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Found 4 results

  1. One thing I would love to se is Part 7 Jason having +Weapon Strength. Why? Because in my vision, with some other ajustments, he could become a Hunter Jason being the close-combat counterpart of Part 6 Jason. Jason 6 playstyle is for chasing and keeping up with running counselors. Jason 7 would be just like him but with +Weapon Strength instead of +Throwing Knives (and +Water Speed).
  2. Now Guys I Know we All want Pre Jason X And i do too This is what i think should be the stats and to me make perfect sense also this is my opinion so please dont complain but i would like you guys to share the idea of this with me Jasons Strengths +Stalk Because in the movie you see him do many stealth kills including snaping a guys neck with no one noticing slicing a womans neck in the dark and more [sorry if i dont know the names been years since i watched it] + Stun Resistant i think he should be stun resistant due to the fact he gets shot by many soilders in the movie with no effect only time he got knocked down by shots was when she shot his leg off for example when the guy tried to shoot him as he was being grabbed jason was unphased by the shot +Morph he always seemed to be back at the control panel area and can get around fast so it makes sense either this or shift Weaknesses - Cant Run Hes undead and he never ran as a undead Jason ever and besides its not like the devs will change that since all undead Jason versions will be like this - Traps he definitely wont use traps in space - Water Speed Doesn't swim in movie and couldn't think of anything sorry Also his weapon without a doubt is the futuristic blade or his machette Please reply what you think and i hope you agree the thing that is a MUST is Stalk to me its the Jason that deserves it the most in my opinion hope to see you again
  3. Hey Guys Its Flame With another idea I hope you liked my Pre Jason X stats and came to see my final Chapter stats we all want this Jason since it finally be another running and human jason first i'd like to say stats first Strengths +can Run why wouldn't he? +Water Speed would be the first living Jason with water speed and i think it would be awesome to see one and also in the movie he gets 2 kills in the water so its not just for the fun of it +Grip Strength In the movie he crushes a guys head with his bare hands in the shower so it would make sense if he had grip Strength Weaknesses - Defense he couldn't block the hand cut or machete to the face at all so it makes sense he cant block good and has bad defense - stun resistance he didn't move and looked at hand when he got cut also the machete to the face completely stopped him but didn't quiet finish him as Tommy then chops him up good - Shift all the kills happen around the same time also i kinda dont know what to put here sorry Weapon if Jason goes to hell Jason didn't have a double axe it be that but honestly i want another machete Jason if they wont add the ability to switch weapons so i choose a machete for him I hope you liked my Stats and please leave a reply for any stats or weapons you want on him this has been FlameRiderSD signing out
  4. What do you guys think the lower body of the Savini Jason will look like? Was wondering if all of you had any ideas to what they think his weapon will be & anyone have any opinions on the what they think the stats should/will be? Was also curious as to what other weapons you'd like to see other Jason skins have.