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  1. Yeah, but a progress report goes a looooong way to improving your relationship with your player base. Don't be like Bungie
  2. I follow that too. Ask about servers every time they tweet
  3. Dude I'm right there with you. I have this post set for push notifications on my phone in hope of SOME kind of news. : '(
  4. Yes. If you are host and you quit, the game ends and everyone loses all XP gains for the game. The host ping will normally be higher as he is acting as a server. 200 is fine. When it's over 400 then you'll start to see lag and frame rate drop (jerky character movement). Over 1000? Just leave. They're manipulating the connection to cheat, have dial up (lol) or are far far far away from all the players.None of those you want to bother with
  5. It's not that frequent for me. I have a large bandwidth connection and it rarely loses connection. I can host for long sessions with no issue.
  6. At this point i only play if I'm the host because i won't quit if i get killed.
  7. I'd just like a timeframe at this point. Game isn't worth playing unless you trust the host as-is. Not worth the $40 right now.
  8. Yeah. I'd say we're about due for an actual update on this...
  9. It's a governmental entity. We have security that fundamentally doubles the work. We still only take 6 hours tops to activate a new server. Though to be fair, our staff is probably better at That's why i think they're going through a 3rd party. That would explain the longevity
  10. Entire company infrastructure That enough?
  11. Having some familiarity with it, it shouldn't honestly take 2 months. Unless of course they're simply renting servers instead of getting their own.
  12. I've not seen nor received any such response. Just resorted to only playing when i have host.