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Found 18 results

  1. I was thinking, after I saw the preview of how the Grendel Map may look and after looking at Jason x over and over.. When these come in the game it's obviously going to be big. To add onto it what if they made an outfit for each counselor basing it off of space? Yeah, they didn't do this for any other Jason or Map that was released at the same time. But it's a different theme and I just think that when The Grendel Map and Jason x plus the 'different' space outfits for each counselor are all released on the same date. it'll not only satisfy Jason Players but Jason and people who ONLY play as counselors.
  2. I want them to give us an option to purchase the Savini Jason and the extra clothing pack for those who missed out on it. I understand that some of you may think it's not fair but some people didn't really start getting the game until it came out on disk 10/13/17. To us that was the real release date.
  3. I'm a Ps4 player, and usually play with Tiffany. On the website I've noticed that she has different clothing on PC I think, that are labeled "DLC" example: Her Zebra pants. The Ps4 don't have that I was wondering if we were ever going to get the "Yellow" DLC clothes?
  4. I am interested to see where does the community stand right now in regard to the clothing DLCs. As you've probably seen around; I am a fan of customization and have purchased every single DLC that has been released just to have more options, but as time goes by, I begin to grow more and more concearned about the DLCs and the effect they have on the game, particularly after the Halloween DLC (Yes, I'm looking at you, Bunny Deb.) So, what is your opinion? And keep in mind you can vote for multiple options!
  5. Hey All, I thought id start a new topic, as i posted my issue on the 9th November and have not had any reply's,So this is beginning to p**s me off a bit now! Part 4 jason kill slots are playing up for me. I bought the pig splitter kill pack from steam, all the kills are there, but i can only add one kill to the first kill slot? I can also add any kill i want to that first kill slot. The remaining 3 stay blank, no matter what i select for them. Can anyone help me with this issue? As i have said, its pis***g me off a tad as i have spent money on this kill pack,that isnt working. Ive checked the integrity of the game files and all is fine,so im out of options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I think for this being a game about Jason and the 80's slasher era where nudity, sex and drugs were big that there should be more skin in this game if not some nudity and i personally want thong bikini's, string bikini's, sling shot bikini's, etc it's a mature game for adults mainly and as a gamer i want sexy. I don't have any problem paying for a bigger more skimpy bikini line esp for the ladies. So what do you think do you agree if so why? do you disagree if so why? I also feel they should allow us skin, and hair style changes such as tan, dark or pale, tan lines, no tan lines and many hair styles! Thanks for responding.
  7. Halloween is quickly approaching and it looks like we may be getting a clothing pack. What costumes would you guys love to see in the game? Go wild, this isn’t a suggestion thread, just fun brainstorming. I’d love to see a cute cat Deborah or a bunny Tiffany.
  8. Hey i am the only one that got disappointed of the new cloth menu ? like i though it was going to be more than just another way to put "color" like it would have been actually cool to mix bikini and cloth and vice versa my suggestion is that we can switch some bikini top and bikini bottom or futur dlc coming i am the only one ?
  9. Now that we're about to have rainy weather in-game, it could be a good idea to have a raincoat clothing pack? It would be cool to wear the iconic yellow raincoat seen in many horror films (including f13). They've even got them hanging up inside cabins throughout the maps.
  10. I want another Bikini pack one with more bikini choices for each counselor and of course a thong choice bikini for all the women. It's an adult mature game and let's face it sex sells all the guys and even a good bit of the ladies I have played with would love the option of a new bikini variety pack with new sexy bikinis in the game as many feel the developers played it too safe not showing enough skin as well as not giving much selection to each counselor after all it's an 80's horror game based off of 80's horror films esp Friday The 13th and 80's horror was known for the nudity, so another bikini pack with a variety of bikinis per counselor and a mandatory thong bottom option for all the ladies would be ideal as I am sure all of us mature adults would greatly appreciate this I would also bet that nobody esp us guys would hesitate to pay a few bucks for this added feature. Further allowing skin changes such as tan skin, bikini lines, pale skin etc along with hair changes per counselor would be another great feature added to all counselors.
  11. After hitting max level a few weeks ago I found myself severely disappointed with the lack of unique customization options for counselors other than flat re-colors (Vanessa, Chad, Tiffany, & Bugzy) or a couple minor changes in print (AJ, Adam, Kenny, & Jenny). I'm wondering at this point if there will ever be any additional content that allows us to change the actual outfit (not just the color) of the counselor clothing. I understand wanting to stick to an aesthetic because the counselors are supposed to fit character tropes, but I think it would be nice to have actual options for character clothing, kind of like a "skin" option for Part 3/Retro Jason to swap clothing options for counselors. I wouldn't even mind paying money or a massive amount of CP to have a couple unique outfits for each of the counselors.
  12. Could use more outfits for the counselors. Not talking about textures for the already existing meshes, but actual outfits for example swimming trunks for the guys and bikinis for the girls that will match the textures already existing. Able to add hats, shades, cigars, smoking pipe, earrings, night googles and other face items, body tattoos and scarves, etc that you can purchase with CP and completely cosmetic. Just some more customizations for the counselors to set them apart.
  13. My suggestion is that certain articles of clothing be made purchaseable with cp just as perks(counselor) and kills(jason) are... nothing too crazy, but small percentage buff on what perks already offer. Stackable, I'm thinking something like this. My level headed perk is 11% sense avoidance -3% noise generating penalty. I would spend cp on both a hat or shirt that increases my sense avoidance chance, and shoes that take away the noise penalty. Catching what I'm laying down?
  14. Title says it all. it'd be nice to rotate counselors so we can see the clothing to it's full extent without being in game. I'd like to see the designs on the back of adams jacket and such before the game starts. Seems like a basic thing to have. I was honestly surprised to not see it in game. Whats everyone elses thoughts?
  15. Just thought I'd share these ideas I made for counselor clothing that I would love to be appreciated and potentially be considered for DLC. Would love to hear some feedback. ( Images of counselors are not mine, neither are the overlay images). The quality is not as good as I'd hoped because I had to reduce sizes of images in order to upload them. (It's all about the leopard print for Tiffany!) Please add your own ideas!
  16. (Steam version) Anyone else having this issue? I've been re-issued new codes, I put them both in... the Savini Skin is selectable and usable (been ripping people apart with him) However the counselor clothing pack isn't working as intended. I can see the DLC cloths, I can dress up my characters in the new stuff in the menus but once I get in game it's just defaulting me back to the cloths I wore prior. In the menus the clothing is saving, it's just not appearing in game right now. I'm assuming this problem is on the server end of things so I'm not going to be upset, just wondering if this is happening to anyone else right now? The only reason I ask is because I saw some Chinese players with the DLC clothing in game, so it must be fine for them... either that or they hacked it, because Chinese. :/
  17. Quick question 1. Will there be any counselor customization (appearance wise) with just the base game, or will you need to get the Clothing Pack to have access to any kind of customization. ----- Edit: I'm also very sorry if these questions already have been answered, but I did a bit of searching and haven't been able to find any specific topics on it.
  18. If any of you guys bought the Clothing Pack, what do you hope to see for the counselors new threads?! Girl Next Door- I could see her wearing a white T-shirt tied in a knot with some khaki short shorts and hiking boots Edgy Guy- I could see him in an outfit like Cort's from part 6 with the Grey distressed Sweat shirt and ripped light blue jeans Preppy Guy- He should defiantly have an outfit with denim short shorts and a white t shirt with sunglasses tucked into it Athletic Girl- She should have an out fit like Sissy right before her death, in part 6 Bookish Girl- She should have an outfit based of Maddy from part 7 after her makeover Head Counselor- He should have an out fit based off Rick from part ...... 2?? with the blue turtle neck Flirty Girl- she should have an outfit based off Sandra from part 7 with the yellow tubetop and maybe a denim skirt to change it up a bit? Jock- He obviously should have a look inspired by Julius from JTM Rocker Chick- She clearly needs to have a look with all leather EVERYTHING Nerdy Guy- He definitely needs something bold, because tbh the outfit he has now is kinda..... bland! What do you guys think? What are some outfits you hope to see for the Clothing Pack?