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  1. I can neither deny nor confirm that.
  2. I'll see you in about a month then
  3. That these devs have no intention of releasing the dedicated servers. They knew this was coming months ago. They just keep the lie going. Now it doesn't matter. They have an out, and they're going to use it.
  4. I'm just happy being right
  5. No and no. The devs for this game are awful to console players. And you'll get nothing.
  6. Yeah. Host migration would have been done already and would cost less to implement. That's why i think it's BS.
  7. An NDA over expendatures and those involved is one thing, a gag order on a company providing adequate customer service is a different animal. They can say " hopefully september but by the end of October" didn't seem to violate their NDA, but now all of a sudden any update on why that failed and an updated timeline is now blocked by an NDA? Can't have both.
  8. See, now when you try the patronizing ultimatum, i tend to lose all respect for you. While i get where your coming from with it, you don't get to demand anything of anyone. I'm not the company putting poop on plates. Try asking for a more constructive dialogue, instead of trying to command others like a dog. I'll snap back when n where i decide. Let's stay on the same side here, aye?
  9. Have you not read any of the posts since the suit idea came up? If not, spool through. I'm not reinstating everything
  10. Still missing the point. Gonna chalk it to willfull ignorance. Also the only person I've gotten "rude" with thinks you and i are the same person.lol
  11. This. Looks like gun has a history of shoddy business.
  12. Considering they only joined in the conversation after i mentioned a suit pretty much tells me their motive. Just ignore them.
  13. How long a timeframe does it take for it to be a snatch and grab? We're rapidly approaching a year from console release and all we get is " we're working on it", all the while bragging about rewards they receive for the PC version. I want to see this "NDA" they're hiding behind while taking people's money dishonestly. They know that people see the awards and recognition this game gets for the PC and they know that people are buying it on console with the expectation of the experience that's winning awards. That's shady. If you're ok with that sort of dealings then good for you, but you have no right to condemn me for not being ok with it. If you feel that way i have a beautiful car I'll sell you. You just can't turn it on until after you buy it.
  14. Did you really accuse me of making another account? You think your opinion of me is that important? You're hilarious and deluded. How does a lawsuit to gain transparency from a company hiding behind a supposed NDA, that they have as yet to furnish publicly, as an excuse to offer a less then parity product to 2/3 of their customers? Do i really need to spell that out for you? Maybe just make more baseless accusations. Lots of people agree with me, i don't need to make dummy accounts to get that.lol
  15. You seem to have skipped quite a few posts, as I've stated I'm nor after money, so nothing they've said actually has any relevance.
  16. Can you ever recover? @NthnButAGoodTime you can't see those comments because the mods deleted them.
  17. You're completely wrong. That's all I'm going to say.
  18. They'll never answer willingly.
  19. I get that but he also deleted my explination for the type of suit i would br filing and the fact i don't want money from them. See they can't breach NDA but if that NDA is in violation of certain codes a customer can sue to see through it. Then i would seek legal cost coverage from whomever drew up said NDA. So assume less about people, maybe?
  20. Must be delayed in it's vanishing. See
  21. So he can drag my name through the mud. And you just delete my post. Ok. I see moderation is on par with networking.lol
  22. Actually that's illegal.lol And to reply to your earlier and rather needlessly insulting post, you can sue for transparency without seeking any monetary compensation outside the legal costs to acquire it. That's what I'd be seeking. So save your petty insults.
  23. This hit the nail on the head.
  24. Because clearly the publisher and developer doesn't care yet. Threatening their wallet is the only language they understand. Or did you not see how fast EA reacted to lawyers with the battlefront 2 situation?