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  1. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    whatever you say, you must be an expert, all I know is ive been around to see companies say a lot of things that turn out untrue, I don't know why I keep commenting back, ill stop I don't even like that jason, you have your opinion and I have mine, but nothing is set in stone I promise you, no matter what is said, neither me or you can say what will happen
  2. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    ill be 40 in less than 2 years, played sonic the hedgehog on xbox? pitfall on Atari? Sega owned the rights to sonic and it was an exclusive title to the genesis, Sega no longer exists as a console manufacturer and they let their games out everywhere. Pitfall can be played on the web for free. Gun Media doesn't even make system exclusive titles.
  3. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    I guess you quoted me before I finished my post, like I said I'm not going to argue with you anymore, I'm not sure how old you are, I was around for everything but non Atari pong black and white, ive seen games get all sorts of stuff added and changed, especially PC games, people adding whole new levels to games 30+ years old etc, if this game survives that long as an offline type of game, anything is possible. Battlefield is a newborn baby
  4. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    just wait and see and who is right will finally be proven as the game gets redesigned by other developers for future consoles 5 years etc down the road, remember this. for now nobody knows no matter what is said and that cannot be disputed no matter how bad you might want it to be set in stone Would you expect ID games to care about what people might have gotten preordering Doom II hell on earth after it has been remastered for 2-3 systems and anyone who invested in it if it was created that way to really care if they still had special rights? I'm done arguing about this, I just think you are being naïve thinking it will forever be this way
  5. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

  6. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    trust me, they wont care about who funded it years down the road, or whoever owns the rights wont, but you can think what you want, for now you are right, however when you see him out a long long way from now if you are still playing youll know... I'm not an idiot, I know how this stuff works, its all about the money, when they can do it with nobody giving a shit, they will, and at some point nobody will care. gun media "ben" can say anything, companies change direction and things happen. For all we know "gun media" might not exist except in name if that years down the road, if they are offered enough for their company and the games they have created all of them might just want to go home and enjoy the easy life. Would you expect ID games to care about what people might have gotten preordering Doom II hell on earth after it has been remastered for 2 systems and anyone who invested in it if it was created that way to really care if they still had special rights?
  7. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    if this is the approach they took, they might as well just take the game offline since only Jason would be a desirable character to play and I doubt people will keep hanging on until they are Jason in a 1/8 chance online. To make the game a successful online experience they have to make playing as a counselor fun too, if they all get slaughtered they will all just pick stealthy characters, run in all directions hide and hope Jason runs out of time then they will move on to offline play. Even though the movies everyone but 1 usually dies, if they make 90 percent matches all dead and 10 percent 1 or 2 get out, it will fall out of favor to play online, even though this game gets by on the chat mechanisms built in to keep it fun and still worth playing after you unlock everything, everyone dying all the time wont work. with that being said the new update hasn't made it impossible to survive just more tricky, so its not like they gave them no way out, but if your idea was to make it practically impossible it would essentially kill the game and put it in a category of play it for awhile and forget it since there is no story mode or real end game that takes hours of work, I get where you are going though, making it easy for counselors to beat Jason up and get away a lot is a little bit of a stretch!
  8. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    they wont stop allowing private lobbies and to have one of these you have to have a host to make the selections, even if this person isn't technically a host anymore, they are the owner of the lobby, this will still have to change if they leave so the lobby does not have to be restarted
  9. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    ill believe that when I see it, the code for him is in the game, he doesn't actually get downloaded when you buy dlc, all it does is allow him to show up in your list, they say that now, but 2020 or whenever theyll use him to make more money, they said that to keep people from getting pissed that paid early, lets face it, they are always trying to keep most people happy too right now, hence people complain about this they change it, then they make more changes, trying to balance it out and please everyone, just wait, they will change their minds, or may sell the rights of the game to someone else as they move on to other things.
  10. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    still just a poor decision to block in IMO, and honestly, he will come out, he will come out at the end of the games lifecycle when nobody, or hardly anybody will get mad at them for losing their special Jason nobody else has, a last ditch effort to pull a little more money out of the game before they abandon it, which I hope is a long time away as this is my favorite game of all time on all consoles that is currently not long gone legacy like silent hill 2 etc
  11. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    i say allow host jumping, if host quits they just fall out like anyone else and the engine moves the host to the next person who has the lowest ping, dedicated servers could easily do this
  12. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    i get that, i just think it is a poor move on their part and was agreeing with the other poster, it was sad that they did not allow preorders through the MS store etc, i bet they would have gotten alot more initial investment
  13. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    i agree, since when did actual playable game content be restricted to people who preordered the game months before it came out? i hate that Jason, however i think this whole stupid "game backer" thing is over, its time to release all DLC to people who will pay for it. Things for backers are things like fancy cases, a movie correct hockey mask etc and so forth. I bought the game for 6 systems, 4 of them are mine, ive bought all dlc for all 4 of my systems, steam, ps4, and two xbox gold accounts for multiplayer. spent about 200 dollars on it so far, people who whine that they paid for it on some obscure website until it became available on the platform stores have no standing to really say anything unless they donated like 1000 bucks etc to fund game development, i kept logging in to the different trusted game stores and tried to preorder it, however it wasn't there, not my fault. restricting content is sad, want some more funding cash, make that Jason a 20$ dlc etc, but don't block it entirely. now for the counselor nerf issue, at first release of that patch it seemed horrible but a couple days later it wasn't bad a little sparser than i would like but its not so overabundant like it was, new map and Jason is nice, keep in mind the spawn of this things is controlled by a server and not the local client, remember rain just going away? its still there in the game code, the server just never spawns it on anymore on xbone, i would assume since the spawn points have been set in code with campsites added, this can be changed on the fly to find balance, even with the new update i still saw good jasons getting teabagged etc, just made it harder to escape and get things done, A.J. kind of best character all around IMO always dies now trying to fix cars lol. no other way to deal with traps is poor, stick weapon should be able to pop it, maybe just sound off to Jason if its popped and not slowly "disarmed". alot of bugs are due to a person in lobby with piss poor internet or a flapping connection. if i run two in my house 2 player match over 1gps wan all wired, i get like a 10ms ping and it runs butter smooth, still some exploits and code glitches exist, i did notice the window stuck glitch, and another Jason glitch he accidentally morphed or shifted behind a fence at the bridge and could not get out. some things to work out, but lets be honest, Jason will never be scary in this game, to make him scary would mean making him have the ability to just pop right down on you grab and kill with no notice ever, no people could see him etc, then the game would stagnate due to having no fun as counselors, it would be a repeat of the NES game, people would stop playing as it would be overly hard and objectives could not be completed. I have not run this patch yet, however i think frame loss and "rubberband" isn't something a patch can fix, this is the game attempting to keep everyone in sync with one another, faster servers, letting people with poor internet drop down without effecting the entire lobby etc will solve that. I'm not salty over the 1/30 patch, just wish pocket knife would increase a tad, or give us an alternative to deal with traps without making Jason oblivious as to what is going on without rechecking map every second. I hope they continue to fix this game and add content and don't at some point just walk away from it, i hope at the point this game has reached its crest, they work on a sequel and make it like a solid game like the ones MS makes for xbone, they captured an audience that was left long behind in the gaming world years ago. I am sad at the state of games on xbone now, pay to play should be for phones not consoles....
  14. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    well actually things like rain and the knife spawn etc are controlled by the server i assume, so the rain software is still in the game, the lobby just never spawns it on anymore with that said day one it was crap , i played alot last night and didn't find it bad at all, still found a knife occasionally, and health sprays were still around, weapons weren't too bad, I'm betting they have control over the spawns directly without updating the game software since the map has to be in sync with everyone so each person doesn't find gas in a different place etc, they may have made a few changes, i found small cabins still having a wrench and a bat pipe or machete giving two weapons per cabin on average aside from large ones, there were still some items at the campgrounds, of course this isn't like it was, but they may have tweaked it under our noses without us knowing, or day one i was just unlucky i had fun playing last night, seemed to be working as good as before just with a little less gear and some same old bugs and some gone and some new ones, i found it fairly smooth, i did dashboard as host once, and another host had same issue, but i played for 4-5 hours better review of the patch after last night for me
  15. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    you cant even compare f13 with dbd, two separate types of games all over except the goal is to survive and they have classic killers in them, i prefer f13 but anyone who prefers dbd is not wrong, its like me saying oh i like apples, you like oranges, but wait apples are better than oranges lol
  16. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    lol, yeah this is what I'm worried about, this is the game i have the most fun with, i don't want it to die off to the point its full of trolls and people who take the game way too seriously. and as much as the other guy said it wasn't easy being a counselor until the update right before last, repetitive stunning of Jason rarely worked, the "campground" patch did us in for the complaints that led to the fall of too many supplies removed from game. and nobody seems to care, i guess all of these people only play the game for the 1/8 chance of being Jason? what do they do as counselors, just hide? i would think rethinking the amount of items removed is in order, now I'm not saying it needs to go back to the amount before tuesday
  17. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    you are correct, however i do believe they have swung the pendulum to far in the other direction now
  18. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    i glitched as Jason in the water, first swim fine, second one i was walking on the lake floor looking at a black screen not knowing where i was, had to morph to get out, i agree Jason bugs are detrimental to the game, nothing sadder than Jason begging to be shot to get unstuck lol, i do think they made items to sparse but i like the Jason upgrades, he needed them and if they would have left all the gear making searching a cabin still rewarding, they could have buffed Jason more this would be my choice, they needed a way for him to stop getting ganged up on like a full out 360 slash getting everyone huddled near him giving him grief
  19. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    Jason is not scary just due to OP, like i said above if he was better able to stalk and pop up out of nowhere on you that would make it more scary seeing him on the map and seeing the static knowing he morphed are all things that give him away. easier to shift into cabins would be nice also, so slowdown control over shift etc, but leave the counselors their ability to try and survive intact also
  20. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    i still disagree i think those should be rewarding scores that happen say 40% then 30% 6/8 5/8 4/8, 20% 3/8 2/8, 10% 1/8 0/8. randomized part placement, phone box house and car / boat locations should dictate alot of this if the skill of the players remains the same for the lobby for a long time and everyone is equally at same skill level. we also have councelors nobody wants to play because they have a detrimental set of skills that make the one or two things they are good / ok at useless, we also have Jasons nobody prefers, part 7 was one of these until he got some new kills. also backer time is over, its time to release everything to the public even if its paid content, so savini should go public even though i hate the way he looks. you can say that you want Jason to always totally win or get very close all the time, however then there is no sport to this game, like i said before my mother likes to play tennis and they try to match the leagues up by skill, she would quit playing if she lost 95% of the games as it would be boring, and the winner if they don't just get an ego kick out of it would also get tired of having no real challenge. almost all perks are trash nobody wants even if epic, the ones that are actually useful only give a very slight increase, perk rolling has become like throwing 20's in the trash, everything randomizes very low percent even if some of them are considered so called "epic"
  21. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    i disagree, personally as Jason its not rewarding to kill 8/8 easily i mean even though he is in the movies always killing everyone but one, this still isn't going to make Jason fun to play, its going to get old and boring unless you are just trying to level up, and lets face it if we want this game to have longevity we need to concentrate on making every player rewarding to play, all counselors should have uniqueness that makes them good to play and a valueable member of the team, and all jasons should be unique and players should have to master their abilities to do well also, lets face it how many times do you want to sit and watch Friday the 13th part 3 to see everyone but chris die? what makes it interesting is that its a sport that's equally challenging, we shouldn't be lining up the dallas cowboys to play against pearl highschool
  22. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    bottom line: Good: New map New Jason Roys outro Needed fixes: Better Jason grab Speed boost for Jason Extra throwing knives Bad: More glitches in return for others fixed. Roy kill not unique even though he has no relation to pamela. game still crashes and lags even if lobby is all wired 1gps no rain back on xbone jason cant bite chads balls off while being teabagged no way to disarm traps besides the now nonexistent kinves stepping in traps is a death wish unless you find epic TS perk rolling is still just a waste of CP, nothing good 99.9% Should Have: concentrated on bugs allowed stick weapons to pop traps stick weapons should be hidden in woods not cabins etc. enable host jump to highest ping if host quits. Would Be Nice: let private lobbies specify num items and teamkill on or off etc Enhanced game for xbone X extended jason stalk ability pocket knives useless on jason during stalk jason invisible in stalk unless in cabin, under light or main rd HORRIBLE: WAY TOO LITTLE GEAR! COUNSELORS NERFED OVERBOARD TOO MUCH
  23. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    this game should be equally challenging for Jason and Counselors, I don't want guaranteed escapes or guaranteed full lobby kills. those of you who say Jason should be O.P. and counselors must stick together are wrong, those of you who say counselors should be able to stock up on 3 kinves are wrong too. IMO, they did a good workup on Jason but took to many items away from counselors.
  24. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    like new map, new Jason, repairs to Jason and added abilities like faster speed better grab, roy walking off into the woods end of match blah more bugs for ones repaired of course, same kill method for roy even though he has no relation to pamela bad no rain back to xbone, game still lags and crashes even if everyone in lobby is 100mps to 1gps, Jason cant bite chads balls off during a friendly teabagging session and watch him bleed out horrible counselors have been nerfed wayyyyyy to much
  25. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    yep overboard on counselor nerf, i mean its really hard to argue the other case, i know Jason is supposed to be powerful, but you must enjoy playing as a counselor, and this means being able to repair some or all of one of the escape routes, like the car even if a good Jason almost always crashes it if he wants to go for it and is good. i haven't played enough games yet to make a full assessment of the new patch but i think overboard counselor nerf and some traded out bugs are the bad parts of this update, perks don't help much at all ive seen some 6% perks show as epic, 6%?? perks have been nerfed way back making the walkie and map perk a go to perk to avoid having to search for them because they were basically the best ones unless you had one with something decent like 25% or above to take its place and matched your character and play style