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  1. You forgot Wes. He posted 4 comments in a row on page 1 and no one gave that guy a warning.
  2. This gave me a virus also back in i think 2011.
  3. Now they have to release the Jason from Friday The 13th: A Nude Beginning if we are wanting nostalgia skins.
  4. Yeah, im interested in seeing what God of War does with the norse mythology but other than spiderman nothing they showed made me want to make the switch to the PS. Wasn't really that interested in any of the Ubisoft games to much but they had the best conference so far, lets see if nintendo can change that.
  5. This was awesome...
  6. Microsoft today, Sony tomorrow and a few in between. thread to discuss all games and previews and whatever else shown. Edit: Xbox was a bust, nothing to exciting.
  7. Searched the forums didn't find anything. What other game modes could be added? as bad as jason goes to hell was a mode based on that movie could be interesting like Trouble in Terrorist Town where you don't know which camp counsellor is actually Jason. Does anyone have any other suggestions for additional game modes that could potentially work?
  8. "Reports of cannibalism and sexual mutilations are still unconfirmed, at this hour.” Everybody knows about this one Source: https://halloweenlove.com/a-closer-look-at-jason-voorhees-cannibal-rapist/ asks some pretty interesting questions like the one about terrys body
  9. I was reading about that on Friday the 13th franchise, pretty good website if people want to be kept in the know of all things friday the 13th happening. That would pretty strange if he did win considering sean has a production company named after these movies lol
  10. Halloween and friday the 13th are similar in the sense that john carpenters myers died in 2 they brought him back only for money sake same as friday the 13th, jason died in 4 they brought him back for money sake see part 5 and halloween 3 lol so lets have it be halloween 1-2 vs Jason 2-4 i know this argument is about who would win in a battle but i would just like to add if you remove the original halloween than Halloween and friday the 13th are on par with each other but if you don't (why would you?) than friday the 13th doesn't even hold a candle because the original halloween is a masterpiece and as much i love it, no friday the 13th has ever come close to accomplishing what the original halloween did.
  11. Really? I love wes craven new nightmare it was an pretty original idea at the time and an interesting approach since the franchise was pretty much dead at the time dylan being said 1000 was a little annoying though lol I don't like the idea of friday the 13th being a franchise In the series its hacky it worked for scream because its scream friday the 13th should always be them acting like it never happened and just a camp fire story not making movies about it.
  12. In all honesty this will probably be more determined by the success of the next Halloween movie if it flops they'll probably see it as a bad idea if it does well and generates a buzz they'll want to capitalize as well by making a Friday The 13th big slasher franchises go hand and hand when one slasher icon does well the whole genre does also because it shows there's still a market for it I think this game does up the chances for more licensed horror games though *edit an example would be look at how well H20 did after scream they like to strike when the slasher craze is hot again
  13. rights go back to warner bros in 2018 so i doubt it.
  14. lol. http://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3440321/sean-cunningham-keeping-hope-alive-friday-13th-tv-series/ fuck off sean this is a stupid idea someone keep this man away from his own franchise.
  15. Welcome to the forums