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Found 212 results

  1. I started wondering if the enviroment will have any effects on the counselors/ jason/ like, say jason and the dumb blonde have a run in and she starts running through the woods instead of going back from were she came like typical senarios similar to this, if shes running through the woods will she get dirty'ed up like in the recent Tomb Raider games? Or if jason attacks a counselor and they get injured but not killed, will they have a limp in there run and get all bloody? long story short, will the enviroment effect the characters appearence? What do you think? And what do you hope to see when it comes to the characters appearence?
  2. Here I would like to offer my take on overhauling the Jason gameplay mechanics. After 140 hours of playing and doing some research on Jason and where each Jason is placed on player's tier lists, here are my thoughts on re-balancing the Jason gameplay. My goal is to level the playing field across all Jasons and make each of them a valid choice and address issues with underpowered abilities. Some say they are all well balanced but that is sadly not the case. I will reference these two pages for data on Jason: 1. Jason Tier List (data-driven analysis) 2. Jason Stats and Abilities: Knowledge Base w/ Lots of Hard Data First, let's start with the traits that are considered mostly irrelevant. This is absolutely true. The only time grip strength matters is when Jason is on uneven ground or in a tight space with no environmental kills available. I understand from a "lore" point of view that some Jasons would have more grip strength than others, but there are some weird choices for who gets stronger and weaker grip. Part 3, the "human" Jason gets more grip strength than Part 8, the "zombie" Jason that has enough strength to punch a man's head off. That... does not make sense. Just an odd choice really. Now as much as I understand the reasoning behind the inclusion of the grip strength stat, in actual gameplay it hardly matters because Jason can kill anyone before they escape. The solution: Grip Strength across all Jasons is set to the "average" value. In the place of the former "Grip Strength" stats, other strengths and weaknesses will be substituted. I will get into that towards the end. In my experience the boat does not spawn in even half of the matches that I played. Water Speed's irrelevance could be remedied somewhat by increasing the rate of the boat spawn, but I think more needs to be done for this power. Water Speed hardly matters because once Jason sees the boat moving, the best thing to do is to morph far ahead of the boat and play goalie at the exit. Because the exit is small compared to the size of the bodies of water, Jason need not worry too much about being juked by the boat if they are required to be funneled to the exit. My solution is the following: In addition to different water speeds, STALK is tied to this power. Jasons with a Water Speed weakness(Part 2 and Savini), CANNOT use Stalk while in water. Their proximity music will always be heard for as long as they are in water. Jasons with neutral Water Speed CAN use Stalk while in water, and Jasons with a strength in Water Speed are PERMANENTLY in Stalk mode while in water without using the Stalk power itself. This would make J7 and J8 quite the powerhouse if the boat spawns. It would also allow for these Jasons to play "sentry" and travel along the coast silently while looking out for what the counselors are doing. Because any Jason can avoid a long cooldown by toggling Sense on and off, that makes a shorter or longer sense duration, as said above, only marginally relevant. Jason's with increased Sense range are appreciated but that too becomes somewhat irrelevant towards the end of a match when any Jason has a large sense range. Jasons with sense strength merely start with a larger range. My Solution is: When Sense is toggled off, it does NOT recharge immediately. The Sense meter stops where it is. In order to recharge Sense, it must be allowed to drain to zero. These are most relevant towards killing Jason. To my knowledge, these weaknesses make removing Jason's mask easier in theory, but in practice it seems that they only marginally effect the ease with which the masks can be removed. Speaking of Defense specifically, it does really matter in combat because all Jasons are invulnerable to melee attacks so long as they are blocking. Solution: For Defense, re-vamp the combat slightly. While Jason is blocking, if Jason blocks a certain amount of damage within a given time frame, there is a chance to break his block and have the attack successfully connect. For Jasons with a weakness in Defense, they can absorb fewer hits before their block is broken. Just throwing out an example, if J2 or J6 block 5 hits in something like 8-10 secons, the chances of the next hit inflicting damage on Jason through his block become exponentially greater. For Less Hit Points, and Stun Resistance, because these don't really effect how easy it is to stun or demask Jason, I think they should be eschewed from the stat screen. I'm sure their values effect SOMETHING but I don't think they are meaningful enough in actual gameplay to list them on the stat screen. Instead I would replace them with something new. Perhaps a "Rage" variable that effects how soon rage becomes available. The stun resistance needs to be fixed so that Jasons with a strength or weakness in them are actually harder or easier to stun with a shorter and longer stun time. Now I would like to talk about the more "middle-ground" abilities and what I would do for them. Jason 2 and 3 are decent starter Jasons but overall they are considered low in the tier lists many people create. My solution is tied to their run speed: Increase J2 and J3's run speed to be up to 20% or so higher than fast walking. I feel like this would give them more "points" in the eyes of players for consideration even for veteran players. Stalk is great but I really feel like the penalty for moving while using it is a bit too great. Here's what I would change: Keep the Stalk values the same for RUNNING while using it. Across all Jasons the time to drain stalk while WALKING or fast-walking should be increased by up to or exceeding 50%. Often times the time it takes to get into position with Stalk active is time enough for the ability to nearly or fully drain. Stalk is often ignored or not used very effectively because it is drained so quickly in my opinion. Additionally, Jason's footsteps should be SILENT while Stalk is active. It ruins the purpose of stalk if Jason cannot sneak up on people with his heavy thudding footsteps giving him away. Now I would like to talk about throwing knives. In my opinion I think it is superfluous to place the two throwing knives inside Jason's shack just to have Jason grab them at the start of every match. I say just add 2 more into Jason's inventory and remove the two knives from the shack. Now this ties into what I was saying about Grip Strength earlier. I say have 2 or 3 throwing knives be the baseline for every "neutral" Jason, and Part 6 Jason would start with 6 now that he doesn't have to pick up 2 more in the shack. Since Grip Strength would be done away with as a variable stat in my overhaul, Jasons with a weakness in Grip Strength have that replaced with -Throwing Knives in that they start with ZERO. So it would be Strength=6, Neutral=2 or 3(undecided), -Weakness=0. Alright, now Jasons with a Strength in Grip Strength would get something else in substitution for that. I'm open to ideas, but for the time being I will proceed with my new list of Strengths and weaknesses based on my Jason Gameplay Overhaul. Overhauled Jason Stats Neutral Values: Throwing Knives: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area start with 2 or 3(I'm undecided) because the 2 knives in the shack have been removed. Stalk: Jasons with no strength or weakness in this area have a buff to reduce the time to drain by up to or exceeding 50% while moving over the original value. The stationary value remains the same. Grip Strength: All Jasons now have average grip strength. Jason Part 2 Strengths: +Can Run (Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk) +Traps +Morph Stalk (I truly feel that +Morph was misplaced on J2. I don't think it is appropriate to what we see in the film. He doesn't "teleport" in that movie, but rather you could argue he is sneaking around shortcuts through the woods that he knows so well. He did a lot of hiding and sneaking in the film as well. Additionally from a gameplay perspective being able to trap the objectives so much as well as being present across the map so much is very annoying and I don't think the J2's weaknesses make up for that.) Weaknsses: -Shift -Defense (Can now be "guard broken" sooner if he absorbs too much damage in a short time frame.) -Water Speed (Perhaps renamed to "Water Affinity," as I detailed above this Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water, but he can use Stalk for longer while on land.) Jason Part 3 Strengths: +Can Run ((Now up to or exceeding 20% faster than Fast-Walk.) +Weapon Strength +Grip Strength +Defense (Can absorb more hits before his guard is broken through in combat. Think about when Chris Higgins attacked him with a knife and Jason backed up all the way down the hall before getting hit.) Weaknesses: -Stun Resistance (Can be stunned more easily outside of combat stance or while not blocking in combat stance and stays down for longer while stunned.) -Sense -Stalk (Same values as his original Stalk powers as I feel the Stalk weakness values are just fine) Jason Part 6 Strengths: +Thowing Knives (Now starts with 6 knives.) +Sense Duration +Shift Weaknesses: -Defense Stalk (In the film this Jason got up from multiple shotgun blasts very quickly, as well as tanked a strike with a shovel at the beginning of the film and a headshot from a revolver without pausing for too long. To me it seems like he was seen by his victims more so than other Jasons, so I feel that a weakness in Stalk is more appropriate to him. Gameplay wise I feel that Part 6's strength setup puts him more into the "relentless pursuit" style killer and I think that fits better with the film.) -Can't Run -Morph Jason Part 7 Strengths: +Sense Range/Cooldown +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Grip Strength Weapon Strength (I feel that this is more appropriate to this Jason thematically, and from a gameplay perspective I think more than one non-Savini Jason should have this strength. Alternatively, this could be changed to "Bleed Damage" that slowly drains HP up to a limit and increases fear over a certain time frame after a hit). Weaknesses: -Can't Run -Traps -Shift Defense (In the film this Jason was knocked down by a couch, a house plant, and a light fixture. I feel this weakness is more appropriate than a Shift weakness.) Jason Part 8 Strengths: +Water Speed/Water Affinity (Now with permanent Stalk while in water, this Jason is even more dangerous in water.) +Destruction +Stalk Morph (It is far more appropriate for J8 to have +Morph than for J2 to have it. I'm sure everyone agrees. The loss of increased Stalk duration on land is mitigated by perma-Stalk in water, so I think it is just fine this way) -Sense -Can't Run -Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives. With the 2 extra knives from the shack now removed, he will have to find knives in the map.) Jason Part 9 Strengths: +Shift +Stun Resistance (Harder to stun outside of combat stance and recovers from stuns more quickly) +Stalk Weaknesses -Can't Run -Less Hit Points (Update this to actually make it easier to de-mask this Jason upon successful hits.) -Traps Savini Jason Strengths: +Shift +Weapon Strength +Destruction Weaknesses -Water Speed/Water Affinity (This Jason is slower in water and cannot use Stalk while in water.) -Can't Run -Grip Strength Throwing Knives (Starts with ZERO throwing knives.) That's my overhaul of the Jason stats and gameplay. Let me know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree and why. Thanks for reading.
  3. I saw something interesting today playing against someone using retro Jason on Xbox. I was in a house, Jason saw me and came over to the door. I had trapped it and was standing near a window. He broke through the door and and I climbed out the window (hearing the distinctive *clink* of the the bear trap and getting my 50xp for Trapper). Instantaneously as I cleared the window Jason grabbed me out the outside of the building. Dafuq? He walked into the trap and it credited me with the action, but it did nothing to stop him. Later in the same match I was spectating. Saw a counselor go in through that same door and they got caught in my trap. Apparently, it registered as triggered but didn't. Jason comes after that counselor. That counselor resets the trap. Jason grabs her and walks right through the trap. It "triggers" but doesn't snap shut on his foot. Jason kills the counselor. Is this a glitch anyone else has seen happen? Jason wasn't blocking or anything like that. He simply was unaffected by the traps.
  4. When I play as Jason and I turn on stalk, it's my sound that gets silenced. Not only that, I can't hear hardly anything the next rounds I play, unless I shut down and restart steam. Anyone else have this bug or glitch?
  5. Hello. I never received the Savini Jason DLC Code I purchased. I've sent quite a few messages to Gun Media about this but have not heard anything, other than to check the Backerkit website. A link was sent to me claiming the DLC code was available, but when I visited the link to get it, it only led to the exact same code for just the digital copy of the game. Hopefully someone from Gun will see this message this time and decide to help. Thank you.
  6. I've had SOOOOOOO many matches where people are cheating / helping Jason it beyond sucks. Here are a few ways to prevent any Jason helping by other players. 1 - No blips on the map showing other councilors your current location. If I want you to know, I'll TELL you in the game. 2 - No party chat allowed in game. I know, some people will bitch and moan but, this game was designed with proximity chat as a key game mechanic. 3 - Jason cannot hear ANY players talking on mics in game (and visa versa). Again, I know this will piss some people off but, people can't cheat if they don't have the option. All Jason hears is the sounds that the councilor characters make. Also, I think this will help the game as well, obviously Jason doesn't talk. It takes me way out of the game and kills the mood when you hear some idiot playing the Benny Hill theme over their mic as Jason. Basically, it sucks but lets be real for a second... you can't trust every asshead to play by the rules, and if your give them any opportunity, there will be some assholes who cheat. So in order to not ruin a game that I love and have waited for: Please don't give them ANY opportunity to cheat!
  7. Players in a group shouldn't be able to become Jason because Jason ends up teleporting directly to me while "chasing" someone else there is no way possible Deborah can outrun Jason from halfway through the map nonstop while jogging and then Jason walks right past her to grab me and when I look I see they are friends with each other
  8. So I mentioned this in a previous post, but how would you guys feel about a contest to design a new Jason. Not a skin but a full on Jason, the outfit, the weapon and it's kills and his 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses. They could take submissions for a month, one per person, and then they could hold a series of contests after they chose their top 100, and keep hold a weekly vote cutting the numbers in half until the winner is decide by the community. The winner gets the dlc free, the Jason named after them, and a signed replica of the new Jason's mask by the team. Thoughts?
  9. I've had my 4th match in a row where half the people quit mid execution and I lose the points just because some kids get salty over being killed. It should count as soon as the execution starts.
  10. I was thinking about one of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campain: The Mirror Smash. If I am not mistaken, it was actually reached. But i do not think I have seen any mirror smash kills in the game, was the idea scrapped?
  11. So, before I completely get into this know that these are the ways that I personally play the Jason's. I previously made a forum page talking about how I feel about Jason, so this is just something to kind of help people understand how to play Jason. Know you can play Jason however you choose to, but this is mainly for new people who want help learning the game. Part 2 Jason : Now, when I play as this Jason, the first thing I think of is his traps. There are a couple way's you can place them, but no matter what there are three spots you need to put these traps. 1 Spot is at the phone box fuse, this will ensure anyone who attempting to call the cop's is now dead as you will know they are trying to call them. Then one at both vehicles, if car's put it at the battery, if at a boat I would personally recommend not putting traps at boats as they are easily avoidable and a waste. Other places you can put these traps however since you have 7, I would recommend putting them at "Generators" if you destroy the power boxes. I especially recommend putting one bye the generator that the players can call Tommy Jarvis at since it requires power while the phone box does not. Once your traps are setup and your game plan is done, it's time to hunt them down. You have a very high morph so if someone steps in a trap, teleport, kill them, replace trap if you have any, then continue about your day. If you have spare traps make sure you use them when you can, if you kill someone carrying a valuable item, trap it. If someone steps in a trap, re-trap the spot (Unless they fixed the trapped location). One of the biggest things to pay attention to is if there is a boat, watch it, you are slow in water so it's your biggest threat, you only get one chance to stop it. Next, avoid putting your traps at the drive side car door, it can be avoided if you place it wrong and sometimes it is hard to know if you placed it incorrectly. Part 3 Jason : Like I said with the other Jason, make sure you put your traps down, you have a few so make sure they are down before you start killing players. Know however with this Jason, your main goal is to not return to these traps right away. You do not have a high morph, so if your about to kill someone its best to kill them before teleporting away even at risking the vehicle being repaired. If they are being slippery, start swinging, abuse this. You have higher damage then most Jason's so even though some people will be mad at you for only swinging, just do it if you need to. If someone is climbing through a window, swing once then grab as the swing will cancel the animation if you hit them where as the grab will miss them. You are a killer, this is a starting class designed to help even the newest of players be able to kill anyone. Part 6 Jason : Know that this Jason is extremely hard to play when you are against more experienced players for the simple reason that it is not that hard to dodge a knife if you are purposely trying to. With that said it is not hard to miss a knife if you learn how to time it right. This character, loves knives. You want to try and use these up fast just so you can get back to normal killing as these will help you pick off players a lot sooner then most people think. Throw 3 knives, person is now injured, boom they are now dead cause you can catch up to them, or just throw another knife and kill them making it so you don't have to waste time chasing or shifting towards them. You start off with 6 of these, so use them while you can without wasting time grabbing others around the map. Remember as well, you have a faster shift, so if they fix the car it is alright. You can just press shift, move right in front of the car (Since your shift speed is faster then it) then boom, they crash and its back to the chase. Part 7 Jason : Now, this Jason I cannot really say much about cause as I said in my past forum post this to me is the worst Jason to play as, therefore I only play this Jason mainly to challenge myself. Try to only trap 1 car and trap the phone box with this Jason, cause you never know when that last trap of yours will help you. Not to mention most of the time players try to focus down one car so it's just all around better to save the trap. Next, if there is a boat, focus on it carefully as you have great water speed to stop it. You will be able to catch up to it in no time at all, so try and wait till they reach far out to the exit then catch them so people cannot get the boat right away. This will cause the boat to be far in the water requiring players to make lots of noise to alert you to their attempt at escape. Finally, just play Jason like normal, hunt players down and kill them. Focus mainly on your grabbing as your weapon does not have increased damage and you want to use that grip strength perk the best you can. Part 8 Jason : This Jason, is a monster. This to me is probably the easiest and most straight forward Jason to play hence it to me is the best. First setup your traps like all Jason's. Then if you want to be a bigger douchebag then destroy all the generators. This will cause the players to be "Feared" and therefore they cannot gain their stamina as fast. Next, start chasing and destroying doors, you take them out in 3 hits locked, 2 hits unlocked. If the player is running they cant run forever as they are feared and cannot go into lighted areas to remove it because you cut out the power. This will make it so eventually they will get caught as you give them 0 time to recharge and it recharges slowly. Another fun tip to know when playing this Jason is even if there is no player around where you teleported, when setting your traps up destroy doors in the area. You take them down in 2 hits if they are unlocked which in turn will give the players who run to that area less time to take a break as there is no door to protect them. You can do this with other Jason's as it takes them 3 hits to destroy unlocked doors while 6 hits to destroy locked ones which is very helpful, but this Jason is designed to just make the players have 0 chances of taking a break. Part 9 Jason : This Jason is designed to just be a hunter. Similar to Part 7 Jason you just focus down players and place your traps wisely. The only difference is with this one you actually have a little speed because of your shifting ability. So try and play this Jason the exact same way you would play Part 7 Jason. It's pretty simple to understand and usually by the time you are a high enough level to even use this character you will have already played every other play style, making this character fairly simple for you to play as he is just a killer, he does not focus on map control or anything. - There you have it, those are my tips on Jason and how to play them or at the very least how I play them. Remember, you can play Jason however you want as the game is about having fun, it is not a competitive game. Try to enjoy yourself as Jason, me personally I have been doing challenges lately when I play as Jason. Examples are "Destroy all generators before killing players", "Each player you grab you must release 1 time", "You cannot kill players until a vehicle is fixed or the police are called", and more. It's about having fun and not a lot of people like it when you just instant kill them and move on trying to get it done as fast as possible like it's a speed run. Have fun and feel free to discuss your own thoughts or how you play a Jason.
  12. I have a new idea for a kill in-game. What if when Jason grabs someone inside a house he has the option for a new kill animation. He would throw them onto the bed and he would bend both sides of the bed up, breaking the victim's spine like in FvJ. I know we have something similar to this with the chair animation but I think it would be super cool.
  13. Now Guys I Know we All want Pre Jason X And i do too This is what i think should be the stats and to me make perfect sense also this is my opinion so please dont complain but i would like you guys to share the idea of this with me Jasons Strengths +Stalk Because in the movie you see him do many stealth kills including snaping a guys neck with no one noticing slicing a womans neck in the dark and more [sorry if i dont know the names been years since i watched it] + Stun Resistant i think he should be stun resistant due to the fact he gets shot by many soilders in the movie with no effect only time he got knocked down by shots was when she shot his leg off for example when the guy tried to shoot him as he was being grabbed jason was unphased by the shot +Morph he always seemed to be back at the control panel area and can get around fast so it makes sense either this or shift Weaknesses - Cant Run Hes undead and he never ran as a undead Jason ever and besides its not like the devs will change that since all undead Jason versions will be like this - Traps he definitely wont use traps in space - Water Speed Doesn't swim in movie and couldn't think of anything sorry Also his weapon without a doubt is the futuristic blade or his machette Please reply what you think and i hope you agree the thing that is a MUST is Stalk to me its the Jason that deserves it the most in my opinion hope to see you again
  14. On multiple occasions, I have trapped the phone box and 4 seater, only to have the cops called on me or the car fixed. I check the minimap, and my traps haven't went off. Are counselors able to do the combat stance through traps exploit or were my traps disarmed and the map just doesn't show it?
  15. As stated in the title, I am unable to morph as Jason or talk in-game as both Jason and Counselor. (Description of both bugs): -Jasons Morph: I pull up the map to morph just fine, however there is no "red dot" I can move around. Once I try to morph, it places me in the same spot, regardless if I attempt to "move the red dot" as if it was there. -No ingame voice: I simply cant talk. I can hear other players, but I cant say anything. Note: I also dont see names displayed above heads, idk if this is related, but of all the reports Ive read of people not being able to speak; this is also present. This happens regardless of the map I play on or the Jason/Counselor I use. I have been only playing private matches with friends and havent gotten a chance to play Jason in matchmaking, so I cant confirm if this is only isolated to Private Matches. I have not been able to correct this issue, but after doing a little research, I have noticed a common trend for people with this bug: -It happens to people using XB1 Elite Controllers -The issue occurs if they are using a wireless controller Now I do own and use an Elite Controller, but I dont own a normal controller with a 3.5mm port for my headset (meaning I cant confirm if my in-game voice works) but I can say the normal controller fixes my morph ability. Other things Ive tried to resolve issue but did not work: -Leave game and join new lobby -Hard Reset Console -Factory Reset Console -Opted out of the Dashboard preview program (I had a friend that did this when they couldnt speak, and I guess it worked so I figured I would try) -Using different account. -Unistalling/Reinstalling game. Please fix this issue , or give me some way to work around, I love the game but this REALLY sucks the fun right out of it I am playing on Xbox One and my gamertag is Original Wyatt
  16. I presented an idea for counselor perks revison. Here is another idea to give Jason some power ups: Sharpening Stone = Visiting this location will allow Jason to sharpen his weapon giving him weapon damage+ buff for 3 minutes. Wood Working Bench = Visiting this spot will allow Jason to upgrade the handle of the weapons giving weapon speed+ for 3 minutes Mother's Altar = visiting this spot at his house will give him Mother's blessing buff allowing Jason to recover from stuns faster for 3 minutes. The duration of the buff can be change to best fit the game, it was just a value I entered to illustrate the idea. Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  17. In honor of my first 7/7 as Jason (despite ironically me calling for the counselors to try to kill me) tonight, tell me y'alls first time killing all seven counselors.
  18. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  19. What the title says. Got into a few matches so far with players joining as a group in public lobby and either helping jason physically (pointing locations out) or jason just outright killing everyone but their friends and letting them escape in car. Below is a list of the players involved, NERF being the jason and the rest counselors. They started the match sitting in a cabin in a group of three an proceeded to wait until jason killed the other 3 counselors (probably by pointing them on the map.) They then built the car, jason stopped it, stood and waiting until tommy (one of the players that died and was not their friend,) jumped out of the car, he slowly walked over and killed him, ignoring the car and letting them escape. Keep in mind, the counselors weren't in a rush, they were sitting there not even restarting the car. This is on PS4 and these are their usernames; [Omitted by Kodiak]
  20. Friday the 13th - Community Tournament - Planning stages I'm hoping to set up a community hosted F13 Tournament on Xbox One and PS4. Below I'm going to include some of my plans for the tournament, including my ideas for win conditions, prizes and rules. Please let me know what your thoughts are and if you have any ideas that could help make it more fun. Thanks in advance! How will the tournament work? Players will apply to be entered into the Tournament here on the forums by dropping Gamertags. A random set of players will be selected and invited to play Several Tournament win conditions in a single match (One match on Xbox, one match on PS4. Please read below to view win condition ideas) A strict rule set to prevent any friends teaming up, cheating, using exploits/glitches etc Prizes will go to the players that hit each win condition Win conditions will be a mix of 'Set in stone' conditions and community voted winners. Example - Best team player will be voted by the community. Longest time survived will be clear Tournament win condition ideas (I need your feedback on these) Longest time survived Most EXP points earned (Would require everyone playing to screen cap their scores at the end, too much room for error perhaps?) Best team player (Voted by the community) First to escape Underdog (Counselors are set random. So maybe an AJ goes toe to toe with Jason and knocks him out, then survives by the skin of their teeth?) Tournament rules (I need your feedback on these) Players will enter the tournament here on the forums by submitting their Gamertags Gamertags will go into a random generator, 6 for Xbox and 6 for PS4 will be selected and be invited to play in the Tournament 6 counselor players 1 Jason player (Preferably a trusted community/forum moderator or admin) 1 Spectator (Me, watching the game, switching between players to keep an eye on win conditions etc) No using cheats, exploits or glitches of any kind. Anyone caught doing this will obviously be disqualified from the Tournament All players must set their counselor to random Any perk set ups are permitted Team kills will result in immediate disqualification Players can work together or go it alone in game, there are no rules relating to helping other players or teaming up If two players escape in the front seats of the car first. The two players in question will receive half of the value of the 'First to escape' prize. (Example - 2 x $25 PSN vouchers instead of one player escaping first in the car solo and receiving a $50 PSN voucher) No party or private chat Game chat is permitted but not required Tournament Prize ideas (I need your feedback on these) Gold tier win conditions (1 for Xbox, 1 for PS4) - $50 voucher Silver tier win conditions (1 for Xbox, 1 for PS4) - $20 voucher Bronze tier win conditions (2 for Xbox, 2 for PS4) - $5 voucher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've had a pretty good amount of interest on social media but I would love your feedback on my ideas, thank you in advance.
  21. As jason While attacking several counselors at the blue car I was stunned multiple times and the last time while standing beside the car I was launched across the entire map from the northern location where the car was to the southern area and dropped in water and only stopped when the stun ended. This was on PS4
  22. Hello, Thx for the great game (dont even expected this), so far i play on xbox one and try to calm down my self from very often crash during the game online. What i wanna ask if any plans for dlc for money, free, any? maybe new maps or new jasons? Any hope to get later in future dlc savani jason? Thank you:) p.s. waiting patch for xbox one
  23. Alright so i haven't seen much of this, but "+water speed" on any jason needs to change and this is why. The boat is the highest risk escape you can do, and the reason for it is any +water jason that exists. Now, if he's not in the game that's one thing, but it still doesn't FIX the issue with boat escapes. For one, you're completely defenceless. There's no middle way here. If you get tipped over in the boat, you die. Unless that jason decides to just let you live, but that's arbitrary and isn't an argument that's viable. Once jason catches the boat, it's gg. you have no way to fight in the water, you have no way to fight in the boat, you're just fucked. Now, +water speed jasons have the added problem with being LITERALLY FASTER THAN THE GODDAMN BOAT. So this means that if jason hears you starting the boat (he will/should), you have no way of escape. You can at best ditch the boat and hope to come back with the boat still being functionable. If you have to restart it, tough luck you just have to ditch it again. Now the reason this is a problem is because it's so horribly unbalanced game wise. The Part 2/3 jasons can run, and is therefore a bigger problem when you're talking about the car, since they are quicker to get in position to have you crash into it when driving. however, a skilled driver can still AVOID the jasons that run (and everyone else obviously) and make an escape. Worst case scenario, you are able to get out of t he car and maybe stave of jason for the precious seconds needed to get the car running again. This is completely irrelevant when trying ot escape by boat as mentioned earlier. if your boat gets pushed, you're dead in the water. So as it is, the boat is fundamentally broken. If it spawns in with +water speed jason, you have effectively automatically eliminated one type of escape just by choosing the correct jason, and i don't see how that's good game balancing as it is. Either the boat needs to change, or you need ot add some kind of countermeasure to it so the drivers have some kind of chance at escaping even with jason there, equal to the car. With +water speed, they don't have to outplay you or anything, they can just...swim up to you. Yes, jason needs to be op, but no, he doesn't need to automatically deny an escape measure just for having chosen the "correct" option when starting a match. Also we really need more ways to escape as a sidenote. 1 man escapes, 2 man, you name it. I'll take a unicycle, just do MORE with it.
  24. So i've finally played enough games in a succession to notice an annoying issue. The random Jason selection needs to be re worked. I've played a total of 5 games in a row yesterday (The most i've played in a row without crashing). However people leave the game due to dashboarding or disconnecting. But being 3 games in, someone who just joined the lobby was Jason. And that happened the next game. And the next. Then it crashes. I rejoin and i'm Jason while other people in the same lobby who have been in there for now 6 games haven't been him once. And this isn't a one time thing. I've had this happen to me in the past before but in smaller back to back games. 3 as an example (usually the most amount of games I play before a crash.) I can't tell you how annoying and frustrating that is. If you're in a lobby for longer, your chances of being Jason should be higher than someone who just joined and not the other way around.
  25. Hi guys its FlameRiderSD i was noticing one thing that i found strange in the early trailers Jason has different weapons for example part 3 Jason had a machete in one part 2 had a spear part 3 also had a pitchfork and pick axe when the game came out you couldn't switch weapons and it was weird all future trailers had Jason with only and ONLY default weapons i want to have different weapons in the game please because in the movies he never used one thing he always used even the littlest things like a corkscrew knives, cleavers shards of glass, a sauna rock and other things Jason should have the ability to grab a weapon In game and use it the only explanation i can think of why this isn't a feature yet is because it would mess with the kill wheel thats it since you'd have to have kills for each weapon My Solution: Make A Weapon kill menu make it all weapons have there own kills you can customize and make have diffrent kills a match all weapons would have 2 hand kills and 2 weapon kills this is my opinion and i hope you reply to use why you atleast cant make this or why it isnt in yet this has been FlameRiderSD Signing out