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Found 3 results

  1. Changing the unlock system of the counselor clothes might be a bit late at this point; players have already unlocked some of them. I was, however, thinking that an additional system could be implemented into the game. One in which players who chose to play as one counselor more often can unlock unique cosmetics for that character. Similar to the badge unlocks, only this one applies to actions of specific counselors. For example escaping X number of grabs as Jenny would award you a like scarf or choker or special shirt. Running a certain distance as Vanessa would give you unique shoes or special socks or something like that. Hiding from Jason as AJ would give you idk maybe some hair dye? You get idea. This would be great because it would be able to show to other players how often you play with or good you are with that counselor. It would also give the players other goals to work towards. Jason could also use this to his advantage like if he sees Eric with engine grease on his hands it means he has fixed a lot of cars to escape and that Jason should keep an eye on him and his relation to the nearest. This system would be added in addition to the existing unlock system of counselor clothes.
  2. If you could create a own Counselor, you could make yourself as a Counselor. And maybe they could at a Camp Shop where you could buy random clothes for 500 CP and a complete set of clothes for 1500 cp. I hope you like this Idea.
  3. Quick question 1. Will there be any counselor customization (appearance wise) with just the base game, or will you need to get the Clothing Pack to have access to any kind of customization. ----- Edit: I'm also very sorry if these questions already have been answered, but I did a bit of searching and haven't been able to find any specific topics on it.