+face,only thing is that the derpy right eye seem a bit too upward. Big Hush is a great artisan and his various hockey mask look quite nice,i consider watching his tutorials videos,now one thing that i've noticed when i watched different videos about someone making a part 4 mask or someone buying a part 4 mask made by an artisan is that the most used version of the mask is the one from the shower scene,with the upper chevron half damaged and the right chevron slightly damaged on it's bottom part,most artisan use that model of the mask,so it would be a good suggestion to go with that version of the hockey mask for the in-game model. So what's your toughts on those,guys ?
  22. I know a few of you guys watch WWE, but I was wondering if you've checked out Lucha Underground yet? Seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix right now, but that's not what this little post is about. One of the wrestlers is called the Monster Matanza, and I can't quite place my finger on it, but his gimmick seems to draw inspirations from a certain hockey mask wearing killer whose name eludes me at the moment.
  23. I know a lot of you guys had problems with the primary weapons each Jason wields. I made this thread to show my opinion and for you to show yours. Friday the 13th Part 2 Jason should wield a pickaxe as that is the weapon he primarily uses in the movie and it is already in the game so they got this right. He could also have a kitchen knife. Friday the 13th Part 3 They also have the right weapon for this Jason. When I think of the part 3 Jason I imagine him wielding a woodcutters axe so this is correct too. Friday the 13th Part 4 If they add this Jason into the game he could use a lot of different weapons (Hack saw, Kitchen Knife, Cleaver, Etc.) but I would like him to have the double ended axe that the part 9 Jason currently wields because at least he actually uses it in part 4. Friday the 13th Part 5 If they add Roy into the game I would like to see him just wield a machete, but I would like to see him carry hand flares or a hedge sheer. Friday the 13th Part 6 Although he doesn't use the fence post as much as the machete in the movie, I think he should keep the fence post to make him stand out from the others, and when I think part 6 Jason I imagine him with the fence post. Friday the 13th Part 7 I'm okay with the machete, but It would be a lot cooler for him to wield the saw blade weed whacker thing he kills the doctor with. Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason doesn't use a particular weapon in this movie but if I had to pick a few it would be the harpoon gun or the wrench he kills that sewer worker with. Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell If I had to choose some weapons for this Jason I would probably choose a shovel or a machete, but I think it would be really cool for this Jason to be unarmed.(I don't like the idea of Jason using the Voorhees Dagger.) Jason X No doubt about it this Jason should have the futuristic curved blade machete. What do you guys think each Jason should have access to in the game? I think each Jason should have access to a machete for their primary.
  24. Do you guys think Jason should occasionally grunt like he does in the films or not?
  25. I would like to see the other people who are on a mission to kill Jason in the films that can be radioed like Tommy. There's Rob from part 4. He could carry a hunting rifle like in the movie. There's also Creighton Duke. I don't know what weapon he would use, but I think this would add variety to the game. I think when you use the radio to call for help one of the 3 will answer and come for help instead of it being Tommy every single time.