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    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    So far I have tried to keep my calm about the Uber-Jason debacle. But since the reasons stated for him not being released despite seemingly being finished were MISSING SOUND EFFECTS during killing animations and MISSING MUSIC why didn't you roll him out before deadline and added existing effects - machete sounds from J7 e.g.- later on? The boat sfx seemed to not be causing legal trouble? I just have real trouble wrapping my head around this. And I know this is beating a dead horse, and I have accepted the fact that he is not getting a released, there is just this huge elephant in the room. For me at least. Since we are talking about weird priorities, why fixing sth no one considered a bug? You yourselves never did. Almost nobody in the community did. I'm sure a lot won't mind, but there are way more and heavier pressing issues than the boat sound. And this is precisely what grinds my gears. No matter what my stance on the boat sound may be, it's another case of a hard to comprehend shift in priorities.
  2. Maybe it's one of these things which works for some and doesn't for others. I remember people claiming to have never seen interaction lock in a phase where I'd experience it every other game. Or one person who claimed not having seen every bug. One person gets put into the salt mines, others won't despite dcs. Salt mines, however good the idea could have been, has only put more emphasis on the connection and bluescreen issues. Same for the "host purgatory" op bought up. I (and a ton of others) asked about these issues, but the answer we got was "The occasional disconnect won't get you into the saltmines." With the connection issues I (and a ton of others) have experienced, the answer came across somewhat cynical.
  3. Thor_Bjarnason

    Why don't you people ready up?

    Funny you say that... I think the very same about "ready spamming"...
  4. Thor_Bjarnason

    This can't be a coincidence..

    This is from somebody who prefers F13 over DBD all day any day. I even DISLIKED playing DBD, and I loved F13. That being said: This stuff is unbelievable. The audacity of people trying to argue F13 has had better support and more content than DBD... what are you guys on? We all have our bias, most of us on this forum heavily towards F13. I enjoy the gameplay of "our" game way more. I love the kills. But while DBD has had constant and steady support, constant addition of content, we play with gamebreaking, regularly occuring bugs for multiple months. DBD will never win me over and it will always be a unattractive game because of boring objectives and an even more boring gameplay. Nontheless I wish that outside the core gameplay, F13 would have taken multiple pages out off the DBD playbook in regards to support, patching, constant communication. The way a lot of people jumped on the bandwaggon this community seems a lost cause anyway. Those with common sense get yelled at and in some cases insulted. Oddly enough, this seems unnoted by those who very recently were awfully quick to swing the ban hammers...
  5. Not only would I consider it not really a challenge, it is also entirely out off your hands unless you go into PMs and pick yourself as Jason. But some people consider being lucky at a RNG lottery an achievement and others don't I guess.
  6. The amount of players gone "because they think Jason is too powerful" is probably very low. Now the amount of players not happy with the radio silence, the console players frustrated with host quitting and "connection timeouts", fed up with buggy shit going down almost every match...that's a different story. I'm not sure they can be won back. I am a console player, and while the numbers appear to be better than on PC, I personally couldn't find a proper lobby for quite some time in QP. I ended up hosting myself, the lobby consistantly stayed at 6-7 out of 8. Maybe it's better when you play around American peak times, but still: It used to be easier to find a functional lobby.
  7. ... well, "Jason" is doing his best to wait in the water and let the timer fizzle out.
  8. Congratulations @ Op. I still can't wrap my head around getting 1000 Jason matches through QP in September. I have a Jason preference since May 2017 and still haven't gotten to 500 matches with him. Can't tell how many matches as Jason or hours in general I have on the game since I'm on PS4 (at least I don't know a way for it). At my height of playing time I still went multiple sessions with 8 games and more without ever getting him. Since the dreaded engine update I have had sessions where I got him two times in a row and sessions where I never got him. Of course, not playing too often because of life interference. And connection issues + host quitting might have cost me quite a few Jason games aswell. Still, I'd assume I'm quite a bit off 500 as J, since I haven't reached 1313 kills yet.
  9. I recently got kicked out of a public match after dieing & watching. This game is the abusive spouse among video games.
  10. Thor_Bjarnason

    Immature Players

    I was thinking of three things when I read your post: 1. Of course you shouldn't. 2. The game always had these kind of players. 3. I could think of a few people who I wouldn't mourn should they die a painful Death, but none of this is related to this or any other video game. You definetly played the game the right way imo.
  11. I was considering asking for "LOL no" option, therefore you have my laugh.
  12. Thor_Bjarnason

    Alternative Trap Spots

    I'd still lobby for a revamped system in which a tanked trap should be re-usable for Jason, while a disarmed trap would get permanently destroyed. The låter should get XP aswell. Would probably count as new content though...
  13. Bought the game twice at full price for two Playstations a few hundred miles apart. One digital, one physical copy. Bought all DLCs twice to support the game. The edition should have been available at physical release, unreleased content in a "season pass" kind of deal. In my opinion, this seems more of a last attempt at a quick cash grab.
  14. Thor_Bjarnason

    That song on the radio in Higgins...

    To be fair, one might very well lead to the other. I think I understood the lyrics well enough at "the very first time" to answer your question, though.
  15. Thor_Bjarnason

    I have a question in regards to bloody Savini on PC

    Ah, okay. I'm always happy to vs. Savini on PS 4, always a treat because of the rarity. I'd tell to your friend that you don't enjoy playing with the guy. There's no enjoyment in what you describe.
  16. Thor_Bjarnason

    I have a question in regards to bloody Savini on PC

    I don't know any background, therefore I have to ask: Why not just block him, especially after he was being abusive, and move on? Getting him banned would only solve part of the issue, he will still have the PS 4 account.
  17. If the last few weeks hadn't been as depressingly sad in regards to the game, the release of this slasher edition would have been hilarious. The way it is, it's hard for me not to be infuriated. With the edition itself, the trailer, the kills, the state the game is at. There are quite a few who seem happy with it and who seem willing to buy it, it seems. So good luck with it, I guess.
  18. 1. As Bug taking away the vast majority of your avatar's abilities, all of which are neccessary to complete objectives or getting you stuck when movement is absolutely mandatory is not gamebreaking? You have a workaround for it, but even so, time is factor even if you help each other out. Besides, the answer for QP being broken shouldn't be to play Private Matches imo. 2. I can agree with all of this. But this doesn't negate the serious issues this game has, although they might be considered QP issues if you seemingly don't encounter them in Private matches (or have workarounds for them).
  19. Define playable. I am playing games since roughly 28 years, not even most pirate/amateur programmed Commodore 64 games were as ridden with gamebreaking Bugs as this one. Every round I play at least one double kill, rubberband or interaction lock happens. I love the game, most of the community does. Lots of those are critical because of a deep affection for game and franchise. And yeah, the game is tons of fun. Especially when we laugh at the hilarious and often gamebreaking Bugs. Which I do.
  20. I personally was the overconfident counselor who got punished quite often. My favourite moment where I got punished: Spawned in on Jarvis. We were in a lobby with five or six active mics. I already played as a random counselor, rng decided it was Vanessa-time. I find a battery, pick it up and carry it over to the two-seater. Jason had already been there and had placed a trap in front of the hood of the car. However, not directly in front of it, but a good 15 ft in front of IT. I start laughing my ass off, and since I had already found a walkie-talkie I proceeded to tell everyone about Jason's awful trap placement. People joined me while I repaired. I proceeded to laugh and messed up the last skill check. Of course, this draws out Big J. Let's just say he was still at an early stage in the learning process. I didn't play exceptionally dickish, but I still laughed about the way Jason had placed the trap. While I'm running from him, I try to think of something deeply buried in my subconsious. Something amiss...Vanessa stumbles, I hear a mechanically-metallic "snap" and my on screen avatar starts howling in pain. I had stepped into the very trap I had mocked for five - six minutes. My surprised "Noooooo!" was met with hysterical laughter in the game chat, which I couldn't help but join. I deserved it, and some of the funniest moments of my life came through being able to laugh at myself. Great & funny memory.
  21. Thor_Bjarnason

    Back in the saddle

    It looks like a well phrased, well thought out and fair while critical approach to the current state of Forum affairs. Chapeau!
  22. From the way people play, few seem to care about the mines anyway. Weird that you haven't gotten out yet. I quit as a host once when I had a Vanessa teaming with Jason, but didn't get put into the mines for that. Few who've been there haven't stayed as long as you have it seems.
  23. No Friday the 13th gaming on Friday the 13th. Same Problem, I obviously have a connection, same message. Disheartening, would have loved some matches today. Offline bots work, but bore me quickly. Also, the out of sync Intro is really throwing me off.
  24. I am in the crowd which loved Never hike alone. I feel like I remember a discussion a few months back, but I can't seem to find it. Synopsis was kind of... People asked / suggested NHA Jason + Hiker Counselors, somebody official was quoted saying that no NHA-related content at all will be in the game. Interesting to hear the possibility existed. Does anyone recall the same, or is my memory messing with me?
  25. Thor_Bjarnason

    Most annoying thing about QP

    I'd have picked multiple answers, but host quitting has without a shadow of a doubt been the bane of this game. Not even since day one imo, but it started somewhere down the line and got worse and worse. A "choose to host" option would be splendid...but no guarantee with all the weird and inexplicable connection issues. Jason quitters are real momentum killers. Especially when they leave within the first two minutes of a game after often very long waits in the lobby. Teamers are also bad, but I guess some people are just doing their own version of Paranoia. That's how I try to cope with shit like this. Most of the time both players, Jason & the teamers, are shit, how ever. I know I'm not winning any popular vote with this, but I don't mind neither party chat (aka "Mute Lobby", at least most of the time) nor dancing & tea bagging (aka "trolling" ). I'd be a liar claiming to never have done any of those. I could try to explain myself regarding both topics, but opinions around here are so strong that there is no real use imo. I can even understand how annoying it may be being on the outside looking in, so to speak. I find glitch exploiting or locking away parts to be far worse as a way of trolling though, and I think it's unjustified to throw both into one pot. Little kids I really don't mind. Not even if they try to figure out a deal with Jason. I only mind if Jason jumps at the Chance. ADD kids are annoying, but quite often and with a few semi-decent plays you can easily set them off and turn everything into an entertaining experience. If they squeak too loud&much, I'll mute them. The same goes for shit DJs or people who sound like they are eating their mic. Btw, as a Jason I remember killing a counselor multiple times who played a soundfile that was a barking dog when I grabbed him. That was kind of funny, especially with the dog sounding annoyed everytime. Tommy hiding is the only time a hider really phases me. I find AFKers to be worse. Standing around in plain sight, looking sideways and up, telling Jason we are down one player already... I love that there are three people who see nothing wrong with QP. PC-players with dedicated servers? Developers? Host-quitting, dance-partying, shitty-hiphop-playing six-year-old Jason teamers? I'm curious 😉