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Found 15 results

  1. I just want to play this damn game, but all it does is load. Here's to hoping I get a chance to play
  2. Hi, if you wanna play a game of F13 but can't because of the servers. Just drop your gamertag in the comments and I will send you a gameinv. Just be expecting one
  3. Last night, my group and I decided to try to kill Jason and we proved successful after the second try once we figured out how to get it right. However, only Tommy Jarvis received the achievement Killing Jason. While I can fully understand the campers standing around shouldn't get the achievement, it seems odd to me that the one other key component doesn't receive anything. As well as Tommy Jarvis, you need a female character wearing Jason's mother's sweater in order to distract him. Without her, there is no killing Jason. Period. I would think at the very least those two characters should receive the achievement (or some sort of achievement; perhaps the female receives a "distraction" or "Jason's Mother" achievement, something like that.) I know in our game, I had to be the one who stunned Jason, so perhaps as well as another character if they are the one to stun Jason if the girl wearing his mother's sweater couldn't manage to successfully hit Jason. Taking down Jason is not possible without teamwork and at least 2 or 3 characters playing very specific roles and causing damage. It is nothing myself nor anyone was angry about. We were simply stumped and were discussing it at the time as it seemed odd. Just food for thought.
  4. Hello all, is anyone selling the tom Savini and/or counselor Clothing pack?, I missed out on it and I really do regret not buying it when I had the chance. If any potential sellers (or people who know others that are selling it) see this post could you please leave a contact method/link so we can negotiate the price ¬Thanks
  5. Check this out! This is amazing fan work. Heres a link to the article: Edit: looking back on it, this should be in off topic.
  6. Hello everyone! I've made F13 Fan Group on Steam so that there is even easier access to find people to play with on and after release and to make friends who also enjoy the game! Along with the group, I made a discord which you can find posted on the group page where we can all talk and play together further. Here is the link to the group!:
  7. Just in case anyone missed it and has been looking for it, the Steam preorders are up.
  8. Put together a little something for the wait by way of some of the more entertaining and comical F13 gameplay videos from the beta from a variety of YouTube personalities. Maybe it'll help pass the time. Enjoy.
  9. So I'm so happy this game is coming out I would love to experience with the Friday the 13th family. I would prefer players who have a mic but I'm cool with players that don't. Leave your gamertags below ????????????????
  10. If Jason (Part 7) were to be given a second weapon to buy with CP Points, I feel strongly that it should be the Weed Whacker. Here's why. The weed whacker, would be very terrifying to counselors (players) and would work similar to the movie scene it was shot with. The weed whacker, if picked by the Jason player, would see them getting a score boost for kills made with it, BUT, it would be very difficult to make a kill with it, UNLESS the counselor you are chasing is wounded, or completely out of Stamina. Why?? Fire the weed whacker up too early, and most EVERYONE will hear it, increasing chances of counselors avoiding Jason. Straight up chasing a counselor with it would be hard (not impossible), but slashing them once or twice (with it OFF, no noise)) to weaken them first and increase their fear on top of that is the preferred method. Once they are wounded, Jason can then fire up the whacker, and make the kill for more points than a 'normal weapon'. Jason would have to hold a button to crank the weed whacker up (it takes a moment). In that moment, after cranking it, the noise can be heard by counselors within proximity, and by counselors in the distance. Scenario: How scary would it be to hear that sound getting closer behind you after you have completely tired out your counselor. Or to hear Jason cutting through a cabin to get to you with it. Jason Players could easily use the weed whacker to simply intimidate other players, get them to leave a cabin, run scatter. People will hear that sound, and it's time to go. I feel that the weed whacker is a great weapon to place inside the game. The game mechanics for extra score using it would be balanced, and it would create a ton of fun and fear within the game.
  11. So lately Paul Phoenix released some videos of him playing around with the game models,i still hate the guy for the questionable things he does,but he does give us videos wich contain good close ups of the models. Here are a fews videos wich show killing animations from Jason point of view in FPS. So what do you guys think ? I must say,the movements look actually quite fluid for a First Person View. bonus video of Part 6 Jason killing with his fence post :
  12. Hello everyone, for people who enjoy Friday the 13th films. I just uploaded a new Friday the 13th Short Film in GTA V. Feel free to check it out, I thought this was probably the best way for community members to get to see this film I've been working on for 3 months. Me and a buddy run our own YouTube channel, where we make a bunch of different GTA Short Films with our friends. So, here is Friday The 13th: The Awakening. Hope you enjoy! *Also keep in mind, this video may not work on Mobile devices in some regions. I am aware of that, Sorry for the inconvenience. This video however will work on the Xbox/Playstation YouTube Apps, Apple TV, and of course PC.*
  13. Ok so first i just want to say i am very impressed on the game based on the BETA and things that could happen i the future that could make the game even more enjoyable. THINGS I THINK SHOULD BE FIXED BASED ON BETA AND OVER ALL GAME: 1) when opening the doors I feel like it should be done faster when Jason is chasing you. I feel like there is no way a person would open a door slowly if Jason is hot on your tail. If a can bust through a window I should be able to bust through a door. Now i believe if you run to the door and immediately press "E" you can swing the door open but i mean even if your walking or jogging if Jason is chasing you your character still shouldn't slowly open the door. 2) when trying to defend your self against Jason , I think depending on the object the swing should be different. Ex: fire poker should have a faster swing and the bat should have a slower one depending on the characters. 3) it seems weird that there is a killer and they can't just ran away from camp because there are no gates or trees in the way so they could just leave as a group but I'm sure that is because of the movies. I don't mean that i want the counselors to be able to go to either end of the map and simple run away. I am saying that in my OPINION i don't think its realistic that they wouldn't run for it. 4) when running away from Jason I understand the tripping because they trip a lot in the movies lol but um when it comes to them running on the road I think there should be less tripping. 5) Jason should be able to break through the little fences when people are trying to loop him around. 6) the fireworks and flare gun didn't help in any game I played during the beta so I would like to know specificity what they are for and how they help. Also when setting off the fire crackers it goes right into animation. i feel like that animation should be faster. Like it should only take less than 5 secs to set off some firecrackers and then THROW them in the distance to distract Jason. 7) the car is SUPER. Sensitive it's like none of the counselors have driving license and wreck easily lol. I still think the driving should be some what difficult but a little more so. However , if there is a perk to drive better that's great too!:-) 8) hoping in the full game you can improve stamina and stealth with perks. meaning instead of 5/10 stamina for Kenny you can make it say 8/10 stamina. 9) I don't think you should be able to spectate Jason in private or public matches because if I am in private chat I could tell others where he is at OR help Jason in finding others. 10) when the counselors get super scared and the screen goes really dark is TERRIFYING!! Lol but I would like it if there could be a perk to were the screen is less dark. 11) Jason's sense and shift should be tweaked definitely. I think Jason should have a longer cool down time for sense or not be able to see the counselors glow in red. i feel as if Jason should only be able to see the house red and be able to see noise maker at a greater distance with sense. Not to found of the shift maybe Jason could just.... have a burst of speed or something like that. 12) It is nice to see more environmental kills but because counselors can easily get away when Jason is trying to find one make make the breakaway more longer for certain counselor characters with low strength. 13) Tommy doesn't seem much like a hero in the game. when i was lucky enough to get Tommy it felt like a was just as scared as the others even with a gun. i would also like to see maybe Tommy could pick up more ammo for his gun because it seems unlikely that hes an option to win the game but only comes with one shot. 14) hiding in this game is useless in some situations and not in others. For example, if jason was chasing someone else and i hid he did not worry about me but if i hid and he came in the house he could find me because of my breathing. i get that the counselors would be scared and hyper ventilate but maybe holding breathe longer ? NEW THINGS I PERSONALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE: 1) I feel like there should be away for all the counselors to escape at once lol ummm might be stupid. But like they have to get gas, battery and maybe like a tire or two for a van and all escape at once. Of course the van should be more difficult to find meaning not marked on the map. And instead of one gas canister you have to find a big gas canisters the spawns randomly and there's only one. 2) Jason's mother Pamela as a playable killer. 3) more counselor characters added in dlc 4) maybe being able to get food or something to build stamina back up quicker or health. 5) added a new items to help like something other than health spray and stuff. 6) making repairing phone and car more difficult. 7) having the option in a private match to not have a time limit as well as no map.
  14. The BETA was awesome. I thought about some characters I would like to play in the game. -Reggie (Friday the 13th Part V:A New Beginning) Why? Ok so I have watched the movies and I haven't seen Jason kill any children but he has chased and grabbed tommy and Reggie. Maybe Reggie could help the counselors in some way. Like he could have good stealth and stamina but not good at being around Jason . Idk let me know what you guys think !???? -Violet (Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning) - Creighton Duke ( Jason goes to hell: The final Friday) Why? I feel like it would be cool if he could be a type of hero character like tommy. Because in the movie, he seemed to know so much about Jason. The abilities he would have would be interesting to see :-)???????????????? What do you guys think??
  15. i was just wondering what the graphics are gonna be like? Like, will they be as good as what they are telling us about? will jason and the councelors be cartoony or realistic? in a fantasy Utopia, the graphics in the game would be like Until Dawn, but, one can only imagine ( i think )..