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Found 507 results

  1. Offline should be updated to allow all Jason’s and items unlocked. Offline should be for fun and allow players to try out the different Jason’s and items. I don’t see the reason to connect online progress with offline bot games. Also, If someone doesn’t have an internet connection there just stuck playing part 3 Jason forever. Please look into fixing this small issue. Offline bots do mean a lot to some people and this would allow for more experimentation and practice for a lot of players.
  2. Fixing Part 6 Jason's Mask, Body, And Overall Design To Look Accurate To The Movie Part 6 Jason: Friday The 13th Part 6 Is my favorite movie in the franchise. It also has my favorite Jason design. And I know alot of people love his design aswell. But sadly, The Devs really messed up on the model on Part 6 Jason. It basically looks nothing like Part 6 Jason but I will go through the things they screwed up and how they can be fixed. Movie: Game: As you can see the mask shape is completely off. The holes and the eye holes are very off as well. And why in the actual hell can you see his eyes in the game! He looks retarded. Like... what the hell. Just because they zoom in on his eyes a couple times in the movie doesn't mean they are constantly visible! His eyes should be completely black just like Part 7 And Part 8! His eyes are always black in the movie SO THEY SHOULD BE IN THE GAME!!! ...Anyways, not only is the mask shape off, The overall shape of Jason is off too. CJ Graham AKA Part 6 Jason is one of the leaner Jasons. So if you want to capture the look of Part 6 Jason you should decrease the overall bulkiness and size of Part 6 Jason. You should definitely decrease the size and width of his traps and shoulders. Decrease the size of his collar too. Also, when it comes to the color of the clothes they should be much darker. The pants should have a little more silver in them, the gloves should be much darker and have way more weathering, The shirt looks like a completely different green and should be much darker, The spear wounds should be black instead of red on the shirt, and the skin should be more grey than black. Game: Movie: When it comes to the mask everything is just completely messed up. The overall shape of the mask is wrong. The holes and the eye holes are wrong. The color and weather are VERY inaccurate. The Devs went for the end of the movie look where he has a bullet hole in his forehead and the mask is it a bit dirtier with some blood stains but the blood stains in the game aren't all in the right places and it doesn't even look like the color of blood so you can't even tell it's blood. Personally, I say go for the early in the movie look. It's much cleaner and is easier to pull off. The color is more of a almond color, NOT a ugly brownish color that it is in the game right now. The chevron is smaller, a brighter red and doesn't touch the top right hole and the eye holes are more circular. There are many different artists you can take reference from shape, color, weathering, etc. Cursed Camp Studios Part 6 (EARLY) The best choice for a EARLY MOVIE LOOK in my opinion would be Cursed Camp Studios Part 6 Hockey Mask. Crash Creations Part 6 (END) The best choice for a END MOVIE LOOK in my opinion would be Crash Creations End Scene Hockey Mask. Although I would say the color of Crash's mask is off but the blood stains are accurate. However, if you take a look at the Virtual Cabin 1.0 video down below you'll notice the mask shape and the overall size of Jason is different to the Final Release. As you saw in the video, Jason is a bit smaller and his shoulders and traps look normal. He actually looks like CJ Graham. But the biggest difference is the mask. The mask has a completely different shape that is WAY more accurate to the movie! It's actually perfect! The color and weathering is still crap but the shape of it looks really good. Down below I put a few things to help make the design of Part 6 look way better. - Change Body Back To Original Virtual Cabin 1.0 Version - Change Mask Back To Original Virtual Cabin 1.0 Version - Change Color Of Mask To More Of A Almond Color - Take Away The Random Brown Weathering Marks - Either Get Rid Of Bullet Hole And Blood Stains On Mask OR Add More Blood Stains And Put Blood Stains In The Accurate Places And Make The Color Look Like Blood - Make Chevron A Bit Smaller And Make The Chevron Color A Brighter Red. ALSO Move The Chevron To Where It Doesn't Touch The Top Right Hole - Make Shirt And Gloves Much Darker - Change Spear Wounds Color To Black - Make Pants A Little More Silver - Make Skin Tone Slightly Grayer - Make The Eyes Completely Black Honestly All They Really Should Do Is Bring Back The Early Virtual Cabin 1.0 Model, Make The Mask Almond, Fix The Weathering, Chevron, And Blood Stains Markings And Blood Color On The Mask, And Make The Eyes Completely Black. In Short Terms... FIX THE DAMN MASK! Thanks for reading this. I plan on doing these types of topics on every Jason... especially Part 5 and Part 7. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  3. This would look SOOOO much better if Jason would have his hand in the mouth of the Victim, instead of on the rig as it was captured, Can this be fixed? I know we can't go around rippingoff/dislocating actors jaws, BUT would it be something that can be addressed and fixed Digitally?
  4. Good Afternoon I trust you are well. More and more in recent weeks I have come to realize that the trolling of Jason is becoming a larger issue once more, like with the pocket-knife debacle not so long ago. Almost every match as Jason over the weekend had counselors group up and actively pursuing me as Jason, stun-locking and taunting me. One thing I do feel has to change is the fact that counselors teabag Jason when he is down. If this were like the movies, you would want to be as far away from Jason as possible. I suggest adding a new environment kill to the game, where when Jason is stunned laying on the ground and a counselor comes to squat over him you should be able to hit 'E' and kill them in some horrific way to punish them for coming so close to you. Also, along the lines of being stunned. I suggest one of two changes: Either diminishing returns, or a rage builder. What I mean by diminishing returns is that if Jason gets stunned, it last for the full duration. If he gets stunned again with a certain amount of time after the first stun, it is halved. If he is stunned for a third time after that within a certain amount of time, it is a quarter of the duration. Or stunning Jason should be adding to his rage timer. Each time he is struck with a weapon and stunned, his rage should increase faster. When he hits enraged mode, he should be resistant/immune to stuns from this point on to make him more menacing. Would love to hear your feedback!
  5. Hello whoever will be reading this, first of all: I'm not native english, meaning there might be spelling mistakes or bad form of sentences but I'll try my best. To start off: I want to list some bugs and weird things I encounter quite often. I will name them and then go more into detail. 1. Blackscreen at the start of Private matches I often encounter a blackscreen at the start of the match (only in private ones). The Host is then forced to restart the game fully because pressing the escape key will not work. The Non-Host (no idea what to call it) can leave using the escape key since the menu pops up normally. My idea: Some Maps are incompatible with some Jasons or something else. I've tested and it seems that Jason Part 8 always works on Higgins Haven and Jason Part 2 works on Jarvis's House. 2. Jason Kill through open window Now when Jason grabs a counselor and he is close to a house with windows he can throw the counselor through the window, breaking the window and killing the counselor. Sometimes though, he can throw a counselor through an open window, still killing the counselor, which doesnt make sense. An Idea to fix it: Add a tag to check if the window is open, so when Jason is close he will not see the small circle or something like that. 3. Jason or Counselor swinging through doors or walls The title says everything, basically you stand really close to a door, whether as Jason or a Counselor and you can just swing through hitting other players if they are close or in the action/animation of locking the door. The pros for the Counselor: They can stun Jason with a bat if he is breaking open the door. Pros for Jason: He can hit them in general or stop them from locking the door. My idea to fix this would probably be, adding some trigger or hitbox or whatever to prevent damage. 4. Jason getting stuck when grab Now for this one, I don't have much information, I didn't encounter this bug often. Let me explain what happens first: You are Jason, you grab a counselor and then once the counselor is raised so Jason can move, the movement keys dont work, meaning you won't be able to move and you'll have to wait until the counselor escapes. Because I didn't encounter this alot of times I can't really tell where/when it happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with the collision. Hope this helps. Now let's go over to the suggestions I have. 1. Environmental Kill: Impaled by Pitchfork Basically, in the barn on any map I sometimes see Pitchforks lying on the ground and I am disappointed there isn't a kill involving it. My idea: Jason has the Counselor, preferably in the barn, he throws the counselor on the ground, takes the pitchfork and impales either their head or belly. 2. Jason Part 10 and Jason Part 11 Now don't get confused by Part 10, I mean Jason before he gets his "upgrade" to Jason X. And then also Jason Part 11 from Freddy vs. Jason. 3. Environmental Kill: Harpoongun Basically there is a harpoon gun lying down somewhere, either in the barn or somewhere close to the water on like a stranded boat or something, and when Jason is close with a Counselor he grabbed, he just I guess kicks them further away (like the throwing axe kill of Part 8), grabs the harpoongun and shoots them in the face. 4. Bots in Private matches How I came up with this: If you have only one friend to play with and it feels kind of "Boring". Now this one, practically shouldn't be a problem at all, you got AI/Bots, you got a private match where you can invite friends. Now my idea would be adding a "Match Settings" tab/button for the Host where you can set whether the Bots should be activated. Then how many Bots (filling up the empty spaces or a custom amount) and what difficulty. This would be it so far, I might add a few things if I forget them or edit things that have been fixed by the next update. Yours faithfully, Coony
  6. Uber Jason (Jason X)

    Hi, I am curious on when the Jason X DLC is coming out? I remember reading a few months back that it would be in April. Any news on how it's coming? Got to experience the preview after completing the Vertial Cabin. The map and Jason X looks absolutely amazing!!!
  7. I have been thinking of this for quite sometime. I am happy to see the new weapon swap system coming into play, how ever I have had a idea of how to utilize all kills in a different way. I find myself running through the map and I come across weapons that i recognize from the films and it gives me a idea. We have all those weaponless kills and I think wow, why not start Jason off with no weapon and utilize those none weapon kills and environmental kills while on the other hand putting his favorite weapons through out the map`and adding a more special feel to those weapon kills it would be a sort of earned feature for weapon kills. Adding a durability to the weapons and allowing Jason to choose his weapon in the middle of battle, So if he sees a machete he can grab it , but he can switch out for the pitchfork in the barn or pick up that spear from the graveyard etc.. It wouldn't add any extra work really, just simply taking the weapons away from Jason or let him keep the weapon but add durability to it, and allow it to be swapped out in the environment to add all those extra kills making it a more special part of the Game, because it solves the non weapon durability on Jason's weapon and gives Jason a whole new reason to look around the map. Just thought this sounded really cool.
  8. Savini Jason theories

    I'm creating this topic to discuss theories which involves Savini Jason's story. Since he came back from hell, why are his skin, mask and clothes black? Why does his eyes are on fire? Is he now a supernatural being instead of a human or rotting corpse? Tell me your theories here!
  9. Uh-oh! I hope we’re gonna get the next patch really soon... I’m a little worried!
  10. These are just some ideas for special abilities that are special to each Jason. Part 2: Trapper. Part 2s traps do less damage, but they cause a bleeding effect if not healed. Part 3: brute strength. Each time Jason kills a counselor, his weapon strength and grip strength will be increased for 1 minute. Part 4: final chapter. The more damage Jason takes, the faster his sprint speed will be. ( maximum will be when mask is taken off. ) Part 5 ( Roy ): he’s back! Counselors have a harder time repairing when Roy is within 50 feet from them. Part 6: resurrected. Jason’s can see a counselor with sense while they are in the same cabin as him. He can also sense exactly where the counselor is in a cabin if their fear is high enough. Part 7: Watery grave. Jason’s ability cool downs are decreased when Jason is submerged in water. Part 8: stalker. When Jason is in stalk, he can move without the time on the ability decrease going faster. Part 9: trickery. When Jason is in stalk, he will show up as counselor icon on he mini map if he was spotted by a flare gun. Savini: to Hell and back. When Jason destroys doors or walls, his abilities will fill up a little bit.
  11. Hello, With the new option for swapping weapons coming soon, What Jason/Weapon combos are you looking forward to pairing together? Just wondering.
  12. I've seen it brought up a lot and I'm curious if the team has actually said anything about if the upcoming engine upgrade will help in fixing the weapon hitboxes, and hopefully fix the entirety of windows period. The Jason 7 buff is a nice change too even if I think he should have +morph instead of +sense now because three traps and no run coupled with his soon to be neutral shift and morph just make him a weaker Jason 3. This came to mind again while thinking about the hitboxes because even Jason 7 has wonky hitboxes which is just another thing that hinders him as of now. Though it's an issue with every Jason especially 6 whose longer weapon reach doesn't seem that long at all.
  13. What if Jason never died?

    What if Tommy never killed Jason in part 4? What do you think he would look like?
  14. Okay, there's something that has bothered me a lot in the last few days. So i'll vent a little with u guys I'm one of the players who legitimately own Jason Savini, like most of u guys i made the donation trough Kickstarter. It turns out that, in the last few days i'm feeling uncomfortable playing as Savini. When i enter in a lobby, people call me Hacker or try to discourage me playing as Savini saying that he is OP and only noobs choose him. There's any way that i can prove that i'm not a Hacker? Other than sending them a printscreen of my purchase? Is that really necessary? Regarding the "OP", it wouldn't be better to let Savini visible to everyone, so they have the possibility to analyze that Savini isn't strong as it seems? Another thing, are those toxic and ignorance reactions liable to punishment? I mean, are those enough reasons for report anyone? Sorry about this guys, i'm just taking off a weight of my shoulders And i would like to know if anyone else goes trough this and how to deal with it.
  15. Friday The 13th: Counselor's ReUnion series

    Hello everyone, I've recently put together a series where the counselors come back sometime after the tragic events of the massacre. The Premise is that of a reality TV show, where they meet and secrets get exposed. So far the feedback from all three episodes have been overwhelmingly positive. Please take the time to watch and CAUTION, there is VULGARITY. So this is not for the faint of heart, the jokes can be crude, and the voices are funny! Please show your support by liking, or commenting to tell me what you think. Here you are: Friday The 13th: Counselor's ReUnion: Season 1 Script For Episode 1: Jin: I know it’s been a while since my last video. I’m not very consistent with these things but I create things on my own time haha. I’d just like to thank you for making room in your schedule to be here. Jenny(Female): Sure, yeah no problem. It’s very nice to be here, I’m glad some of us are together again. It really brings back memories.. A.J.(Female 3): *long sigh* ugh… this fake bitch, what memories? You mean running for our lives, yeah so joyful. You know, you bout as fake as Tiffany’s….you know what nvm Tiffany(Chipmunk): oh..oh so you think it’s okay just to air out my dirty laundry like that, trick I trusted you. But I guess that’s why Adam- A.J.: Say one more word. Do you see me, you see how I’m looking. You better pull out the damn dictionary and choose your next words carefully, and I say choose because I know yo vocabulary is limited these days. Jenny: A.J….you got me fucked up, down, left, and right. You disrespectful Avril Lavigne wanna-be reject. You still killing crows, and doing witchcraft and shit? You better recognize royalty, I am the final girl - damnit. A.J.: Final Girl? Have you seen yourself? Do you see what you’re wearing, what you need is a final selection on what to wear, looking like your grandma dressed you, and can we look at these shoes? Bitch what the hell are those? Jenny: Y’know it’s called having class and not showing out for attention, which you clearly need. Damn I can’t even imagine what adam goes through. You’re probably the whiney type too, yuck! Adam(Male): You know I wouldn’t be talking, cause I can drag your boyfriend if he wasn’t doing it himself with Kenny. Yeah I heard about those weird fishin’ stories, mmhm. Tiffany: Oh hell no, what you’re not gonna do...is slander my man’s name like I’m not sitting right here! You got some nerve. Don’t make me spill the tea since we both know we got stories of our own. A.J.: Oh I wanna hear it, I wanna hear this. Speak now cause you won’t have a tongue later. Don’t fuck with me…..Adam yo ass is in the doghouse tonight. Episode 2: Jin: Welcome back, I know yesterday most of you had your personal differences. But it’s nice to have you back. I released the first episode not too long ago. The feedback was relatively positive, but it seems when I posted the video to Reddit it started to immediately become disliked. So I took it down, but that won’t stop me. A.J.(Female 3): Oh hell no, don’t listen to them. Fuck all of them, I will end them. Jin you’re one of the most creative and kind people I know. A good majority of the people in this community are toxic people who circle jerk themselves into oblivion. Just...don’t fuck with them. Jenny(Female): For once I can agree with A.J., you don’t deserve that. Honestly, you gave us a platform to voice our own thoughts. You’re giving us a voice and remember that no matter how many people dislike, you have those who still want to watch your content so focus on the people who are here for you right now. And so I just wanna thank you again for initiating this Re-Union. Tiffany: Yeah, I mean clearly they might be Jealous. You know like how most of the girls are jealous of me. I gotta deal with petty bitches all day, so if you need some tips on how to deal with basic bitches….you know who to come to. Vanessa: Hahahaha…..that’s cute sis. But tell me, what the hell are bubbles, blossom, and buttercup doing here, looking like the discount powerpuff girls! I heard y’all were talking about Final Girls, and you know I couldn’t just let my name go unnoticed. A.J.: uh-uhn, I KNOW you ain’t talking. Before you open your mouth you need invest in a new damn hairstyle. Hunny that damn ponytail is hanging for dear life, you probably getting temporary insanity due to that shit squeezing your head so tight, talking to me like that. Don’t get yo azz fucked up. Fox: See, look at this….everytime I come around there’s always some drama. This is why I don’t fuck with y’all, y’all too damn shady. Vanessa, you said you were only gonna be a minute bitch it’s cold outside what the fuck are you doing, hurry up. Mitch in the car tryna roll up, and you know you got the lighta. Vanessa: Girl gimme a second, these no-lives over here talking bout “Final Girls’ and shit. AJ can’t even fight, you know she always runnin and hidin, she ain’t bout that life. Jenny: Well you can catch these hands from me anyday, mmhmm. Vanessa: I’m sorry? You wanna run that by me again? I know it’s gonna take you a while Ms. 3 speed. So I suggest you drink a tall glass of shut the fuck up. Jenny: You really think somebody scared of you. All you can do is run, loud noisey ass. Vanessa: I don’t even know, how people can even THINK of mentioning your name next to mine when talking about the best counselor. We all know you overrated, you know you’re overrated, hell even your boyfriend know you overrated. I can do anything better than you can, so have several seats please. I mean have you even heard your voice actress? *Clip of Jenny line* Bitch you sound like you got a frog in your throat, and you’re supposed to be the final girl? Get the hell outta here. Fox: Hahahahaaa, yess gather them sis. Season Finale: Jin: I’d like to thank you again for meeting here for the last time. I know Tiffany is gone due to laryngitis - A.J.(Female 3): Good, her voice was annoying as hell anyway, sounding like a damn chipmunk. Jin: And so are Vanessa and Fox, they didn’t really care for being here. But I’m glad we have some new additions today. It’s nice of you to consider being here Adam and Chad. Adam(Male): No Problem Jin, it’s a bit nostalgic to be back here. Chad: …. Adam: Well, damn you ain’t gone speak? Chad: Oh please, don’t address me, ...I’ll slap you with my wallet and make money from that Adam: Ooohh damn….that was close..haha.. almost gave a fuck. A.J.: Don’t even bother with him, we don’t have the time. Chad: That’s because I bought it off you. Next. A.J.: Bitch fuck you...go to hell. It’s a shame your girl is braver than you. What grown man is scared of the dark, I’ll wait. Chad: You would know about the darkness since you live in it, peasant. Jenny: Chad, can you please calm down. For once, I’d like to go somewhere without your judgement. A.J.: Girl why are you even with him how did you two even meet? He’s so damn disrespectful. Jenny: We met on Twin-sta-book, and I have to be honest. Despite having a 4.0 gpa, I somehow wasn’t able to secure a scholarship yet, and graduation is approaching….so you know, I had to do what I had to do. Adam: That’s your problem, you need a real man. Why don’t you don’t you come over and we can talk later on? A.J.: You know what I will, thank babe. Adam: I was talking to Jenny A.J.: No you weren’t, you were talking to me, because I know the hell you not trying to cheat on me. I’m a witch, the only way to get out is blood sacrifice. Adam: Aye, you need to chill, A.J.: No bitch you need to chill, I’m tired of you slingin’ around that damn community tic-tac. I already got on yo ass once about Tiffany. It’s not a coincidence she’s not here. So watch your mouth. Chad: Honestly, I don’t know why I’m even here with you low-lives. Adam: Yo why are you so pressed? Chad: Cause that’s how like my money, you got anything else you wanna say? I WILL shut this establishment down. Adam: Oh no, you don’t wanna come for me homeboy. I got some photos that’ll expose your ass real quick. Chad: Pfft, please. There’s nothing you can do to me, I’m untouchable. Adam: Oh really, so before I do this. Tell me, are you really out there fishing with Kenny when you go out together? Chad: What do you think, peasant? Adam: I think you’re lying. And here’s why… *Kenny Chad Love Photo* A.J.: Daaaaaayyyuuuuummmmm, I mean heard rumors but I didn’t think it was true. Looks like he really is touchable... but only for one person. Jenny: Chad, wtf is this!? What am I looking at, let me have a second get my mind right, cause I know damn well this ain’t what I think it is. Chad: I-I-I don’t know what this is, clearly it’s photoshop. I mean don’t be so gullible, it’s fake news babe, c’mon now. Jenny: No, the only thing fake is you. I endured this for too long, I knew those fishing trips were something else. I mean look at this speedo, when we went to Lukewarm topic you told me it was because you wanted me to see more of you. But I see now it wasn’t for me, it was for someone else. We’re done. Adam: Damn well at least now we can continue with the - - - - *Message from Kensington Entertainment about show being taken off air.*
  16. 1: - There should be a map made based on the movie Jason takes Manhattan there should be a map where we try and escape from Jason on all levels upper and lower levels of the boat and try repairing the boat and find the missing pieces around the boat along with the tools used to repair the boat nothing to simple nor to hard to complete there should be another way to kill him on the boat and the ending should be where they escape to New York or escape from the boat on little skiffs to the city. 2: - all the main characters from all the Jason movies should be added like the Julius the boxer kid ,the cops from Jason lives the waitress from Jason goes to hell ,the bounty Hunter should be another alternative to call for help instead of Tommy Jarvis it would be the the bounty Hunter with the special blade that can kill Jason. 3: - new weapons should be added to the game like better escape or special stun weapons that have more damage to Jason. 4: - new and improved roll perks and Perks for Jason and counselors and all new costumes for counselors 5: - Jason should be able to choose from different weapons and have more different kill finishers .
  17. I’m making this thread so that people can point out things with the Jason models that are missing or that the devs got wrong. One thing i think is missing is on the part 2 model. It’s the dirty or bloody left thumb.
  18. With the whole thing about Part 7 needing a buff,an idea came to my mind,how about a game mode that focus more on the water aspect of some of the Jasons. Here s the idea,let say the game mode is called - Aquatic Rumble - ,basically you have a map consisting of mostly water with a bunch of small islands with one in the middle and the others scathered around. There will be like 2 or 3 boats that need to be repaired,but the parts are scattered all over the small islands,so you will need to swim from one island to the other if you want to bring those back to the boats. Of course,any Jasons with faster water travel will go very well with this mode. This would be a tense but also fun game mode to play,what do you guys think ?
  19. So I was just playing a game with a friend, we had everything to fix the car in the first two minutes, Jason rage quit. My friend suggested letting someone else be Jason for the rest of the match. The suggestion was reasonably simple, the mask falls to the ground, appearing on the map and who ever gets it first gets to be Jason. I think this idea has quite a bit of merit. What do you all think?
  20. Today I was about to kill Jason in an epic match, Im almost never tommy Jarvis, and today I was selected to be him, after demasking Jason the guy with the sweater did his job, so it was my turn I put him on his knees and the icon of the key "e" appeared, so I pressed e and nothing happened, I pressed many many times I was very close to him, even I tried from all sides it was like if I pressed nothing, are the devs aware of this annoying bug? Sadly I dont have a proof, I dont usually record my games. Anyone else have had the same bug?
  21. I’d like to see a unique Retro Jason intro and map. Maybe him jumping out of a tv from 8bit into reality or something. Different intros would be cool too.
  22. So I've been playing Friday long enough to feel like I have a solid view point on what needs to change to make the game FEEL more enjoyable for both sides of the coin (Counselors/Jason) but like the title says it's just an idea so don't eat me alive if you disagree Jason is in a very weird spot right now, if you're a counselor main and get stuck playing Jason it sometimes feels impossible to kill more than one or two people where as if you are a Jason main it feels like all you do now is shift, grab, asphyxiate and its an easy 8/8. It feels like a droll competitive game with multiple strategies to kill people but one obviously easy one and that is boring. So hear me out I don't think they should necessarily buff or nerf Jason I think he needs to be reworked and here are some of my thoughts. Change weapon damage to do 25%hp of counselor hp that way you don't have people like Bugzy and Tommy tanking 7 hits from Jason before they are "injured" but not letting people like AJ and Tiffany die in 3 hits. Change the way grabbing works to give it a completely different objective. Remove the ability to perform a grab kill on a healthy counselor unless you carry the counselor to an environmental kill NOW HEAR ME OUT I KNOW THAT SOUNDS UNFAIR TOWARDS JASON BUT HEAR ME OUT. Increase the time it takes to wiggle out of jasons grasp and increase the amounts of hits it takes to free someone from his grasp (Ideally the objective of this change is to promote using more than 2 mechanics of the game, this way jason needs to hit you a certain number of times before being able to perform a grab kill on you or of course he could just kill you with his weapon and it gives more screen time to the several amazing environmental kills available in each map) This change would also give more screen time to counselors that aren't played as often like Jenny because her composure is so high its easier for her to escape the grab. i hope you liked my ideas please don't kill me
  23. I find it really annoying how i'm always the one to be spawned where the phone house is and die first.. Do you guys think they should make it to where you don't spawn near the phone house? I mean there are plenty of houses to spawn at. That's the first place Jason goes to, most Jason's are asses and of course are going to go for the kill.
  24. Hey guys! Me and my friend made a pretty funny compilation video of us both playing Friday the 13th on PS4! Thought it would be great to share to our fellow Friday fanboys and fangirls! thanks so much to anyone who checks it out, it would be greatly appreciated. We intend to make much more in the future
  25. Hello, I'm Richie, and I do silly voices when I stream Friday the 13th. Mostly I do Shaggy or Kermit. if I am Jason I can easily be bribed to let you go with Scooby snacks (Drop your items.) As Kermit, I always say "Hi-oh!" to my victims upon meeting them. And if I happen to be Joker... run. There is no saving you. If you don't mind being on a stream, have a good mic, and don't get so loud that it will make headphone users ears bleed. You're welcome to join me for some games. Or you can just watch me on Twitch. That's fine too. I play on PS4. My PSN is NatsuPodcaster.