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Found 34 results

  1. Second attempt at posting this, wish me luck So we have discussed all over the forums in various topics the kind of counselors we would like to see as potential future DLC. With pre-orders coming in, hopefully this will be a DLC pack we will see in the future that was part of the stretch goals which was of 3 more counselor tropes to add more variety. I have compiled a list of various character tropes from the films as well as an OTHER option for you to sound off on types you would definitely like to see. Keep in mind this is not to discuss potential other HERO characters but just what the next 3 characters may be IF we get them. Some abilities I could think of could be like the Hitchiker could carry a car part in their backpack as well as a weapon (have more inventory slots) which would make them useful as part of a team to move more items hastily. The corrupted character (Dr Crews/Melissa/Professor Lowe) types could actually have an ability to flag someone else on the map for Jason in order to distract from themselves. Maybe the Mom character could give a temp Composure boost to other characters in their company? Sky is the limit
  2. Hey everyone. I've had a couple games in the last few days where every house was thoroughly checked and items like gas, battery, keys, or propeller were not anywhere to be found. Has anyone had experience with trolls possibly hiding these on the map so that people cannot find and use them? It's an interesting dynamic to the game but these parts could simply just be hiding in plain sight.
  3. Well, this was 1 minute into a game for me, at the big two-story house on Packanack. I was able to secure a headshot with the shotgun on Jason, followed by using all 3 pocket knives to get to the cops and survive. Phew!
  4. So I randomly found out that if you walk towards any small furniture in a cabin, your counselor bounces up and down, and if you crouch while its doing that you can get on top of small furniture. By doing this you can manage to get on top of taller furniture by using smaller furniture as stairs. I managed to get on top of a closet that you can hide in.
  5. Just a thought. Each counselor is made unique due to their stats, but couldn't we take it a step further. Perhaps each counselor could also have an ability unique to them. Here's some ideas..... Adam Palomino, The Edgy Guy: Once per game, when Jason is near you, you may taunt Jason to draw his attention to you for three seconds, similar to a female counselor who uses Pamela's sweater. A.J. Mason, The Rocker Chick: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by a walkman. Can throw the walkman on the ground. From there on out, the walkman acts just like a radio turned on until Jason destroys it. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson, The Jock: Can preform a melee attack without a melee weapon, instead choosing to use his fist. Since all melee weapons have a damage and stun value of 1-4, the melee would have a damage and a stun of 2, but would have increased recovery time and stamina used if it misses. Chad Kensington, The Preppy Guy: "The 1%" - The Chad player receives a 50% bonus to total earned XP for that round. Deborah Kim, The Bookish Girl: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by a encyclopedia. The encyclopedia can be thrown and has a high chance to stun while also having low damage. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Eric "JR" LaChappa, The Nerdy Guy: The first repair you make every game is instantly repaired, saving valuable seconds. Jenny Myers, The Girl Next Door: "The Final Showdown" - If you are the last player (at the location), other than Jarvis, if you knock Jason down or stun Jason, you "kill" Jason (but the XP isn't worth as much as the sweater kill). The stunning condition will require a minimum of 5+ accumulated Jason stuns through the match from any player(s). Jenny matches the type of F13 movie character to kill the villain at the end. Kenny Riedell, The Head Counselor: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by a pocket knife. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Tiffany Cox, The Flirty Girl: Once per game, Tiffany may strip from her shirt, shorts, and shoes. This raises her stealth beyond maximum, making her incapable of making noise that Jason can track for ten seconds, even when sprinting. Vanessa Jones, The Athletic Girl: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by an energy bar. When used, Vanessa's stamina is restored to full. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Thoughts? Opinions?
  6. I'm curious to see which counselors are the most popular, myself I'd have to say Chad or Jenny, they're both good at the same things so I'm not sure which I like more.
  7. Ever wanted to escape on boat, but never had the time? Well soon/now you can! This idea will happen (I really hope so)! So ever see those canoes around the map but wanted to use them? Well with my new idea, all you would need is 2 oars (that can be used as weapons but would break after 1 hit to Jason and 2 to counselor, and stun like the wooden board), and 4 people! This boat can hold 4 people, but is slow, but can be tipped over easily. The higher the strength, the faster the speed, and yes, you run out of stamina. But very, very, slowly. I hope you enjoy this idea and I hope this gets green lighted. ~~~EXECUTIONS~~~ There would be executions, or also called kills. if there is an extra seat in the middle 2, the Jason with the Axe would jump out of the water and make multiple gashes with his Axe, The one with the machete would chop up the boat, and yes, he would jump out of the water. And the one with the spear would just, CRAAASH! Impale the middle of the wood! And to kill the ones on it, for the Axe, he would chop whoever in the neck, then pull down. For the spear, Jason would jump like usual and just stab them in the head from the side, and for the machete he would do the same for the axe. Thanks for reading this all! - Vincent G (Outlawedpizza)
  8. On the map Higgens Haven, you can jump out a 2nd story lodge window any window in the lodge to become permanently invisible to sense when outdoors. If a bugged counselor goes inside a house, the house will stay red even if the bugged counselor leaves. The bugged counselor never glows, only the houses they enter will glow. In this video: 0:00-0:30 - Normal behavior of sense. The counselor is not bugged here yet. 0:36-0:45 - Only Chad is in lodge. I use sense as Chad jumps out the window. The building stays highlighted red even after Chad has jumped outside. Chad is now permanently invisible to sense as long as he's outdoors. EDIT: Tested this again yesterday (July 5th) and I noticed it happens with any window, not just the 2nd story one. This bug I am reporting is occurring on the PC platform. The bugged counselor didn't have any perks equipped.
  9. Just brainstorming some "tropes" from the series. Thinking about how they may play based on the trope. We could sure use some more useful male characters. The Stoner Composure: 7 Luck: 6 Intelligence: 3 Speed: 8 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 5 Strength: 4 The Posh Chick (Bitchy Girl a la Part VII) Composure: 2 Luck: 7 Intelligence: 5 Speed: 3 Stamina: 9 Stealth: 5 Strength: 4 The Survivalist (a la Part VI paintball game) Composure: 8 Luck: 4 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 4 Stamina: 3 Stealth: 7 Strength: 2 The Biker Girl Composure: 3 Luck: 5 Intelligence: 3 Speed: 7 Stamina: 6 Stealth: 5 Strength: 6
  10. So yeah. Which Jason is your favorite to play and who is your favorite counselor? Try to have a reason as to why you like playing that Jason/counselor. My favorite Jason is Part 3 because of his running ability and grip strength. I like being able to keep up with my prey and make it harder to get away from me once I grab them. My favorite counselor is AJ due to her stealth, composure, and repair.
  11. Just thought I'd share these ideas I made for counselor clothing that I would love to be appreciated and potentially be considered for DLC. Would love to hear some feedback. ( Images of counselors are not mine, neither are the overlay images). The quality is not as good as I'd hoped because I had to reduce sizes of images in order to upload them. (It's all about the leopard print for Tiffany!) Please add your own ideas!
  12. Please give a visual meter or symbol on how much fear a counselor has AND when Jason is able to spot you through his sense perk. I know about the "look at the counslors Face" but it is not reliable. I've done some testing in private matches with a buddy and I definitely had 0% fear. I had my flashlight on and I was crouching. But he still managed to find me through sense. I've read the threat about the "fear system" and I know the basics about how it works and how to lower it etc. But as long as you are in his sense vicinity you will glow like a Christmas tree unless you have a perk (which is useless since you can deactivate sense and then reactivate with no cooldown) or are hiding in a hiding spot. So either give us a visual smybol to let you know that your fear is so high that Jason can "sense" you (not that he is using it right now but that he could do it) or give us a meter which fills as your fear grow's. It was hoping for some moments where you stand still and see Jason nearby and hope he doesn't see you but since he always spots you with sense thats not gonna happen. To make it clear I'm not asking for a nerf. It's just so frustrating playing super stealthy just to find out Jason could see you all along and that your playstyle is useless. But if I had a symbol or meter telling me "Jason can sense me right know" then I can adapt my playstyle and for example look for the next hiding spot. English is not my native language so don't go hard on me.
  13. good day to all while the game is very fun in my eyes as it does capture most of what it intends to portray, i can't help but feel more time should have been taken into balancing and tweaking certain things. lets take a look at the rather annoying things in the game, beginning with JASONS CAPABILITIES 1.) TRAPS - jason being able to place traps was a great way to disable players trying to escape through windows, or trying to achieve an objective, but in the end.... there is one small problem, there is no way to counter the jason trap other than just stepping on it, now people might say that it adds difficutly to the game...yes it does, but it also makes the game too difficult EXAMPLE, there was once a game where i played against a jason who booby trapped the car, so i decided... ok, ill be smart, ill just go fix the phone box and call the police....and what do i see?.... another booby trap, so basically, 2 of 3 objectives to escape are now un-achievable due to the traps set in place EDIT 06/12/2017 figured out that you could disable traps with the knife, but being as rare as it is.... there needs to be more more options to disable the trap, because if you use your knife it, it will alert jason regardless, so now you're going to need that knife you just used... poor balancing tbh 2.) GRAB - grabs aren't fun at all....fact is its incredible easy to abuse, , and let me give you 2 completely separate scenarios that explain why SCENARIO 1 - i swing at jason with a weapon, but grabs me in the middle of my animation... dead SCENARIO 2 - jason grabs someone initiates the kill animation in front of me within less than a second.... im unable to save my team mate because jason is invulnerable, thats incredibly unfair be fair, whats the point of even having a combat system on jason when the only thing youre going to do is grab someone for a free kill whether or not they have a weapon?, it defeats the purpose entirely, also i should be able to save players before jason runs them through with his blade 3.) STALK - unfortunately every jason, plays almost the same spawn in an area, and chase, kill, repeat, there aren't too many avenues of approach, why can't the slower jasons just have stalk from the beginning and just hunt players using stealth instead of chasing them down till they run out of stamina?, giving certain jasons (ones that can't run) stalk early on gives players new avenues of approach on how to hunt players 4.) THE 360 RUN when you trying to aim the gun at jason.... just run around till the counselor wastes his shot, or till your phase regenerates, its very silly to look at or when a counselor has a melee weapon, just do a 180 when he swings and then grab him, its pretty cheesy i was hoping for players both jason and counselors to receive a brief speed reduction when making sharp directional changes during their sprint for both the counselors and jason now with that being said, lets all move on to the COUNSELORS GAMEMECHANICS 1.) PLAYERS WITH PARTS THAT DIED - lets face it, playing as a counselor is a hit or miss.... it can be fun at times, or it can blow ass when you get caught out first, you start off with 7 players, but the game gets harder and harder when you lose players before getting any of the objectives achieved, even worse, what if the player that died off had one of the parts that you needed to escape?.... how on earth will you find that now?, there had been many games where a counselor died with the part, and we have no idea on where he/she died to get the part hoping to at least have death marks placed on the maps, so we could see have a chance to scavenge the parts that a player may have had, also it would be nice to see what item the player has on the score board 2.) CABINETS AND BEDS HIDING MECHANIC - the breathing mechanic and the "oh i hope he doesnt see me" voice line has got to go 3.) PERKS - lets face it, some of the perks i will never use, the only perks i will ever take are the ones that increases my chances of survival, perks like drive faster when alone are among many perks that are just down right useless the developer should add multiple perk boxes that have different categories, survival perk box, detection perk box, fear perk box, objective perk boxes, otherwise most of these perks will never be used by players now we come to an end, it took me a while to type all of these, i know im not the best at typing things out, but i'm trying to help the game out, because the game is something that was created out of love and determination, and together we could help make the game a whole lot better 4) CREATE A COUNSELOR - pls let use create our own counselors 5.) EDIT 6/12/2017 BREAKFREE MECHANIC - Im not entirely sure on how to balance this well, but the only thing i could think out there needs to be a delay in jasons execution, the current break free mechanic is utterly useless since jason can initiate a kill animation at any given time my suggestion is that, breakfree should weaken as the players health lowers, the lower the health, the lower the break free capability, but it also goes hand in hand with balancing jason's grab MISCELLANEOUS WEATHER SYSTEM - imagine trying to escape from jason in a dark rainy and stormy night, that would be a dynamic gameplay to see EDIT 6/09/17- when it rains in the map, when ever jason uses phase/and or teleport, replace the screen discoloration with a flash of lightning for dramatic effect P.S. add freddy kreuger DLC
  14. The biggest issue with this game? Not hacks, not glitches, but open use of an immersive breaking exploit. The game is meant to be played like this : Jason kills counselors, counselors flee and kill other counselors if they are desperate enough. Thats how the developers designed it , yet half the time we experience something totally different like this (beware of my rage induced salt) : In this video you can clearly see that the girl (debby was the unspeakable ones name) and her friend (the killer, A.K.A Romeo) are working together , they werent partied up but they quickly became infatuated with eachother in the lobby ( the killer even changed his name to match hers - real cute) and decided to help eachother. The girl counselor didnt do much but walk to us and reveal our positions but it became clear that after we all had died that we had to suffer through 12 minutes or so of a killer and a survivor walking hand in hand, completely breaking the essence of the game and ruining immersion. She wins in the end not because of stealth, not because of skill or luck, but because this dude had a hard on for the girls voice. Developers please take note of this, it is not fair to make us sit through the end for our experience points if you have half the matches end up like this due to not having any fail safe mechanics in place to prevent teaming. Either add a report function for jason/counselor teamers that can lead to temporary / permanent bans or allow us to leave after we have died, those that want to stay WILL STAY but forcing me to watch 12 + minutes of a jason and a counselor flirting really makes me want to get my money back. This game has a great idea but poor execution will destroy it, small developer team or not i believe this should be addressed sooner rather than later!
  15. Changing the unlock system of the counselor clothes might be a bit late at this point; players have already unlocked some of them. I was, however, thinking that an additional system could be implemented into the game. One in which players who chose to play as one counselor more often can unlock unique cosmetics for that character. Similar to the badge unlocks, only this one applies to actions of specific counselors. For example escaping X number of grabs as Jenny would award you a like scarf or choker or special shirt. Running a certain distance as Vanessa would give you unique shoes or special socks or something like that. Hiding from Jason as AJ would give you idk maybe some hair dye? You get idea. This would be great because it would be able to show to other players how often you play with or good you are with that counselor. It would also give the players other goals to work towards. Jason could also use this to his advantage like if he sees Eric with engine grease on his hands it means he has fixed a lot of cars to escape and that Jason should keep an eye on him and his relation to the nearest. This system would be added in addition to the existing unlock system of counselor clothes.
  16. The window kill is pretty awesome to say the least, like any other amazing scenes in the game, but there is a flaw. The thing that disturbs me is when the window is wide open and then Jason throws the player through it. Why would this kill the player? It makes more sense if your on a 2 story house or if the window is closed. So my suggestion is this. Make a kill, if possible, that when the window is open Jason will do something different than the toss. Something along the lines of a face slam into the window, or closing the window on their neck. Something like that. I know this is out there, but it would definitely beat getting thrown through an empty space and ending up dead as if the glass cut the player. Thanks
  17. I'm sure they've already thought about this, but wouldn't it be cool if you could chain Jason on the bottom of the Lake, like in Part 6 and 7? You have to find the chain and then have Tommy in the boat in the lake, exactly like in Jason Lives. This would, of course, only work for the Jason Lives and New Blood Jason.
  18. Today I was playing as Jason and got 3 out of 5 counselors killed. Then I saw the last two (I assume they were friends playing together) and went to get them. They started running while crouching, like if they were pressing SHIFT, very fast. I stalked them waiting for them to run out of stamina... I ran, ran, ran and just could not get to them, they were too fast, even for me to Shift+grab them. I stalked them for about 7 minutes. So, I assume it is a glitch or a exploit. I managed to kill them by setting traps and luring them to it but only got to them because of it. They were teasing me saying "You can't touch me Jason" and stuff, and didn't stop to accomplish any of the objectives, they just ran the entire play. Unfortunately I could not record the game, so I just printed the screen a couple of times and I'll post it here just for explanation purposes. I have no idea how it can be reproduced and sincerely hope that no one get to know how it works, because it will break the game ENTIRELY. Well... Thanks for your time and I hope I helped you guys. (Btw, sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language)
  19. (Steam version) Anyone else having this issue? I've been re-issued new codes, I put them both in... the Savini Skin is selectable and usable (been ripping people apart with him) However the counselor clothing pack isn't working as intended. I can see the DLC cloths, I can dress up my characters in the new stuff in the menus but once I get in game it's just defaulting me back to the cloths I wore prior. In the menus the clothing is saving, it's just not appearing in game right now. I'm assuming this problem is on the server end of things so I'm not going to be upset, just wondering if this is happening to anyone else right now? The only reason I ask is because I saw some Chinese players with the DLC clothing in game, so it must be fine for them... either that or they hacked it, because Chinese. :/
  20. Is there a reason why Tiffany is the highest counselor? I don't understand why she is the last to unlock. Wanna contemplate the rational?
  21. So i know the game just came out but i already had a idea for a new counselor. For future dlc or part of a update idk. The "Party boy" (john doe) no name at moment. He would have composure of 9 and high stamina. Other stats vary. What do you think about this counselor as a new addition.
  22. This bug... I like it! Another! To be honest, I cannot tell you how to reconstruct this or how this happened. WHAT happened though was: I (Bag-head Jason) found a Counselor (Vanessa) standing still in the woods near the exit. This served as a great opportunity to throw a dart at her, so I made her run from me that way. Yet she was hurt in a manner that let me catch up to her and usually grab or attack her. USUALLY. In this particular case, my grabs or attacks went right through her, forcing me to waste a dart on finishing her after 15 seconds of attempts to do it by hand. However, The Jarvis she let be her company was totally attack-and killable just moments later. I cannot tell what Vanessa's ping was or if it even has to do with the issue at hand, but... darts are too valuable to just let this prevail.
  23. This bug... I like it! Another! To be honest, I cannot tell you how to reconstruct this or how this happened. WHAT happened though was: I (Bag-head Jason) found a Counselor (Vanessa) standing still in the woods near the exit. This served as a great opportunity to throw a dart at her, so I made her run from me that way. Yet she was hurt in a manner that let me catch up to her and usually grab or attack her. USUALLY. In this particular case, my grabs or attacks went right through her, forcing me to waste a dart on finishing her after 15 seconds of attempts to do it by hand. However, The Jarvis she let be her company was totally attack-and killable just moments later. I cannot tell what Vanessa's ping was or if it even has to do with the issue at hand, but... darts are too valuable to just let this prevail.
  24. Every year, 3 out of 8 counselor deaths are caused by intoxication, inebriation or otherwise dumbassery behind the wheel of a vehicle. A collision with a tree, fence or undead serial killer can be fatal - not just to the driver but to all their passengers. And that pain and loss is felt by the entire community. Listen to this heartbreaking testimonial. We were five feet from the @#$%ing exit and you hit the side?! I bet the only thing you can't hit is the toilet! Jesus Christ! Please do your part to help reduce this immense tragedy. If you feel even a little bit inebriated, intoxicated...or are otherwise passed by Jason on the SATs...don't try to drive. Give a fellow counselor the keys. And have a safe camping experience.