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  1. Omg guys, I updated and now its unplayable every game I try to join says my client is outdated what a crock. Hard restarts soft restarts complete uninstall reinstall, ummm get it together please, every update breaks the game even more from what I can tell and I cant even play, people saying med sprays gone seriously what are you guys doing to the game??? Let me in I want to play!
  2. Ok I figured it out. Not everyone is getting the update yet, what this means is there are two running versions of the client. The problem is that after you update the error message lies and says you are out of date when you are not, it's the people you are connecting to. Quickplay match ran well but of course people get in there with music blaring, noisy mics and you have to mute have the lobby, the others dont want to talk etc. So that's why I refer to quickplay as trash Of the several cabins i searched i found 0 med sprays so i hope the other poster isnt correct in his post when he said all med sprays were removed. Yeah there were too many before I'd have to throw them down for space, but I hope they are not completely gone. I have not verified this yet I havent been able to play long enough to detect what bugs may exist now
  3. Xbox, after update joining any of my friends lobbies says I'm out of date when I'm not, only quickplay working which is trash
  4. Um do what.... I dont speak that language
  5. Why are there so many horrible players on this game? Seriously I have a group of 30 or so friends and I can get a handful in but as soon as they start to drop, looking for groups bring in the worst of the worst players and they dont even have bad reputations. ? It puzzles me. Who seriously gets off by intentionally making other people mad? Hell we've had friendly team killing spawn killing whatever but everyone is chill about it, the game is supposed to be fun. I'm not sure why some adolescents join up to just talk total trash and make the game miserable. I used to not be the kind of person to report people, but lately I find I'm having to report and block so many people. God I dont want to be in a nursing home being taken care of by this generation! Anyone who loves casual drinking and Friday the 13th feel me on this?? Also seriously hope the developers use the down time I know they hate to improve the core game function, that would be so nice
  6. This is the answer to your question here, no proof but the most logical explanation is almost always the case
  7. AshTray900

    Is the Game over now?

    Can you confirm that current content is not in jeopardy? Bug fixes and implodents to the game will still be possible and that the game will not come under fire and be taken offline?
  8. anyone else get aggravated when you drop the keys off at the car and some dickhead chad picks them up just to die half way across the map! honestly, I would like to see the keys put in the ignition at any time, make it a repair wheel instead of instant only if car is not fully repaired beforehand. chad can call his dads AAA service and have them come save him!
  9. Um pros? Isnt this a video game? And anyways the real idea here is to keep the keys close to the car not map mark them. The team does play good together bc if we did our part but die later on and some of our friends get out ok then it was worth it. But like another said once you've played enough and or at lvl 150 this isnt much of a competitive game. Same for fuse why drag it around, leave it by the box if you cant take the trap being injured etc or are just a character to dumb to repair it
  10. chat banned is an XB1 thing I think, I don't know if F13th has their own for XB1. Ill have to check my xbox later but I think there is an option to keep everyone mute in game to allow you to play micless and not hear the trash talk if you let your kids play etc, check those settings, then check party chat and verify good xb1 commmunication
  11. guess our groups work together well, I dunno, its just the random slots or 2 we have to fill that will do it to us
  12. heres my experience from myself and other players your mic bonds to your profile at login, I am unable to make my second profile use my mic, I am using usb / wireless, however I found the same to be true with wired controller. I have only tried this recently. 1. make sure your xbox signs in from the start with the profile you want to use to play the game it will need to be gold, and don't sign any other in, don't go profile switching either, even if party chat works fine, game chat has issues for F13th 2. make sure you are not chat banned, I saw this from a friend who has never done anything to get banned so I don't know why he got the temp ban on his account. 3. join a fresh lobby, lobbies age and pickup glitches, get your friends to make a brand new lobby and invitie you right away, ive seen this a lot, also now playable slots are sometimes getting glitched and the "join through profile" seems to be broke so now its "message for invite" 4. make sure game chat and voice chat are both on and one isn't muted 5. oh and go to audio settings in f13 settings and make sure they are all turned up a bit I don't care about game share savini, but if you want to give me a valid code ill take it even thought I hate that jason
  13. And take all of the fun away from us who just like casual private lobby play? maybe add that to quick play but this would have to be an option controlled by private lobby host or they will alienate the tons of us who play this every evening we aren't busy for social fun.
  14. I kind of agree too, he wasn't, his mechanics were just repaired, since updates ive seen no issues with Jason grabbing you as long as they had invested a little gameplay into understanding how to play as Jason. guess we could go on and on about gameplay balance but I think devs need to stop listening to us about this and go on with their vision, someone will always be upset
  15. for the most part it is I think, Jason shows up when in sight or flaired if im not mistaken, maybe if in sight it should only show on your minimap instead of the entire groups map requiring counselor to send up a flair to identify him or radio his location, stalking could make him blend in with the woods like the predator, I mean there's a thousand changes that could be made to make it more tense, but many of them would be online gameplay killers I think. you could remove walkies and large maps but that would ruin it for me, I like to play to talk. having jasons stalk last until spotted by anyone was a neat idea, he could basically use it like AJ's sneakiness, hes hard to spot in the woods so if he attempted to walk around slowly in the woods to set up the perfect shift grab undetected this would prevent counselors from spinning around to avoid it, it would also make them want to repair in pairs always, someone on the lookout to try and spot Jason and get him out of stalk, I think that idea was the best one ive heard so far as long as it doesn't unbalance the game to an extent counselor play is no longer fun. bottom line is I think the game is great as it is, I don't play to be scared shitless, or roam around aimlessly as a counselor, so many people love playing Jason of course, but anything that ruins it too much for playing as counselors will kill multiplayer, as it is we already have jasons quit if they don't get everyone and counselors quit just because they died quickly and don't want to spectate, putting a good community together is hard enough as it is.
  16. I don't think this would be a good idea, I mean you have to have fun as a counselor, if all of you guys die in the first 5 minutes and nothing ever gets repaired it will be no fun, community will die and leave us nothing with AI to play with, I hear so much about Jason being underpowered, however the only time Ive seen this happen is with people who are learning to play Jason, experienced Jasons have almost always gotten all, or all but 1 or 2, since the beginning of the game. statistics basically are you will play 7 matches as a counselor and 1 as Jason then repeat. of course we know this isn't true due to different preference settings but if everyone wants to be Jason this is how it will turn out. Making the game terrible for counselors will basically end the games online community
  17. I don't think Jason is really scary, I mean even if the game was so unbalanced everyone died 99% of the times. Jason was never really that scary in the movies either, I mean if it was real life it would be terrifying, but we all know its a game/movie. popping up with a perfect shift grab can make you jump a bit, but this game will not have the same spooky effects like the old silent hill games etc, and it shouldn't, to do so would be to turn it into something totally different, I hear a lot about wanting this game to scare the shit out of you, and I mean really how many times are you going to be scared, this game is great due to replay value and game chat IMO. The "squeakers" everyone gripes about are probably the only ones that get scared from this. any of you guys have nightmares about this game, or any other for that matter? maybe im just desensitized due to watching horror movies since I was 8, 30 years ago
  18. AshTray900

    Attack Of The Super Bugs

    it is a good question, its funny to see gas laying mid air where a stick was or a baseball bat shoved into a cabin or hovering over a dead body. maybe a good change would be to require you to drop the item instead of swapping it, guess that would suck if your quickly looking for a bat to deter a pissed Jason, but item placement on map would be a big overhaul, dunno, I think anything that makes the game more realistic without sacrificing gameplay is always welcome, I miss the car stereo not always coming on and when it does being really low, it was fun to ride out listening to the XIII song ha! is it just me or did they "4k" this a bit, I notice the connecting logo much smaller but still very sharp on my tv
  19. Ok, so what exactly went wrong here, this update seems to have brought so many of the previous occasional bugs into a bigger problem and added new ones. 1st, almost EVERY time a car or boat is exited the counselor moves around but to everyone else they are stuck, this requires a friendly Jason grab and drop to fix, you will be teleported back to the boat or car 2nd, counselors are very frequently getting "A button" glitched 3rd, weapons that are not broken will sometimes drop and be unable to pickup, car parts frequently fall into the floor half way and are useless, and sometimes ive even seen counselors walking knee high in the floor. I saw one counselor fall out of the map "cabin in the woods" style, it made an awesome screen shot but.. 4th, Jason is killing counselors and they are staying alive for another kill 5th, dying sometimes results in "you survived" and then get stuck in the spectators list, and yet still get XP 6th, Jason's are still getting action glitched 7th, doors and bodies etc are flickering during a death scene 8th, lighting has still not been fixed (even though they darkened some parts) indoor lighting is still way off in Pinehurst from the rest so no meaningful gamma setting can make all maps look proper on your specific TV. 9th, the game will now even "dashboard" on initial load in intro scenes 10th, the update seemed to have crashed everyones xbox, I mean every single one, a full restart was required to remove the duplicate tiles in game list and allow the game to work The new additions are fun, but here after this last update I am hearing a lot more from my friends about them just not wanting to play as the game malfunctions instead of before were it wasn't so common that it could occasionally be funny etc. Guys can we seriously put game additions to the side (I love a new counselor and single player stuff etc just as much as the next, and the Jason grab music is great) but we need this game to actually work, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it seems we took a big step back with bugs and only addressed a few that existed before updates. What are your plans for repairing a lot of the damaged mechanics of the game?????
  20. hey if you spectate under the car they apparently are AWD, both ends have a fixed axle with a diff on them
  21. AshTray900

    Attack Of The Super Bugs

    Toxic avenger, LMAO I haven't thought about those movies in YEARS, god they were awful
  22. AshTray900

    Attack Of The Super Bugs

    just bought the ps4 and xbox one disc, now you guys go to work fixing bugs!!
  23. AshTray900

    Attack Of The Super Bugs

    true, all my buddies bought it too though, id buy the disc, but hate physical copies, however I may still buy it anyways, im going to check that out, maybe amazon has it, id rather order online. id even pay for savini but I really don't like that Jason, someone helped me get him on my profile as I couldn't buy him in the store
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    Attack Of The Super Bugs

    yeah I hope so too, I don't know how their financial situation is, there doesn't seem to be a way to contribute more funds by buying DLC stuff anymore, I would buy absolutely every thing for this game, in fact I spent around 200 dollars on it, a copy for steam, 2 copies for each of my xbox gold accounts, one for ps4, one for my niece on xbox one for a friend and even a copy for an ex-girlfriend from years ago lol. and all dlc purchased for the ones I got for me
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    Attack Of The Super Bugs

    wow that list sums it up, ive seen almost all of them related to xbox. im pretty sure they are aware of the bugs, this post was more a "why did that happen????" post, maybe some major code overhaul was done, who knows, but im not quite sure why working code has malfunctioned after an update that didn't even involve that particular part of the game. and also "when can we expect it to be fixed????" post, I don't want to lose all of my friends to that crappy fortnite game due to this one having serious flaws this go round. And also a plea to seriously drop additions to the game until they have it working very well, and then when they plan an addition test the hell out of it and don't release it until its ready. I know adding things sparks interest in the game again, however breaking things makes that interest last only a handful of days. I would pay for additional content if I needed to, I would buy the upgrade as a DLC for another 50 bucks if there was some way to do it without forcing it on the entire community. Heck if I had not taken my programming classes 20 years ago I would offer to debug code for free. Great game, I want to give them the props for making the best multiplayer game ive ever enjoyed, I just would like it to work again !