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  1. Sounds great! PS4 @BodyBoyBobby
  2. My least favorite to play as is 8, to be honest. Even more than 7.
  3. Yup. I do. VI has two traps to spare, so if he wants to put 3 traps on the phone, and 1 on each car, then he can.There are no early car escapes when I play 6 because the cars are trapped to shit. Compare with 9 having to chase a 2 seater at 16:45. All I am saying is that I, by and large, succeed with VI over IX, though IX almost always gives me a 6 person death rate.
  4. As a counselor, I fix the untrapped cars and escape in under 5 minutes with J9.
  5. Part VI just plays better. Plus when the kids somehow disable the two traps at the phone, you have to be more aggressive as Part IX. With VI, having the two extras means you can sit back, relax, and kill. VI is by far my favorite Jason to play, and I don't even like the film that match.
  6. I always put the day before month, month before year. To place the day in the middle is just illogical to me.
  7. Honestly, I've met nicer hot people, and meaner ugly people than vice versa in life.
  8. Swimsuit skins on Deborah's sweaters work well too. I like the white swim shirt of Adam's on his regular jacket too. It's funky. Tiffany rocks the all yellow & bumblebee bra/bikini. Chad in the diaper. Jenny with a red bra. AJ's kittens and skulls on her swimsuit. Thanks for this!
  9. Same with tapes. I found a tape, but the host left while Jason returned to his hut and I got nada.
  10. I just found my third tape and it didn't appear in my collection. WTF. They're so rare. This is a travesty... I am legitimately pissed over this.
  11. No truth to that. I found one of mine at 4:56pm, Small Higgins Blair Cabin with Kenny. Then another with Jenny, upstairs small Higgins. I own #5 and #11.
  12. Best to Worst: 1. Part VI 2. Savini 3. Part 3 4. Part IX 5. Part 2 6. Part VIII 7. Part VII
  13. I have no idea what the kill I am missing is. I've done them all, I am sure.
  14. Love them, with Higgins small being the most aesthetically pleasing map of them all.
  15. weather

    Lightning and thunder when he uses morph! That's a brilliant idea!