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  1. Is this a joke? You can't false advertise like this Gun. I do not know who is in charge of blatantly lying, but try to keep your morals straight. Giving an exclusive, purchased skin away for free is an awful thing to do. I don't really care that people have the skin and are playing it now, but I care that this is a poorly handled rug-puller, and that in the future, words will mean nothing. WTF you guys. W. T. F?
  2. As much as I hate the film, the Part 9 'Vorhees' (as it appears on the sign) house and Diner on a road off the outskirts would be a cool map. For Crystal Lake Town, I guess there'd be Part 1's location with Part 2's Alice house, and Part 3's Edna and Harold convenience store.
  3. 2 is the best, except his low sense bugs me. And he gets stunned so easily. 8 would be next.
  4. How do you equip New Jason?
  5. Yeah. I think this will just be a reskin version of 3. But I am most excited for the new counselor clothing.
  6. Roy should use Hedgeclippers, or Ethel's Meat Cleaver.
  7. I am voting noooooo... Finding surprise bodies is fun. I like having to scour for lost gas and keys.
  8. It's funny because it's true.
  9. Love the game as is. Don't ever nerd counselors or Jason. Because right now, the balance is perfect.
  10. I like the clothing unlocks. It makes each level something to look forward to.
  11. I've seen 1-8 so many times, FvJ too, but I can't stand that one. 9 and X a handful, but I hate them. And the remake is just boring to me. Part 1 and 2 are great films. 3-5 retain classic slasher Ness. 6 loses me either the comedy, and 7-8 ate okay.
  12. Other than F13. It'd be The Burning, Maniac, and The Prowler
  13. What is the barn fence kill?
  14. I love playing Part 3, 6, 7 and 8 Jason. Part 2's low defence makes it hard to go to. 7's grip is amazing. For counsellors, I never use Kenny or Vanessa. Fat Nerd has a cool sprint, but a rare choice. Tiff is fun, but her dumbness and weakness makes her less of a favourite. Chad almost always dies first when I play him, but he's ok. Top 5 would be: 5. AJ 4. Adam 3. Brandon 2. Jenny 1. Deborah