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  1. I think that they got Parts 2, 3, 6 (after the tweaking), 7 and 8 done perfectly. But I agree that something is off about 9. Maybe it was the flip to make it more lore accurate, but I don't think that's it. The mask looks a bit shiny, less rough than in the film, and the edges are odd. I was looking more forward to playing 9 Jason, but now I feel 6 and 8 have me most hyped. It's just not AS great as the other models. I still like it, I just think that it could use some work considering how excellent ones like 7 and 8 are when compared to the films.
  2. Add to the list as we go. I'll start: 1. Fireplace 2. Window 3. Toilet 4. Outhouse/Cabinet 5. Bed 6. Head Punch 7. Axe to the Shoulder / Decapitation 8. Pitchfork through the Head 9. Drowning 10. Eye Gouge
  3. I am starting to wonder if we'll ever even live to see May 26th at this point. lol Hopefully though. It looks beautiful.
  4. So I have a question. The physical copy backers, at least for console, will be receiving download codes or something on Day 1 so that we may play the game while waiting for the discs to arrive. Well, if we then obtain the disc, will we have to delete the download to play it? Will it retain our progress from the download? And furthermore, will the codes for the Savini skin and counselor clothing packs transfer from the downloaded version to the disc? Thanks.
  5. All I am understanding from that comment is that the skins will be specific to each counselor. No reason to believe that they are just colour changes just yet from my pov.
  6. Having Muffin and Gordon and Toby running around camp would be pretty cool. There would only be one of them per time they appeared, and they could show up every 1/10 games, and follow some counsellors around. Maybe bark at Jason to alert nearby campers. Muffin #1.
  7. I wonder if the fuse box basement will be added to Higgins in the future, as the beta had the door covered by some wood block.
  8. What we saw of the Crystal Lake map in the newest trailer look amazing! Jack and Marcie's cabin along with the canoe building where Alice was slapped by Mrs. V. It will be awesome! I also wonder whether Part 2's map will have the colourful cabins or just the Higgins cabins from the beta. I loved Vicki and Terry's messy room.
  9. Uh, idk. Seeing a Mr. Potato Head mishmash of a Jason coming after you might take one out of the experience. Especially if people start being anti-aesthetic.
  10. Kevin Bacon tent speedos ftw! Also: That stupid holy grail parody entry Part VI never had any nudity either. So perhaps the game will get away with it too.
  11. I thought 6's mask looked great in the new video they added.
  12. Part V is the last one to contain that atmosphere from the first four films, with plenty of classic dark comedy bits (unlike VI's overt PG13-rated dad & kid-friendly farces) and grisly murders. Even with every murder scene cut down by the MPAA, it still feels violent and like a true slasher film. So many amazing lines. Bizarre photography. And the last downbeat eating until the remake. Seriously, look at VI, VII, VIII, IX and X. The heroes get away to live happily ever after. Contrast with 1 that has Alice psychologically scarred by Jason, II with the unknown whereabouts of Paul, III with Chris going insane, IV with Tommy's psyche left in limbo and V with the final girl being knifed by the final boy... I just don't know what happened to the series after this. Oh wait. Commercialism. But at least the series went 5 films before the inevitable fate, unlike the Elm Street series, which lasted far less.
  13. Part 8 I thought would have the wrench. Part 9 should have a pitchfork since nobody has that yet even though it is in the original 'trailer'.
  14. I loved his earliest roles too, in the slashers Night Warning and Mortuary. Sad day.
  15. Canada, preordered, including the additional DLCs.