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  1. Does Redbox even have Friday the 13th?
  2. I sadly wasn't able to get on Friday because I went to a friend house. I'll be back on Sunday or Monday though.
  3. Just noticed I wasn't added to the list for Xbox players, could you add me on to it @Tattooey My GT is Shia LaBeouf122
  4. I escaped my first time on it, we got the cops called right at the start, and I even stayed behind a bit to make sure a limping Mitch made it.
  5. I'll be on after playing Ghost Recon for a bit since it's free for the weekend
  6. I think they lowered the earrape intro with the new update.
  7. Is it still going?
  8. Is it only usable on part 3?
  9. I'd like to join on Xbox. My GT is Shia LaBeouf122
  10. Yesterday I was in a private match, and I was Tiffany and had found the fuse, so I put it by the box, and 1 minute later the person who was Tommy came by and I told them about 80 times to put the fuse in because I had disarmed the trap. They stood there doing nothing and ran off.
  11. I've been lucky while playing this game and rarely encounter glitches or trolls, so it's been good. I'm partial to Part 9 Jason and Chad, before they messed up luck.
  12. I'm free all weekend. My gamertag on Xbox is Shia LaBeouf122
  13. I'm just a dude trying to play this game on Xbox and chat with others who also have a love for this franchise.