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Found 35 results

  1. For any of you folks who have never played or seen the NES Friday the 13th, I thought this would be a fitting introduction:
  2. Figured we could make this little thread to toss out our own ideas for future Jason kills. Who knows, maybe some of us are just as twisted in mind as the Great Savini. I'll get the ball rolling. Jason 6 Kills Impaling: Inspired by the notorious Vlad the Impaler, this kill involves Jason hitting a councilor so they have their back to him. He then uses the pike to perform the world's most painful rectal breach, shoving it all the way up out their mouth, and then puts the person ka-bob in the ground, leaving it there gurgling the rest of the match. Impaling 2 Jason sticks the pike in the ground point end to the sky, does that gorilla press on a councilor and slams them on the pike, leaving them stuck there impaled. Alternatively, he can do the same thing as above but in reverse, or simply spike them chin first into the pike, letting them slowly slide down. Axe Kills The Heimlich Maneuver: This can be performed with any axe. Jason flips the wood end around and shoves it right down a councilor's throat. The axe blade is left hanging out the mouth as they sit there on there knees. As Jason starts to walk off, he stops, turns, and Mongo smacks the axe head, splitting the head. I know, I'm a sick guy. Feel free to add you're own.
  3. So with the eventual impending launch, I figured we could make a list for new players to easily find some info and also to chat/review some of the changes since beta and how it might affect gameplay as well as how the game flow will go over the 20 minute time limit. Here's a short list. Add anything I missed if you want and I'll edit the OP later. * Drawers now stay open when searched. * Calling the Police: You need a fuse before you can call the cops. * Shift Grab seems to have been tweaked. * Stalk: Jason can now stalk without the music giving him away. * Sense and Sound: Jason's key tracking abilities have been tweaked a bit for easily helping councilors transition to one of the living impaired. * Councilor Stats: Stamina and stat tweaks for all councilors. * Breakable Fences: Fences are now breakable, putting an end to one loop scenario. * Jason gets traps and throwing weapons. * Councilors can use Firecrackers and Flare Guns to stun Jason. * The new maps, which we still know little about. That's a start. I think the drawers staying open when searched will speed up the gameplay quite a bit. That's actually a pretty big time sink eliminated. As for the cop calling, that one is still a bit of a need-to-see-in-action one. If the fuse is in the house right by the phone it shouldn't add too much time to calling the cops, how long they take to arrive is the next question. Have at it fellas.
  4. Hello all! I have started an online petition for the goal of having the DLC (Savini Jason & Counsellor Pack) brought back out of early retirement. I've never been a huge fan of limiting/exclusive DLC for video games; DLC should be accessible for everyone at all times in my opinion. Hopefully, you're someone who believes so too. Please sign the petition if you're open to the idea of not limiting DLC for this great game! Again, this forum thread and petition is intended only for players who want DLC to not be limited. I'm aware there are others out there who are perfectly fine with it being exclusive. Petition can be found at the following: Thanks for your support!
  5. So while the final release wont have Ted White rendition of Jason,wich probably be added after the game release,i tought it would be nice to make a topic where i could put some videos of artisans works on Part 4 Jason,weither it's a head/face bust,or a life size model or the hockey mask. Like that,the one working on the in-game models will have a bit more details and refferences if he ever start working on a in-game model of Part 4 Jason. sirbrad4 as made multiples life sized horror films characters,especially the different versions of Jason.As for the model in the video the only thing it is lacking is the knife wound on the right leg and the rough blackish nails on the fingers,everything else not bad at all. Here's a good head bust showing a good close up of the head+face,only thing is that the derpy right eye seem a bit too upward. Big Hush is a great artisan and his various hockey mask look quite nice,i consider watching his tutorials videos,now one thing that i've noticed when i watched different videos about someone making a part 4 mask or someone buying a part 4 mask made by an artisan is that the most used version of the mask is the one from the shower scene,with the upper chevron half damaged and the right chevron slightly damaged on it's bottom part,most artisan use that model of the mask,so it would be a good suggestion to go with that version of the hockey mask for the in-game model. So what's your toughts on those,guys ?
  6. So i've noticed a few peoples saying that it might be difficult to create new and unique designs for Jason,but i on the other hand dont think so,it is still possible to think up some designs for Jason that would be new,unique and interesting,so i decided to make this topic so we could share our toughts on some concepts that linger in our minds and give opinions on them. I know that it might be a bit too soon to talk about this since the game isnt out yet,but i want to prove to some of these peoples that originality is still a possibility,heck even Tom Savini new design as some unique traits to it,even if peoples have mixed feelings about it,like the spike on the shoulder or the charcoal black color of the whole model or the fire/lava thing going on with the eyes,mouth and wounds. So here's a few concepts i would like to share with you guys......... -Savage Jason (Human) : You guys remember that scene in part 2 when the characters are around the campfire and Paul start telling the legend of Jason,then Ted show up wearing furs,a mask and a tribal spear,well what if that concept had actually been used,an alternate look for Jason wich instead of wearing farmer clothes and a sack,he would be wearing clothes made of animal furs,have long and messy hairs,scars on his body and a mask made either of wood or animal head/skin,this look would perfectly fit the whole living in the woods for years as some kind of savage person. -Winter Jason (Human) : I remember reading somewhere on internet that one of the concept for the sequel of the 2009 Remake was supposed to be set during winter,the idea of having Jason in a snowy Crystal Lake would definitely had been interesting,Jason would probably be wearing some Winter hoodie coat,winter pants,boots and he doesnt catch a cold while killing his victims out in the cold and harsh outdoor. -Swamp Jason (Undead) : So like the name suggest,this is a undead Jason but with a more swampy look to him,a lot more green+brown colored due to all that green swamp water and swamp mud,also some water weed/plants+grass covering and growing on his body,it's basically the swamp monster version of Jason. -Toxic/Acid Jason (Human or Zombie) : What if Jason fell in a pool of toxic waste ? You would have a Jason wich appearance would look a bit more mutant like and have fluorescent green or purple colored toxic goo coming out of him. So what do you guys think ? Share your ideas too.
  7. If Jason (Part 7) were to be given a second weapon to buy with CP Points, I feel strongly that it should be the Weed Whacker. Here's why. The weed whacker, would be very terrifying to counselors (players) and would work similar to the movie scene it was shot with. The weed whacker, if picked by the Jason player, would see them getting a score boost for kills made with it, BUT, it would be very difficult to make a kill with it, UNLESS the counselor you are chasing is wounded, or completely out of Stamina. Why?? Fire the weed whacker up too early, and most EVERYONE will hear it, increasing chances of counselors avoiding Jason. Straight up chasing a counselor with it would be hard (not impossible), but slashing them once or twice (with it OFF, no noise)) to weaken them first and increase their fear on top of that is the preferred method. Once they are wounded, Jason can then fire up the whacker, and make the kill for more points than a 'normal weapon'. Jason would have to hold a button to crank the weed whacker up (it takes a moment). In that moment, after cranking it, the noise can be heard by counselors within proximity, and by counselors in the distance. Scenario: How scary would it be to hear that sound getting closer behind you after you have completely tired out your counselor. Or to hear Jason cutting through a cabin to get to you with it. Jason Players could easily use the weed whacker to simply intimidate other players, get them to leave a cabin, run scatter. People will hear that sound, and it's time to go. I feel that the weed whacker is a great weapon to place inside the game. The game mechanics for extra score using it would be balanced, and it would create a ton of fun and fear within the game.
  8. Sneaking around the Myers house, Smith's Grove, or Haddonfields Memorial hospital would be terrifying. Especially when you don't know if Myers is around the corner, or maybe you'll hear him walking in the distance... Seems like a much more fitting game style for Michael Myers. And of course, players could play as Myers too. This would be a story driven game, however.
  9. I would like to see the other people who are on a mission to kill Jason in the films that can be radioed like Tommy. There's Rob from part 4. He could carry a hunting rifle like in the movie. There's also Creighton Duke. I don't know what weapon he would use, but I think this would add variety to the game. I think when you use the radio to call for help one of the 3 will answer and come for help instead of it being Tommy every single time.
  10. Not enough to read lately so... Rank the films from your favourite to least favourite- this isn't about which films you think were the best or made the best but simply what your favourites are from best to worst.
  11. With Jason having an official game, it's only right to wonder if other horror icons will get the same treatment. I also wonder if Gun Media has had the thought, at least cross their minds? Hopefully they have. I'd love it if they took on more horror legends, Michael Myers and Freddy especially. What do you all think?
  12. First of all, pardon my English because I'm Swedish, and we use different grammar in Scandinavia and in U.S.A./UK. One thing that I'm wondering about, is collecting random placed items from the movies for an own collection would be quite cool. For example, Melissa's pearl necklace, Ned's football t-shirt and the spike which Jason used to kill Michael with in Part VII, and much more. And with these items would come with an text/info about the thing that the player has found in a match, in an own personal museum like the Virtual Cabin. EDIT: Once the player gets the item, it will be in the collection permanently. Just a thought. I know that it won't be possible because of time, money and priority but it would be fun. Also, maybe an whole collection would give the player an achivement for the effort. But this is just an suggestion, and if this is already being discussed already, please lock this thread. (Although I've searched for similar topics but I did not find any.)
  13. Apparently they've stopped production of the next Friday the 13th movie: Say it isn't so... we need some solace; I hope the game is certified soon, the sooner the release, the better at this point. How could they kill Jason? He's such a special, special boy!
  14. This is a two part question, one part for the players, one part for the devs. For the Devs: Are you guys ready for what could be a launch day disaster? That's not meant as a bash but more of a readiness check. In the past couple of years even the Triple-A big devs haven't been ready for what was unleashed on launch day with many of their online-only titles. Cases in point: Diablo III: Anyone that tried to play Blizzard's newest installment of the Diablo series on launch day back in 2012 was met with good ol Error 37. This one was so bad that it was memed to death. Even the massive WoW developer that runs a game with millions of players couldn't rustle up a smooth launch for this one. (I still call it inferior to Diablo II, but that's just me.) SimCity: Another of my favorite sim type series game jumped to the online-only gameplay when it launched back in 2012, and it was, like Diablo III, a bit of a train wreck and called by many players and game outlets a straight up launch disaster. Dead by Daylight: A fairly recent issue that plagued Dead by Daylight came by way of lost player data. This was in huge part because player data was saved client-side instead of server side, so a lot of players lost all of their game progress for both their killers and survivors when a bug popped up in one of the patches that caused the data not to save properly in some way and corrupted the file. With all that in mind, are you guys ready for all the issues you are likely to encounter on launch day ranging from players exploiting bugged code to rapid level, server issues with logins and connections (you've encountered this a bit already during the beta), and more importantly, how will player data be handled to ensure it won't be lost in the same manor as Dead by Daylight? For Players: Do you have your checklist of needed things ready for launch day? This includes: snacks, drink of choice (alcohol inclusion is optional), a taser for anyone that interrupts you, and a backup plan for when launch possibly goes awry. I always advise a backup plan if you're camping the servers on launch day by way of an alternate game or Netflix. Regardless of your choice, I do suggest you have a standby. Recommended games are welcome.
  15. Hello everyone, for people who enjoy Friday the 13th films. I just uploaded a new Friday the 13th Short Film in GTA V. Feel free to check it out, I thought this was probably the best way for community members to get to see this film I've been working on for 3 months. Me and a buddy run our own YouTube channel, where we make a bunch of different GTA Short Films with our friends. So, here is Friday The 13th: The Awakening. Hope you enjoy! *Also keep in mind, this video may not work on Mobile devices in some regions. I am aware of that, Sorry for the inconvenience. This video however will work on the Xbox/Playstation YouTube Apps, Apple TV, and of course PC.*
  16. Sorry I couldnt think of a more original title! But yeah I haven't seen anything big or exciting about the game today and I thought there must be SOMETHING. Since this will be the only Friday the 13th before the game comes out has anyone seen any special news or new leaks about the game yet?
  17. I figure it's best suited for them to be able to see a compiled list of everyone's suggestions, including my own and friends from 10 or so hours of play. So if you want to add your suggestion, and it's not already in the OP, just put it in this thread and I'll add it. Suggestions from the Community: 1. Private Game options/settings customization. Include adjustable stats for Jason and the players, abilities on or off, match time limits, victory conditions on or off, perks on or off, adjustable handicaps, so on and so forth. Let us create our own custom experience in Private matches. 2. Improve hiding/stealth, and enable more ways to avoid "Sense", such as crouching and stealth being overall more useful, therefor allowing the player to avoid continuous encounters with Jason if you manage to get away. 3. Camera work needs improving, too wonky/finicky, indoors especially. 4. Too easy for Jason to catch up to you using Teleport and Shift, perhaps increase cool down, and with the right hide mechanics could help balance it. 5. Jason's kill prompts come up too quickly/easily, perhaps a quicktime prompt battle between Jason and the Counselor trying to break free to decide if the Counselor gets free or if Jason kills them? 6. Visual indicator on who is talking. 7. Stamina is currently the most useful skill in the game by far, it's essentially your life meter, so perhaps a retooling of character speeds and making the other skills more prominent? 8. Avoid possible scenarios where a Counselor can simply circle a car to avoid Jason. 9. Calling the Police is arguably easier than getting the car parts, so perhaps some retooling and balancing on victory conditions and how they are obtained? Have the Police as NPCs at the exit, where Jason can take the time to kill them, thus making it a gamble of time spent for both sides? 10. Vote to kick feature(excluding Jason), to eliminate potential trolling and griefing. 11. Add Tutorials for different aspects of the game that aren't as obvious. 12. Remove or change the VHS static/distortion effect from Shift to something that doesn't hinder the Counselor's as much, when they are already greatly struggling. 13. Bots fill empty slots, at least in Private Games with friends. This will enable a more balanced play where you don't need 8 people to truly stand a chance. 14. Possible alternative win condition option for the last Counselor alive, a boat escape, taking down Jason, have this be where the Police come in, or something else entirely? 15. No friendly fire option, at least in Private Games. 16. Each Counselor can only be selected by 1 person (possible alternate mode). 17. Add text chat to the game, as not everyone has a mic, and a good chunk who do will likely use other programs to speak outside of the game with friends. 18. Allow the map to be opened while moving, or possibly implement a double tap of a button to enlarge the mini-map for better mobility and navigation while on the run.
  18. One thing I'd really love to talk about, and see some behind the scenes of personally, (me being a big audio artist, and editor), is how Harry Manfredini's work will be implemented into the game. We've all heard Harry's music in all the films, all fantastic! They create the perfect character in atmosphere for all of these films. and we've heard some of the tracks in the Virtual Cabin, but we all know there's going to be more than just THOSE tracks. There are item cues, FEAR cues, event stingers, chase sequence (could be more than one chase song so you don't just get bored of the same chase music over and over again), there's Jason's hunting music. In any event, music on Jason's side may sound completely different from what the music on the counselor side is hearing in that same moment. Will music change dynamically during cinematic moments? For example, Music kicks into gear when you catch sight of Jason, what was the music doing BEFORE that moment? How will the music interact and transition when the player enters a cabin in the middle of said chase? Will it dynamically transition into a moment of tension and decision making, rather than the full blown chase music? Will the music be like Dead by Daylight where it's used as an alarm for the survivor? Or will it be used more cinematic, and only chime in if it suits the scene? (giving Jason the stealth he needs to creep up on a counselor). There are so many questions I have about the audio of this game and how it will meld all these experiences together to create a believable atmosphere. We. Must. Know. Harry. We must know...
  19. **FEAR METER** Scaring the Counselors and invoking "FEAR". As we all know the counselors fear is a key element, if not THE key element to easily hunt and kill them. I like the idea that if counselors are hiding out in a cabin, and Jason KNOWS that they are in there, he could search around for the power box to the cabin and destroy it to push a little fear into the counselors as they hide inside. Now the only downside to this would be that the counselor, seeing the lights go out, they just might try to leave the cabin, because after seeing the lights go out, most folks will assume, "Okay Jason's DEFINITELY on his way inside, so I should leave now". This may or may not work for gameplay balance unless there's a reason for counselors to stay inside the cabin, and to stay hidden. Just running around in a dark cabin by yourself would be crazy. One interaction that I would just completely bow down to you guys eternally for, would be to somehow be able to 'disguise' the fact that Jason has entered the cabin. Giving that, "He's inside with me.. I can feel it.. but I don't know where he is!" Remember that scene from Part 7 where "The Neanderthal Man, Hunter-Gatherer, seeks nourishment" dude goes downstairs and if you look close, at the upper left corner of the room as he enters the kitchen, Jason is just standing there, watching him from the shadows. CREEPY AS FUCK. I don't know how dark you plan on making these rooms when lights go out, but if you can implement these kinds of moments... (holy shit balls). SETTING UP CORPSES I don't see this getting placed, but still would be neat if it could.. Would be kinda neat if Jason could set corpses up in doorways, or have some way of spawning bodies that just appear to the counselor to again, invoke fear in them as they are searching. These would be classified more as jump scares I suppose, but they would be pretty neat to experience at random for counselors. I just worry about that if Jason manually set up bodies, it would take away from the time he SHOULD be hunting the other counselors. And even if he did set up a body or two, chances are a counselor would never even see or interact with it. So it would probably have to be some automatic perk that just is 'placed' when Jason uses it somewhere (cabin, barn). When used, would place bodies in that location. They wouldn't necessarily be the bodies of the counselors playing, but OTHER people (NPCs) who were unfortunate enough to walk through Jason's woods.
  20. I have seen ALL 12 Jason Vorhees films (Friday the 13th Parts 1-9 + Jason X + Freddy vs Jason + the 2009 remake). He is my favourite modern day horror Icon, with my favourite classic horror Icon having to be Nosferatu. I love all the modern franchise horror movie icons like Pinhead/Chucky/Leatherface/Michael Myers/Freddy Kreuger/Ghostface/Jason Vorhees/Ash Williams, as well as the classic horror icons like Nosferatu/Dracula/Frankensteins Monster/The Wolfman/The Mummy/The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Pulling a massive movie marathon where I watched all the Friday the 13th films to date was one of the best experiences in my life and I cannot wait to do it again, I absolutely LOVE films, especially horrors, and really fell in love with the Friday the 13th films and Jason Vorhees! I am a little concerned over the direction of the 2017 Friday the 13th remake, I am worried about them trying to make Jason too sympathetic a character, showing too much of him as a kid and his drowning, and trying too hard to explain how he is able to keep coming back from the dead, which I think spoils the mystery. I like that in the original series we had to wait until part 9 to get any solid explanations. I just think handing everything to a new audience on a silver platter may end up spoiling the mysteriousness of the character and its success will also depend alot on what new creative licenses they decide to take with the character and what new explanations they come up with for his immortality. I'd heard worrying rumours at one point during its production that the new Friday the 13th franchise wouldnt even be related to Jason Vorhees anymore, if thats true that would just be beyond rediculous!
  21. Here is an Official Fanart thread to post all your fanart of your desires. Even though I can't tell but please post your own original fanart. Just saying. This is my own particular work, I JUST got done with it. I wanted to incorporate my favorite survivor of the Friday the 13th series into a original artwork. An this is what I got, I really do love it. Her name is Tina from part 7 if any of you don't know. I added the Friday the 13th the game title just to add that I'm ready for the game and already love it while loving my favorite character from my favorite movie part of the franchise. That's really it, I wanted to take a easy, simple, and quick route with drawing whatever type of fanart I really wanted to do. Can't wait to see everyones work. (This also makes me think of a suggestion for the suggestion and feedback thread, it would be cool if the game had loading screens they could in-corporate Fanart pieces in the loading time screens. Lol. I remember a Korean mmo did it and I didn't know cause the artwork was that good at the time, lol.)
  22. Hey you guys, I put together a video with my commentary thoughts on Friday the 13th the 1980 film. I hope you enjoy, and I'd love to know what you think! PART II is all done!
  23. Hi, my name is Tyler. I'm a fan of the friday the 13th series, especially part 7. Love Tina, feel like I can feel how she feels and love the thought of telekinesis. That's something I would love in this game coming soon, no matter what anyone says, just a little easter egg to that movie, lol. I'm really big on being a survivor, I seen so far past the 70s and 80s and 90s movies that people have stopped using the final girl/boy trope a lot. I love the trope, I love stories with people overcoming obstacles especially impossible ones. I can say I felt like a weak person but with these characters and their survival skills makes me feel braver and I feel I can take on anything. Without getting into trouble I mean, lol. In this game I plan on living out my dream to be in a "slasher flick" and trying my best to survive it all or at least be the final girl/boy in each match if I can by what character I choose to use. I'll never be a fan of being Jason or any killer, Just me. I can understand how someone believes being Jason is cool and all, I do honestly. I just feel it's more fun making the weak the MOST OP you can make them be. I love that we have fictional killers cause without them, I wouldn't boast about how I feel survivors are cool aka the counselors, Lol. Anyways plan to make friends on here and hope to play with any of you guys in the beta or the full game version. Would love to skype call while playing or something. Cool to have some teamwork manifest quickly then trying to talk to a stranger to help you in game but hey wheres the fun in that I guess, Lol.
  24. The gameplay is awesome you guys!! Loved seeing the footage live on TWITCH last night! Everything had that Friday the 13th movie vibe and I was ridiculously excited. The teleporting, perfect feature and perk for Jason... honestly the only thing I would change about it is 2 things small. The smoke effect when he appears, I just hope counselors can't SEE that... as now it makes Jason like a witch or warlock, his teleporting should be something the counselor players KNOW he's doing, but they should never directly SEE him teleport. It should always be as if he's coming out of the shadows, or from behind a wall. That "whoosh" generic sound effect when he teleports, I feel like that should be something different, but that's just me. Make it to where Jason can't teleport somewhere as long as someone is able to see in that location. THIS would also give the camp counselors more initiative to stick together. Because if there are counselors sticking together that's more EYES covering the environment and when there are more eyes covering the landscape (which could be a cone of vision invisible to everyone except Jason, it would eliminate him being able to teleport everywhere because a counselor can actually SEE there... Where as if a counselor is alone and by themselves, they have an easier chance to die. Stick together, keep everyone looking out the windows for Jason. Keep an eye on your environment, because as soon as someone looks away for an INSTANT, Jason could teleport and sneak up on the group and grab someone at a window, or at a back door. This would automatically create a sense of 'working together as a group' and the anticipation and excitement of using multiple people to keep Jason at a distance AT LEAST from teleporting. It would also help keep that 'feel' of the movies as when everyone's together, you feel safer and Jason 'may not show up' during these moments of sticking together, less likely than if you are alone. The BLOOD. It looks a little comic book right now. It's very bright red and splattery, which is cool. But I feel like the gore in Friday should be more realistic than ' comic splattery'. The payoff for killing a counselor should be HUUUUGE. I mean people are going to be playing this game and killing counselors THOUSANDS of times.. so you can only imagine how many times we are going to be viewing these kills. Make the blood and gore to where people have to almost feel bad for what they've done, hahah. People have seen blood in games so much now that it's no big thing. Design the blood to ooze out of wounds. Make people go "Ew" again. And not just because someone's head exploded Mortal Kombat style. The girl that gets her head smashed by Jason in the door, where's her skull? Where's her brains? Where are the pieces of her head that should be left behind and there for other counselors to find later? The blood itself could play a little gameplay element too. Jason's footsteps as he walks through it, people can see where he went. Counselors too. When Jason kills victims, blood should be getting all over his clothes etc. In the movies there was blood on windows, objects, ... I want to have that feeling of coming up to a cabin and getting those butterflies in your stomach as you go to yourself, "He's in there.. or closeby, because..." and they'd have evidence. Blood splatter. A corpse absolutely MANGLED inside. Maybe Jason carried the body away to his 'hideout'. But there should be clear evidence that someone was murdered there. etc.
  25. I can't be the only one think this but will there be fully nude boobs in the game? Friday the 13th is all about Jason killing and the conceslors having sex, so I'm just hoping the game has some animated boobs in there but either way the game looks great!