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  1. AAA or Triple A means big budget, first and foremost. Games have big developement studios and even bigger publishers. I agree that would have never been made in a Triple A environment, so I think a small studio despite its shortcomings is still the best we could ever hope for.
  2. Does Jason Really Die In The Game?

    It is literally titled "Jason defeated", but the badge and Achievement claim for it to be a kill. I wondered about it myself.
  3. Complete Loss of Objectivity

    1. I disagree on that. According to this forum there are people with LFGs on XBox who don't allow spawn killing. There are numerous people who want people to not use emotes. People who say dancing should be taken out of the game. I wouldn't call any of these people cheaters. Some will argue dancing is a troll thing, but I'd say here's where the problems start. [2.] Somebody not doing objectives is not against the rules. It's even integrated in the game with low rep-skill-chars. [3.] This is more like a club everybody paid entrance for than the military though. You can't force people to dance. You can't force them to drink. This to me is what not doing objectives symbolizes. You SHOULD kick them out if they start urinating onto to bar and harrassing other guests. Trolling, griefing, insulting, exploiting is this part in my pov. I have my issues with the QP playerbase, and I also prefer a lobby to do objectives. But I can't agree that people who try to run Jason around, prefer bad repairers or may just be bad at the game should be exposed to kickvotes and I'm cynical enough to see it as common use of a system like that.
  4. Complete Loss of Objectivity

    This thread pretty much prooves why a voting system shouldn't be implemented. A lot of posts complain about speedlooting, low skilled players, lack of focus on objectives. And I don't like this way of playing either, but as long as people don't glitch or hurl verbal abuse at others, I wouldn't Quite some of the statements in this topic make it seem as if people would kickvote players just because those don't play the way they like. It would only take that long for people to get kicked for failing skill checks.
  5. Clever guys. Telling everyone the focus won't be on new content, then giving news updates every week in which there is a lot about adding new content. Very well rounded stats and the look's pretty much a homerun. Resembles Melissa, the character most associated with the trope within the franchise, quite well.
  6. Most Anticipated Additions

    Dedicated Servers seems the biggest issue for me on PS4. It's also my most anticipated (possible) addition.
  7. Wasn't the main reason why the devs and pubs got the license to Friday the 13th the concept that they'd go for a multiplayer game? That's what I gathered from VC. Edit: ... or from somewhere else, I'm not 100% sure it was VC.
  8. Some of the taunts like the superhero pose can't get cancelled. Maybe that'd work for dance emotes aswell, as in you can't cancel the animation until you have completed at least one complete loop.
  9. The Worst Tommy You have Seen

    Tommy Jarvis spawning in, dashing for the fixed up boat or car has become such a common thing it is expected when I enter QP with a group of friends. It's a running gag for us to announce that we are fixing and objective for Tommy to escape. I personally will give up my spot as Tommy and I'll try to keep Jason at bay. I will also escort and wait for stragglers, but if you fuck around while police are there I'll leave.
  10. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    There probably are, but there was a statement - and I'll be paraphrasing - that 'occasional loss of connection' would NOT earn trips to the salt mines. This on the other hand implies regular loss of connection COULD. Now if you'll tell me the "leaving" part applies only to people who choose to "leave match" via in-game-option, I'll get the idea of it. But I was under the impression that every loss of connection will lead to a certain amount of salt points. However, the scenario which I described and which frequently happens to me is still an issue for me personally. If I'm hosting a lobby which noone can connect to and I leave the empty lobby & therefore closing it down while "waiting for players" that'll never join, am I still leaving as a host and therefore gaining salt? Or is it only counted as "leaving" after the cutscene rolled? Furthermore, since Shifty mentioned recording in game footage for Jason teamers and such...is the idea that you'll nullify your salt-counter if you can proove that you left a match because of Jason teaming? Or was this meant as an "instead of leaving, report them" kind of appeal?
  11. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    I'm a huge fan of @ShiftySamurai and his communication. He is the much needed bridge between dev team and community. Also I'm a general fan of doing something to enforce the code of conduct. HOWEVER and as others pointed out...this game is FULL of glitches, connectivity issues and bugs. Adding to that is blatant teaming, trolling, holding games hostage and all in between. The infos atm are far to sparse for a proper evaluation imo. E. G.: In my last three game sessions I got to host at least once. The lobby was going smoothly for 2, 3 games, then came a inexplicable player drop and I was left in the lobby by myself. I waited for up to five minutes with not a single player loading into the lobby so of course I left and closed the lobby. Add to that that I'll have at least three connections to host lost in 10 games (NOT host has left the game) and I'll make it to the salt mines in no time, if the game doesn't specify "leaving".
  12. Very likely. But I can definetly see those people not being among the most vocal board members. Even if they were, if it's an ego thing, there is nothing to be gained for those individuals. It is mostly frowned upon on the board and you wouldn't get an ego boost from mentioning it or even voting it anonymously. @ThePunkPirate is borked an actual term? Because I truly love that word!
  13. Jason Selection Update

    I have Jason preference and it still feels as if I get him at best once every 8 games most of the time while sometimes the selection seems to go in a pattern of "Player 1 - Player 2 - Player 1 - Player 2" in a QP lobby. There are instances where I am part of the pattern, which led me to assume me and the other player were the only ones with Jason pref, but since I have been on the other end of the pattern WITH Jason-preference, I assume that didn't have to be the case. It will probably be fairer and STILL be random enough, I'd think.
  14. I'm not sure. In the community, yes, guaranteed. Not sure about forum members. It seems a majority around here hates quitting midmatch outside a few notable exceptions.
  15. I had a round yesterday where I got demasked by a group of players where Tommy and sweater Jenny stuck together. I have my Jason selection on random, got selected as Part VI (who I'll always handle poorly when trying to melee) and I wasn't playing too well. One hit by Tommy, plus two baseball bat hits before that was literally all it took. Which is weird, with bats being high in stun but not high in damage. Admittedly, there might have been a shotgun hit aswell. I continued play afterwards, but I would be a fool to engage the group directly. I didn't collect all throwing knives, so I ran out of them son. I tried to manage my cooldowns and tried to draw them apart by shifting and stalking, but they stuck together until late in the game when I was able to catch one who tried to pick up car keys. If it happens again, I will take my sweet time collecting knives. Ultimately the timer ran out. They didn't talk until very close to the end of the match, so I assume they were in partychat. They weren't happy and probably perceived my tactics as "running", which I can understand to a degree I admit. Personally I was really trying to create any sort of opening and it got me one more kill, but I wasn't happy with my performance. Despite what they might have felt, I think I still gave them a few shots at me. There were three instances where I shifted right into the middle of them, but they were neither fast or coordinated enough to stun me plus Sweater Jenny and Tommy were always to far apart to do their thing. Jenny had a Vanessa with bat at hand though, which meant I only tried to slash and morphed behind the next house shortly thereafter. I will not try and talk up my own style, but I'll say that I won't just gift any player any sort of kill in QP. On the other hand I won't quit or wall stance either. So yeah, as soon as my mask is gone I won't recklessly juggernaut into a group of five with Tommy and the sweater. ((And as soon as weapon swapping is implemented I will toss that fence post into crystal lake).
  16. Carrying Matches

    1. Your realities. 2. You've been constantly ignoring experiences and "input" differing from your POV from players who play the overwhelming majority of their matches in QP. So yeah...ROFLMAO indeed.
  17. Carrying Matches

    As a "veteran counselor", I assume if I'm able to "carry" a match, it is due to others kiting, occupying or fighting Jason. If I can find parts and repair while objectives are maybe even free of beartraps, some Chad, Vanessa or Buggzy is probably doing a good job. I'd go out on a limp and state that I didn't experience a single completed game with five counselors or more where no objective was completed since patch. I will usually try to pick up others, but I do feel less comfortable in the car than most, so I will not do "laps" to pick up people. I much prefer to sit behind the driver and jump out if needed. I will wait with the boat if somebody makes their way over, but if you aren't near or ignoring me while I'm waiting...sorry about your damned luck. If some Chad & Tiff duo ferried parts over, I'll offer to repair and offer them the vehicle. If I'm Tommy, I will stay behind if there aren't enough free spots. Simple personal code of conduct.
  18. Share Your Experiences

    Defintive yes from me. I had a few days away from the game because of a busy week. Squeezed in a few hours before work today, spawned at Jarvis with a Tiffany against Pt 9. He ridiculously misplaced a trap in front of the hood of the two-seater, far on the left and easily six foot before the car. I put in gasoline and started mocking the trap placement to everyone who did/ did not want to hear it. A minute later I was still laughing when Jason showed up and I stepped into his awkwardly placed trap only to get killed seconds later. I had to laugh at myself afterwards.
  19. A player uses Buggzy as repair character and this somehow supports the view that Jason is allegedly op...ok... You will always have players who don't know how to play characters. I'm very bad at kiting for instance and manage to die early as Vanessa or Chad. Others simply don't know or care for stats and go for objectives and points. I've played a huge amount of PS4 QP games since the last update and the rate for games where nothing was done at all was well below 5%. I play most of these matches alone, sparsely using the mic for communication. So it really seems to depend...
  20. Simple Lock Doors

    Agree on trap setting v Jasons stun duration on traps, but usually I'm at Packanack with at least two other counselors. Two will do the looting (one on base level, one first floor), one will trap the door. I'll give you that it's better to trap lakeside doors, though. The low stamina counselor will hardly get saved by the open door though. They will always need a sucker punch to get away, one way or the other.
  21. Simple Lock Doors

    Well, I'd argue that it's completely and utterly situational. Often enough Jason will be at Packanack Lodge within the first two or three minutes of the game. If that, happens the locked and trapped door allows everyone to finish up looting and get away.
  22. Simple Lock Doors

    This precisely is the main reason for me to lock Packanack roadside. I love to trap this door and 95 % of the times I did an eager-to-kill Jason player fell for it and stepped into the trap. If I don't lock the door however, I usually tend to ensnare a counselor, and this tends to happen when they are in hot pursuit. I never lock it if I don't set the trap, though.
  23. Jason buff fucked up combat

    And you are operating under the assumption that every QP lobby which is uncoordinated leads to an automatic Jason sweep regardless of Jason-player skill. Numerous players in EVERY thread where you asked for re-implementation of more pocket knives have brought up - often stating that they mostly play QP -that their experience differs vastly from yours, something you simply ignore. I have played less than 30 Private matches since digital launch in May 2017. So yeah, I'm "one of you" and I have a vastly different perception of the state of QP, as do others. And this perception is like yours based on multiple hundreds of hours in QP. For the record now and in hope you'll understand: I NEVER stated what "I think should be reality", but what practically happens when I hit QP in a dynamic lobby (players joining and leaving in between games). Chances for survival rise with good teamplay and communicating. Still, lone wolves survive. Sometimes a Jason wrecks a lobby. Never is he a truly bad Jason, but he doesn't have to be a god to succeed. It has been since last patch like it has been since digital game launch with QP, it's completely and utterly dynamic. The numbers of huge escapes are less than before the last patch, yes. But this seems largely due to those being useless before the patch not getting to stab Jason in the neck twice when making their way to the police. Which got called after silent disabling of the trap before the phone with another of the at least seven pocket knives.
  24. Jason buff fucked up combat

    Almost every QP Lobby I see on PS 4 has people escaping. Most of the time there is teamwork, even without mics. I'm sorry if its not the same for you. Yes, you have the right to do whatever you want to do as long as no one gets hurt. And I have the right to tell you that your pov in that regard is contrary to what I and many others believe the game should be. You talk about being a "lone wolf, human counselor against an OP Zombie Jason"? Well, I talk about how you should be at a huge disadvantage - or much rather fucked - in that case, assuming a similar skill level for both players. There are still possibilities to get away on your own. Playing almost exclusively in QP I see enough Jasons who have the basics down (as in objective control, trying to isolate counselors, generating fear, using abilities and throwing knives and many more) getting five kills or less in a lobby with nearly no communication. Sometimes I'm a survivor, not rarely "lone wolfing" it, since I'm sometimes way too lazy to plug in a headset. So yeah, even a mediocre player like me can make it out on their own. To me this is proof that the balance is not really a big issue for counselors. I have the slight feeling some people trying to support their pov with "dwindling playerbases" are seriously overestimating the mainstream appeal of the F13 franchise. The game was the fad of the month for streamers and sold well because of that. This shit brought loads of memers and trolls who left when they were done trolling and casuals who played a few months and moved on to other games. The months after physical release were the biggest hit for the game in my - purely anecdotal ly based - opinion, with playing Jason becoming a chore and a totally accidental and unwanted inflation of shotguns, first aid sprays and pocket knives. Since the last patch I find lobbies in QP again. Of course, all my evidence is anecdota─║, but to be quite frank, so is yours.